These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.
Men Cat 1/2/3
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Patrick Sansbury Recio Racing
2 Fredd Matute Unattached
3 Enrique Lopez TTR
4 Luis Zayas Stan's Notubes P/B Proferrin
5 Michael Cedeno Sea Sucker/Guttenplan
6 Esteban Arniella Cool Beans Racing
7 Kevin Eggart Recio Racing
8 Nelson Trujillo Tas Cycling Team
9 Jose Rodriguez Palmeto Sport Car
10 Lisandro Cristia TTR
11 Alejandro Garcia Unattached
12 Cesar Sosa Unattached
13 Roman Morozov Cool Beans Racing
14 Christian Viera TTR
15 Alfredo Pineda T.T.R
16 Samuel Sanchez TTR
17 Kevin Abbate Pink Panther
18 Anthony Yaques Outcast Racing Team
DNF Miguel Puldon City Bike Club
DNF Martin Vernon Big Wheel Sunrise
Men Cat 4/5
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Nelson Rolo TTR
2 Andrew Macfarlane Andante/Patches
3 Rigoberto Ramirez Unattached
4 Daniel Londono Unattached
5 Orelvis Martinez Unattached
6 Carlos Fuentes Unattached
7 Armando Garcia Tas Cycling Team
8 Jose M hernandez Andante/Patches
9 Marco Monteverde Andante/Patches
10 Azari Arrocha Andante/Patches
11 Hugo Rendon Andante/Patches
12 Serge Augustin Cycle Depot
13 William Loheide Andante/Patches
14 Carlos Prats Unattached
15 Cristian Gonzalez Andante/Patches
16 Tyler Trask Michigan Cycling Team
17 Jason Edmonds Unattached
18 Roger Brodhead Andante/Patches
19 Yamil Llorens Team Performance Fitness-Delra
20 Alexander Rodriguez Unattached
21 Francisco Ruiz Unattached
22 Nicholas F. tabares Team Boom
DNF Ricardo Almonte Unattached
Men Masters Open 40-49
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Jose Armas GS Palm Beach Garneau
2 Ransford Robinson Bike America Racing Team
3 Nelson Trujillo Tas Cycling Team
4 Jose Rodriguez Palmeto Sport Car
5 Damian Paulete Unattached
6 Armando Garcia Tas Cycling Team
7 Ricardo Hernandez Unattached
8 Yamil Llorens Team Performance Fitness-Delra
9 Marcus Maharajh Bike America Racing Team
10 William Loheide Andante/Patches
11 Mauricio Valenzuela Unattached
12 Jay Mays Unattached
13 Kevin Abbate Pink Panther
14 Christian Avila Bike America Racing Team
15 Azari Arrocha Andante/Patches
16 Leonardo Miranda Unattached
17 Bruce Keno ZMotion/BikeStreet
18 Francisco Vega ZMotion/BikeStreet
19 Marco Monteverde Andante/Patches
20 Brent Lucas Hollywood Big Wheelers
21 Andrew Teixeira Bike America Racing Team
DNF Israel Vera Veloce
DNF Christopher Wright Team Performance Fitness-Delra
DNF Victor Sepulveda Palmeto Sport Car
DNF Miguel Puldon City Bike Club
DNF Stephen Gilligan B&J Bicycles
DNF Paul Lincoln Bike America Racing Team
Men Masters Open 50+
PlFirst NameLast NameTeamTime
1 Andrew Macfarlane Andante/Patches
2 Peter Aldridge Unattached
3 Charles Rosenthal Cycle Depot
4 Peter Carlos EBP Racing Team
5 Scott Wood BikeStreet USA
6 Richard Abreu All 4 Cycling
7 Jose Hernandez Velo Masters Of Miami
8 Milton Behrens Pink Panther
9 Christopher Glenn Cool Beans Racing
10 Bruce Keno Z Motion
11 Jose M hernandez Andante
12 Fernando Angel Miami Masters
13 David Kroupa Bike Street
14 Paul Lincoln Bike America Racing Team
15 Jonathan Creavalle Galiz Cycling Team
16 Rolando Hurtado Miami Masters
17 Romina Mok TTR
18 James Clossick Velo Masters Of Miami
19 Mark Hewitt GS Palm Beach Garneau
20 Victor Balmaseda Team Performance Fitness-Delra
21 Paul Perry Bike America Racing Team
22 Manuel Sanchez Unattached
23 Jose Maldonado ZMotion/BikeStreet
24 Luis Bastidas Miami Masters
25 Les Ryder All 4 Cycling
DNF Jay Adams Unattached