These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior 10-18 Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alex Strong Violet Crown Sports Assn 0:48:58
2 Andres Boza Violet Crown 0:49:15
3 Benjamin Porterfield 1:23:42

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Bozarth-dreher NightOwls 2:55:24
2 Matthew Crawford velo roussillon P/b Collins enterprise 2:55:27
3 Keith Bartholomew United Cycling Team 2:55:38
4 Spencer Jones Blitz Racing 2:56:39
5 Kenneth Priebe 2:58:21
6 Kendrick Neptune Velo Roussillon Racing 2:58:36
7 Austin Buttlar 787 Racing s.t.
8 David Erwin Dallas Racing s.t.
9 Kyle Canzian ViM Racing s.t.
10 Michael Johnson Dallas Racing s.t.
11 Clifford Green Dallas Bike Works s.t.
12 Sam Comer Violet Crown s.t.
13 Brandon Copley Violet Crown 2:58:41
14 Michael Neugebauer Ride Away Cycling Club s.t.
15 Brandon Alvey United Cycling Team 2:58:44
16 Wesley Gass s.t.
17 Peter Murray s.t.
18 Nic Perez Goodspeed Racing s.t.
19 Justin Evans PHENOM p/b Phobio 2:58:48
20 Eric Quiat Moonshot s.t.
21 Steve Brown 2:58:52
22 Simon Wallace Moonshot 2:58:58
23 Alejandro Albornoz Voodoo Racing s.t.
24 Marcus Mendoza United Cycling Team 3:00:33
25 Frank Hartmann Moonshot 3:00:54
26 Mark Brandt United Cycling Team 3:01:33
27 Jakob Allen Night Owls 3:02:19
28 Brian Moynihan Tilt Racing Pb Towers Reality s.t.
29 Lucas Poupard Matrix Cycle Club 3:03:00
30 Matthew Heckeroth Bat City Cycling 3:03:10
31 Matthew Neugebauer Ride Away Cycling Club 3:10:34
32 Romain Taupier United Cycling Team 3:10:37
33 Isaac Grothe Ride Away Cycling Club 3:15:32
34 Bryce Billing 3:21:40
35 Todd Musick Team ZFG 3:25:08
36 Francois Leroux USCBB Cyclisme 3:25:10
37 Juan Sanchez 3:25:17
DNF Pedro Rodriguez United Cycling Team DNF
DNF Josh Zurawski Moonshot Racing DNF
DNF Vito Pascolla 1986 DNF
DNF Justin Paschall DNF
DNF Joe Mccracken Cadence Cyclery DNF
DNF David Sandvig Violet Crown DNF
DNF Richard Wootten Shama Cycles DNF
DNF Geoff Williams Shama Cycles DNF
DNF Omar Espinoza Shama Cycles DNF
DNF Donald Gwartney Team Life Cyclers DNF
DNF Alberto Guzman Ride Away Cycling Club DNF
DNF Phillip Torres Sugar Cycles Racing DNF
DNF Clint Bradford Violet Crown Racing DNF
DNF David Callahan Bat City Cycling DNF
DNF Steve Sprinkle DNF
DNF Nicolas Guzman DNF
DNF Augusto Garcia Ride Away Cycling Club DNF

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Daniels Violet Crown Sports Association 2:20:18
1 Luke Williams OTTO Velo cycling 1:37:13
2 Kory Williams Violet Crown Racing 2:20:47
2 Joshua Porosky Swamp Rats 1:37:28
3 Hunter Shelton Otto velo cycling 1:37:34
3 Geoff Williams Shama Cycles 2:21:07
4 Adam Bryand Fresh Racing Team s.t.
4 Ken Corby A bloc 2:22:18
5 Allan Reitzer Otto Velo Racing 1:37:52
5 Jeff Moltenberry Rock Riders Cycling 2:23:18
6 Cody Cozart Otto Velo Racing 1:37:57
6 Will Warrick Blitz Racing s.t.
7 Eric Johnson s.t.
7 Max Granat s.t.
8 Bryan Swafford s.t.
8 Elias Zamora 1:38:00
9 Robert Parker Fresh Racing 1:38:10
9 Casey Dzimiela Usmes s.t.
10 Robert Jagitsch Violet Crown Sports Association 1:38:12
10 Evan Goldstrohm Steamboat Cycling s.t.
11 Walker Stewart Rocket Power s.t.
11 Scott Willeford Eliel Factory Team s.t.
12 Odecio Zapparolli Weaver Technologies Racing 1:38:17
12 James Barnett Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
13 David Hinson Texas Pro Health s.t.
13 Zak Weiland Rocket Power s.t.
14 Andres Boza s.t.
14 Mike Arnold Otto Vela racing 1:38:41
15 Samuel Manzanares s.t.
15 Stephen Straight Bat City Cycling 1:39:00
16 Joel Gutierrez USMES 1:39:15
16 Erik Hensarling 2:23:24
17 George Bonelli Violet Crown 1:39:18
17 Sean Bellinger Weaver Technologies Racing 2:23:37
18 Xiangxing Liu Violet Crown 1:39:25
18 Brian Faure Violet Crown Sports Assoc 2:24:41
19 Jesus Cordova Team Life Cyclers s.t.
19 Daniel Altoran Weaver Technologies Racing 2:28:16
20 Ben Owens Matrix/RBM 2:28:18
20 Robert Strickland Blitz Racing 1:39:31
21 Sheldon Plahn 2:28:30
21 Jaime Gutierrez 1:39:39
22 Andre Watson Shama Cycles 1:40:08
22 Jason Wright Team ZFG 2:28:44
23 Phil Michaelis OTTO Velo Racing Team 1:40:10
23 Brian Montgomery Weaver Technologies Racing 2:28:49
24 Jorge Cortes Dallas bike works 1:40:32
24 Ernesto Camero Goodspeed Racing 2:29:02
25 Paul Porterfield Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
25 Chad Smith Otto velo racing 1:42:29
26 Aaron Ellis Team Life Cyclers 1:50:14
26 Ivan Campos TLC 2:32:28
27 Christopher Williamson 1:55:02
27 Geoff 'goof' hall Sun Adventure Sports 2:33:25
28 Kalvin Greer Violet Crown Racing 2:33:32
28 Austin White Baylor University 1:55:20
29 Randall Hula 1:56:52
29 Paul Franco Violet Crown s.t.
30 Stephen Marquardt Shama Cycles 2:33:49
30 Gerardo Gomez Team life Cyclers 2:27:01
31 Gary Head s.t.
31 Anthony Baldridge Bat City Cycling 2:34:26
32 Andrew Callan Violet Crown 2:40:34
33 Steven Salazar Blitz Racing s.t.
34 Asher Fusco 2:40:45
35 Jason Hunsinger 2:48:23
36 Richard Cobb 2:49:52
37 Daniel Morales Team IPA Racing 2:50:47
38 Daniel Barrera Violet crown 2:52:06
39 Richard Swords Bicycle Sport Shop 2:52:09
40 Ernesto Farfan 2:52:11
DNF Robert Jagitsch Violet Crown Sports Association DNF
DNF Bradley Herbert Sun Adventure Sports DNF
DNF Andy Mcclintic Team ZFG DNF
DNF Guy Hoffman Team ZFG DNF
DNF Nicholas Stone Dallas Bike Works DNF
DNF Brian Creasy Team ZFG DNF
DNF Jason Hoffman DNF
DNF Ray Monroy Weaver Technologies Racing DNF
DNF Mark Moze Bat City Cycling DNF
DNF Dinh Nguyen Bat City Cycling DNF
DNF Austin Martin Violet Crown DNF
DNF Robert Ehrlich Bat City Cycling DNF
DNF Loren Sharp DNF
DNF Michael Lopez GoodSpeed DNF
DNF Jeff Mckay Violet Crown Racing DNF
DNF Joshua Price DNF
DNF Wil Mercado Team Cadence Cyclery DNF
DNF Wayde Klein DNF
DNF Francisco Alvarez DNF
DNF Lupe Alvarez DNF
DNF Ronald Hammons Team Life Cyclers Racing DNF

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gary Derheim Cadence Cyclery 2:08:24
2 Wallace Groda DNA. Cycling Texas Masters s.t.
3 Vince Dietsch Velo Roussillon Racing 2:08:29
4 Chris St. peter 2:09:20
5 Brent Hartsell Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 2:12:07
6 Marc Coppedge Meteor-Allied s.t.
7 Daniel Piercy Velo Roussillon Racing s.t.
8 Brent Bellm Velo Roussillon Racing s.t.
9 Andrew smith Southwest cyclesport / dimensional Pure Austin Racing Team 2:12:11
10 William Plumlee Team Cadence Cyclery s.t.
11 Andrew Willis HOLLAND RACING 2:12:17
12 Rhett Mckeller Team Cadence Cyclery 2:13:00
13 Alex Rodriguez ATC Racing 2:13:42
14 Bret Roberts A Bloc' 2:13:56
15 Robert Cornes US Military Endurance Sports/Action Bikes 2:16:22
16 Ramsey Foster ATC Racing 2:22:35
17 Douglas Ray Dna Cycling P/B Onion Creek Volkswagen 2:22:37
18 Oktay Demirdal Pure Austin Race Team 2:22:41
19 Bradley Herle Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
20 Matt Moore DNA Cycling Texas Masters 2:25:33
21 Maner Shaw CINCH Cycling s.t.
22 Marc Overton Windsor Door Racing 2:46:33
23 Richard Hellberg Dallas Bike Works 3:15:46
24 Stefano Rosellini Blitz Racing 1:33:52
25 Rick Neptune Velo Roussillon Racing 1:35:43
26 Ken hubacher ? Velo Roussillon Racing 1:35:50
27 Derek Delpero Weaver Technologies Racing 1:35:55
DNF John Meegan US Military Endurance Sports/Action Bikes DNF
DNF Frazer Worley Mellow Johnny's Masters DNF
DNF David Richardson Mellow Johnnys Masters DNF
DNF Jason Lewiss ATC Racing DNF
DNF Chad geisler Austin nationals cycling ATC Racing DNF
DNF Bryan Mcvey ATC Racing DNF
DNF David Ryther Holland Racing DNF
DNF Stefan Hardie ATC Racing DNF

Men P/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ricky Randall Team Skyline 3:25:02
2 Lucas Bourgoyne Elevate-KHS 3:25:20
3 Tristan Uhl Team CCR Roofing 3:25:27
4 Nathan Brown EF Education First Pro Cycling Team 3:25:34
5 Lawson Craddock EF Education First Pro Cycling s.t.
6 Tice Porterfield ELBOWZ Racing 3:27:51
7 Canyon Emmott Strike Cycling 3:27:56
8 Stefan Rothe ELBOWZ Racing 3:27:58
9 Logan Mclain LUX/sideshow s.t.
10 Jacob Schofield Bicycle Heaven 3:28:12
11 John Whittington Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Baylor Scott & White 3:32:03
12 Preston Glace ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
13 David Wenger SUPER SQUADRA pb Eliel 3:32:08
14 Meredith Miller Team CCR Roofing 3:32:11
15 Beau Edwards Team CCR Roofing 3:32:37
16 Corey Ray Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott White 3:33:00
17 Dan Ajer Super Squadra s.t.
18 Mathew Mackay Margie Bars - Jmac Cycling s.t.
19 Dennis Lastochkin Night Owls s.t.
20 Chris Carlson Matrix/RBM s.t.
21 Collin Davis Giant lakeside Audi McKinney pb Baylor Scott and White s.t.
22 John Ryan Matrix/RBM 3:33:06
23 Michael Pincus Team CCR Roofing 3:33:27
24 Andy Jobin ELBOWZ Racing 3:34:02
25 Christopher Lutz Bicycle Heaven 3:36:00
26 Jefferey May Dallas Racing 3:38:11
27 Aaron Wade United Cycling 3:38:33
28 Nick Bruskewitz Moonshot s.t.
29 Randy Lee Giant Lakeside Audi Mckinney pb Roka 3:38:36
30 Patrick Mannon Strike Cycling s.t.
31 Will Sharp Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc. s.t.
32 Troy Kimball Dna Cycling Pb Onion Creek Volkswagen s.t.
33 Jason Carter Blitz Racing s.t.
34 Zach Stein ELBOWZ Racing 3:38:40
35 Nick Torraca Team CCR Roofing 3:38:45
36 Ian Anderson Team CCR Roofing 3:40:38
37 Ruarri Day-stirrat 787 Racing 3:44:34
38 James Freeman Team Elevate Racing 3:53:22
39 Patrick Breen Dallas Bike Works 3:57:34
40 Matthew Mata-aguilar Strike Cycling 3:58:33
41 Craig Cameron Vite Nutrition 3:59:02
42 Robby Ketterhagen 4:31:17
DNF Michael Hinds VooDoo Racing DNF
DNF Mark Trimarchi DNF
DNF Christopher Sims Vite Racing DNF
DNF Mitchell Sides Strike Cycling DNF
DNF Gregg Ueckert DNF
DNF Loren Dodson DNF
DNF Patrick Hallett DasWow Racing DNF
DNF Mark Baerd Elevate-KHS DNF
DNF Jason Guzak DNA Cycling p/b Onion Creek Volkswagon DNF
DNF Mason Quintana Das Wow Racing DNF
DNF Daniel Mahoney Pure Austin DNF
DNF Nathan Harris Honc Industries DNF
DNF Brian Luciano NorthWest Cycling Club DNF
DNF Tyler Cutbirth DasWow Racing DNF
DNF Michael Anderson VITE RACING DNF
DNF Justin Mcquerry Team Skyline DNF
DNF Corey Bounds Team Yacht Club DNF
DNF Kyle Swanson Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling DNF
DNF Justin Stanley United Cycling DNF
DNF Brady Reed Strike Cycling DNF
DNF Heath Blackgrove Elevate-KHS DNF
DNF Eli Husted Hot Tubes Cycling DNF
DNF Fred Vincent Team CCR Roofing DNF
DNF Samuel Blackmon Super Squadra p/b Eliel Cycling DNF
DNF Paul Carty Daswow DNF
DNF Jonathan Spangle Strike Cycling DNF
DNF Joseph Emmons Matrix/RBM DNF
DNF Eames Bennett Blue Agave Racing DNF
DNF Jake Jolly DNF
DNF Travis Turner 787 Racing DNF

Women Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katie Kantzes 2:29:20
2 Christie Tracy Atc Racing s.t.
3 Carolyn Defoore Wolfpack 2:29:34
4 Nicole Jurisch Shama Cycles s.t.
5 Jolene Holland Colavita/Bialetti 2:29:39
6 Abby Ruess Orion Racing 2:29:42
7 Cathryn Josefina merla-watson Corazn Racing 2:29:49
8 Emily Trahan Weaver Technologies Racing 2:38:22
9 Jolanda Straathof Corazon Racing s.t.
10 Maddie Woolley LUX Cycling 2:39:51
11 Tamra Roberts ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros 2:39:55
12 Sonya Manson ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros 3:04:16
13 Chelsea Reedy Matrix/RBM 3:04:45
DNF Marissa Cooksey Shama Cycles DNF
DNF Alison Bassity Shama Cycles DNF
DNF Chelsea Smith ATX Sirens DNF

Women Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sheree Benavides Matrix/RBM 1:40:14
2 Jaime Larmer Team Elevate Racing s.t.
3 Caitlin White Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
4 Marissa Cooksey Shama Cycles s.t.
5 Rebecca Scaduto Ruckus Racing Project p/b Easy Rider s.t.
6 Meredith Gardner ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros 1:40:19
7 Katy Mcguire Ruckus Racing p/b Easy Rider s.t.
8 Alicia Danze Violet Crown s.t.
9 Natalie Caballero PHENOM p/b Phobio 1:42:25
10 Jessica Martinez Corazon Racing 1:44:02
11 Ruth Seaman TNWCTeam s.t.
12 Sydney Patton Violet Crown Sport Association s.t.
13 Sophia Larsen s.t.
14 Samantha Wipff Phenom Racing s.t.
15 Lydia Brough Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
16 Chrissy Oyler iolet Crown Sport Association 1:47:01
17 Sri Johnson Team Life Cyclers s.t.
18 Yen Nguyen Violet Crown Sport Association s.t.
19 Caroline Khameneh Matrix Cycle Club s.t.
20 Denise Neptune 1:49:58
DNF Sylvia Trevino Corazon Racing Team DNF
DNF Laura Cox Ruckus Racing Project DNF
DNF Emily Thorpe Violet Crown Women's Racing DNF

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