These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Stover University of Kansas
2 Dylan Postier Oklahoma State University
3 Ricky Randall Midwestern State University
4 Cory Scott Midwestern State University
5 Luke Sykora University of Nebraska-Lincoln
6 Todd Youngblood Texas Christian University
7 Brenden Hardy University of Iowa
8 Samuel Croft Midwestern State University
9 Jake Contos Texas Tech University
10 Andrew Farmer University of Oklahoma
11 Caleb Uerling University of Nebraska-Lincoln
12 Sean Brown Midwestern State University
13 Matthew Vermeersch Iowa State University
14 Jesse Leonard Iowa State University
15 Kyle Walker Texas Tech University
16 Frederick Wild University of Oklahoma
17 Alan Tausend Texas Christian University
18 William Oconnell University of Iowa
19 Daniel Burross Midwestern State University
20 Kyle Olson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
21 Jacob Glahn University of Iowa
22 Travis Pedley University of Minnesota-Duluth

Men B Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Strempke University of Kansas
2 Robert Talley Texas Tech University
3 Kendall Wiebe Kansas State University
4 Dillan Craig West Texas A & M University
5 Jacob Okamoto University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
6 Noah Wilson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
7 Anthony Sequera Midwestern State University
8 Lane Bergen University of Nebraska-Lincoln
9 Andrew Storm Texas Tech University
10 Robert Brigman University of Kansas
11 Liam John Saint Olaf College
12 Jeremy Iverson University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
13 Tanner Ward University of Arkansas
14 Eric Hartnett University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
15 Samuel Williams Saint Olaf College
16 Calder Michienzi University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
17 Kellen Mulford Saint Olaf College
18 Tyler Yamamoto University of Oklahoma

Men C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Huebner University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2 Andrew Nelson University of Nebraska-Lincoln
3 Joseph Otte University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
4 Chris Timmons Oklahoma State University
5 Samuel Kohll University of Nebraska-Lincoln
6 Owen Beverlin Kansas State University
7 Grant Flick University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
8 Jose Munoz University of Oklahoma
9 Jason Sholly University of Northern Iowa
10 Sam Fritz University of Minnesota-Duluth
11 Cesar Marquez University of Northern Iowa
12 Dustin Morris Oklahoma State University
13 Alexander Blair Kansas State University
14 Travis Sjostrom University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
15 Blake Kelley University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
16 Christian Stewart University of Kansas
17 Nick Braunjankovich Kansas State University
18 Sam Fuller University of Nebraska-Lincoln
19 Jason Graham Texas Tech University
20 Chance Norris Texas Tech University
21 Jordan Jones University of Arkansas
22 Todd Rogers Texas Tech University

Men D Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Ervin University of Kansas
2 Adam Trunnell University of Kansas
3 Kyle Anibas Kansas State University
4 Logan Grace University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
5 Niles Uerling University of Nebraska-Lincoln
6 Eric Alvarado Texas Tech University
7 Jordan Miller University of Kansas
8 Jacob Humiston University of Nebraska-Lincoln
9 Michael St martin University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
10 Samuel Strawhacker University of Iowa
11 Dustin Riat University of Kansas
12 Nicholas Ray Oklahoma State University
13 Andrew Gall Iowa State University
14 Ian Baker Iowa State University
15 Derek Benoist University of Nebraska-Lincoln
16 Matt Masten University of Nebraska-Lincoln
17 Aaron Fiegel University of Arkansas
18 Todd Bulver University of Northern Iowa
19 Kyle Michaels Texas Tech University
20 Max Veit University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
21 Christopher Morrow University of Arkansas

Women A Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katherine Kelter University of Kansas
2 Madeleine Steele Midwestern State University
3 Alisha Shutler Oklahoma State University
4 Emily Ball University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
5 Ashley Weaver Midwestern State University
6 Karin Friberg University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
7 Judah Sencenbaugh Iowa State University
8 Anna Luckow Saint Olaf College
9 Stephanie Ogier Saint Olaf College
10 Emily Gotzsche Saint Olaf College

Women B/C Collegiate

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Katy Brown University of Oklahoma
2 Kai Erickson Saint Olaf College
3 Marianne Weber Oklahoma State University
4 Marissa Bartosch Kansas State University
5 Malaina Lough Kansas State University
6 Emily Whitty Kansas State University
7 Alexius Fiegel Oklahoma State University
8 Eleanor Heimbaugh Kansas State University