These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

A Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Connor Sallee ButcherBox Cycling
2 Jaden Kifer Team LaS'port
3 Andrew Mergen Army West Point Cycling
4 John Harris ButcherBox Cycling
5 Ben Frederick VYNL/Ornot
6 Scott Yarosh Cyclonauts Racers
7 Jonathan Guiza
8 Anthony Alessio CVC - Capital Velo Club
9 Geno Villafano Century Road Club Assoc/Jamison Capital-Cannondale
10 Kyle Crowell CT Cycling Advancement Program
11 Tate Kokubo Strangers Racing
12 Aaron Black New England Devo p/b Cadence Wealth Management
13 Christopher Cavallaro
14 Xander Jones CCAP
15 Cole Williams
16 Matt Inconiglios Energia Racing
17 Jacob Hacker
18 Mark Wendolowski Cyclonauts Racers
19 Kevin Yarde Cyclonauts Racers
20 Sean Cahill Team DSO Mfg - ERRACE
21 Jeremy Brazeal Aetna Racing Team
22 Derek Lowe
23 David Rustico Team DSO Mfg - ERRACE
24 Christian Norvold JAM / NCC
25 Barry Eyre Scorpion
26 Bryan Haas Aetna Racing Team
27 Mark Pattinson TTEndurance
28 Elizabeth Huuki Army West Point Cycling
29 Chad Dalles Groove Subaru Excel Sports
30 Chris Crowell Capital Velo Club - CVC
31 John Gadrow Scorpion Racing pb Jaguar Land Rover
32 Joe Rodrigues Cyclonauts Racers
33 Kevin Ondre Cyclonauts Racers
34 Kenneth Englert Army West Point Cycling
35 Jeff Papineau Cyclonauts Racers
36 Timothy Ahearn ERRACE
37 Aidan Charles CCAP
38 Alan Burgess cheshire cycle racing
39 Julio Lujambio Energia Racing
40 Pascal Sauvayre
41 Massimiliano Accaputo CvC - Capital Velo Club
42 Joe Kubisek Cheshire Cycle Racing
43 Brian Girard STAGE 1/Airline Cycles
44 Jonathan Lowenstein Steman’s/MeltSnow Racing
45 Tom Krol Capital Velo Club - CVC
46 Patrick Cunningham Benidorm
47 Dino Piskopanis ButcherBox Cycling
48 Hunter Pronovost Cheshire Cycle Racing
49 Steven Ramirez Butcherbox Cycling
50 Wade Summers Team Horst Sports
51 Daniel Smith Laurel B.C.
52 Bill Yabroudy Landrover
53 Mark Paggioli cvc - Capital Velo Club
54 Colin Reuter
55 Ted Horwitz ButcherBox Cycling
56 Dan Kurowski Cyclonauts Racers

B Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucas Huesman CT Cycling Advancement Program
2 Jake Simons Cyclonauts Racers
3 Christian Norvold JAM / NCC
4 Evan Bellanceau Prota Project
5 Jeff Gelt team errace
6 Mike Hyman Iron Bridge/Tarmac Cycling
7 Stephen Cameron GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar
8 Akira Sato Expo Wheelmen
9 Mikael Frisk Race CF
10 Jeffrey Weaver Prota Project P/B DSD Composites
11 Michael Williams Team ERRACE
12 Steffen Huber Cheshire Cycle Racing
13 Robert Campbell Cycle Lodge
14 Kevin Mullaly Unattached
15 Aidan Doyle Army West Point Cycling
16 Aaron Mccormack Cycle Lodge
17 Aaron Brown unattached
18 Kevin Ondre Cyclonauts Racers
19 Kyle Herschberger Army West Point Cycling
20 David Gilchrist Cannondale
21 Chris Morris Team ERRACE
22 Stephen Gibertoni Cheshire Cycle Racing
23 Jason Tinkov Minuteman Road Club
24 Mark Pattinson TTEndurance
25 Ethan Delgrosso
26 Aaron Stubbs Laurel Bicycle Club
27 Ben Savoie CNYC/NYCM Insurance
28 Christoffel Brits Capital Velo Cycling
29 Ben Jankowski UMass Cycling Club
30 Julen Lujambio NUTmeg Youth Triathlon Team
31 Christo Tinkov Minuteman Road Club
32 Robert Murray R-Cubed
33 Justin Cummings R-Cubed
34 Jeffrey Scala CCNS
35 James Wright Unattached
36 John Obrien Próta Project P/B DSD Composites
37 Charles Spivey Engine Room Velo p/b WHOOP
38 Jonathan O'keeffe Northampton Cycling Club (NCC)
39 Brian Massey Minuteman Road Club
40 Sung Pak Iron Bridge / Tarmac Cycling
41 Sibum Max TeamODZ
42 Phoebe Lee Army West Point Cycling
43 Willis Gee Unattached
44 Morgan Rueckert Team ERRACE
45 Daniel Smith Laurel B.C.
46 Dillon Pronovost Cheshire Cycle Racing
47 Thomas Voytek GHCC - Central Wheel
48 Jacob Steinfeld Team Placid Planet
49 Phil Mazerolle Storrs Center Cycle Racing
50 Sam Fritschel Unattached
51 Anson Ross Aetna
52 Joel Pelletier Expo Wheelmen
53 Leland Grigoli Prota Project p/b DSD Composites
54 Katrina Niez Team ERRACE
55 Christopher Huesman CCNS
56 Matthew Leahey Cyclonauts Racers
57 Nicolas Villamizar CCAP

Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Brady Unattached
2 Erik Caldarone Cycle Lodge
3 Matthew Graham-O'Regan Quad Cycles
4 Shawn Emmerson Ironbridge/Tarmac Cycling
5 Michael Sajewicz Unattached
6 Graham Gibson UMass Amherst
7 Erin Rand Unattached
8 Sean Burn Unattached
9 Jacob Bueno Army West Point Cycling
10 Steve Lee Unattached
11 Parth Doshi Army West Point Cycling
12 Eric Kulkarni Army West Point Cycling
13 0 0 0
14 Cooper Donovan Unattached
15 Matt Kaesli Ironbridge Tarmac
16 Marcus Orr Unattached
17 Monte Ho Army West Point Cycling
18 Simon O'connor Unattached
19 Mike Wheaton Unattached
20 Kevin Seaward Unattached
21 Brian Wolfe CCAP
22 Thomas Francisco New England Devo
23 Noel Blessing Laurel Bike Club
24 Ammon Okzazaki Army West Point Cycling
25 William Davis Cheshire Cycle Racing


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tim Malton CVC - Capital Velo Club
2 Derek Lowe 0
3 John Gadrow Scorpion Racing pb Jaguar Land Rover
4 Jeff Papineau Cyclonauts Racers
5 Douglas Crane Café Terros
6 Brian Wolf Purium Health Products Cycling Team
7 Bill Clark Team ERRACE
8 Stephen Meisl BCA / Linen
9 Steve May Scorpion Racing p/b Land Rover Jaguar
10 James Ebert Unattached
11 Marc Kingsley CNYC/NYCM Insurance
12 Thomas Voytek GHCC - Central Wheel
13 Rick Spear TTEndurance
14 Steven Suto class cycle
15 Mark Pattinson TTEndurance
16 Jonathan O'keeffe Northampton Cycling Club (NCC)
17 Christopher Huesman CCNS
18 Ted Shanstrom Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team
19 Pascal Sauvayre Centrury Road Club
20 Daniel Dudzik MIT Cycling Team
21 Kenneth Reilly Iron Bridge/Tarmac Cycling
22 Brian Collins TTEndurance
23 John Bogdanski Unattached
24 Matthew Stuart Central Wheel- GHCC
25 Jim Lasak Unattached
26 Mike Maloney Cyclonauts Racers
27 Bill Thompson CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles
28 Bill Yabroudy Scorpion Racing pb Jaguar/Land Rover
29 Barry Eyre Scorpion