These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Junior 10-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Maximiliano Alvarez DallasRacing/MerrittHawkins 0:26:01
2 Braxton Boyer Dallas Racing 0:26:22
3 Lucas Rose Northwest Cycling Club 0:27:25
4 Landrie Mclain Octane Cycle Crew 0:26:29

Junior 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eli Derr Violet Crown Sport Association 0:25:43
2 Saul Cano Jesuit Dallas 0:26:01
3 Aven Hurwich Matrix/RBM s.t.
4 Carter Trupiano Jesuit Dallas s.t.
5 Benjie Salazar Jesuit Dallas s.t.
6 Aidan Magner Jesuit Dallas s.t.
7 Nick Evanich Jesuit Dallas 0:27:22
8 Lucas Ferguson Jesuit Dallas s.t.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Erwin Dallas Racing 0:44:08
2 Michael Johnson Dallas Racing s.t.
3 Romain Taupier United Cycling s.t.
4 Joe Mccracken Cadence Cyclery s.t.
5 Andrew Martin Night Owls s.t.
6 Robert Mccormick United Cycling s.t.
7 Brandon Alvey United Cycling s.t.
8 Tony Hopkins Team Elevate Racing s.t.
9 Justin Evans PHENOM s.t.
10 Matt Borowski Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
11 James Freeman Team Elevate Racing s.t.
12 Jose Ketterhagen 787 Racing s.t.
13 Guadalupe Ontiveros Sugar Cycles s.t.
14 Seth Inurrigarro Rockwall Racing s.t.
15 Gregory Guardado TEAM GUARDADO CYCLING s.t.
16 Patrick Barrett Velo Club La Grange s.t.
17 Jonathan Browning Fresh Racing s.t.
18 Seth Cooke Tyler Bicycle Club s.t.
19 Drew Cardoza Hodges Bend Racing s.t.
20 Graham Outlaw The Endurance Collective s.t.
21 Bryan Haring Rockwall Racing s.t.
22 Clifford Green Dallas Bike Works s.t.
23 Dustin Smith The Bike Lab s.t.
24 David Lopez DistrictTaco Racing 0:44:20
25 Brian Moynihan Night Owls s.t.
26 Clint Bradford Violet Crown Sports Association 0:45:09
27 Ramon Galindo CCGalindo's Cycling Team 0:44:28
28 Donald Gwartney Team Life Cyclers 0:46:10
29 Jason Ross Rockwall Racing 0:45:36
DNF Hadishalem Hagos Bycicl plus DNF

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Daniels Violet Crown Sports Association 0:36:46
2 Ben Owens Matrix/RBM 0:36:57
3 Peter Murray #TeamHighViz 0:36:59
4 Kuya Takami Night Owl Racing s.t.
5 Ethan Benedict Jesuit Dallas s.t.
6 Daniel Doherty OKC Velo - The Bike Lab s.t.
7 Luis Davila Jesuit Dallas s.t.
8 Jack Makohon Rockwall Racing s.t.
9 Paolo Pelusi Crest RBM s.t.
10 Daniel Altoran Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
11 Andres Boza Violet Crown s.t.
12 Jeffrey Mayhall Tyler Bicycle Club s.t.
13 Iszac Rose Northwest Cycling Club s.t.
14 Keenan Godburn Texas Pro Health Racing s.t.
15 Noah Bartsch ATC Racing s.t.
16 Andrew Callan Violet Crown s.t.
17 Jeffrey Watson s.t.
18 James Ruedlinger jr. United Cycling s.t.
19 Kory Williams Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
20 Juan Acosta pablo Reynolds Roofing Racing Team s.t.
21 Sean Bellinger Weaver Technologies Racing s.t.
22 Miles Camp PHENOM s.t.
23 Kyle Landrum Pinnacle Velo s.t.
24 Hunter Shelton Otto Velo Racing s.t.
25 David Sandvig Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
26 Sam Comer Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
27 Max Duran Elevate-KHS s.t.
28 Brad Phillips 0:37:14
29 Marcus Mendoza United Cycling 0:38:01
30 Luke Williams Otto Velo Racing 0:38:17
31 Andrew Raggio 0:36:49
32 Alex Bowman TILT Racing p/b Towers Realty 0:36:53
33 Reese Bodde 0:36:55
34 Joseph Fadhil Matrix/RBM 0:38:18
35 Paul Porterfield Weaver Technologies Racing 0:38:30
36 Dan Myers Pinnacle Velo 0:31:47
DNF Ken Corby A bloc DNF
DNF Kevin Sheppard DNF
DNF Francisco Gonzalez DALLAS RACING DNF

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Reggie Jonaitis Williams Racing Academy 0:28:34
2 Travis Dixon No Promises Racing Team 0:28:42
3 Victor Gibson Rockwall Racing s.t.
4 Loren Sharp Endurance House Wichita Falls 0:28:53
5 Joseph O'toole Team Bicycles Plus 0:29:07
6 Chuck Worthen Fresh racing s.t.
7 Chris Tutt FRESH Racing s.t.
8 Allan Reitzer Otto Velo Racing s.t.
9 Adrian Williams No Promises Raceing Team s.t.
10 Ivan Campos Team life cyclers s.t.
11 Jason Hunsinger Team Life Cyclers s.t.
12 Cody Cozart OTTO Velo Racing s.t.
13 Jason Jeskey No Promise Race Team s.t.
14 Chris Maddox Team Trek Bike of Arlington s.t.
15 Donie Lopez No promises Racing Team s.t.
16 Buck Popolo Jesuit Dallas s.t.
17 Mark Heatley Fresh Racing s.t.
18 Toby Troquille Fresh Racing s.t.
19 Stanley Lee NWCC s.t.
20 David Martin Cadence Cyclery s.t.
21 Spencer Adams Baylor Cycling s.t.
22 Johny Garner s.t.
23 Zibeon Serrato Fresh Racing 0:31:21
24 Aaron Ellis Team Life Cyclers 0:31:29
25 Peter Petersen Semi Tough CC / Urban South Racing 0:29:24
26 Greg Sharp 0:34:05
27 Darrion Meckle 0:34:20

Men Master 35+ Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jordan Rayboy Crest/RBM 0:34:30
2 Jason Rose Northwest Cycling Club s.t.
3 Michael baker Tbi - dedicated race team McKinney Velo s.t.
4 Sang Moon Crest/RBM Cycling s.t.
5 Eros Adragna Handlebar Cyclery s.t.
6 Scott Weismann Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
7 James Barnett Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
8 Joel Shewry Mckinney Velo s.t.
9 Wil Mercado Team Cadence Cyclery s.t.
10 Shon Sparks Sugar Cycles Racing s.t.
11 Joseph Burda McKinney Velo Club s.t.
12 Dezell Turner Crest RBM Racing s.t.
13 Daniel Gaspard NWCC s.t.
14 William Bonnette Mckinney Velo s.t.
15 Greg Gibbs Crest RBM Racing s.t.
16 William Warthon Crest/RBM Cycling s.t.
17 John Mann Frisco Cycling-Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
18 Tom Redpath US Military Endurance Sports s.t.
19 Ashenafi Tekeste Crest RBM Racing 0:34:38
20 Juan Sanchez Dallas bikes Works s.t.
21 Mike Mckee Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
22 Jorge Cortes Dallas Bike Works s.t.
23 Dennis Nadolny Aerotune 0:36:12
24 Jason Harper Team Bicycles Plus 0:34:42
25 Jeffrey Thompson Crest/RBM Racing 0:35:08
26 Steven Chow Crest/RBM Racing 0:35:46
27 David Dederichs Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
28 Joe Nganga Crest/RBM Cycling s.t.
29 Guillermo Ordenana CREST/RBM CYCLING 0:36:06
30 Michael Morgan Crest/RBM Racing 0:35:09
31 Steven Whitley Crest/RBM Racing 0:35:17
DNF Michael Koenig Crest/RBM Racing DNF

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Murazak Crest/RBM Racing 0:38:24
2 Richard Hellberg Dallas Bike Works 0:38:26
3 Seth Pelusi Crest RBM 0:38:46
4 Sam Findlater Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
5 Paul Bonds DNA Racing s.t.
6 Josue Ramos Crest RBM s.t.
7 John martin Bikesport Sugar Cycles s.t.
8 Roberto Castano Blue Agave Racing s.t.
9 Bradley Herle Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
10 Doug Zell Meteor-Allied s.t.
11 Todd Finley Crest / RBM Racing s.t.
12 Brian Schow Crest/RBM s.t.
13 Marc Coppedge Meteor-Allied s.t.
14 Lawrence Gibson Rockwall Racing s.t.
15 Michael Vitale Meteor-Allied s.t.
16 Bret Crosby Team CCR Roofing s.t.
17 Carlos Ortiz BNW Team 0:38:53
18 Philip Butler Crest/RBM Racing 0:38:55
19 Clint Westhoff s.t.
20 Jeff Makohon Rockwall Racing 0:39:06
21 Nathan Lesniewski 0:39:14
22 Danny Finlan Crest/RBM Racing 0:39:00
23 Alistair Sponsel Boston Independent Racing 0:38:27

Men Master 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Erdoes DNA Racing 0:38:33
2 Brent Hartsell Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 0:38:35
3 Gregg Goodwin McKinney Velo s.t.
4 John Chu Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
5 Jimmy Olsen Merritt Hawkins Healthcare /Sun & Ski Sports s.t.
6 Michael Lewis Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
7 Goran Petrovski Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
8 Michael Gacki Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
9 Peter Aubin SHAMA Cycles s.t.
10 Jeffry Fene McKinney Velo s.t.
11 Paul Waller Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
12 Marcos Ferreyra McKinney Velo 0:38:43
13 Joel Hawks Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 0:39:08
14 Francois Leroux USCBB Cyclisme 0:39:22
15 Whitney Fanning Geri Atrix 0:39:00
16 Richard Cobb Welhous Bikes 0:39:31
17 Patrick Galvin Mirage Richardson BikeMart 0:39:03
DNF Daniel Thompson Geri Atrix DNF
DNF Michael Husted Hot Tubs DNF

Men P/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eli Husted Hot Tubes Cycling 0:56:44
2 Mat Stephens Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
3 Stefan Rothe ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
4 Kevin Girkins Meteor X Giordana s.t.
5 Lance Abshire Strike Cycling s.t.
6 David Gaona Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White s.t.
7 Fred Vincent Team CCR Roofing s.t.
8 Diego Hernandez Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
9 Grayson Keppler United Cycling s.t.
10 Logan Mclain Lux/Sideshow s.t.
11 Zachary Carlson Texas Roadhouse Cycling s.t.
12 Zach Stein ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
13 Preston Glace ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
14 Andy Heuser Giant Lakeside-Audi Mckinney p/b Baylor Scott and White s.t.
15 Chris Carlson Matrix/RBM s.t.
16 Brett Ross United Cycling s.t.
17 Daniel Badilla lopez s.t.
18 Brady Reed Strike Cycling s.t.
19 Justin Stanley United Cycling s.t.
20 Patrick Breen Dallas Bike Works s.t.
21 Mark Niiro United Cycling s.t.
22 Jonas Orset Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott & White s.t.
23 Rob Sandusky Matrix/RBM s.t.
24 Mark Baerd Elevate-KHS s.t.
25 Matthew Mata-aguilar Strike Cycling s.t.
26 Aaron Wade United Cycling s.t.
27 Mario Arroyave Elevate Cycling Team 0:56:52
28 Taylor Pruet Shama Cycles 0:56:55
29 Andy Jobin ELBOWZ Racing 0:56:58
30 Jonathan Spangle Strike Cycling s.t.
31 Shane Poncik Strike Cycling s.t.
32 Cesar Serna Bicycle plus racing n 0:57:13
33 Tice Porterfield ELBOWZ Racing 0:57:24
34 Joseph Emmons Matrix/RBM 0:56:54
35 Keith Bartholomew United Cycling 0:57:09
36 John Ryan Matrix/RBM s.t.
37 Randy Lee Giant Lakeside Audi Mckinney pb Baylor Scott & White 0:57:31
38 Kaleb Quijada miranda 1:01:42
39 Axel Quijada miranda 1:04:16
DNF Juan Restrepo silcarbon DNF

Women Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sarah Startz FCS Cycling 0:27:57
2 Caitlin White Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
3 Susan Seaborne Gold Dust s.t.
4 Ashley Wolfe Team Cadence Cyclery s.t.
5 Casandra Dickerson Team isocentric s.t.
6 Abby Biedenbach Bike One Racing s.t.
7 Tamra Roberts ATX Sirens Driveway Sheros s.t.
8 Kathy Garrett Northwest Cycling Club Racing 0:28:33
9 Natalie Pruitt Blue Agave Racing 0:29:06
10 Shelana Poindexter Crest / RBM 0:31:03
11 Kimberly Lueck Bicycles Plus 0:26:22
12 Elaine Roberts CrestRBM Racing 0:26:26
13 Chrissy Oyler Violet Crown Sport Association 0:26:30
14 Emily West Bike One Racing Team s.t.
15 Kelci Molina Crest-RBM Cycling s.t.
16 Yen Nguyen Violet Crown Sport Association s.t.
17 Caroline Wolfe s.t.
18 Sonia Baker Health's Angels Of Texas s.t.
19 Sri Johnson Team Life Cyclers s.t.
20 Shelby Frank Cadence Cyclery 0:26:35
21 Tanja Pavlovich Crest/RBM Racing 0:26:47
22 Kaylee Garvey Fresh Racing 0:28:12
23 Shawnita Sterett Crest/RBM Cycling 0:28:48
24 Jennifer Hoitsma FRESH Race Team 0:31:03
25 Kadence Hampton All-City/ All-City X Fulton Racing 0:27:13
26 Michelle Hansard crest/RBM s.t.
27 Jessica Alexander Ruckus Racing Project p/b Easy Rider 0:27:23
28 Rhonda Green MBBC Racing 0:28:49
29 Kristin Blaise Fresh Racing 0:27:19

Women P/1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Flora Yan CWA Racing p/b Trek 0:42:42
2 Evelyn Sifton Shadow Elite 0:43:13
3 Jaime Larmer Team Elevate Racing s.t.
4 Noni Bertagnoli Merritt Hawkins AMN/Sun & Ski s.t.
5 Sheri Rothe Specialized Wolfpack p/b Jakroo s.t.
6 Rebecca Scaduto Ruckus Racing Project p/b Easy Rider s.t.
7 Maddie Woolley LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized s.t.
8 Kim Chance Matrix/RBM s.t.
9 Nicole Jurisch Shama Cycles s.t.
10 Monica Merced PHENOM s.t.
11 Alison Bassity Shama Cycles s.t.
12 Anna Tillerson Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
13 Sheree Benavides Matrix/RBM s.t.
14 Nicole Mertz Meteor-Allied s.t.
15 Nikki Ulug Phenom s.t.
16 Emily Slack PHENOM s.t.
17 Venny Alub Cantu Cycling Wheels s.t.
18 Lauren Koon United Cycling s.t.
19 Ash Duban Meteor-Allied 0:43:32
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