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Men Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Jonker Queen's University 0:54:36
2 Geno Villafano University of Connecticut 0:54:36
3 Derrick Butler Pennsylvania State University 0:54:38
4 Ryan Jonker Queen's University lapped
5 William Vickerman Pennsylvania State University lapped
6 Alec Ratzell Pennsylvania State University lapped
7 Robbie King Columbia University-NYC lapped
8 Josh Chu KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School lapped
9 David Sutherland Boston University lapped
10 Nick Kleban McGill University lapped
11 Matthew Wiseman Williams College lapped
12 Aaron Dunn US Naval Academy lapped
13 Eli Markworth University of Vermont lapped
14 Zackery Weimer University of Vermont lapped
15 Adric Heney Queen's University lapped
16 Ryan Rudderham Queen's University lapped
17 Nate Ricketts Pennsylvania State University lapped
18 Timothy Putnam University of New Hampshire lapped
19 Tony Wolf Pennsylvania State University lapped
20 Chris Hatton Queen's University lapped
21 Felix Oestereich McGill University lapped
22 Spencer Perry Rochester Institute of Technology P&P
DNF Xavier Szigethy Pennsylvania State University DNF

Men Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Victor Nicolet University of Toronto 0:48:09
2 Freddie Shashaty Liberty University 0:48:10
3 Nate Ryan University of Massachusetts Amherst 0:48:11
4 Don Seib University of Vermont 0:48:12
5 Noel Hwang Tufts University 0:48:12
6 Matthew Mcgauley Bucknell University 0:48:13
7 Boris Dyakov University of Toronto 0:48:14
8 Samuel Hedlund University of Vermont 0:48:15
9 Felix Fournier McGill University 0:48:15
10 Patrick White Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:48:15
11 Andrew Schlicht Bucknell University 0:48:19
12 Matthew Mech Emmaus High School P&P
DNF Eli Bravo Bucknell University DNF
DNF Brian Petkov New York University DNF
DNF Todd Yoder Liberty University DNF
DNF Jose Espana McGill University DNF

Men Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lyle Porter Queen's University 0:32:36
2 Yumeto Shigihara Boston University 0:32:36
3 Nathaniel Hartwig Northeastern University 0:32:36
4 Mackenzie King Temple University 0:32:37
5 Tianxing Shang Pennsylvania State University 0:32:37
6 Noah Koppenhaver Millersburg High School 0:32:38
7 Dmitro Martynowych Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:32:39
8 Miles Couchman Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:32:39
9 Georgios Sfakios University of Connecticut 0:32:40
10 Cole Tamburri Boston College 0:32:40
11 David Sandoval KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School 0:32:42
12 Alexander Truitt Bowdoin College 0:32:46
13 Keith Kaminski Boston College 0:32:47
14 Warren Galloway Middlebury College 0:32:47
15 Hunter Simpson University of Vermont 0:32:50
16 Benjamin Ernewein Queen's University 0:32:50
17 Anthony Depinto Boston University 0:32:50
18 Galen Xing Columbia University-NYC 0:32:51
19 Lucas Husted Columbia University-NYC 0:32:54
20 Arun Kabir Boston University 0:32:54
21 Senan Hogan hennessy Harvard University 0:33:13
22 Vincent Hais Queen's University 0:33:25
23 Zachary Weiss Northeastern University P&P
24 Benjamin Herzberg Northeastern University P&P
25 Robert Schilling Colorado College P&P
DNF Osman Jeffrey Boston College DNF

Men Collegiate D Race 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Case University of Connecticut 0:27:16
2 Liam Gillis Williams College 0:27:17
3 Kevin Rhoades University of New Hampshire 0:27:17
4 Sergio Martinez Harvard University 0:27:18
5 Brandon Gélinas University of Ottawa 0:27:22
6 Stephan Voris Suny Maritime College 0:27:22
7 Brendan Mullaney University of New Hampshire 0:27:22
8 Emlen Brown Cornell University 0:27:22
9 Andrew Theall Boston College 0:27:23
10 Adam Holden Clarkson University 0:27:23
11 Zvonimir Burcul University of Ottawa 0:27:31
12 Bao Thai Rochester Institute of Technology 0:27:41
13 Mitchell Morrison Boston College 0:28:34
14 Quinton Egger Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
15 Peter Kaladius Bucknell University P&P
16 Rory Mccormick University of Connecticut P&P
17 Sang wook An Temple University P&P
18 William Seguin University of New Hampshire P&P
19 Dustin Fry Drexel University P&P
20 Christopher Chilelli Suny Maritime College P&P
DNF Ryan Radcliff University of Connecticut DNF
DNF Adrian Lau University of Ottawa DNF
DNF Shelby Wiseman Temple University DNF
DNF Samuel Call University of New Hampshire DNF
DNF Thomas Zhao Temple University DNF
DNF Bryan Kim Boston College DNF
DNF Matthew Daghir Suny Maritime College DNF
DNF Gregory Callahan Tufts University DNF
DNF Matthew Eckert University of New Hampshire DNF
DNF Christian Gillette Boston College DNF

Men Collegiate D Race 2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alexander Gass Northeastern University 0:29:44
2 Nolan Rogers University of Vermont 0:29:45
3 Zander Lingelbach-pierce University of Vermont 0:29:45
4 Jeremy Stroming Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:29:47
5 Jacob Sears Northeastern University 0:29:50
6 Saen Burgess Rutgers University-New Brunswick 0:29:58
7 Kevin Hubsmith New York University 0:31:52
8 Alexander Van raalte University of Vermont 0:31:53
9 Carl Betz University of Vermont 0:31:56
10 Mawell Peterson Northeastern University 0:31:56
11 Alejandro nicolas Sanin New York University 0:32:25
12 Ben Clemmer Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:32:25
13 Chris Berry University of Vermont P&P
14 Nicolas Amato Massachusetts Institute of Technology P&P
15 Xavier Koontzmiller University of Vermont P&P
16 Robert Watt University of Vermont P&P
17 Nicholas Aylward Northeastern University P&P
18 Luke Fredrickson University of Vermont P&P
19 Haiyun Xu Boston University P&P
20 Cooper Yang New York University P&P
21 Emilio Flores Northeastern University P&P
22 Frederico Levy New York University P&P
23 Derek Lovett Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania P&P
DNF Ryan Leonard Northeastern University DNF
DNF Joey Cain New York University DNF
DNF Eric Yuyitung Queen's University DNF
DNF Guillaume Leclerc Massachusetts Institute of Technology DNF
DNF James Liang New York University DNF

Men Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Bensley Boston College 0:30:44
2 Richard Mccauley 0:30:44
3 Sonny Lutz QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 0:30:44
4 Jo Evers 0:30:47
5 Mark Keith Veloce Elite pb DiscoverNEPA 0:30:47
6 Josh Tims 0:30:47
7 Brendan Brown 0:30:48
8 Matthew Shaw 0:30:48
9 Grant Eilers 0:30:48
10 Joel Turske 0:30:48
11 Neal Mathew 0:30:48
12 Ryan Barr QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 0:30:48
13 Daniel Sager QCW P/B Cadence Cycling 0:30:51
14 0:30:51
15 0:30:51
16 Andrew Pike Northeastern University P&P
17 Lucius Xuan Boston College P&P
18 Samuel Martel Northeastern University P&P
19 Michael Merriman P&P
20 Octavio Seijas Boston College P&P
21 Yuewei Fu New York University P&P
22 Steven Lafever Boston College P&P
23 Taylor Sproul DVBC P&P
24 Elijah Hughes 1 pvd cycling P&P
25 Allen Sfakios University of Connecticut P&P
26 Joseph Kaming-thanassi Northeastern University P&P
27 Spencer Anderson Brown University P&P
28 Byung min (nate) Lee New York University P&P
DNF Gregory Scrimager DNF
DNF Edgar Lei New York University DNF
DNF Josh Tims DNF
DNF Joel Turske DNF
DNF Joseph Whaley aboaf Boston College DNF
DNF Nino Isaac ranjo QCW P/B Cadence Cycling DNF

Women Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katherine Rusch Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 0:38:18
2 Chloe Desroche Queen's University 0:38:18
3 Paige Williams Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 0:38:18
4 Hanna Girndt Queen's University 0:38:18
5 Katie Aman Middlebury College 0:38:19
6 Marjolein Pawlus Northeastern University 0:38:20
7 Amy Ousterhout Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:38:20
8 Megan Galinat Northeastern University 0:38:20
9 Melissa Seib University of Vermont 0:39:38
10 Tori Wuthrich Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:39:57
11 Aliza Tobias KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School 0:40:02

Women Collegiate B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kira Segenchuk Cornell University 0:38:19
2 Sarah Gibertoni KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School 0:39:36

Women Collegiate C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joanna Millstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:32:30
2 Sarah Weiss Massachusetts Institute of Technology 0:32:31
3 Lily Edeen University of Connecticut 0:33:00
4 Camryn Kluetmeier Middlebury College 0:33:12
5 Caroline Thompson University of Connecticut 0:34:46
6 Jillian Lynch Queen's University 0:35:43
7 Rebecca Jaroszewski University of Connecticut 0:35:45
DNF Jacqueline Toole Queen's University DNF

Women Collegiate D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tara Fish Northeastern University 0:27:19
2 Monica Morucci Columbia University-NYC 0:27:21
3 Katie Booth Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 0:27:23
4 Sara Lim Boston University 0:27:26
5 Melissa Wong Queen's University 0:27:48
6 Elizabeth Stulen Queen's University 0:28:12
7 Riley Steward University of New Hampshire 0:28:21
8 Morgan Vallati Queen's University 0:28:23
9 Sara Spencer University of Vermont 0:28:34
10 Isabella Turcinovic Boston University 0:28:51
11 Abigail Trono University of Vermont lapped
12 Joccelyn Alvarado-walverde Middlebury College P&P
DNF Aimee Wilinkiewicz University of New Hampshire DNF

Women Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maria Tabbut Women Bike PHL Racing 0:27:24
2 Mary Mox Women Bike PHL Racing 0:27:54
3 Katie Mathew Women Bike PHL Racing 0:28:35
4 Meghan Mallouk WBPHL Racing lapped
5 Lauren Beckley Women Bike PHL Racing lapped
6 Cassidy Winter Women Bike PHL Racing lapped
7 Natalie Felice Women Bike PHL Racing lapped
8 Andrea Jin Women Bike PHL Racing lapped
9 Lin Perez Women Bike PHL Racing lapped
10 Danielle Redden Women Bike PHL Racing lapped
11 Montana Graboyes Women Bike PHL P&P
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