These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Open Cat4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Heuff CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC 1:13:02
2 Simon Velez s.t.
3 Douglas Plantada PPRNYC s.t.
4 James Hawkins CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC s.t.
5 Edouard D'arbaumont CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
6 Eamonn Schnell s.t.
7 Keith Morrison Deluxe Cycles Racing s.t.
8 Kim Granlund CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
9 John Beardsley CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
10 Masaharu Ito CRCA/Team VESELKA p/b Cafe Grum s.t.
11 Martijn De graaf CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
12 Jensen Esteves s.t.
13 Sebaj Adele ECHELON CYCLES s.t.
14 Henning Schober CRCA/Foundation s.t.
15 Bram Carter Liberty Cycle s.t.
16 Daniel Alicea KH-Pactimo p/b Century s.t.
17 Vincent Ribeiro Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
18 Jean-Baptiste Arrighi CRCA s.t.
19 Simon Song Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
20 Humberto Gamarra Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
21 Jimmy Loi God & Famous Racing s.t.
22 Phil Garofolo s.t.
23 Max Thorn s.t.
24 M.wesley Ham s.t.
25 Jake Goodman CRCA / GFCAPITAL / H&E ENT s.t.
26 Edison Marulanda Pantera rosa s.t.
27 Jason Marshall crca s.t.
28 Johnny Hsu The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
29 Patrick Schnell Verrazano Team Racing 5
30 Sean Hill CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
31 David Ramirez s.t.
32 Giona Fabbri CRCA Development Foundation s.t.
33 Richard Sberlati BOLD Racing / enduranceWERX s.t.
34 Jackson Vogel CRCA Development Foundation s.t.
35 Michael Roche s.t.
36 Cyrus Greenspon s.t.
37 Mark Von hof CRCA s.t.
38 Kenrick Caesar s.t.
39 Chad Katter CRCA/Team s.t.
40 Santiago Lyon CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
41 Sergio Aguirre CRCA/Foundation s.t.
42 Scott Kuhlke Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
43 George Charalambides CRCA/WYLD STALLYNS s.t.
44 Oscar Lopez s.t.
45 Andrew Babaian CRCA s.t.
46 Laurent Gras CRCA/Foundation 10
47 Lenny Paris Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
48 Steven Plakotaris Pink Rhino Racing s.t.
49 Peter Putka 14
50 Cody Corona CRCA/Rockstar Games 21
51 Andrew Weigand CRCA / Team 23
52 Christopher Petti 25
53 Eric Scarbrough East End Cycling team s.t.
54 Luigi Luciano Healthy and Happy Racing s.t.
55 Christopher Connelly Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
56 Robert Guatelli CRCA s.t.
57 Christopher Mellevold Dave Jordan Racing 29
58 Mikael Hanson CRC Development Foundation 51
59 Jeffrey White Kissena Cycling Club s.t.

Men Open Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alejandro Cisneros 41:45
2 Michel Kazi UrbanStems s.t.
3 Christopher Yager s.t.
4 William Downing s.t.
5 Raphael Shorser s.t.
6 Giacomo Vischi Kissena s.t.
7 Jonathan Trevett s.t.
8 Eric Steffen FITTED NYC Inc. s.t.
9 Matt Lynch s.t.
10 Alan Diaz Brooklyn Triathlon Club s.t.
11 Ricky Cornetta Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
12 Christopher Mckay s.t.
13 Reynaldo Martinez Pink panther s.t.
14 Brian Mariscal s.t.
15 Matthew Recchia 5
16 Gregory Reeves CRCA / Rapha Cycling Club 7
17 Brian Hansen s.t.
18 Jeison Marroquin Los Escarabajos s.t.
19 Aaron Saddler s.t.
20 Tun Khine CRCA 12
21 Sean Whalen 13
22 Justin Ferreira 20
23 Anthony Luna s.t.
24 Radames Acosta 23
25 Michael Patch CRCA 35
26 Edwin Zapata Los Escarabajos 2:05
27 Arturo Cabrera 3:36
28 Elio Mino 4:30
29 Duber Cordona 5:13
30 Tatyana Rozental 5:31
31 Dustin Ramos 9:02
32 Luis Mancera 9:52
33 Aura Lagnado kosher cyclists 10:06

Men Open Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Savory CRCA/Lupus Racing Team 1:32:26
2 Geron Williams CRCA/FOUNDATION s.t.
3 Stalin Quiterio cuello CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
4 Ismael Collado acosta CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
5 Hamzha Eastman Coco's cycling/ GUY s.t.
6 Joseph Ammon CRCA/Foundation s.t.
7 Juan Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
8 Cesar Gallego 5th Floor s.t.
9 Aidan Carter Liberty Cycle s.t.
10 Jermaine Burrowes W.S. UNITED s.t.
11 Stephan Dioslaki Team Metra / XRCEL / Cycles 54 s.t.
12 Paskal Lamour CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Pennell Ventur s.t.
13 Jon Yu Trianglecyclist s.t.
14 Chris Strumolo CRCA/Lupus Racing Team s.t.
15 Armand Quiroz Kabarec Bicycles s.t.
16 Erwin Kersten s.t.
17 Andrew Oliver s.t.
18 Samuel Torres s.t.
19 James Read Montclair Bikery Racing s.t.
20 Jose Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
21 Stephen Alexander s.t.
22 Jeremy Borden Attaquer s.t.
23 Franklin Burgos CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
24 Boguslaw Wielgos CRCA/Foundation s.t.
25 Gregorino Cordasco Liberty Cycle s.t.
26 Andrew Petti CRCA/Century Road Club Developm s.t.
27 Luiz Lanfredi CRCA/Foundation s.t.
28 Rich Spencer s.t.
29 Baris Aytan CRCA/e2Value s.t.
30 Hammermean Walker M. Taylor Racing Team N.Y. s.t.
31 Peter Lehmann nielsen Liberty Cycle s.t.
32 Brendan Offer s.t.
33 Chris Loehner Brands Cycle/Roslyn Porsche s.t.
34 Owen Caprell s.t.
35 Jason Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
36 Lynn Murray CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
37 Billy Taylor Star Track NYC s.t.
38 Andy Newsom s.t.
39 Konrad Ratzmann Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 6
40 Jeffrey Condon s.t.
41 Jun Sugai Chari & Co. 8
42 Uber Uribe Montclair bikery racing s.t.
43 Alex Sanborn CRCA/Foundation s.t.
44 Vladislav Khlopine KCC s.t.
45 Christopher Yack KCC s.t.
46 Jan Micko Brands Cycle/Roslyn Porsche s.t.
47 Kevin Yarde Cyclonauts Racers s.t.
48 Andrew Walsh s.t.
49 Luis M cruz fernandez s.t.
50 Jason Brown CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Pennell Ventur s.t.
51 Andrew Witten Zephyr RDJ Racing s.t.
52 Jeffrey Young CRCA/Rapha Cycle Club s.t.
53 Thomas Best CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
54 Ira Blumberg CRCA / Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
55 Salvatore Scotto divetta Team Metra / Xrcel / Cycles 54 s.t.
56 Michael Kuehn CRCA / Team VESELKA p/b Cafe Gr s.t.
57 Jacek Boral s.t.
58 Val Petrov s.t.
59 Louisgie Shoy Mineola Bicyle Racing Team 13
60 Joaquin C de baca Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
61 Marc Gagliano s.t.
62 David Vollbach Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
63 Jonathan Lowenstein Clif Bar/Giordana s.t.
64 Jesus Martinez CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne 15
65 Christopher Williams RBNY s.t.
66 James Giorgio Brands Cycle/Roslyn Porsche s.t.
67 Gregory Lee Brands Cycle/Roslyn Porsche s.t.
68 Alan Buday CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
69 Brian Wolf Purium Health Products Cycling s.t.
70 Ryan Quinn The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
71 Zak Abdullah 22
72 Ben Liang Velocio Northeast s.t.
73 Nathan Archibald Deno's Wonder Wheel s.t.
74 Andrew Da silva Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 24
75 J.p. Partland Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
76 Edward Burlem M. Taylor Racing Team N.Y.C 31
77 Paul Burrowes W.S. UNITED s.t.
78 Owen Nielsen s.t.
79 Marc Cesare CRCA/Deno's Wonder Wheel s.t.
80 Dusan Strika Kissena Cycling Team 44
81 Michael Perlberg Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
82 Robert Mecea H&H Racing 47
83 Nicholas Baker CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC 52
84 Bob Makofsky CRCA/Foundation s.t.
85 Patrick Torpey CRCA/To Be Determined s.t.
86 Olof Dallner CRCA/Foundation s.t.
87 Anthony Taylor CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
89 Stephano Husband
90 Chris Bowie CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC
91 Wes Tillman Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport
92 Joshua Petri
93 Mynor Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing
94 Wilfred Chittick
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