These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Cooper - QCW Cycling
2 Allen Carr Ride Brooklyn
3 Bill Ash - QCW Cycling
4 Anthony Fatuzzo VELORIGIN Performance
5 Colby Samstag Penn Cycling
6 Andrew Logiudice skylands/sussexbike
7 Jonathan Bocina liberty Cycle
8 Paul Chegwidden Black Bear Cycling/Sussex Bike Shop
9 Ryan Johnston Kissena Cycling Club
10 Ashley S doane CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O
11 Dominic Caiazzo GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar
12 Brian Coate B2C2 p/b BOLOCO
13 John Sedlak DNK Cycling
14 Sean Groenewald DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
15 Justin Tyberg Black Tie Sports / Spine
16 Todd Giese Pro Pedals
17 Steven Taggart Team Bicycle Doctor
18 Raymond Reisen Skylands Cycling
19 Spencer Gilbert Yale University
20 Zach Bender CRCA/Blue
21 Adam Naguib Kissena Cycling Club
22 R. Wilson tarbox iv Rockstar Games/ Signature Cycles
23 Stuart Witkowski Young Medalists
24 Zachary Hutchins TorcUP/Cyclefitters
25 Daniel Cleiman CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O
26 Eric Danver PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
27 Alex Breakstone Colavita Racing NJ/NY
28 Javier Mereles Team Montclair Bikery
29 Michael Anderson CRCA / FGX Racing
30 Sean Rice Young Medalists
31 Michael Shinall GREEN LINE VELO driven by ZipCar
32 Alex Binkley CRCA/Asphalt Green Cycling Team
33 Marcello Cesario Young Medalists
34 Corey Williams Columbia University
35 Samuel Cowans QCW
36 Daniel Lehmann Colavita-Baci U19
37 Lorenzo Grippo Black Tie Sports / Spine
38 William Bosch bethel cycle sport
39 David Adornato Team Montclair Bikery
41 Stokes Stokes Kissena Cycling Club
42 John Hackett Onion River Racing
43 Mark Siega CRCA/TARGETRAINING Tri & Cycle
44 Kyle Butler GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar
45 John Berg Skylands Cycling
46 Apolinar Luis acevedo Colovita
47 Scott Cullen PSRacing/Masterpiece Kitchens
48 Leonard Galati CRCA / FGX Racing
49 Raul Galliano DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
50 Donald Bussmann CRCA
51 John Clark Mid-Atlantic Junior Cycling p/b KOR Cycling

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Calvert Rockstar Games/ Signature Cycles
2 Jacek Boral HBC Racing
3 Konrad Ratzmann Kissena Cycling Club
4 Alyosha Smolarski Kissena Cycling Club
5 Michael Staropoli Sherpa
6 Chris Peck CRCA/Setanta
7 Wyatt Goral Skylands
8 Scott Raschke Unattached
9 Sean Roach Unattached
10 Silas Clark Hilltop Bicycles
11 Eric Oishi - Halter's
12 Adam Fabian Kissena Cycling Club
13 James Read Jimenez Velo Sport
14 Adam Duarte Black Tie Sports / Spine
15 Keith Mullaly CVC/Suburban Subaru
16 Michael Malavarca Liberty Cycle
17 Pj Bottoms Unattached
18 Richard Russomano Century Road Club of America
19 Chris Budden PODIUM / SBO Longroad
20 Jeffrey Condon Kissena Cycling Club
21 Marcos Picchio CS VELO
22 Ekrem Ayhan Team Somerset - Somerset Wheelmen
23 Joseph Grgic CRCA/Setanta
24 Ryan Seher CRCA/Empire Tri Club
25 Didier Forero Team Montclair Bikery
26 Nicholas Esposito B2C2 p/b Boloco
27 Andrew Latincsics Skylands Cycling
28 Matt Weiss Triathlon Lab@Windmill
29 Anthony Sambrato Westwood Velo
30 Labinot Berlajolli Speedwell
31 Andrew Walker University of Delaware
32 Mark Clifford Kissena Cycling Club
33 Andrew Mauro Colavita-Baci U19
34 Jeffrey White Kissena Cycling Club
35 Brandy Boyle Liberty Cycle
36 Jared Mazur Direct Contract Packaging Cycling Team
37 Micha Ophir CRCA/Eumaeus Asset Mgmt-Fuoriclasse
38 Nick Lawson CRCA/Setanta
39 Craig Blake Skylands Cycling
40 Henry Chan Pawling Cycle & Sport
41 Charles Patten Team CF
42 Jean-marie Bergeal Asphalt Green
43 Dan Antonelli Liberty Cycle
44 Jonas Mortensen Liberty cycle
45 Sudeep Rangi University of Pennsylvania
46 Russell Bogin CRCA/Eumaeus Asset Mgt-Fuoriclasse Racing
47 Leonardo Chao VELORIGIN Performance
48 Robert Manning Pure Energy Cycling
49 Kerem Ayhan Team Somerset - Somerset Wheelmen
50 Gregory Felker Team Somerset
51 Peter Guarino Team Bicycle Doctor
52 Patrick Casselberry Bike King Racing
53 Carlos Guerrero F.D.N.Y. / Montecci Cycling
54 Jeff Lamb Liberty Cycle
55 Edward Novak Tarmac Cycling / Ironbridge Consulting
56 Nick Trombetta Unattached
57 Gary Fletcher Skylands Cycling
58 Mike Watch team bicycle doctor

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Roger Aspholm Finkraft Cycling Team
2 Carl Reglar Verge Sport
3 Herb Jimenez Jimenez Velo Sport
4 Monte Frank Verge Sport / Test Pilot
5 Jordi Conrado Liberty Cycle
6 James Eichvalds Watchung Wheelman
7 Lawrence Towner Liberty Cycle/ProPower Coaching
8 David Wilson Central Jersey Cycling Team
9 Glenn Babikian Team Rockstar/signature cycles
10 Mark Pohndorf FinKraft Cycling Team
11 Guy Poirier bethel cycle
12 Joe Straub Signature Cycles/Rockstar Games
13 Doug O'Neill Deno's Wonder Wheel
14 Andrew Schmidt Westwood Velo
15 Eric Sutherland CRCA/CycleLifeUSA GF Capital
16 Marc Cesare Deno's Wonder Wheel
17 Scott Hodder Signature Cycles/Rockstar
18 John Landino DRV/RCS/DRISCOLL
19 Thomas Luzio Deno's Wonder Wheel
20 Chris Mooney Liberty Cycle
22 Mark Light Liberty Cycle
23 Tim Borsetti Cycles 54 Team for Autism Awareness
24 Mark Curran Knapps Cyclery Racing
25 Jeff Gottesman Deno's Wonder Wheel
26 Christophe Wilkes CRCA/Eumaeus Asset Mgmt - Fuoriclasse
28 Mark Salazar skylands cycling
29 John Mcleod Cycles 54 / Team for Autism Awareness
30 Tim Saxon Skylands Cycling
31 Vince Moran Westwood Velo
32 William Brunner Colavita Racing Inc.
33 Chuck Crocco Team Somerset
34 Ron Short Pro Pedals Cycling Team
35 Andrew Buchanan Skylands Cycling
36 Tim Doherty Colavita racing
37 Joseph Brennan Century Road Club of America

Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anna Mumford CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
2 Madeleine Marecki Signature Cycles/Rockstar Games
3 Amy O'connell EECT/ LiveLoveVelo
4 Alie Giaime CRCA/Houlihan Lokey
5 Alexandra Danforth 0
6 Erica Tricarico CRCA: Stan's NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX
7 Maria Kleppe CRCA/Radical Media
8 Anastasia Yanchilina Houlihan Lokey
9 Gina Rocco CRCA/Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
10 Julia Simon CRCA/Houlihan Lokey
11 Elizabeth Marcello CRCA/Radical Media
12 Lucia Deng CRCA/Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
13 Oksana Miller CRCA/Asphalt Green Development Team
14 Fanny Bourdais CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
15 Delfina Picchio Mid Atlantic Junior Cycling p/b KOR Cycling
16 Beth Manning Pure Energy Cycling
17 Lauren Seavy NJ/NY Colavita Women
18 Victoria Gochenour CRCA/Asphalt Green Cycling Team
19 Christina Malfer CRCA/Asphalt Green Development Team
20 Jennifer Defalco NJ/NY Colavita Women
21 Erika Tarte CRCA
22 Jodee Novak tarmac cycling/ironbridge consulting
23 Elissa Antelman Mid Atlantic Junior Cycling p/b KOR
24 Maryanne Caruso Team Marty's
25 Anna Janas Columbia University
26 Diane Leo East End cycling/ Live Love Velo
27 Lisa Mirabella CRCA/Houlihan Lokey
28 Marylynne Wrye CRCA
29 Alexa Wilson Century Road Club Assoc
30 Karen Lam CRCA/Radical Media

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jody Frank North Point Women's Racing Team
2 Andrea Myers Bethel Cycle
3 Brittlee Bowman CRCA: Stan's NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX
4 Erica Adelberg CRCA/Radical Media
5 Lauren Dagostino NJ/NY Colavita Women
6 Emily Spence CRCA/BH Comedy Central
7 Rose Long Asphalt Green Women's Cycling Team
8 Aimee Layton CRCA/Asphalt Green Cycling Team
9 Kristin Budden PODIUM / Sound Beach Optiks-Longroad
10 Helen Hatch CRCA/BH Comedy Central
11 Victoria Brumfield CRCA / Radical Media
12 Carol-lynn Mills CRCA/ Houlihan Lokey
13 Sarah Sauvayre CRCA/BH Comedy Central
14 Masha Schneider CRCA/Westwood Velo
15 Rebecca Hicks CRCA/BH Comedy Central
16 Emily Underwood CRCA/Rockstar Games-Signature Cycles
17 Renee Engelhardt CRCA/Radical Media
18 Elizabeth Tyrell Team Somerset
19 Colleen Conway CRCA/BH Comedy Central
20 Meghan Schloat CRCA/Asphalt Green Cycling Team
21 110 maria Murphy FinKraft Cycling Team
22 Laura Mullaly CVC/Suburban Subaru
23 Andrea Maher Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell

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