These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Doan Hollyloft/Alfies
2 Eric Przepierski Carbon Racing
3 Drew Scoles Mt. Borah Custom Apparel / Minerva Design
4 Patrick Kineston Hollyloft/Alfies
5 Jason Hettenbaugh Monroe Extinguisher/SBR Cycling Team
6 David Van horn Handlebars Cycle Company / Queen City Cyclists
7 Dan Staffo Handlebars cycling company
8 Lance Johnson Handlebars Cycle Company
9 John Holden MVP Health Care G2 Development Team
10 Owen Laurion Monroe Extinguisher/Solo Break Racing
11 Brett Mckay Team Competitive Gear
12 Craig Polston The Bike Shop/Northtowns Imaging
13 Scott Farrell Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bikes
14 James Thompson Queen City Cyclists/Handlebars Cycling
15 John Roden Handlebars
16 Bob Dahl Hollyloft/Alfies
17 Robert Dietrick Minerva Design Cycling Team/GVCC

Master 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Garnett lee Abbey Oakville Cyclepath Racing Team
2 Chris Tirone French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar/BBC
3 Mike Maring wellness extension/flsg.
4 Randy Rhoads Corning/No Tubes Race Team
5 Michael Traxler Nalgene-R3
6 Michael Widger buffalo cycling team
7 David Thornton Team Competitive Gear
8 Kris Meekins Team Hollyloft/Alfie's
9 Christopher Fuller Pearl Street Cycling
10 Jay Farnham Team Competitive Gear
11 John Moore unattached
12 Stuart Green Buffalo Velo / Buffalo Bicycling Club
13 William Begy
14 Frank Grillo Pearl Street Grill & Brew / Buffalo Bicycling Club
15 Ronald Rosenberg Hollyloft/Alfies Cycling Team

Master 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Badagliacca buffalo cycling team / Buffalo Bicycling Club
2 Justin Gabreski Team Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
3 John Olson Bike Boy Racing
4 Marc Pritchard
5 Stephen Forrestel Buffalo Cycling Team/Buffalo Bicycling Club
6 Bruce Camacho Dornellas Racing Team
7 Joe Giovenco Buffalo Cycling / Buffalo Bicycling Club
8 John Goetz

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Burke BUFFALO VELO
2 Stanislav Blazek kurzawinski coach
4 Jeff Lubkowski Park Ave Multi Sport Team / GVCC
5 David Hansen Rogue Race Team
6 Peter Hoag CNB-GVCC
7 Michael Corcimiglia CNB Cycling/GVCC
8 David Lambert GVCC
9 Ben Barnhardt The Bike Shop / NorthTowns Imaging
10 Gregory Kraft Buffalo Velo / Buffalo Cycling Club
11 Dirk Biemans bike boy racing
12 Andrew Pryhuber MVP Health Care G2 Development Team
13 Vincent Lorenz The Bike Shop/Northtowns Imaging
14 Adam Trost The Bike Shop/NorthTowns Imaging
15 Richard Scaduto The Bike Shop/NorthTowns Imaging
17 Brian Rohr -pearl street
18 Shawn O'neil Ellicottville Bike Shop Buffalo Cycling
19 Frank Gallese MAC5 Bikes/GVCC
20 Timothy Bouchard The Bike Shop / Northtowns Imaging
21 Thomas Weichmann The Bike Shop / Northtowns Imaging
22 Patrick Mcgovern Buffalo Bicycling Club
23 Robert Sobon unattached
24 Brenden Conway Buffalo Velo
25 Tony Hoffman Ingram Micro / Tom's Pro Bike
26 Bryan Bonn The Bike Shop / Northtowns Imaging
27 Tim Carlson Schuyler County
28 Robert Colburn Hollyloft / Alfies
29 Gerald Dunn GVCC
30 David Kina University at Buffalo
31 Cleo Nixon Hollyloft/Alfies
32 Timothy Raggets Park Ave Bike Multi Sport Team
33 Thomas Robinson BuffaloVelo/Buffalo Bicycling Club
35 Michael Zak

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Walker
2 Gregory Rhoads Buffalo Cycling Team
3 Dennis Borden IM/Tom's
4 Alex Borsuk UB cycling
5 Steven Gonser
6 Ted Graney Ingram Micro- TPB / Buffalo Bicycling Club
7 Rick Years RUUD RACING
8 Christopher Whalen Ingram Micro/Toms Pro Bike
9 Charlie Watson Trivault
10 Joseph Gustafson Hollyloft/Alfies
11 Jason Cavall Buffalo Velo / C
12 David Smith John Adams Cycling & Fitness
13 Paul Mattison
14 Joshua Pritchard
15 Denny Martin
16 Andrew Dumpleton The Bike Shop/North Towns Imaging
17 Louis Brandstetter
18 Jonathan Baker
19 Richard Milazzo IngramMicro/Tom's pro bike
20 Anthony Sylor Swain Sports 2/Livingston Cycling Club
21 Nick Papagni IngramMicro/Tom's pro bike
22 Daniel Kowalik The Bike Shop
23 Jeff Mccrone Ingram Micro / Tom's Pro Bike
24 Terence Cordner
25 Andrew f Emborsky Swain Sports 2/Livingston Cycling Club
26 Michael Griffin Good Clean Fun
27 Scott Goveia
28 Peter Potter Buffalo Velo
29 Ron Ferreira
30 Judson Aungst
31 Tyler Ferguson
32 Jon Chmielowiec
33 Timothy Galvin Tom's Pro Bike/Ingram Micro
34 Erik Jobson Fisher-Price
35 Dan Murdock Buffalo Cycling Team
36 Timothy Paul Swain Sports 2/Livingston Cycling Club
37 Daniel Szajta Buffalo Triathlon Club

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jackie Mckay Team Competitive Gear
2 Lisa Weiss
3 Sandra Leary Hollyloft/Alfies
4 Bonnie r Symes Hollyloft/Alfies
5 Rebecca Erb The Bike Shop/Northtowns Imaging
6 Patricia Betcher Independent
7 Christina Gross
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