These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Trevor Spahr Ironclad Performance Wear
2 Mark Krause Land Shark
3 Donald Hahn Reno Wheelmen
4 Ryan Liverman Veloce/Felt
5 Matthew Pavlovich Hutch's
6 Mike Olson Team
7 Matt Lichtenfels Bridgetown Velo
8 Dave Reitz Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
9 Jeff Harwood Ironclad Performance Wear
10 Greg Miller GS Forza Velo-Bend
11 Doug Laplaca Bend Bike 'N Sport
12 Mitch Denham NoMad Sports Club
13 Matt Dooley Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
14 Jurgen Fennerl Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
15 Mike Brown Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
16 Tj Paskewich Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
17 Doug Smith Bend Bike 'N Sport
18 Adam Edgerton Team Oregon
19 Brian Austin
20 Spencer Newell Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
21 Spencer Gray Etna Brewing Co./DeSalvo Custom Cycles
22 Michael Brunelle Life Cycle Bike Shop
23 Davis Shepherd Hutch's
24 Jake Keener Hutch's of Klamath Falls/Bend

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Ragusa CCB International
2 Ryan Seward CAPA Cycling Team
3 Matt Engel Bend Bike 'N Sport
4 Stephen Szufnarowski Bend Bike 'N Sport
5 John Craft Rebound SPL
6 Alan Whitney Team Oregon
7 Brian Scholl Life Cycle Bike Shop
8 Zach Gilmour Hutch's-OIC
9 Colin Mullane Land Shark
10 Michael Mara Desert Orthopaedics
11 Peter Christoff Bend Bike 'N Sport
12 Kevin Brown One
13 Stuart Allen OSU Cycling Club
14 Jonathan Hines Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
15 Larry Linebaugh Team Oregon
16 Dennis Petross Portland Velo
17 Tim Dougherty Flywheel Bicycle Solutions
18 Owen Twitchell Snowscream
19 Michael Dennis Desert Orthopedics
20 Marcus Biancucci Team
21 Joseph Ferron CAPA Cycling Team
22 Andrew Smith Hutch's-OIC
23 Matthew Lasala Bend Bike 'N Sport
24 Shane Johnson
25 David Montes UO Cycling/Lifecycle
26 Ryan Champion Galen Cycles
27 Greg Meller Life Cycle Bike Shop
28 Ian Bagshaw Flywheel Bicycle Solutions
29 Todd Berger Northwest Foot care
30 Ryan Wilcoxson Flywheel Bicycle Solutions
31 Rob Angelo na
32 Jim Allen Capitol Velo Racing Club
33 Darren Smith Bend Bike 'N Sport
34 Steve Wursta Bend Bike 'N Sport
35 Tyler Rupe Capitol Velo Racing Club
36 Brian Barker Ironclad Performance Wear
37 Joe Leineweber Ironclad Performance Wear
38 Kevin Short na
39 Dave Aldersebaes Ironclad Performance Wear
40 Chuck Meyer Sunnyside Sports
41 Atlin Sestrich Ironclad Performance Wear
42 Tom Schwiesow Wenatchee Area Racers
43 Murphy Mcfarland Bend Bike 'N Sport
44 James Ralston Hammer Velo
45 Kyle Gorman Team

Juniors 10-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erik Hammerquist
2 Ryan Griffiths Bend Cycling Club

Juniors 13-15

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Colby Wait-molyneux North River Racing
2 Andy Su Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
3 Cameron Carrick Bend Cycling Club
4 Colin Dunlap Sunnyside Sports
5 Will Griffiths Bend Cycling Club
6 Jarron Simon Specialized River City Bicycles

Juniors 16-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jack Mahler
2 Garrett Corbari Bend Cycling Club
3 Cole Sprague Bend Cycling Club


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Sheasby Bend Bike 'N Sport
2 Maikey Lopera Wolf Creek Racing
3 Doug Perrin Central Oregon Velo
4 Gregg Strome Hutch's Clearchoice
5 Bruce Rogers Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
6 Scott Seaton Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
7 Mark Crawford Ironclad Performance Wear
8 Jurgen Fennerl Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
9 Clint Ebert
10 James Wellington Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
11 Dave Masessa Desalvo Custom Cycles Racing
12 David Hart Guinness Cycling Team
13 Justin Serna Guinness Cycling Team
14 Rick Johnson Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
15 Jeff Tedder Hammer Velo
16 Gary Cornilles Specialized River City Bicycles
17 Chris Clemow Hutch's-OIC
18 Greg Shepherd Hutch's
19 Jim Rantala Team
20 John Sorlie Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
21 Ambrose Su Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
22 Jay Palubeski
23 Rod Underhill Bridgetown Velo
24 Tim Hittner Veloforma
25 Steve Yenne Capitol Subaru Cycling
26 Tim Schauer Specialized River City Bicycles
27 James Kramer NoMad Sports Club
28 Jim Patton Pacific Power Blue Sky

Pro 1/2 Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Evan Hepner
2 Bill Warburton Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
3 Carl Decker Giant MTB
4 Sal Collura VELO Television
5 Chris Swan Team Oregon
6 Nick Skenzick Hutch's-OIC
7 Quinn Keogh HPChiro/Bike n' Hike/Giant
8 Kennett Peterson Team Oregon
9 Derek Stallings Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
10 David Gates Bridgetown Velo
11 Edward Micek Team
12 Marcel Delisser Hammer/CMG Racing Team
13 Sean Passage
14 Kyle Wuepper Bend Bike 'N Sport
15 Erik Edgar Pacific Power Blue Sky
16 Karsten Hagen Z
17 Daniel Quirk Veloce/Felt
18 Tim Jones Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
19 David Root Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
20 Erik Bergstrom Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
21 Matt Russell Capitol Subaru Cycling
22 Andrew Boone Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
23 Seth Patla River City Bicycles
24 Michael Rosenberg Hutch's
25 Michael King Hutch's/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
26 Ryan Trebon Kona
27 Paul Krowser
28 Omer Kem Bissell
29 Scott Gray Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
30 Mckenzie Thramer
31 Greg Canfield Hutch's Bend/Clear Choice/Bend Dental
32 Ryan Mckean Bend Bike 'N Sport

Women 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michelle Bazemore Bend Bike 'N Sport
2 Mary Yax Bend Bike 'N Sport
3 Leia Tyrrell CAPA Cycling Team
4 Serena Bishop Sunnyside Sports
5 Anne Linton Sorella Forte
6 Lisa Reeve
7 Sam Yeo Hammer Velo
8 Kristen Fauria Life Cycle Bike Shop
9 Sarah Tisdale Sorella Forte
10 Sherry Jako Sorella Forte
11 Molly Mullane Land Shark
12 Judy Richardson Sorella Forte

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Amanda Atwill Bend Bike 'N Sport
2 Deann Krill Ironclad Performance Wear
3 Rachel Hoar na
4 Justine Saudan Bridgetown Velo
5 Alice Chang Hammer Velo
6 Alana Armstrong Sorella Forte
7 Virginia Pedersen Ironclad Performance Wear
8 Katherine Reinhart University of Oregon Cycling Club
9 Rachael Roberts Bridgetown Velo
10 Susanna Julber Bend Bike 'N Sport
11 Sara Fletcher Bridgetown Velo
12 Vanessa Cass Ironclad Performance Wear
13 Courtney Carlsen
14 Sallyanne Ellis Hammer Velo
15 Amy Nortrom Team
16 Eryn Barker Specialized River City Bicycles
17 Flo Leibowitz Pacific Power Blue Sky
18 Deven Smith

Womens P/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jade Wilcoxson Flywheel Bicycle Solutions
2 Arielle Filiberti
3 Jen Akeroyd Team Group Health
4 Karey Miles Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
5 Kerry Martin Sunnyside Sports
6 Ally Stacher
7 Jacqueline Cohen Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
8 Lisa Turnbull Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
9 Jill Howe Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling
10 Beth Burns Veloce/Felt
11 Louise Smyth LaS'Port
12 Lindsay Fox Team Oregon
13 Pamela Archer Therapeutic Associates Inc. Cycling

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