These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Greg Henderson Team Columbia - Highroad
3 Kirk O'bee Bissell Pro Cycling
4 Harald Starzengruber Elk Haus
5 David Vitoria Rock Racing
6 Keven Lacombe Planet Energy
7 Alejandro Borrajo Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light
8 Christofer Stevenson Swedish National Team
9 Lucas Haedo Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light
10 Andrew Pinfold OUCH p/b Maxxis
11 Alexander Candelario Kelly Benefit Strategies
12 Soren Petersen Danish National Team
13 Antonio Cruz BMC Racing Team
14 Johnathon Cantwell Fly V Australia
15 Evan Elken Land Rover-ORBEA
16 Martin Kohler BMC Racing Team
17 Freddie Rodriguez Rock Racing
18 David Tanner Rock Racing
19 Hagen Boasson Team Columbia - Highroad
20 Marco Pinotti Team Columbia - Highroad
21 Wil Routley Jelly Belly Cycling Team
22 Vicente Reynes Team Columbia - Highroad
23 Bernard Sulzberger Fly V Australia
24 Chad Beyer BMC Racing Team
25 K frank Pipp Bissell Pro Cycling
26 Floyd Landis OUCH p/b Maxxis
27 Kenneth Hanson Team Type 1
28 Jonathan Garcia BMC Racing Team
29 Christopher Jones Team Type 1
30 Karl Menzies OUCH p/b Maxxis
31 Brian Vandborg Liquigas
32 Charlas Dionne Fly V Australia
33 Peter Salon USA National Team
34 Peter Latham Bissell Pro Cycling
35 Bruno Langlois Planet Energy
36 Andreas Stillfors Swedish National Team
37 Moises Aldape Team Type 1
38 Nic Sanderson Rock Racing
39 Steve Bovay BMC Racing Team
40 Matthew Winstead Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy
41 Valeriy Kobzarenko Team Type 1
42 Neil Shirley Kelly Benefit Strategies
43 Martin Gilbert Planet Energy
44 John Murphy OUCH p/b Maxxis
45 Allesandro Bazzanna Fly V Australia
46 Georg Lauscha Elk Haus
47 Scottie Weiss Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy
48 Stefan Rucker Elk Haus
49 Alex Howes USA National Team
50 Jose Benitez Fuji-Servetto
51 James Camut Land Rover-ORBEA
52 Tom Soladay Team Mountain Khakis
53 Matt Wilson Team Type 1
54 Philipp Mamos Amore & Vita Pro Racing Team Presented b
55 Darren Lill Team Type 1
56 Yuriy Metlushenko Amore & Vita Pro Racing Team Presented b
57 Daniel Bowman Kelly Benefit Strategies
58 Matthew Rice Jelly Belly Cycling Team
59 Rory Sutherland OUCH p/b Maxxis
60 Ryan Roth Planet Energy
61 Ermanno Capelli Fuji-Servetto
62 Francois Parisien Planet Energy
63 Davide Vigano Fuji-Servetto
64 Bernhard Eisel Team Columbia - Highroad
65 Danilo Wyss BMC Racing Team
66 Cladio Corioni Liquigas
67 Richard England Amore & Vita Pro Racing Team Presented b
68 Manuel Quinziato Liquigas
69 Jacopo Guarnieri Liquigas
70 Gert Dockx Team Columbia - Highroad
71 Jacob Erker Kelly Benefit Strategies
72 Jonathan Clarke Jelly Belly Cycling Team
73 Andy Maynes Bissell Pro Cycling
74 Bernard Van ulden Jelly Belly Cycling Team
75 Jonathan Mccarty OUCH p/b Maxxis
76 Hilton Clarke Fuji-Servetto
77 Jonathan Mumford Kelly Benefit Strategies
78 Davide Frattini Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light
79 Steffen Radochla Elk Haus
80 Paolo Bailetti Fuji-Servetto
81 Ricardo Serrano Fuji-Servetto
82 Anibal Borrajo Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light
83 Daniel Summerhill USA National Team
84 Bobby Sweeting Land Rover-ORBEA
85 Tomas Lofgren Swedish National Team
86 Chad Gerlach Amore & Vita Pro Racing Team Presented b
87 Lucas Persson Swedish National Team
88 Tom Zirbel Bissell Pro Cycling
89 Francesco Chicchi Liquigas
90 Roman Uden Land Rover-ORBEA
91 Russell Stevenson Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy
92 Bennet Genugten Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy
93 Timothy Henry DLP Racing
94 Andrew Guptill Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light
95 Adam Myerson Team Mountain Khakis
96 Scott Tietzel DLP Racing
97 Taylor Tolleson BMC Racing Team
98 Scott Davis Fly V Australia
99 Ben Day Fly V Australia
100 Anthony Colby Colavita Sutter Home p/b Cooking Light
101 Aaron Tuckerman Land Rover-ORBEA
102 Alexander Wetterall Swedish National Team
103 Caleb Fairly USA National Team
104 Bradley White OUCH p/b Maxxis
105 Charles Huff Jelly Belly Cycling Team
106 Nicholas Reistad Jelly Belly Cycling Team
107 Tyler Stanfield Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy