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Men Collegiate A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nathan Cusack University of Vermont
2 Wells Willett Dartmouth College
3 Evan Coleman University of Vermont
4 Colin Braun Dartmouth College
5 Grant Carter US Military Academy
6 Divik Verma Dartmouth College
7 Dylan Brody New England Junior Development Academy
8 Cormac Nagle New England Junior Development Academy
9 Adem Aricanli Princeton University
10 Alex Bobroff Tufts University
11 Aaron Wenk Princeton University
12 Patrick Dicus Hamilton College
13 Cooper Klein US Military Academy
14 Hudson Marks University of Vermont
15 Roland Meunier iii New England Junior Development Academy
16 Charles Jarm New England Junior Development Academy
17 Nolan Holmes Dartmouth College
18 Colin Braun Dartmouth College
19 Garrett Chrisman US Military Academy
20 Shawn Alexander Clarkson University
21 Ben St. pierre Pennsylvania State University
22 Dylan Treece US Military Academy
DNF Evan Boyle Milligan University dnf
DNF Lukas De schepper University of Vermont dnf
DNF Sebastian Silberman Princeton University dnf

Men Collegiate B/C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Angelo Goodwin Lebanon High School
2 Sam Mason University of Vermont
3 Samuel Spectre University of Vermont
4 Michael Stefanosky US Military Academy
5 Alexandre Brailovski McGill University
6 Lucas Keith Cornell University
7 Liam Woolley McGill University
8 Nathaniel Abbott Dartmouth College
9 Ruben Gonzalez US Military Academy
10 Olivier Maillot McGill University
11 Henry Eastburn Tufts University
12 Ethan Rowland University of Vermont
13 Seamus Joyce-johnson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
14 Daniel Svedberg Brandeis University
15 Michael Williams US Military Academy
16 Charles Buchanan US Military Academy
DNF Jack Burton Tufts University DNF

Men Collegiate C/D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Warner Middlebury College
2 Matthew Chekhlov Cornell University
3 Nick Dohr Tufts University
4 Archit Sharma New York University
5 Theo Packard University of Vermont
6 Ben Small Princeton University
7 Sam Shipman University of Vermont
8 Seth Kelley Tufts University
9 John Deforest Dartmouth College
10 Lex Picillo Windham Woods School
11 Alex Weng Cornell University
12 Gavin Smith University of New Hampshire
13 Alexander Tidd Saint Lawrence University
14 Vance Boyd Tufts University
15 Will Coward McGill University
16 Percival Tonha Williams College
17 Benjamin Divito Queen's University
18 Yoyo Lu Cornell University
19 Peter Connelly US Military Academy
20 Alex Rishty Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
21 Kyle Welch US Military Academy
22 Reese Berman St. John's Prep
23 George Ghazarian Waltham High School
24 Henry Stanton University of Vermont
25 Adam Boyle University of Vermont
26 Liam Mccarthy US Military Academy
27 George Bentley US Military Academy
28 Maxwell Hessinger Northeastern University
29 Ben Colello Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
30 Ayden Carpenter University of Vermont
31 Jialing Gao New York University
32 Noah Colbert Northeastern University
33 Andrew Pike Dartmouth College
34 Chengyu Huang New York University
35 Alexander marcel m Genoe Massachusetts Institute of Technology
36 Tyler Berman University of Vermont
37 Matthew Deangelo US Military Academy
38 Patrick Houston Tufts University
39 Jakob Harmon US Military Academy
40 Michael Stubna Massachusetts Institute of Technology
41 George Scully US Military Academy
42 Laurence Ehrhardt Northeastern University
43 Bradley Vogt Dartmouth College
44 Spencer Stovall US Military Academy
45 Erik Magre Boston College
46 Ethan Marcheselli Boston College
47 Matthew Slivka US Military Academy
48 John Lackey University of Vermont
49 Cooper Hartshorn Dartmouth College
50 Matthew Premysler University of Vermont
51 Lucas Daley University of Vermont
52 Marc Ransom Cornell University
DNF Gerardo Morales Williams College DNF
DNF Brendan Archer Princeton University DNF

Men Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Divito Queen's University
2 Reese Berman St. John's Prep
3 Max Katz-christy Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4 Jasper Henderson University of Vermont
5 James Cilwik University of Vermont
6 Arvi Gjoka New York University
7 Tomas Salazar Brandeis University
8 Maxwell Olmstead University of Vermont
9 Luke Proud University of Vermont
10 Maximilliano Villanueva Middlebury College
11 Lucas Daley University of Vermont
12 Zachery Hovatter Brandeis University
13 Talha Basharat Tufts University

Women Collegiate A/B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Berit Olsson Williams College
2 Olivia Sandoval University of Vermont
3 Amlie Bradley Dartmouth College
4 Julia Peabody-harhigh Williams College
5 Maya Barnett University of Vermont
6 Celia Cote University of Vermont
7 Zoe Canafax US Military Academy
8 Marisa Jacknewitz US Military Academy

Women Collegiate C/D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kate Curran US Military Academy
2 Tatum Brown Yale University
3 Isabella Crespo Middlebury College
4 Melissa Stok Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 Sophie Fernandez US Military Academy
6 Rachel Setareh University of Vermont
7 Katherine Cox Dartmouth College
8 Ada rose Wagar Rutgers University-New Brunswick
9 Maggie Payne University of Vermont
10 Annabel Flatland Williams College
11 Tova Brickley University of Vermont
12 Ruby Bryant University of Vermont

Women Collegiate Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tatum Brown Yale University
2 Melissa Stok Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 Chenyue Lu Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4 Feiyang Ren New York University
5 Silja Earl-torniainen University of Vermont
6 Zhiyi Lu New York University