These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Pro/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Tanner Fly V Australia
2 Patrick Bevin BISSELL Pro Cycling
3 Andres Pereyra Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita
4 ? Ignacio Trek-Livestrong
5 Daniel Holt Team Type 1
6 Austin Roach MetLife p/b groSolar
7 Austin Carroll Adageo Enery Pro Cycling
8 Martijn Verschoor Team Type 1
9 Hayden Brooks Fly V Australia
10 Alessandro Bazzana Fly V Australia
11 Fabio Calabria Team Type 1
12 Guido Palma Jamis Sutter Homes p/b Colavit
13 Zack Noonan Young Medalists / Team Dual Te
14 Rafal Urzedowski Northeastern Hardware
15 William Dugan Team Type 1
16 Ryan Fleming MetLife p/b groSolar
17 Ben Kersten Fly V Australia
18 Frank Travieso Jamis Sutter Homes p/b Colavit
19 Alexey Shmidt Team Type 1
20 Demis Aleman Jamis Sutter Homes p/b Colavit
21 Igor Volshteyn Champion System Racing
22 Rodney Santiago Champion System Racing
23 J Gabriel lloyd MetLife p/b groSolar
24 Aaron Fillion Ride With Rendall
25 John Durso Liberty
26 Ward Solar Spooky/NCC/Kenda Cycling Team
27 Adam Carr Adageo Energy Pro Cycling
28 Jamil Kayin QCW
29 Roberto Torres-aguiar Champion System Racing
30 ? John Jamis Sutter Homes p/b Colavit
31 Sergio Atocha Champion System Racing
32 Troy Kimball Westwood Cycle/Trade Manage Ca
33 Sean Whiteman QCW Cycling/
34 Alex Bowden Team Type 1
35 Timothy Brown Battley Harley-Davidson/Sonoma
36 Patrick Goguen TEAM CF
37 Unknown Rider -------
38 Nikolai Masluk Team Metra/ Cycles 54 p/b Wend
39 Todd Scheske Preferred Care Elite Cycling
40 Aaron Ritz QCW Cycling/
41 S Charles zamastil QCW Cycling/
42 David Martin team metra/cycles 54 p/b wendy
43 Matthew Latyszonek Fat Frogs Racing
44 Louis Schimmel Northeastern Hardware/CJCT
45 Michael Chauner Pelotonia Cycling Team p/b rol
46 Robin Carpenter
47 Sean Melcher Champion System Racing
48 Juan Carmona Young Medalists/Team Dual Temp
49 Gregory Battista Team Metra / Wendy's p/b Cycle
50 Franklin Burgos james vincent bicycles/jv raci
51 David Kemp Fly V Australia
52 Gregory Leach Team Metra / Cycles 54 p/b Wen
53 Filip Capala
54 Ryan Nye MVP Health Care
55 Stephan Dioslaki Team Metra / Cycles 54 p/b Wen
56 Alejandro Borrajo Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita
57 Jacob Brewer US Military Cycling Team/Herri
58 Jerome Townsend / Joe's Garage / I
59 Jeff Zygo MVP Health Care Cycling
60 Unknown Rider -------
61 Brian Klotz Corning/ Race Team
62 Rod Myers
63 Timothy Farnham Adageo Energy Pro Cycling
64 Christopher Worden CCB Wheelworks
65 Joseph Wentzell qcw cycling/
66 Brian Cornelius Trisports/Eclipse Racing
67 Lawrence Towner Liberty Cycle
68 Christopher Morabito Cycledrome Racing
69 Matt Muney Young Medalists/ Team Dual Tem
70 Justin Morris Team Type 1 Development
71 Stradford Helms Team Type 1 Development
72 Karl michael Rahn AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRC
73 Paul Ziminski Team Metra/ Cycles 54 pbWendy'
74 Jeffrey Salvitti Dynaflo Racing
75 Ryan Serbel CCNS -
76 Adam Kruse US Military Cycling
77 J.p. Partland Kissena Cycling Club
78 Glen Rendall Ride with Rendall
79 David Wilson Northeastern Hardware/CJCT
80 Michael Rosenhaus CJCT/Northeastern Hardware
DNF Darin Bedle guardian coaching
DNF Simon Bennett Team Type 1 Development
DNF Patrick Bradley Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
DNF Alexander Bremer MetLife p/b groSolar
DNF Matthew Brooks Team Type 1 Development
DNF Ryan Burke Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
DNF Dan Cassidy US Military Cycling Team
DNF Kyle Centrella Dynaflo Racing
DNF Sean Coleman US Military Cycling Team
DNF Jurandir Dealmeida Team Metra / Wendy's pb Cycles
DNF Paul Eisele Team Somerset / Somerville Bic
DNF ? Charles Team Type 1
DNF Ricky Gargiulo Colavita Racing
DNF Zach Garrett US Armed Forces
DNF Elliot Gaunt Pelotonia Cycling Team p/b rol
DNF Brady Gibney Alliance Environmental
DNF Emmanuel Goguen TEAM CF
DNF Tristan Baldwin Team CF-Elite
DNF Warren Holzman Alliance Environmental
DNF David Hoyle CCNS-Charles Coaching
DNF Aldo Ino ilesic Team Type 1
DNF Michael Jenks Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
DNF Olaf Kerkhof Team Type 1 Development
DNF Mark Light Liberty Cycle
DNF Corey Masson MetLife p/b
DNF Ryan Mcfeely US Military Cycling Team
DNF Ryan Pettit Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
DNF Alexander Pratt Pelotonia Cycling Team p/b rol
DNF Elvi Rodriguez garcia Team Somerset/Somerville Bicyc
DNF Jorge Romero Champion System Racing
DNF Stephen Sloan Team Somerset/ Somerville Bicy
DNF Matthew Spohn Dynaflo
DNF Daniel Stewart cjct
DNF Wilson Vasquez
DNF Steven Ward Libery Cycles
DNF Jason Wood Pelotonia Cycling Team p/b rol
DNF Adam Zimmerman Team Somerset / Somerville Bik
DNF Javier Mepias-leal Team Type 1
DNF George Bicking Heart House/CADV/CC Evesham
DNF Jason Cheney Ride With Rendall
DNF Ronald Larose CCNS / Pedalpower
DNF Casey Roth Ride With Rendall