These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aaron Halfaker Apex Racing
2 Peter Kim Gene Johnson Cycling Team
3 Johnathan Hsu Fount Cycling Guild
4 Trenton Starkey Fount Cycling Guild
5 Chris Wilson Fount Cycling Guild
6 Jesse Maris Kelly Benefit Strategies Devo
7 Mario Sandoval Fount Cycling Guild
8 Mike Robson Tenspeed Hero
9 Sam Frigo Gene Johnson Cycling Team
10 Christopher Dennis Apex Racing
11 Ayden Young Audi Cycling Team
12 William Cucco Tete de la Course
13 Evan Blanshan Premier Racing
14 Will Murray
15 Steve Sonheim Liquid Velo Expeditors
16 Stuart Ayling Este Racing
17 Ben Marshall Gene Johnson Cycling Team
18 Jeremy Cucco Hagens Berman
19 Pablo Castrillo Audi Cycling Team
20 Chad Brothers Tenspeed Hero
21 Joel Lentz Apex Racing
22 Jj Anderson Hagens Berman
23 Bradlee Haley Liquid Velo Expeditors
24 Margaux Mcbirney Liquid Velo Expeditors
25 Zachary Gudwin Premier Racing
26 Galen Erickson Gene Johnson Cycling Team
27 Nathan Hakken Apex Racing
28 John Butler * Gene Johnson Cycling Team
29 Scott Ofarrell Fount Cycling Guild
30 Wayne Brown Apex Racing

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anthony Noakes Gene Johnson Cycling Team
2 Isaac Juracich Liquid Velo Expeditors
3 Jonathan Lafler
4 Louis Mcgranaghan Liquid Velo Expeditors
5 Matt Baysa Gene Johnson Cycling Team
6 Alden Gwinn Audi Cycling Team
7 Graham Gallagher Apex Racing
8 Andrew Lynch Gene Johnson Cycling Team
9 Randy Yao Gene Johnson Cycling Team
10 Mack Parshall Audi Cycling Team
11 Tyrel Lacey
12 Sam Horn Apex Racing
13 Ray Lamont Gene Johnson Cycling Team
14 Lucas Nolta
15 Jacob Smith Gene Johnson Cycling Team
16 Benjamin Juracich Liquid Velo Expeditors
17 Joshua Smith
18 Christopher Hodges Hagens Berman
19 Stephen Fontenot OMG Racing
20 Aviv Litov Gene Johnson Cycling Team
21 Tom Peterson
22 Mikhail Smelik
23 Zach Juracich Liquid Velo Expeditors
24 Charles Kao Audi Cycling Team
25 David Gambel Liquid Velo Expeditors
25 Hansen Slane Northwest Tri and Bike
25 Jesse Favia
25 Zachary Oster
25 Martin Freiwald
25 Gerardo Mores

Men Masters Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Keith Robinson Hagens Berman
2 Forest Hietpas Hagens Berman
3 Jason Gowans Audi Cycling Team
4 Sean Phillips Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance
5 George Wright Este Racing
6 Ted Buchanan Taco Time NW Cycling Team
7 Matthew Hill Dropbar Racing/Source Endurance
8 Todd Dry Team 2FIVE3 Racing
9 Blaine Felton Taco Time NW Cycling Team
10 Peter Kuhn Hagens Berman
11 Justin Heinen Taco Time NW Cycling Team
12 David Mullen Hagens Berman
13 Rick Roof Team 2FIVE3 Racing
14 Gregory Luniewski Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
15 Alex Aguinaldo Apex Racing
16 Jeffrey Boden Apex Racing
17 George Romer Hagens Berman
18 Alex Newton Hagens Berman
19 Scott Stout Hagens Berman Racing
20 Travis Dougan Fell Swoop Racing
21 Steve Bleifuhs Taco Time NW Cycling Team
22 Jude Larene Fell Swoop Racing
23 Rick Wiedmann Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
24 Bill Zimmerman Taco Time NW Cycling Team
25 Gordy Bolstad Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
25 Randy Schultz Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
25 Noel Zayas Apex Racing
25 Eric Holman Caliber Home Loans/Gerk's
25 Chris Blanton Lakemont Cycling Club
25 John Mcconnell Team 2FIVE3 Racing