These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat - 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Meurig James qcw cycling/
2 Chad Bartlett Bicycle Haus Racing
3 David Brookes NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
4 Michael Green Bicycle Therapy
5 Chris Chapman Bike Line
6 Clint k Guerra Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
7 Curtis Miller Team DRT/Deep Blue
8 Dan Conlin TBB/Deep Blue
9 Lou D'amico Bicycle Therapy
10 Jason Pizzollo Philadelphia Ciclismo
DNF David Casale Tri-State Velo
DNF Chris Grundner Team TBB/Deep Blue

Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Minturn AXA Equitable
2 Jamie Kimberley Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
3 Brian Butts Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma Rest
4 Curtis Winsor NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
5 Mike Studna
6 Dan Wilson Team Alliance Environmental
7 John Hunter Pabst Blue Ribbon p/b TalkSoft
8 Andrew Mckeegan NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
9 Stephen Wahl
10 Michael Miller Team Alliance Environmental
11 David Fuentes Battley-Harley Davidson/Sonoma
12 Craig Lebair philadelphia ciclismo
13 Greg Abbott NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
14 Charles Hutcheson Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma Rest
15 Adam Kahler
16 Jason Wood Pelotonia Cycling Team powered by r
17 Haeles Hanlon Guys
18 Paul Lengermann NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
19 Kyle Centrella Dynaflo Racing
20 Gregoire Faber NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
21 Gerald Burkett Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
22 Christopher Newport Philadelphia Ciclismo
23 Kieth Davies Mambo Kings
24 Robert Kelly NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
25 Paul Mica NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
26 Yanni Papadopoulos ABRT
27 Bill Breslin ARTEMIS
28 Lance Lacy Haymarket Bicycles / HomeVisit
DNF Kyle Eckley Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute
DNF Mike Hefner ABRT
DNF Warren Holzman Team Alliance Environmental
DNF Kyle Reed University of Delaware
DNF Stephen Robinson Squadra Coppi
DNF Robert Sheffield NCVC/UnitedHealth Group
DNF Alex Weiler Maryland Collegiate Cycling Team
DNF Michael King Saroff Racing Team

Cat -5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ellis Kim TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
2 Ryan Jenkins The Bike Lane
3 Richard Wawrzeniak Ocean Velo Club/Bikesport
4 William Neide Team TBB/Deep Blue
5 Pierce Schmerge The Bike Lane
6 Morgan Mcdevitt QCW Cycling/
7 Tad Fabian Bike Line Middletown
8 Matthew Bartlett TOMS Shoes p/b Kindhuman Sports
9 James Horstmann
10 Owen Mulhern West Chester Cycling Club
11 Domenic Barsotti
12 Andrew Laux
13 Matthew Tempesta Autobots
14 Timothy Day
15 Alex Buenaga Brandywine Cyclery
DNF Adam Blackford
DNF Gus Soterides

Masters 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Fuentes Battley-Harley Davidson/Sonoma
2 Charles Hutcheson Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma Rest
3 Yanni Papadopoulos ABRT
4 Mike Hefner ABRT
5 Keith Davies Mambo Kings
6 Michael Miller Team Alliance Environmental
7 Ramon Bemitez Battley-Harley Davidson/Sonoma
8 Joseph Wentzell QCW Cycling/
9 Peter Warner WWVC Racing
10 Stephen Robinson Squadra Coppi
11 Bill Breslin ARTEMIS
12 Thomas Lyons main line cycling- bikyle
13 Dan Ryan Morgan Stanley/Market Edge
14 Warren Holzman Team Alliance Environmental
15 Chris Mccunney Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
DNF Josh Bardige QCW Cycling/
DNF Todd Lippin 3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cycle
DNF Stephen Wahl ABRT
DNF Ivan Solero Main Line Cycling - BiKyle/Mazur Co
DNF Paul Hoyle Morgan Stanley/Market Edge
DNF Michael King Saroff Racing Team

Masters 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Hepburn Spoke Etc
2 Kerry Scanlon DC Velo
3 Max Rogozinski Prince William Elite Racing

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Deborah Leedalebrown Team TBB/Deep Blue
2 Sara Clafferty ABRT
3 Dori Buc kethal ABRT
4 Jennifer Kraut Team TBB/Deep Blue
5 Kelley Bethoney Cannondale/Cadence Women's Racing T
6 Christine Fuentes ABRT
7 Victoria Hanks Human Zoom Cycling