These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Junior

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alex Christian Prochain Cycling
2 Max Savage Prochain Cycling
3 Nicholas Petrov Cincinnati Cyclocross

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kyle Perry Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
2 Zachary Lewis Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
3 Ryan Good Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
4 Chad Burdzilauskas Texas Roadhouse
5 Robert Smallman Team Upland Brewing
6 David Hauber Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
7 Andy Prickett Team Dayton Bicycling
8 Timothy Nixon Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
9 John Woods Team Upland Brewing
10 Abraham Mcnutt Team Dayton Bicycling
11 Alex Mclaughlin Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit
12 Nathan Robinson US Military Cycling Team
13 Dan Peairs Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
14 Morgan Hunter MatsonMoney
15 Matt Bole Team Dayton Bicycling
16 Ryan Gamm Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
17 Kyle Stewart Team Dayton Bicycling
18 Chad Clemons MatsonMoney
19 David Neis Team Dayton Bicycling
20 Patrick Minner BSM Cycling
21 Nicola La motta Team Dayton Bicycling
22 Samuel Wright
23 Michael Mcshane Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
24 Jonathan Card
DNF Jack Mccann Netherland Rubber
DNF John Callahan Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
DNF Ian Mcshane Bissell/ABG Cycling Club
DNF Ray Smith Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dakota Mcdivitt
2 Nick Perhala Queen City Wheels
3 Spencer Petrov Prochain Cycling
4 Michael Chifala Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
5 Charles Dell Team Upland Brewing
6 Eric Bair Zephyr Wheel Sports
7 Sam Harbison Team Upland Brewing
8 Cody Bohachek
9 Dan Payton Champion City Cycling
10 Nicholas Benedict
11 Trevor Miller Velo Science
12 Ryan Mcloughlin Prochain Cycling
13 David Rich Team Dayton Bicycling
14 Taylor Kruse Paradise Garage Racing
15 Nick Mossing Queen City Wheels
16 Evan Price Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
17 Andy Perrino Bio Wheels Racing
18 James Keefe Zephyr Wheel Sports
19 Nicholas Salupo Marian University
20 Jason Mott Bio Wheels Racing
21 Justin Bird Prochain Cycling
DNF Tim Thielen Radfahren
DNF Braden Matt Radfahren
DNF Alan Willey Queen City Wheels
DNF Christopher Poptic Zephyr Wheel Sports

Men Cat 3/4/5 Masters 35-44

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Messmer
2 Alan Standley Team Heroes- MOB
3 Doug Carraway Team Six One Four
4 Sean Cooney Team Hungry
5 Christian Ambjorn Reser Bicycle
6 Brian Desoto Team ZUG Racing
7 Ken Hoetker Bishop Bicycles
8 Michael Adams WAS Cycling
9 Adam Liette Team Dayton Bicycling
10 David Wade Darkhorse Racing
11 Christopher Bryan Darkhorse Racing

Men Cat 3/4/5 Masters 45-54

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Lach Zephyr Wheel Sports
2 Don Birch Team Heroes- MOB
3 Daniel Rhule Veloscience Cycling Team
4 Peter Czerwinski Backroom Coffee Roasters / Echelon Cycling Team
5 Daniel Lach Zephyr Wheel Sports
6 Paul Neff Queen City Wheels
7 Rodney Roof Zephyr Wheel Sports
8 Scott Bond Speedway Wheelmen
9 David Stanley Bishop Bicycles
10 David Brueggen Bishop Bicycles
11 Charles Hogan
12 John Gagnet Zephyr Wheel Sports
13 Scott Young
14 Edward Klus
15 Jay Hissett Covington-Newport Cycling
16 Perry Parr Bishop Bicycles
17 Daid Hart Zephyr Wheel Sports
18 Steve Fine Team Dayton Bicycling
19 Ken Misch T3 Cycling Team
20 Kevin Williams Team Louisville
DNF David Thole 7 Hills Racing Inc
DNF Kevin Miles Bishop Bicycles

Men Cat 3/4/5 Masters 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Fred Steinbrecher Peloton Sports Group
2 Tom Burridge Nomad Cycling Club
3 Paul Rouse Team Dayton Bicycling
4 Thomas Brodbrick Radfahren
5 Dan Cavins Zephyr Wheel Sports
6 Steve Ellis Team Indiebike p/B Angie's List
DNF Douglas Moody Zephyr Wheel Sports

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Martin Sedluk
2 Luke Russell Paradise Garage Racing
3 Tommy Graul Team Dayton Bicycling
4 Terry Griffith Backroom Coffee Roasters / Echelon Cycling Team
5 David Rohrer Team Athens
6 Daniel Brown Team Athens
7 Michael Clevidence Team Athens
8 Jason Korte Peloton Sports Group
9 John Dowler Team Athens
10 Kit Hinders Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
11 Jason Wilson Ohio State University
12 Matt Stephenson
13 Evan Shaw Team Athens
14 Robert Jensen
15 Nelson Gaker Darkhorse Racing
16 David Cox Team Dayton Bicycling
17 Stephen Herman Team Dayton Bicycling
18 Jay Salge
19 Colin Fitzgerald
20 Michael Szymanski Team Dayton Bicycling
21 Joshua Buchwald Radfahren
22 Greg Blanton Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
DNF Kevin Kennedy
DNF Don Mckenzie Queen City Wheels

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Kieffer COBC- National Engineering
2 Jamie Klein Nomad Cycling Club
3 Christopher Robertson Team Athens
4 Jimmy Carter Kryki Sports
5 Richie Minner Zephyr Wheel Sports
6 Ken Buddell
7 Mark Jones Team Louisville
8 William Bobrow Better Cycling of Louisville
9 Joe Ipacs Ohio State University
10 Tom Corrigan
11 Andrew Knapp
12 Eric Boltz Zephyr Wheel Sports
13 Robert Parsons
14 Rob Bruyer Bishops Bicycles
15 Zachary Young Prochain Cycling
16 Zachary Ross Prochain Cycling
17 Francis Mancisco
18 Mark Rose
19 Tom Blaney Queen City Wheels
20 Ryan Havlicek A World Of Pain
21 Barry Benkert
22 Adam Burns
23 Chris Salsman
24 Christopher Lee
25 Chris Taylor Zephyr Wheel Sports
26 Cameron Fisk Red Zone Cycling
27 Tim Lagrange
28 Patrick Blackburn Rogue Racing Project
29 William Carey Team Louisville
30 Bryan Mcclure Team Louisville
31 David Cestelli Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
32 Mark Ticen AeroCat Cycling
33 Stuart Goret Zephyr Wheel Sports
34 Rick Hinze Team Louisville
DNF Dan Hiller Super Sketch
DNF Cheyenne Mcnutt Super Sketch
DNF Brandon Embry Kryki Sports
DNF Daniel Perrino Queen City Wheels

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joe Mccracken Element Cycles
2 Brandon Miller University of Cincinnati
3 Michael Riley Element Cycles
4 Casey Blankenship Element Cycles
5 Kevin Severs Element Cycles
6 Austin Warmbier Team Dayton Bicycling
7 Neil Wengerd Headwind Cycling
8 Justin Lauderback
9 Sam Ransohoff-englert Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Dan Cox
11 Jason Keyser Headwind Cycling
12 Sam Lowe Element Cycles
13 Michael Buckner Headwind Cycling
14 Lyle Dailey Trek Bicycle Store of Cincinnati
15 Charles Price Queen City Wheels
16 Doug Hogue Element Cycles
17 Chris Warren Audi/Specialized
18 Rod Thompson Queen City Wheels

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sierra Siebenlist Scarlet Fire
2 Nikki Ditsch 859 Cycling
3 Stephanie Rynas Scenic City Velo
4 Kristen Arnold Lady Gnar Shredders
5 Maya Wei-haas Lady Gnar Shredders
6 Tarah Cole Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
7 Katherine Santos Prochain Cycling
8 Karla Labbe Bishop Bicycles
9 Kayla Starr Queen City Wheels
10 Allison Nuovo Lady Gnar Shredders
11 Kennedy Adams Prochain Cycling
12 Cooper Ambjorn Team Hungry
13 Mackenzie Green Prochain Cycling
14 Lori Nedescu Lady Gnar Shredders
DNF Shera Clark Clarksville Schwinn/Rapid Transit
DNF Lauren Bair Bishop Bicycles

Women Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christine Robbins Element Cycles
2 Kira Williams Lady Gnar Shredders
3 Maria Grilliot
4 Pamela Thomas 859 Cycling
5 Rachel Dobrozsi Prochain Cycling
6 Nicole Wheeler Queen City Wheels
7 Kathryn Blankenship Element Cycles
8 Katrina Svach Queen City Wheels
9 Emily Falk Prochain Cycling
10 ? Chienhui A Cycling Team
11 Susan Sagan Team Dayton Bicycling
12 Karen Rokich Queen City Wheels
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