These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kent Ross
2 Chris Twardzik Premier
3 Keelan Ontiveros Expeditors
4 Xiaohan Zhang ACT
5 Walker Bohannan Premier Racing
6 Ciaran O'rourke Gene Johnson Cycling Team
7 Ayden Young Mercedes-Benz
8 Aaron Halfaker Gene Johnson Cycling Team
9 Dieter Fox Fount Cycling Guild
10 William Cucco Team Swift
11 John Reynders ACT
12 Wayne Brown Apex Racing
13 Ray Lamont Gene Johnson Cycling Team
14 David Vanbolt
15 Andrew Austin Hagens Berman
16 Mack Parshall Tete de la course
17 Mark Severy Premier Racing
18 Pj Bauser
19 Ian Tubbs Mercedes-Benz
20 Ben Vanderzanden Pacific Office Automation Cycling
21 Ruarri Day-stirrat Pacific Office Automation Cycling
22 Christopher Dennis Apex Racing
23 David Chipchase Liquid Velo Cycling Team
24 Noah Arling Gene Johnson Cycling Team
25 Zhaolong Wu Team Oregon P/B Rodda paint
26 Stephen Mull Premier Racing
27 Nathan Hakken Apex Racing
28 John Butler *
29 Parker Mckean Fount Cycling Guild
30 Galen Erickson Gene Johnson Cycling Team
31 Trenton Starkey Fount Cycling Guild
32 Andrew Lynch Gene Johnson Cycling Team
33 Sam Frigo Gene Johnson Cycling Team
34 Ryan Mix Premier Racing
35 Brian Baumhover Mercedes-Benz
36 Will Teal Fount Cycling Guild
37 Chris Wilson Fount Cycling Guild
38 Keith Robinson Hagens Berman Racing
39 #n/a #n/a #N/A
40 Brian Falkowski Mercedes Benz
41 Steven Robinson Zealous Racing
42 Josh Sollitto Premier Racing
43 Ryan O'hara Fount Cycling Guild
44 Joseph Skokan Movement Mortgage / GERKS
45 Mario Sandoval

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephen Carlucci Fount Cycling Guild
2 Joshua Keating Mercedes-Benz
3 Samuel Welch Apex Racing
4 Colin Staats Fount Cycling Guild
5 Clay Allred Cowlitz Racing
6 Stephen Gingrich Apex Racing
7 Vincent Moser A-D Racing
8 John Danielson Gene Johnson Cycling
9 Ivan Robles Fount Cycling Guild
10 Ryan Havill ACT
11 Kurtis Mccloud Movement Mortgage / GERKS
12 Finn Westover ACT
13 George Romer Hagens Berman Racing
14 Alex Pherribo Mercedes-Benz
15 Edward Rosenberg Mercedes Benz
16 Ryan Styrk Fount Cycling Guild
17 Troy Solly Movement Mortgage / GERK'S
18 Jeremy Cucco Illuminati Cycling
19 James Corcoran Hagens Berman
20 John Monnig Mercedes-Benz
21 Russell Wyatt ACT
22 Jacob Smith Gene Johnson Cycling
23 Jason Ingram Apex Racing
24 Rian Rustvold Hagens Berman
25 Ryder Thomas Gene Johnson Cycling Team
26 Travis Stadler Fount Cycling Guild
27 James Mckee Apex Racing
DNF Gregory Luniewski Movement Mortgage / GERK'S
DNF Jason Ingram Apex Racing
DNF David Gambel Liquid Velo
DNF Sam Horn Hagens-Berman
DNF Brian Shieh ACT
DNF Nicholas Engerran Forza p/b Smith

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Merrick Gallagher Jerry Baker Juniors
2 Scott Schubert Mercedes-Benz
3 Robert Manson Mercedes-Benz
4 Joseph Thomas Taco Time Northwest Cycling Team
5 Steven Crane
6 David Magidson Jerry Baker Juniors
7 Matthew Lucas Liquid Velo
8 Andrew Shenstone ACT
9 Lucas Nolta Apex Racing
10 Stephen Fontenot OMG Racing
11 Emil Hillding
12 Robert Iuliano Gene Johnson Cycling Team
13 Saul Farber Illuminati Cycling
14 Derek Bondy Illuminati Cycling
15 Scott Sawyer
16 Sean Spingelt Hagens Berman Cycling Team
17 Andrew Schaeffer
18 Skyler Schwendeman Taco Time NW
19 Solomon Bear Lopez
20 Tyler Triquet
21 Matthew Dann ACT
22 Noah Meyerhans Mercedes-Benz
23 Mark Clausen Taco Time Northwest/Seattle Super Squadra
24 Benjamin Stone Hagens Berman Cycling Team
25 Tim Blaney Movement Mortgage / GERK'S
26 Lane Covington SnoCo Velo
27 John Choiniere
28 Elias Harkins ACT
DNF Jeremy Alberdas Gene Johnson Cycling Team
DNF Chance Powelson Illuminati Cycling
DNF Ryan Spivey

Men A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eric Villasmil Oregon state university
2 Ethan Klein Oregon State University Cycling
3 Cian Mccann University of Oregon
4 Ethan Abbott UBC Cycling Team

Men B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Casey Hill UBC Cycling Team
2 Angus Rate Western Washington University
3 Max Garvey UBC Cycling Team
4 Jack Johnson University of Oregon
5 Evan Zaremba Willamette University
6 Matt Baysa Seattle University

Men C/D Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Stubbs UBC Cycling Team
2 Isaac Miller Husky Cycling
3 Ethan Sunseri University of Idaho
4 Evan Gray Husky Cycling
5 Daniel Hogan University of Washington
6 Daniele Reda UBC Cycling Team
7 Eric Simakaski Oregon State University
8 Lane Covington SnoCo Velo
9 Benjamin Ernewein UBC Cycling Team
10 Oliver Boucher UBC Cycling Team
11 Noah Turoski Seattle University
12 Francisco Felix Husky Triathlon Club
13 Drew Burky
14 Douglas Hardman University of Idaho
15 Vaibhav Singh Husky Cycling
16 Ethan Harris Wildcat Cycling
17 Jake Sheets Husky Cycling
18 Robert Kaminski Husky Cycling
19 Hang Lei Husky Cycling Club
20 Qifan Lu Husky Cycling
21 Peter Mumford Husky Cycling
22 Ashton Smith University of Oregon

Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Angela Roberts Pacific Office Automation Cycling
2 Sara Youmans ORION Racing
3 Caitlin Mcallister Pacific Office Automation Cycling
4 Rachel Geiter Gene Johnson Cycling Team
5 Jenna Lingwood Gene Johnson Cycling Team
6 Emma Starr Fount Cycling Guild
7 Alycia Staats Fount Cycling Guild
8 Claire Law Breakfast Racing Team
9 Heidi Wood Gene Johnson
10 Margaux Mcbirney Gene Johnson Cycling Team
11 Karyn Stern Gene Johnson Cycling Team
12 Mackenna Lees Breakfast Racing Team

Women 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Leah Carter Fast Fun Nice p/b Campfire Endurance
DNF Lucy Dorer Gene Johnson cycling team
DNF Rhea Enzian Fount Cycling Guild
DNF Brittani Shappell
DNF Rebecca Kawaoka Gene Johnson
DNF Amelia Mott Gene Johnson Cycling
DNF Nora Wilson
DNF Shantel Mitchell Pacific Office Automation Cycling
DNF Caitlin Pellerin Breakfast Racing Team
DNF Caroline Thompson Breakfast Racing Team
DNF Emily O'hair Breakfast Racing Team
DNF Keaghlan Robinson
DNF Aliya Schenck Gene Johnson Cycling Team

Women A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bridget Meyboom UBC Cycling Team

Women B/C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
DNF Franchesca Pasquarella Husky Cycling
DNF Bronwyn Posnynick UBC Cycling Team
DNF Madison Jack
DNF Julia Tai University of oregon
DNF Karinna Gensert University of Washington
DNF Josephine Meier Husky Cycling
DNF Cynthia Pham UBC Cycling Team
DNF Helena Sverak UBC Cycling Team