These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sean Smith Kraft Genie Cycling.Inc.
2 Marcus Dahllof Century Road Club Association
3 Jeffrey Ingraham Century Road Club Association
4 Drew Scoles Genesee Valley Cycling Club
5 Kevin Rooney Century Road Club Association
6 Matthew Dishart Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
7 Ross Marklein QCW Cycling
8 Aaron Mackley Mason Dixon Velo
9 Tommy Schubert Tri State Velo
10 Robert Grimwood Phenix Velo Club
11 Nick Rogers QCW Cycling
12 Jack Drummond Bicycle Therapy
13 Drew Karlberg Chester County Velo
14 Gerald Adasavage Bicycle Therapy
15 Shawn Beeler Mason Dixon Velo
16 Jeremy Edwards Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
17 Timothy Hoyle Chester County Velo
18 Jessica Chong Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
19 Clint Dager University of Delaware
20 Timothy Shaffer Baltimore Biking Club
21 Levi Renno Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
22 Brian Cincera Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc
23 Aaron Schelegle QCW Cycling
24 Bryan Hitch Elite Racing
25 Jonathan Marymor Century Road Club Association
26 Brenton Swartz QCW Cycling
27 James Guardino Chester County Velo
28 Rodney Kauffman Christiana Cycling
29 Brendan Mcgrath Bicycle Therapy
30 Matt Waller Tri State Velo
31 Matt Harris Philadelphia Ciclismo
32 Thomas Blonkowski Squadra Coppi
33 Mike Festa Philadelphia Ciclismo
34 Greg Dattner Chester County Velo
35 Matthew Neugebauer Unattached
36 Benjamin Woodbury Brooklyn Velo Force
37 Michael Gagliano Unattached
38 Bryant Carter Guys Racing Club
39 Joseph Bruce Philadelphia Ciclismo
40 Jonathan Marshall Lost Boys Racing inc.
41 Nathan Goates Lost Boys Racing inc.
42 Michael Ciunci Human Zoom Cycling
43 James Hibbs Squadra Coppi
44 Keith Hatton Elite Racing

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alex Viana Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
2 Christopher Crowther Squadra Coppi
3 Mark Buyyounouski Unattached
4 Darrin Bann Lost Boys Racing inc.
5 Luis Arenzana Phenix Velo Club
6 Darren Hartman Phenix Velo Club
7 Chris Buonomo QCW Cycling
8 Harper Watters QCW Cycling
9 Corey Dipietro District Velocity Racing
10 Justin Resnick District Velocity Racing
11 Andrew Satinsky Bicycle Therapy
12 Keith Parker Baltimore Biking Club
13 Stewart Waring Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
14 Brian Whitesell Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
15 Samuel Findley Unattached
16 Iain Banks Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
17 Dennis Bodewits District Velocity Racing
18 Mark Flis Human Zoom Cycling
19 Grayson Church District Velocity Racing
20 Eduardo Maeyama District Velocity Racing
21 Jeremy Fesler Cumberland Cycling
22 Nathan Gazzetta District Velocity Racing
23 Andrew Cotter National Capital Velo Club/Spokes Etc.
24 Mark Allain Spokes Bike Shop
25 Jason Pizzollo Philadelphia Ciclismo
26 Bradley Gay Unattached
27 Scott Chinoski Unattached
28 Syd Lea Sports TEAM The
29 Robert Barker Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
30 Darren Linkin QCW Cycling/
31 Thomas Cadwalader Upstate Velo
32 David Bodkin National Capital Velo Club/Spokes Etc.
33 Mike Garvey Guys Racing Club
34 Sean Mckee District Velocity Racing
35 Paul De santis Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
36 Bruce Brodowski Guys Racing Club
37 James Drumm Unattached
38 Jason Cadwalader Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc
39 Jason Forsell QCW Cycling
40 Marcus Floro District Velocity Racing
41 Dean Wagner Colavita Racing Inc.
42 Eugene Deimler Cumberland Cycling
43 Joseph Farnish Unattached
44 Diedre Ribbens Team BBC

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Haglund Main Line Cycling
2 Mykel Nahorniak Charm City Cycling LLC
3 James Wolf Unattached
4 Jeff Wolf Unattached
5 Tyler Shaffer Unattached
6 Seth Houston Unattached
7 Shawn Minnich Mason Dixon Velo
8 Micah Zappe Dominion Cycling
9 Darrin Miskiewicz Unattached
10 Charles Salzer Franklin and Marshall College
11 Mark Klimowicz Unattached
12 Alex Rapavi Gripped Racing
13 Matthew Pisano Cumberland Cycling
14 Rich Davis Unattached
15 Eric Schopf Unattached
16 Josiah Kiehl Unattached
17 Bryce Ressler Unattached
18 Joaquin Garcia Unattached
19 Nelson Renno Mason Dixon Velo
20 Andres Correal Team BBC
21 Jim Mcguckin Unattached
22 Michael Bowman Cumberland Cycling
23 Neil Head Unattached
24 Zachary Kepler Unattached
25 Timothy Good ERA Cycling
26 Hubert Sacilowski Cumberland Cycling
27 Matt Heppe Unattached
28 Katherine Hastings Unattached
29 Mark Mueller Team BBC
30 Scott Lyter Lost Boys Racing inc.

Men MR Master 40-49

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Spittal Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
2 Martin Mrugal PA Masters RC
3 David Osborne Artemis
4 Ace Mcdermott Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
5 Brian Trdina ERA Cycling
6 Keith Davies Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
7 Blair Saunders Ben's Performance Bicycles Inc
8 Matt Hollenbach ERA Cycling
9 Karl Woitas Chester County Cycling Foundation
10 Marc Frazer Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
11 Paul Drees Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
12 Michael Brown Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
13 Kenneth Wareham Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
14 Joseph Lanza Guys Racing Club
15 Greg Cushing Z Team
16 David Black ERA Cycling
17 James Best Cycledrome Bicycling Team
18 Mike Zban Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
19 Daniel Ryan Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
20 Kurt Gustafsson Century Road Club Association
21 Cassandra King Tri State Velo
22 David Scharff Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
23 Thomas Lyons Main Line Cycling
24 Sean Mclaughlin Team CF
25 David Krial Cycledrome Bicycling Team
26 Dean Smith Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
27 Bryan Stahley Cycledrome Bicycling Team
28 Brad Ober Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
29 Jon Orcutt Century Road Club Association
30 Ryan Guttridge Atlantic Fitness
31 Jeffrey Cline Century Road Club Association
32 Danny Inoa Century Road Club Association
33 Aubrey Gordon Liberty Cycle
34 Stephen May ERA Cycling
35 Randy Thrasher DC Velo Limited
36 Paul Mittelstadt DC Velo Limited
37 Galen Wallace Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
38 Lawrence Uhrlass GBSC/Bialostok Chiropractic CT
39 Gregory Smith DC Velo Limited
40 Christopher Mchugh Guys Racing Club
41 Scott Gamble Chester County Velo
42 Andrew Schmid Kissena Cycling Club
43 Paul Carbonara Century Road Club Association
44 Noel Heitmann Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
45 Art Miller Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
46 Steve Owens Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
47 Theodore Inoue Liberty Cycle
48 R Keith maclaughlin Phenix Velo Club
49 Randy Haluck Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
50 Ernest Elliott International Christian Cycling Club
51 Christopher Peris International Christian Cycling Club
52 Kevin Saint clair Main Line Cycling
53 Roman Paczka Main Line Cycling
54 Curtis Junge Chester County Cycling Foundation
55 Henoch Getz Century Road Club Association
56 Scott Lamond Unattached
57 Bruce Donaghy Morgan Stanley Cycling Team

Men MR Master 50-59

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Thomas Kellogg Tri State Velo
2 Joseph Piscitello PA Masters RC
3 Keith Cramer QCW Cycling
4 Rick Tucker Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
5 Roger Rabey Unattached
6 Jay Gaunt Main Line Cycling
7 Martin Lorenz Guys Racing Club
8 Paul Mcdonald Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc
9 John Hamilton Main Line Cycling
10 Thomas Aga Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
11 Chris Gonce Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
12 Kevin Greene QCW Cycling
13 Robert Turner Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
14 David Hilton PA Masters RC
15 Michael Gray Propeller Racing
16 Jonathan Lyons District Velocity Racing
17 Ted Harris Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
18 William Gentile Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
19 Linford Weaver International Christian Cycling Club
20 Bill Fleming Dynaflo Racing
21 James Diffendall Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
22 Darin Benson Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
23 Mark Wanco Hup United
24 Neil Gussman Main Line Cycling
25 Jan Felice Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
26 George Harriott Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc

Men MR Master 60-99

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Scott Haverstick ERA Cycling
2 William Care ERA Cycling
3 Cleve Corner Morgan Stanley Cycling Team
4 Barry Free ERA Cycling
5 James Hartnett South Mountain Velo Club
6 Robert Lea Sports TEAM The

Men Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Simes Colavita Sutter Home
2 Michael Chauner Pelotonia cycling Team powered by roll:
3 Adam Farabaugh Main Line Cycling
4 Rick Norton Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
5 S Charles zamastil QCW Cycling
6 Charles Bryer Mainline BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
7 Jeff Brandon Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
8 Rodney Santiago Champion Systems
9 Shane Kline Bissell Pro
10 Ryan Dewald Main Line Cycling
11 Igor Volshteyn Kraft Genie Cycling.Inc.
12 Robin Carpenter Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
13 Mark Walters Mainline BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
14 Nikolai Masluk YSG Racing
15 Jamie Kimberley Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
16 Colin Sandberg Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA-Cannondale
17 Jacob Mueller Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
18 John Delong Carolina Bicycle Company
19 Mike Stubna Fort Pitt Velo
20 Keith Gerber Pabst Blue Ribbon/Talksoft Racing
21 Jason Meidhof DC Velo Limited
22 Win Elliot DC Velo Limited
23 Andy Munas Dynaflo Racing
24 Matthew Neigh Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
25 Kyle Peppo GS Mengoni U.S.A.
26 Brian Breach GS Mengoni U.S.A.
27 Michael Carney Lost Boys Racing inc.
28 Chris Johnson Rock Racing
29 Andrew Johnson Mason Dixon Velo
30 John Minturn Century Road Club Association
31 Steven Grant Haymarket Bicycles
32 Todd Hesel Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
33 Fred Reidenbach Catoctin Cycling Club
34 Jan Zak Mainline BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
35 Wyatt Stoup Pabst Blue Ribbon/Talksoft Racing
36 Ralph Muoio Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
37 Ryan Shebelsky Chester County Cycling Foundation
38 Michael Whitaker Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
39 Michael Reidenbach Catoctin Cycling Club
40 Craig Alabovitz Eastern Mobile
41 Jameson Ribbens Charm City Cycling LLC
42 Ricky Gargiulo Colavita Racing Inc.
43 Andrew Wulfkuhle Charm City Cycling LLC
44 Yanni Papadopoulos Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
45 Brady Gibney Chester County Cycling Foundation
46 John Rowley Fort Pitt Velo
47 Ryan Mckinney DC Velo Limited
48 Derrek Ivey Mainline BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
49 David Taylor Century Road Club Association
50 Sydney Charles Theam Slu
51 Christopher Worden CCB
52 Joe Hallman Mason Dixon Velo
53 Mike Hefner Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
54 Joseph Wentzell QCW Cycling
55 A.t. Stamp Carolina Bicycle Company
56 Daniel Wilson Chester County Cycling Foundation