These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

SM 1-23

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Clancy Groove Subaru Excel Sports 0:45:59
2 Sebastian Sturges Ardor Racing
3 Connor Pulvidente Primal - Audi Denver
4 Aaron Miller Primal Audi - Denver 0:46:05
5 Sean Burke Ardor Racing
6 Jabez Meulemans Primal - Audi Denver
7 Elliot Parcells Ardor Racing
8 Ethan Dunham Groove Subaru excel sports
9 Robert Deetz Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
10 Michael Migler Ardor Racing
11 Geoffrey Albert
12 Mason Lawrence Go4Graham
13 Gary Wiese CG Racing
14 Michael Margolis Primal - Audi Denver
15 David Almanzan
16 Michael Comer Groove Subaru Excel Sports
17 Patrick Repasky Physio Racing
18 Austin Venhuizen Primal - Audi Denver
19 John Fallon Chalet/Celebrity
20 Brent A dickinson Great Divide
21 Chris Parsons Chalet/Celebrity
22 John Mattingly Chalet/Celebrity
23 Peter H gee Stem Ciders Racing
24 Brian Hart Groove Subaru Excel
25 Christopher J dolan Lat. Cycling
26 Dom Repucci Ardor Racing
27 Nicholas Gilida Primal - Audi Denver
28 Andrew Schmidt Primal - Audi Denver
29 Kirk Corsello NGCA Tyler Perry
30 Will Ross Black Swift / Cycleton Racing Team
31 Mike Swanson Primal - Audi Denver
32 Jonathan Heidemann VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
33 Justin Sotdorus Primal-Audi Denver
34 Scott Carlson Stem Racing
35 Fredd Corpuz Full Send Racing p/b Elevation Cycles
36 Damon Brandt Stem Ciders Racing
37 Chris Skinner Blackswift / Cycleton
38 Justin Stepchuk Rush
39 William Allen Feedback Sports Racing
40 Gardner Desroberts S2C/BOSCH pb Primal
41 Chris Bacarisse Primal - Audi Denver
42 Jack Jefferies Rally Sport
43 Thomas Moritz Team Topeca
44 Zachary Spinhirne-martin Spot Bikes
45 Rachel Plessing ButcherBox Cycling p/b Look
46 Ashley King Orion Racing
47 Seth Hart
47 Ben Jendrek VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
DNF Deniz Warraich Full Send Racing P/B Elevation Cycles
DNF Robert Massey Primal - Audi Denver
DNF Stephen Thomas RMRC
DNF Steven Truesdale Primal Audi - Denver

SM 4-5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Toby Hassett WE Development 0:38:03
2 Luke Kallner Accelo
3 Tyler Hardy T$
4 Anthony Harvey Reynolds Roofing Racing
5 Devin Rhinehart VR7 Colorado Cycling Team
6 Ryan Grimm Primal - Audi Denver
7 Chris Persaud
8 Connor Finley DBC Racing
9 Benjamin Wilks Stem Ciders Racing
10 Quaine Day Reynolds Roofing Racing
11 Jacob Golberg Denver Bicycle Club
12 Rich Clark Groove Subaru Excel Sports
13 Jordan Zall Benton Blasters
14 Nick Steiner DBC Racing
15 Alex Winter Primal Audi Denver
16 Robin Carrera
17 Michael Hosmer Benton Blasters
18 Matthew Erickson DBC Racing
19 Tim Blakemore DBC Racing
20 Gary Deaguero
21 Matthew Knoeder Old School Industries
22 Matthias Stehle Primal - Audi Denver
23 Regan Lofgreen
24 John Walker Groove Subaru Excel Sports
25 Brian Claytor Black Swift / Cycleton
26 Darren Blair Primal - Audi Denver
27 Alex Ende No Ride Around
28 Ross Younger Primal - Audi Denver
29 Michael Deyoanna TSCC Mile High
30 Phillip Merrill Physio Racing
31 Justin Caires Physio Racing
32 Greg Bjorkquist Unicorn SYFFI Racing
33 Keith Terwilliger
34 John Goldsmith
35 Anthony Malacrida
36 Sam Walton
37 Brian Spencer Reynolds Roofing Racing
38 Justin Andrews Physioracing
39 Juliana White Ride or Die Collective
40 Robert Shoemaker
41 Steven Martino
42 Robert Adams Stem Ciders Racing
43 Heather Romenesko Square1
44 Christopher Dillis Physio Racing
45 Steven Morgan Front Rangers
46 Michelle Mjoen Natural Grocers Cycling Team
47 Willie Tibbetts Physio Racing
47 Chester Owens Unattached