These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Elite Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caden Budd Adapt ChemStation
2 Joaquin Medina garzon Adapt ChemStation
3 Elias Saigh Adapt ChemStation
4 Edward Kim CycleX Racing
5 Dylan Schroeder NorthStar Development
6 Harry Lasker Adapt Cycling chemstation
7 Owen Hancock Cleveland Cycling Academy
8 Decker David Adapt Cycling
9 Riley Troyer Johnson County Flyers
10 Nicholas Gomes Lindenwood University
11 Maximus Macdonald The Bike Factory
12 Brenden Leary Cleveland Cycling Academy
13 Braden Reitz nine13sports p/b SingletonCoach
14 Steve Clark Zealous Racing
15 Ian Breitlow Johnson County Flyers
16 Ethan Hendricks Cleveland Cycling Academy
17 Jake Spaude Hollander Benelux Racing
18 Sam Cherchian Northstar Development Cycling
19 Brian Grace CycleX Racing
21 Michael link Big tree cycling Cyclex Racing
22 Devin Glenn CycleX Racing
23 Jorge Zapata EMC2/Elmhurst Masters
24 Jacob Wilson BAD BIKES
25 Jared Leppert Hollander Benelux Racing
26 Morgan Hendricks NCYD p/b Donkey Label
27 Hayden Pucker Turbo
28 Zach Juracich Liquid Velo Expiditers
29 Nicolas Haydar Cleveland Cycling Academy
30 John Falter NorthStar Development
31 Austin Sympson Ames Velo
32 Padraig Leary Cleveland Cycling Academy
33 Maddox Simmons
34 Jonathan Meyer ATHLETIC MENTORS
35 Derek Dotlich Dash Racing p/b Westfield Cycle
36 Matthew Beeber Johnny Sprockets Racing
37 Robert Hengel Cleveland Cycling Academy
38 Cooper Bernstein nine13sports p/b SingletonCoach
39 Christopher Rivera Cleveland Cycling Academy

Men Elite Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kash Adamski Cleveland Cycling Academy
2 Paul Zdon Johnny Sprockets Racing
3 Cole Schumacher Harvest Racing
4 Cory Flood
5 Garret Larson
7 Cory Hartman Fitwave
8 Keegan Mccluskey
9 Casey Black CycleX Racing
11 Caleb Short OYRB Racing Team
12 Lalithkumar Jalakam Detroit Mavericks
13 Alex Dickerman CycleX Racing
14 Jason Wright NorthStar Development
15 Chase Cubbage Adapt ChemStation
16 Jay Busch OYRB Racing
17 David Green OYRB
DNF Samuel Strawhacker Rule 5 Racing
DNF Enrique Puente Johnny Sprockets Racing

Men Elite Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Weidner
2 Joseph Taber Quad Cities Bicycle Club
3 Aron Kehoe Holy Redeemer
4 Chris Hoenig
5 Kent Johnson Fitwave
6 Anthony Hase
7 Dick Kipp
8 Chandler Carper
9 Scott Leary Cleveland Cycling Academy
10 Kelly Morris

Men Elite Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cade Bickmore Project Echelon Racing
2 Jeremiah Stoller Nashville Local Cycling
3 Derrick Chavarria C-Town Cycling
4 Hogan Sills Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b VQ
5 Brody Burnham Knavewear
6 Kyle Tiesler Nashville Local Cycling
7 Conor White Austin Aviators
8 Andrew Dillman Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b VQ
9 Tim Savre
10 Connor Polenske Adapt Cycling
11 Mason Schofield CLIF Family Drifters
12 Brenden Hardy Above + Beyond Cancer p/b Bike
13 Cayden Whitehill Team MACK Racing Elite
14 Ralph Rufo Nashville Local Cycling
15 Shay Wright Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycli
16 Michael Lambert Velovit Racing
17 Andrew Dewar CLIF Family Drifters Cycling
18 Randy Reichardt Above & Beyond Cancer P/B B
19 John Purvis First Internet Bank Cycling
20 Eddie Stillman Road Crew Coffee Racing
21 Daniel Feuling Adapt Cycling
22 Nicholas Ramirez Team MACK Racing Elite
23 Gavin Goode First Internet Bank Cycling
24 William Zoughaib Above + Beyond Cancer p/b Bike
25 Brian Kukla CycleX Racing
26 Lucas Ferguson Matrix Cycle Club/Bike Mart
27 John Becker * First Internet Bank Cycling
28 Benjamin Juracich Liquid Velo Expiditers
29 William Seitz Nashville Local Cycling
30 Philip Chenaux-repond University of Chicago
31 John Woods First Internet Bank
32 Samuel Finch Team MACK Racing Elite
33 Miguel Escobar KEFI Racing Team
34 Alex Wieseler Nashville Local Cycling
35 Isaac Juracich Liquid Velo Expiditers
36 Justin Bird Team MACK Racing Elite
37 Conor Mullervy CLIF Family Drifters
38 Kevin Mullervy CLIF Family Drifters Cycling
39 Michaelee Bowes Nashville Local Cycling
40 Matt Stordy CLIF Family Drifters Cycling
41 Dillon Geary First Internet Bank
42 Eric Hill Project Echelon Vanguard
43 Hayden Warner Above + Beyond Cancer Cycling T
44 Aaron Beebe Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b VQ
45 Frederick Junge Broom Wagon Works
46 Max Broening University of Chicago
47 Kyle Perry Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b VQ
48 James Kraus Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b VQ
DNF Sam Morris Project Echelon Racing
DNF Tim Smith Texas Roadhouse Cycling p/b VQ
DNF Robert Frangi Dash Racing

Men Master 50+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brian Koeneman Donkey Label Racing
2 Daniel Casper Donkey Label Racing
3 Matt Muyres Donkey Label Racing
4 Daniel Johnson Team Mack
5 Polo Fernandez Cleveland Cycling Academy
6 Cayce Tiesler��� MOAB Masters
7 William Hauber VeloJawn Racing
8 Mike Rickey The Meteor
9 Mike Budd Broken Spoke Racing
10 Anderson Bortoletto Cleveland Cycling Academy
11 Brendon Hale Jimmy Jack's
12 Scott Robinson MIDSTATE
13 Tim Brandvold Team Hollywood cycles THC
14 Stephen Feehery South Chicago Wheelmen

Men Master 60+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dean Abt xXx Racing-Athletico
2 Scott Wall Ames Velo
3 Ron Hagen Donkey Label Racing
4 Kevin Wohlford Quad Cities Bicycle Club
5 James Clevenger KCOI Boulevard
6 Bernd Faust Burger Bier Boogie Racing
7 Daniel Hill Peoria Bicycle Club Racing Team
8 William Kuster Minnesota Masters Cycling (MM
9 Michael Heffern Groupo Derecho
10 Joe Buikema QCBC Racing
11 Karl Jahns

Women Elite Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Camille Wirkus Brazen Dropouts
2 Jordan Austin ADAPT CYCLING
3 Isabelle Jensen Women's Free State Racing
4 Samantha Morrison
5 Anna Affias STKD! Racing Squad
7 Deborah Kocourek Bcf

Women Elite Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rylee Mcmullen InstaFund Racing
2 Elizabeth Dixon BAD BIKES
3 Jane Tullis Goldman Sachs ETF'S Racing
4 Dahlia Kissel Virginias Blue Ridge Te
5 Simone Hussussian Adapt Cycling
6 Staci Mccudden Team United
7 Kayla Clemons Adapt Cycling
8 Lauren Weigel Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24
9 Ragan Weigel Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24
10 Megan Kelly PSIMET Racing
11 Leah Sanda PSIMET Racing