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Men A

(51 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Max Korus University of Pennsylvania
2 Jeremy Durrin University of Massachusetts-Amherst
3 Jacob Bobrow University of Vermont
4 Jeffrey Salvitti Bucknell University
5 Douglass Endrizzi Yale University
6 Synjen Marrocco University of Massachusetts-Amherst
7 Andrew Meyer Boston College
8 Alex Abarbanel-grossman Middlebury College
9 Nicholas Reinert University of Pittsburgh
10 Trevor Eide Dartmouth College
11 Lee Peters University of Vermont
12 Aaron Cravez Bucknell University
13 Gregory Keith US Military Academy
14 Kyle Bruley Boston University
15 Andrew Seitz University of Pittsburgh
16 Kyle Gheres Pennsylvania State University
17 Nathan Kupperstock Boston University
18 Steven Derkits Pennsylvania State University
19 Robert Burnett Franklin and Marshall College
20 Derek Harnden University of Vermont
21 Jonathan Marshall Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
22 Wacek Godycki Cornell University
23 Jonathan Awerbuch Yale University
24 Christopher Hong Harvard University
25 Ross Marklein University of Pennsylvania
26 Robert Stumpf University of Pittsburgh
27 Ryan O'hara University of Connecticut
28 John Rhoden Massachusetts Institute of Technology
29 Mark Theeman Northeastern University
30 Chris Rodgers Pennsylvania State University
31 Evan Cooper Tufts University
32 Tim Humpton Massachusetts Institute of Technology
33 Joseph Grimm US Military Academy
34 Roberto Torres-aquiar Pennsylvania State University
35 Aaron Meyers Bucknell University
36 Jonathan Dreher Massachusetts Institute of Technology
37 Matthew Nichols Dartmouth College
38 Arnaud Borner Pennsylvania State University
39 Alex Cox University of Vermont
40 Harrison Harb University of New Hampshire
41 Owen Pope University of Vermont
DNF Chris Hamlin University of Vermont
DNF Timothy Manzella Drexel University
DNF A.j. Moran Wentworth Institute of Technology
DNF Ben Carbonetti University of Connecticut
DNF Jeremy Shirock Pennsylvania State University
DNF Tristan Baldwin University of Vermont
DNF Andrew Wheeler US Military Academy
DNF Nikolai Skievaski Boston University
DNF Zachary Labry Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Wyatt Stoup Pennsylvania State University

Men B

(54 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Stephen Wright Hamilton College
2 Craig Keasler Boston University
3 Patrick Dunn Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
4 Rodney Kauffman Millersville University-Pennsylvania
5 Andrew Mitstifer Franklin and Marshall College
6 Joseph Bylund Columbia University-NYC
7 Spencer Schaber Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8 Matthew Means Bucknell University
9 John Farrell University of Pennsylvania
10 Gregory Alexander Brown University
11 James Heaney University of Pennsylvania
12 Nick Garcia US Military Academy
13 James Thornton US Military Academy
14 Collin Buesser Northeastern University
15 Tim Janson Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
16 Brenden Siekman US Military Academy
17 Sam Hickey Massachusetts Institute of Technology
18 Garrett Olsen Villanova University
19 John Herrick University of Vermont
20 Raymond Junkins Stevens Institute of Technology
21 Kevin Curran Bucknell University
22 Michael Honsberger McGill University
23 Ian Rousseau Massachusetts Institute of Technology
24 Daniel Rossi Franklin and Marshall College
25 Radu Jianu Brown University
26 Jacob Sisson Cornell University
27 Carl Kjellstrand Middlebury College
28 Justin Yeash Villanova University
29 Nathan Davis University of Vermont
30 William Blakeley Dartmouth College
31 Michael Holmes Dartmouth College
32 Matt Sack New York University
33 Corey Williams Columbia University-NYC
34 Thomas Goetz Rochester Institute of Technology
35 Daniel Hale University of Vermont
36 Anna Mcloon Harvard University
37 Drew Tyger Pennsylvania State University
38 Jeremy May US Military Academy
39 Francesco Leordina Columbia University-NYC
40 Hughes Burridge Northeastern University
41 Ivan Temnykh Pennsylvania State University
42 Patrick Cafferky University of Vermont
43 Matthew Holub University of New Hampshire
44 Joseph Perez US Military Academy
45 Michael Desmarais University of Vermont
46 Christopher Mondiek Rochester Institute of Technology
47 Stephen Thomasch Franklin and Marshall College
48 Harry Chen Bucknell University
DNF Aaron Horvath Princeton University
DNF Clint Dager University of Delaware
DNF Philip Gasparovic University of Delaware
DNF Karl Honerlaw Boston College
DNF James Miceli Villanova University
DNF Goran Lynch University of Pennsylvania

Men C1

(38 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Bolognani University of New Hampshire
2 Timothy Stenovec New York University
4 Karl Zahn University of Vermont
5 James Rose University of New Hampshire
6 Scott Igo University of Vermont
7 Sean Berry University of New Hampshire
8 Nathan Oriol University of New Hampshire
9 Patrick Galvin University of New Hampshire
10 Joseph Clemenzi University of Massachusetts-Amherst
11 Darryl Mcgrath Queens University
12 Antonio Petrov Harvard University
13 Keith Toombs University of Massachusetts-Amherst
14 David Miller New York University
15 Oliver Lutz Cornell University
16 Eric Adams University of Delaware
17 Brent Heverly Drexel University
18 Gregory Smaldone Cornell University
19 Garrick Dixon Northeastern University
20 Eric Panicucci Northeastern University
21 Spencer Gilbert New York University
22 Jerome Sanders University of Connecticut
23 Ben Civiletti University of Vermont
24 Dominic Caiazzo Northeastern University
25 Kevin Emr Cornell University
26 James Stoeckle Columbia University-NYC
27 Mariano Garay Pennsylvania State University
28 Adam Cohen University of Pittsburgh
29 David Garguilo Boston University
30 Alexander Parachini New York University
31 Nicholas Calcagni Drexel University
32 Joshua Saxe University of Vermont
33 Patrick Twomey Queens University
34 Brett Houser Drexel University
DNF Andrew Goodale University of New Hampshire
DNF Michael Farrar Northeastern University
DNF Tod Gentry Cornell University
DNF George Weiler University of Delaware

Men C2

(39 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dan Ipp Rochester Institute of Technology
2 Paul Trimby Worcester Polytechnic Institute
3 Jesse Manuel York Technical Institute
4 Kevin Rutherford US Military Academy
5 Adam Bry Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6 Aaron Swenson Dartmouth College
7 Matthew Nole Boston College
8 Eric Moon Millersville University-Pennsylvania
9 Eliot Scymanski Franklin and Marshall College
10 Patrick Doumont US Military Academy
11 Andrew Webster US Military Academy
12 Benjamin Hemani Dartmouth College
13 Craig Michaud Wentworth Institute of Technology
14 Taylor Schwartz Tufts University
15 Justin Pomerance Middlebury College
16 Cimarron Wortham Massachusetts Institute of Technology
17 Jason Herrling Rochester Institute of Technology
18 Daniel Liebowitz Vassar College
19 Stephen Rogacki US Military Academy
20 Zachary Ybarra Massachusetts Institute of Technology
21 Zachary Browning Rochester Institute of Technology
22 James Wolf Franklin and Marshall College
23 Austin Gregory Hampshire College
24 John Helfrich Hampshire College
25 Jonathan Erickson Vassar College
26 Yi peng Teoh Brown University
27 Derek Boone Boston College
28 Andrew Haggerty Millersville University-Pennsylvania
29 Nicholas Walter Yale University
30 Matthew Titus Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
31 Isaac Bleicher Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Armando Peralta US Military Academy
33 Nathaniel Dixon Massachusetts Institute of Technology
34 George Dyment Hampshire College
35 Christopher Ritacco Yale University
36 Gregory Wesolowich Millersville University-Pennsylvania
37 Peter Davis Bucknell University
38 Jj Cross Vassar College
DNF Rock Hwang Tufts University

Men D1

(38 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zheren Yang Columbia University-NYC
2 Taylor Smith University of New Hampshire
3 Christian Anderson New York University
4 James Petersen University of Massachusetts-Amherst
5 Ernie Lehman Pennsylvania State University
6 Daniel Boyle University of Vermont
7 John Bachman Harvard University
8 Benjamin Oswald Cornell University
9 Christopher Gilbert Harvard University
10 Mark Donovan Drexel University
11 Justin Tang Queens University
12 Marcos Picchio Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
13 Joel Norton Northeastern University
14 Byron Hood Harvard University
15 Max Petersen Cornell University
16 Eric Emery Cornell University
17 Burton Levine Pennsylvania State University
18 Ryan Sullivan University of Massachusetts-Amherst
19 Andrew Walker University of Delaware
20 Zhiguang Ng New York University
21 John Oliver University of Vermont
22 Alexander Szela University of Delaware
23 Jonathan Cusick University of Vermont
24 Cesar Vega New York University
25 Colby Samstag University of Pennsylvania
26 Peter Ott University of Delaware
27 Jacob Rubin University of Delaware
28 Adam Scianna University of Connecticut
29 Liam Twomey Queens University
30 Joe Weiss University of Massachusetts-Amherst
31 Karl Haloj University of Vermont
32 Robert Winnett Boston University
33 Charles Rumford Drexel University
34 Brendan Diener Drexel University
35 Chatura Atapattu Drexel University
DNF Adrian Lopez New York University
DNF Joseph Martinez Pennsylvania State University
DNF Edward Burger University of Connecticut

Men D2

(32 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Geiser Yale University
2 Eric Fischer Yale University
3 Omar Melikechi Dartmouth College
4 Brad Hagedorn Dartmouth College
5 Patrick Chimenti Tufts University
6 Thomas Devane US Military Academy
7 Kevan Orear US Military Academy
8 Nicholas Ferra Franklin and Marshall College
9 John Romanishin Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10 Torey Miller Rochester Institute of Technology
11 Erik Gonsiorowsk Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
12 Lucas Harris Hamilton College
13 Chris Matteri Middlebury College
14 Douglas Breault Tufts University
15 Cornelius Vangalen Franklin and Marshall College
16 Matthew Blackburn Massachusetts Institute of Technology
17 Joseph Wilkos Worcester Polytechnic Institute
18 Alexander Reich Millersville University-Pennsylvania
19 John Kissock Bucknell University
20 Richard Trierweiler Dartmouth College
21 Patrick Streeter Rochester Institute of Technology
22 Gil Erlich Bucknell University
23 Thomas Mccade Millersville University-Pennsylvania
24 Zachary Robinson US Military Academy
25 Zachary Bailey Massachusetts Institute of Technology
26 Jonathan Parham Massachusetts Institute of Technology
27 Christopher Townsley Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
DNF Wade Baldwin Bucknell University
DNF Devin Wagner Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DNF Benjamin Davidson Rochester Institute of Technology
DNF Max Smith US Military Academy
DNF Mike Driscoll Bucknell University

Men Intro

(11 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Blizzard Yale University
2 Sean Owen Wentworth Institute of Technology
3 Ryan Williams New York University
4 Adrien Mccosker McGill University
5 Carl Oswald Yale University
6 Mark Chmelar Yale University
7 Miroslav Grajewski University of Connecticut
8 Alexander Brown University of Pennsylvania
9 Zachary Zeilman Vassar College
10 Tyler York New York University
11 Sean Walsh Boston University

Women A

(17 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Arielle Filiberti Dartmouth College
2 Martha Buckley Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 Anna Mcloon Harvard University
4 Caroline Savage Columbia University-NYC
5 Yuri Matsumoto Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6 Elle Anderson Dartmouth College
7 Lauren Shirock Pennsylvania State University
8 Sarah Bowman Yale University
9 Jessica Kutz Pennsylvania State University
10 Katy Applin Northeastern University
11 Jena Greaser University of Connecticut
12 Kimberly Zubris Boston University
13 Aimee Layton Columbia University-NYC
14 Eun young Choi Harvard University
15 Morgan Farnsworth Pennsylvania State University
16 Kelsey Hassin US Military Academy
DNF Claire Mckenna Dartmouth College

Women B

(15 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cynthia Nijenhuis Cornell University
2 Amelia Siani Yale University
3 Alexandra Berndt New England Conservatory
4 Jennie Bender University of Vermont
5 Isabella Oleksy University of New Hampshire
6 Rebecca Carew University of Pennsylvania
7 Elske Straver University of Pennsylvania
8 Amy Schwarzenberg University of New Hampshire
9 Victoria Bain McGill University
10 Karina Demair Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
11 Radka Pickova Columbia University-NYC
12 Shane Ferro Columbia University-NYC
13 Nicole Seekely Columbia University-NYC
DNF Jenny Leavitt New York University
DNF Rebekah Morris Bucknell University

Women C

(35 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Courtney Gregor Franklin and Marshall College
2 Erica Blom Yale University
3 Natalie Griffith Northeastern University
4 Katie Quinn Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 Jaclyn Dalessandro Northeastern University
6 Maja Janas Harvard University
7 Courtney Halista Boston College
8 Jamie Ervin US Military Academy
9 Jennifer Zeckendorf Yale University
10 Allison Hugi Yale University
11 Gina Dinunzio Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
12 Caitlin Masopust University of Connecticut
13 Mckayla Dunfey Hamilton College
14 Taylor Rojek DeSales University
15 Ashley Nichols University of Vermont
16 Kristen Railey Massachusetts Institute of Technology
17 Stephanie Reighart Dartmouth College
18 Shannon Burke University of Vermont
19 Eileen Evans Harvard University
20 Allison Gehnrich University of New Hampshire
21 Lauren Heiliger US Military Academy
22 Maureen Regan Boston College
23 Rebecca Thorsness Princeton University
24 Kimbra Buerschaper Boston College
25 Christina Chnaider Boston University
26 Theresa Maynard University of Massachusetts-Amherst
27 Carolyn Carlstrom Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
28 Cassandra Wolcott Cornell University
29 Sophy Lee Harvard University
30 Elena Siani Cornell University
31 Kaytlin Senatore Bucknell University
32 Bethany Smith Queens University
33 Sonja Butler US Military Academy
34 Tiahna Harris University of Massachusetts-Amherst
DNF Tricia Barstow University of New Hampshire

Women Intro

(8 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kimberly Junkins Syracuse University
2 Terri Monserrat Millersville University-Pennsylvania
3 Amanda White University of Connecticut
4 ? ?
5 Leah Nagel Middlebury College
6 Rachel Kurchin Yale University
7 Genna Waldvogel University of Vermont
8 Caroline Pardee Boston University