These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Hanson Giant Lakeside - Audi of McKinney p/b ROKA 2:40:24
2 Patrick Breen Dallas Bike Works 2:40:26
3 Joseph Pardue 2:40:30
4 Jeremy Schwab VITE RACING 2:40:35
5 Will Sharp Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc. s.t.
6 Scott Crowley Bike Barn (Texas) 2:40:37
7 Riley Burgon Reynolds Racing s.t.
8 Dalton Walters Strike Cycling s.t.
9 Tucker Nickols Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White s.t.
10 Gregg Ueckert Team Ccr Roofing s.t.
11 Nick Bruskewitz Moonshot 2:40:41
12 Aaron Wade United Cycling s.t.
13 Maximilian Hall Shred Monster 2:40:44
14 Kevin Schaefer DasWow Racing 2:40:48
15 Christopher Sims Vite Racing 2:41:04
16 Jonathan Spangle Strike Cycling 2:43:20
17 Eli Husted Hot Tubes Cycling 2:43:22
18 Chase Collins VITE RACING 2:43:57
19 Andy Heuser Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White s.t.
20 Canyon Emmott Strike Cycling s.t.
21 Dennis Lastochkin Night Owls s.t.
22 Casey Fulton CHEERBACKS of Fat Frogs Racing 2:44:03
23 Philip Shama Shama Cycles 2:44:21
24 Randy Lee Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White 2:44:59
25 Said Assali Shama Cycles s.t.
26 John Yoder Shama Cycles s.t.
27 Aston Haswell Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White s.t.
28 Nicholas Turner Blue Agave Racing s.t.
29 Shane Poncik Strike Cycling s.t.
30 Michael Anderson VITE RACING s.t.
31 James Day Shred Monster s.t.
32 Tyler Cutbirth DasWow Racing s.t.
33 John Taylor Bike World Racing s.t.
34 Esteban Martinez s.t.
35 Corey Bounds Team Yacht Club 2:45:06
36 Franz Elliott Vite Racing s.t.
37 Drew Yoder Shama 2:45:08
38 Patrick Hallett DasWow Racing 2:45:10
39 Juan Restrepo silcarbon s.t.
40 Michael Reyna Shred Monster 2:45:12
41 Eames Bennett Blue Agave Racing s.t.
42 Felipe Nava BOTDR / Bicycle Heaven 2:45:14
43 Tim Coleman S2C Bosch/pb Primal s.t.
44 Colby Logback Team Party Time s.t.
45 Matthew Mata-aguilar Strike Cycling s.t.
46 Joseph Emmons Matrix/RBM s.t.
47 Jonathan Hughes Daswow Racing s.t.
DNF Leigh Ganzar Hagens Berman | Supermint DNF
DNF Ara Oggoian bBicycle Heaven DNF
DNF Omar Nunez Strike Cycling Team DNF
DNF Ali Sobhani Das Wow Racing DNF
DNF Michael Inglis Blackswift Cycleton DNF
DNF Jerod Ridge Blackswift Cycleton DNF
DNF Jake Jolly DNF
DNF Michael Morgovnik Shred Monster DNF
DNF Taylor Pruet Shama Cycles DNF
DNF Tak Makino Blue Agave Racing DNF
DNF Chad Hardt Pure Racing p/b Assurance Financial Home Loans DNF

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nic Perez Goodspeed Racing 3:21:43
2 Clifford Green Dallas Bike Works s.t.
3 Edward Pike Moonshot Racing 3:23:06
4 Joe Mccracken Cadence Cyclery s.t.
5 Brian Moynihan TILT Racing P/b Velofix s.t.
6 Nicholas Petrov Above & Beyond Cancer Elite Junior s.t.
7 Michael Johnson Dallas Racing s.t.
8 Mike Stanley Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
9 Scott Boldt Team Elevate Racing s.t.
10 Justin Evans PHENOM s.t.
11 Tony Hopkins Team Elevate Racing s.t.
12 Simon Wallace Moonshot s.t.
13 Carlos Moreno Rice University s.t.
14 Brian Luciano NorthWest Cycling Club s.t.
15 Omar Espinoza Shama Cycles s.t.
16 Guadalupe Ontiveros Sugar Cycles s.t.
17 Donald Gwartney Team Life Cyclers s.t.
18 Josh Zurawski s.t.
19 Robert Mccormick United Cycling Team s.t.
20 Jason Carter Blitz Racing s.t.
21 Bret Roberts A Bloc' s.t.
22 Daniel Swan Mektrax Cycling s.t.
23 Philip Raschke Mektrax Cycling Team s.t.
24 Tomer Tzafrir s.t.
25 James Freeman Team Elevate Racing s.t.
26 Gregory Guardado TEAM GUARDADO CYCLING s.t.
27 Donald bergman ? Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
28 Richard Wootten Shama Cycles s.t.
29 Dan Foehner Moonshot s.t.
30 Oktay Demirdal Pure Racing p/b Assurance Financial Home Loans s.t.
31 Carlos Ortiz BNW Team s.t.
32 Eric Quiat Moonshot s.t.
33 Justin Paschall s.t.
34 Steel Gonzales s.t.
35 Ben Weatherly Phenom s.t.
36 Frank Hartmann Moonshot s.t.
37 James Kennedy Playtri Race Team s.t.
38 Seth Cooke s.t.
39 Mark Bozarth-dreher Night Owls Racing s.t.
40 Brandon Copley Violet Crown s.t.
41 Ashton Swartzfager Dallas Bike Works s.t.
42 Brandon Alvey United Cycling Team s.t.
43 Michael Nelson s.t.
44 Jeffrey Contreras Sugar Cycles Racing 3:23:17
45 Bryce Billing Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
46 Shawn Bentley Bicycles Plus Racing 3:23:25
47 Angel Leal Bicycle Heaven 3:23:55
48 Hendra Wibowo Shama Cycles s.t.
49 Clayton Darnall Velo Club LaGrange 3:26:53
DNF Matt Borowski Bicycles Plus Racing DNF
DNF Clint Bradford Violet Crown Racing DNF
DNF Rick Francis Unaffalliated DNF

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Spencer Jones 1:47:52
2 Elliott Petterson Mektrax 1:48:35
3 James Daniels Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
4 Lucas Poupard Matrix/RBM 1:48:38
5 Peter Murray 1:48:49
6 Anthony Velebil A Bloc 1:48:52
7 Daniel Altoran Weaver Technologies Racing 1:50:47
8 Kory Williams Violet Crown Racing s.t.
9 Steve Brown s.t.
10 Xiangxing Liu Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
11 Mario Granados 787racing s.t.
12 Andres Boza Violet Crown s.t.
13 Evan Goldstrohm Steamboat Mountain Cycling Club s.t.
14 Sam Comer Violet Crown Sports Assc s.t.
15 Paul Franco Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
16 Jeff Moltenberry Rock Riders Cycling s.t.
17 Eros Adragna Handlebar Cyclery s.t.
18 Jacob Greathouse s.t.
19 Geoff Williams Shama Cycles s.t.
20 Brian Faure Violet Crown Sports Assoc s.t.
21 Kyle Evans s.t.
22 Hunter Shelton Otto Velo Racing s.t.
23 Andrew Struck Steiner Ranch Cycling s.t.
24 Jason Rose Northwest Cycling Club s.t.
25 Andrew Snell s.t.
26 Bryan Swafford s.t.
27 Jason Harper Team Bicycles Plus s.t.
28 Kyle Canzian ViM Racing s.t.
29 Kevin Sheppard s.t.
30 David Kim Crest RBM. s.t.
31 Jorge Camargo s.t.
32 Alex Bowman TILT Racing s.t.
33 Jason Wright Team ZFG s.t.
34 Robert Strickland Blitz Racing s.t.
35 Oscar Salazar VIM Racing s.t.
36 Ben Owens Matrix/RBM s.t.
37 Stephen Straight Bat City Cycling s.t.
38 Jeffrey Mayhall s.t.
39 Keenan Godburn Texas Pro Health Racing s.t.
40 Guy Hoffman Team ZFG s.t.
41 Derek Delpero Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
42 Shon Sparks Sugar Cycles Racing s.t.
43 Joseph Fadhil Matrix/RBM s.t.
44 David Sandvig Violet Crown s.t.
45 Daniel Gaspard NWCC 1:51:02
46 Nicolas Guzman Team Shred Monster s.t.
47 Jeff Mckay Violet Crown Racing 1:51:07
48 Iszac Rose Northwest Cycling Club 1:51:22
49 Juan Acosta Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing Cycling Team 1:51:33
50 Alan Bryson Southwest Cycling Club (SWCC) 1:51:36
51 Jose Chan 2:01:04
52 Doug Baysinger Shama Cycles 1:50:03
DNF Andrew Callan Violet Crown DNF
DNF Nery Hernandez BNW Team DNF
DNF Ray Monroy Weaver Technologies Racing DNF
DNF Richard Ruderman Blitz Racing DNF
DNF Charles Trois Tilt Racing DNF

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christian Fairly 1:58:55
2 Reggie Jonaitis Williams Racing Academy s.t.
3 Ricky Hawley s.t.
4 Steven Todack Steiner Ranch Cycling s.t.
5 Phil Reither My Wife Finances My Cycling s.t.
6 Chase Fairly s.t.
7 Shane Sterett Crest/RBM s.t.
8 Meetesh Karia s.t.
9 Joe Henderson Team Upland Brewing s.t.
10 Andrew Burke s.t.
11 Bradley Large Blitz Racing s.t.
12 David Hinson Texas Pro Health s.t.
13 Stefan Waller s.t.
14 Ramkumar Gowrikumar Sugar Cycles Racing s.t.
15 Christopher Woods Team McAllen Racing s.t.
16 Russell Potter VIM Racing s.t.
17 Alex Fairly Hills Sport Shop s.t.
18 Jorge Rodriguez Abel's racing s.t.
19 Giovanni Dibartolo Steiner Ranch Cycling s.t.
20 James Barnett Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
21 Chandler Williams s.t.
22 Jared Moltenberry 1:59:18
23 Christopher Hattendorf 2:00:59
24 Scott Williamson Sugar Cycles Racing 2:01:38
25 Jason Hunsinger Team Life Cyclers 2:01:42
26 Dennis Robinson 1:49:36
27 David Benninghoff 2:03:21
DNF Adan Benavides DNF
DNF Andre Watson Shama Cycles DNF

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris St. peter Meteor-Allied 1:43:44
2 Vince Dietsch Velo Roussillon Racing 1:43:47
3 Ryan Godfrey Cadence Cyclery p/b Audi of McKinney 1:46:20
4 Roberto Castano Blue Agave Racing 1:46:45
5 Marc Coppedge Meteor-Allied s.t.
6 Bryan Mcvey ATC Racing s.t.
7 David Almanzan BNW Team s.t.
8 Sam Findlater Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
9 Michael Inglis s.t.
10 Jason Lewiss ATC Racing s.t.
11 Josue Ramos Crest RBM s.t.
12 Alex Rodriguez ATC Racing s.t.
13 Johnathan Conley Velo Roussillon Racing s.t.
14 Russell Griffin Blackswift Cycleton s.t.
15 John Chu Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
16 Chris Lowry Texas Pro Health Racing s.t.
17 John martin Bikesport Sugar Cycles s.t.
18 Daniel Piercy Velo Roussillon Racing s.t.
19 Brian Schow Crest/RBM s.t.
20 David Golden s.t.
21 William Plumlee Team Cadence Cyclery s.t.
22 Chris Lee PACC Racing s.t.
23 Marc Ostryniec ATC Racing s.t.
24 Brent Hartsell Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
25 Brent Bellm Velo Roussillon Racing s.t.
26 Bradley Herle Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
27 Stephen Borski PACC Racing s.t.
28 Brian Hoard DNA Cycling Texas Masters s.t.
29 Jose Hernandez BNW CYCLING TEAM s.t.
30 Se Lee Crest/rbm racing s.t.
31 Keith Harper Blackswift Cycleton s.t.
32 Joel Hawks Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
33 Douglas Ray Dna Cycling Texas Masters s.t.
34 Mark Moeller GS Tenzing s.t.
35 Jim Payne Carolina Masters s.t.
36 Panayiotis Sotiriades s.t.
37 Jerod Ridge s.t.
38 David Richardson Mellow Johnnys Masters s.t.
39 Frazer Worley Mellow Johnny's Masters s.t.
40 Gary Derheim Team Cadence Cyclery s.t.
41 Casey Gudgell Texas Pro Health s.t.
42 Carlos Tames s.t.
43 John Fitch Bicycle Heaven 1:46:57
44 John Murazak Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
45 Doug Zell Meteor X Giordana X Allied s.t.
46 James Murff Holland Racing s.t.
47 Christopher Trickey Team Wooly Mammoth s.t.
48 Blair Jones Bicycle Heaven s.t.
49 Tim Granshaw DNA Cycling 1:47:03
50 Barry Lee Black Swift/Cycleton s.t.
51 Antonio Latto ATC Racing s.t.
52 Matt Moore DNA Cycling Texas Masters 1:47:10
53 Bret Crosby Team CCR Roofing s.t.
54 Will Ross Pure Racing p/b Assurance Finanial Home Loans 1:47:16
55 Danny Finlan Crest/RBM Racing 1:47:18
56 Stefan Hardie ATC Racing 1:48:32
57 Juan Sanchez Dallas bikes Works 1:54:26
DNF Terry King ATC Racing DNF
DNF Sandy Poulson Blue Agave Racing DNF
DNF Clay Snell DNF
DNF Kevin Brodwick Thinksport DNF
DNF Jon Lewis Texas Pro Health Racing DNF
DNF Don Notgrass Bicycle Heaven DNF

Men P/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Connor Sallee Butcherbox Cycling 2:30:14
2 Michael Pincus Team CCR Roofing s.t.
3 Michael Sheehan s.t.
4 Samuel Blackmon Super Squadra p/b Eliel Cycling s.t.
5 Lance Abshire Strike Cycling s.t.
6 Stefan Rothe ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
7 Tice Porterfield ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
8 Preston Glace ELBOWZ Racing 2:30:19
9 Beau Edwards Team CCR Roofing 2:30:23
10 Kevin Girkins Meteor X Giordana 2:30:26
11 Patrick Mannon Strike Cycling 2:30:31
12 David Tolley ELBOWZ Racing 2:30:53
13 Kyle Swanson Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling s.t.
14 Nick Torraca Team CCR Roofing s.t.
15 Fred Vincent Team CCR Roofing s.t.
16 Mat Stephens Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
17 Colin Strickland Meteor X Giordana X Allied s.t.
18 Christopher Lutz Bicycle Heaven s.t.
19 Cesar Serna Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
20 John Ryan Matrix/RBM s.t.
21 Tucker Gerald Team ANB s.t.
22 Lucas Bourgoyne Elevate-KHS s.t.
23 Joshua Buchel Strike Cycling s.t.
24 David Wenger SUPER SQUADRA pb Eliel Cycling s.t.
25 Meredith Miller Team CCR Roofing s.t.
26 Corey Ray Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White s.t.
27 Mason Quintana Das Wow Racing s.t.
28 Emiliano Morales Team CCR Roofing s.t.
29 Jacob Schofield Bicycle Heaven s.t.
30 Zach Stein ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
31 Mark Niiro United Cycling s.t.
32 David Gaona Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White s.t.
33 Scott Veggeberg Team CCR Roofing s.t.
34 Bryan Marshall DasWow Racing 2:31:05
35 Ruarri Day-stirrat 787 Racing s.t.
36 Dan Ajer Super Squadra 2:31:10
37 Austin Robertson 2:31:12
38 Mario Arroyave Elevate Cycling Team 2:31:16
39 Paul Carty Daswow 2:31:19
40 Andy Jobin ELBOWZ Racing 2:31:22
41 Devin Carroll Super Squadra p/b Eliel Cycling 2:31:24
42 Brady Reed Strike Cycling s.t.
43 Jonas Orset Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White 2:31:27
44 Chris Carlson Matrix/RBM 2:31:36
45 Justin Stanley United Cycling 2:31:40
46 Grayson Keppler United Cycling Team 2:32:01
DNF Justin Mcquerry Team Skyline DNF
DNF Heath Blackgrove Elevate-KHS DNF
DNF Mitchell Sides Strike Cycling DNF
DNF Mark Baerd Elevate-KHS DNF

Women Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leigh Ganzar Hagens Berman | Supermint 2:20:15
2 Jennifer Wagner Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo s.t.
3 Caroline Poole Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo s.t.
4 Maddie Woolley LUX/Sideshow P/B specialized s.t.
5 Christina Smith Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling s.t.
6 Carolyn Defoore Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo s.t.
7 Abby Ruess Orion Racing s.t.
8 Leigh Ann fields Breakaway Cycling Team 2:20:20
9 Katie Kantzes Wolfpack p/b Jakroo s.t.
10 Jessica Brooks Breakaway Cycling Team s.t.
11 Cathryn Watson Corazn Racing s.t.
12 Brittany Parffrey Bicycle Heaven s.t.
13 Samantha Goldenstein US Military Endurance Sports s.t.
14 Chelsea Smith ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros s.t.
15 Caitlin Friesen Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo s.t.
16 Jennifer Mix 787 Racing s.t.
17 Margaux Salas Colavita Texas s.t.
18 Jolene Holland Colavita/Bialetti Pro Cycling 2:20:26
19 Natalie Smith Bicycle Heaven 2:20:31
20 Christina Rigsby Blue Agave Racing s.t.
DNF Leila Kasprzyk Ultra Violet DNF
DNF Rheannon Cunningham ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros DNF

Women Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jaime Larmer Team Elevate Racing 2:03:18
2 Melanie Clancy Ultra Violet s.t.
3 Taylor Gorman Crush Racing s.t.
4 Kelci Molina Crest-RBM Cycling s.t.
5 Sheree Benavides Matrix/RBM s.t.
6 Marissa Cooksey SHAMA CYCLES s.t.
7 Liesel Mcallister Elevate Cycling s.t.
8 Haley Smith Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo s.t.
9 Nicole Jurisch Shama Cycles 2:03:21
10 Natalie Caballero PHENOM s.t.
11 Lauren Koon United Cycling Team s.t.
12 Stephanie Ledford ViM Racing s.t.
13 Jolanda Straathof Corazon Racing s.t.
14 Megan Whitford Blitz s.t.
15 Tamra Roberts ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros s.t.
16 Sonya Manson ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros 2:03:25
17 Robyn Poulson Blue Agave Racing s.t.
18 Emily Slack PHENOM s.t.
19 Stephanie Trevino Corazon Racing 2:03:32
20 Cinthia Pedraza ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros 2:03:37
21 Irene Benavides perez NWCC 2:03:52
22 Pamela Ferguson Haute Wheels Racing 2:04:03
23 Kennedy Cunningham Unii-Sports 2:04:11
24 Tanja Pavlovich Crest/RBM Cycling 2:04:18
25 Eileen Gaughran Bicycle Heaven 2:05:53
26 Erin Mikrut Corazn Racing 2:06:12
27 Darla Shinn 2:06:55
28 Sri Johnson Team Life Cyclers 2:07:57
29 Shawnita Sterett Crest/RBM Cycling 2:11:21
30 Valerie Lozano 2:12:52
31 Kellie Nelson Crest/RBM racing 2:15:54
32 Natalie Pruitt 2:19:29
33 Christina James Bicycles Plus Racing 2:20:17
34 Tiffany Tabourne 2:23:07
35 Sylvia Trevino Corazn Racing 2:23:11
36 Alison Bassity Shama Cycles 2:40:24
37 Emily Lafleche 2:03:47
38 Natalie Petrancosta 2:10:10
DNF Katherine Briscoe ViM Racing DNF
DNF Nikki Ulug Phenom DNF
DNF Emily Trahan Weaver Technologies Racing DNF
DNF Alicia Danze Ultra Violet DNF
DNF Monica Merced PHENOM DNF
DNF Samantha Wipff PHENOM DNF
DNF Jessica Martinez Corazon Racing DNF

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