These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Woods Beaverton Bicycle Club
2 Jacob Rathe Beaverton Bicycle Club
3 Jack Zhang EWEB Windpower
4 Cameron Sparr Beaverton Bicycle Club
5 Ryan Miller EWEB Windpower
6 Harry Hamlin EWEB Windpower
7 Richard Suditu Beaverton Bicycle Club
8 Terence Wedam Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
9 Kyle Thackray EWEB Windpower
10 Daniel Ahlvin EWEB Windpower
11 Marcel Delisser Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
12 Vincent Stebner Beaverton Bicycle Club
13 Keith Beckman Beaverton Bicycle Club
14 Carson Miller Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
15 Don Vandervort Beaverton Bicycle Club
16 Madison Chilenski Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
17 Jacob Chilenski Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
18 Kayla Woolcock Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
19 Matt Bloom Beaverton Bicycle Club
20 Nick Engerran
DNF Fiona Graham
DNF Weston Fitzsimmons
DNF Kallen Dewey

Masters Men 40+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brad Gebhard The Bike Gallery
2 David Zimbelman Excel Sports
3 Glenn Bunselmeyer Excel Sports
4 Lance Coffel Casa Bruno
5 Brad Ross River City Bicycles
6 Peter Courogen Nike Cycling
7 Jake Vanderzanden Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
8 Tim Ellerbruch United Finance
9 Kent Johnston Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
10 Jon Pearson Gateway/Speedzone
11 Darren Pollard
12 Craig Beavers Bike Peddler
13 Peter Drake Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
14 Greg Crane Beaverton Bicycle Club
15 James Thiele Team Rose City
16 Karl Choltus Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
17 Doug Smith Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care Racing Team
18 Joe Field
19 Todd Rosier United Finance
20 Bruce Lenhart
21 Joe Hennessey Team Bike Tires Direct
22 Eric Ahlvin EWEB Windpower
23 Patrick Hartigan
24 David Saltzberg Specialized River City Bicycles
25 Bryan Curry Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
26 Hugh Gapay
27 Gary Cornilles Specialized River City Bicycles
28 David Miller
29 Greg Bruce Hutch's Bend
DNF Jim Hinkley
DNF Darren Pollard
DNF Ivan Meadors

Masters Men 50+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Jackson Hutch's-Eugene
2 Jeff Buck Team Rose City
3 David Russell United Finance
4 Terry Knight North River Racing
5 Leo Tsou United Finance
6 J.michael Manning United Finance
7 Kirk Matteson Half Fast Velo
8 Steve Truesdale Half Fast Velo
9 Al Depenbrock EWEB Windpower
10 Bill Crane Hutch's Bend
11 George Schreck United Finance
12 Dave Burnard Alan
13 Eric Christenson Team Rose City
14 Chuck Woosley
15 Jim Kenney Team Rose City
16 Antonio Castaneda sr
DNF Jay Rathe
DNF Russell Speirn
DNF Mike Adams

Senior Men Category 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aaron Coker CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
2 David Roth Team Green Eugene
3 Bradley Ritter Garage Racing
4 Sam Bell Whitman College
5 Ian Eglitis OSU Cycling Club
6 Chris Thomas Whitman College
7 Mike Mauch United Finance
8 Geoff Raynak Half Fast Velo
9 Turner Waskom Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care Racing Team
10 Geoffrey Huber Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
11 Michael Benno Veloce Racing
12 Rob Williams Veloce Racing
13 Drew Russell GSC United
14 Joshua Creem GSC United
15 Galen Mittermann Team Green Eugene
16 Mark Blackwelder Veloshop
17 Kevin Spiegel Whitman College
18 Chris Swan Peninsula Velo
19 J.michael Manning United Finance
20 Brandt Hueser GSC United
21 Doug Wilmes River City Bicycles
22 Kent Heli Los Ciclistas
23 Kurt Haas Bike Peddler
24 Ivan Meadors United Finance
25 Richard Anderson CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
26 Brett Lundmark GSC United
27 ? ?
28 Andrew Reed Castelli
29 David Root United Finance
30 John Gleaves Beaverton Bicycle Club
31 Jacob Hill
32 Rob Annen Willamette Valley Vineyards
33 Brian Marcroft Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
34 Paul Anderson Half Fast Velo
35 Brian Vollmer-buhl Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling Team
36 Anthony Graupera
37 Jeff Fuchs Sunnyside Sports
38 Erik Voldengen Beaverton Bicycle Club
39 Eric Nachtrab Veloce Racing
40 Barret Fishner Guinness Cycling Team
41 Kevin Thompson Half Fast Velo
42 David Ripp Specialized River City Bicycles
43 Anthony Mccray Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
44 Steve Davee Veloce Racing
45 ? ?
46 Matthew Wolpert
47 Mark Magilner Half Fast Velo
48 Jeff Struck Team S+M
49 Jim Fischer EWEB Windpower
50 Gary Malcolm
51 David Hart Specialized River City Bicycles
52 Ernie Conway Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
53 Martin-chan Anderson University of Oregon/Hutch's Cycling Teams
54 Mike Cleary Midtown Direct Racing
55 Saul Lopez Half Fast Velo
56 Christian Doabler
57 Ian Penner Half Fast Velo
58 Joseph Holcomb Specialized River City Bicycles
59 Steven Beardsley Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found
60 Jesse Graden Veloshop
61 Greg Doan Logie Velo
62 Doug Turnbull EWEB Windpower
63 Carson Miller Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
DNF George Gardner Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
DNF Tom Woodcock CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
DNF Mikkel Andersen NoMad Sports Club
DNF Ward Spears Half Fast Velo
DNF Ross Spero
DNF Eric Simensen
DNF James Gritters
DNF Ian Bishop
DNF Sean Podvent
DNF Cliff Heaberlin
DNF Gant Enderle

Senior Men Category 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Wilson EWEB Windpower
2 Jonathan Long
3 Thomas Bradford North River Racing
4 Mike Olson Hutch's Bend
5 Geoffrey Green
6 Jay Middleton Team Novara Eugene
7 Adam Edgerton University of Oregon Cycling Club
8 Greg Edwards Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
9 Roger Lloyd United Finance
10 Brian Sather
11 Robin Calver Veloshop
12 Ken Finch
13 Kurt Robinson
14 Matthew Rider Team Bike Tires Direct
15 David Strader Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
16 David Grant
17 Scott Williams
18 Richard Haight Team Bike Tires Direct
19 Ted Jones Half Fast Velo
20 Joshua Lebus
21 Cort Buchholz Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
22 Cody Edeline
23 Joshua Hanselman 343 Racing
24 Antonio Castaneda
25 Jurgen Fennerl Hutch's-Eugene
26 Kevin Maier
27 Mike Alligood Gateway/Speedzone
28 Nate Sweet EWEB Windpower
29 Mike Bene Veloshop
30 Steven Burger Team Bridge City
31 Kevin Sivertson
32 Guy Polson Collin's Cycle Shop
33 Ryan Conrad University of Oregon Cycling Club
34 Roland Hobson
35 Fred Keown
36 Paul Kanz United Finance
37 Greg Rohde
38 Pieter Bergmans Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
39 Gary Medley
40 Larry Holzman North River Racing
41 Don Yash NW Natural
DNF Stephen Rogers Nike Cycling
DNF Chuck Woosley United Finance
DNF Mark O. johnson
DNF Dan Antonson Bike Peddler
DNF Mark Scarlett
DNF Andrew Bryenton OSU Cycling Club
DNF Erik Edgar OSU Cycling Club
DNF Jason Weinstein Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
DNF Steven Hunter Veloshop
DNF Matthew Stein Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
DNF Owen Morehart
DNF John Dalrymple

Senior Men Category 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kennett Peterson University of Oregon Cycling Club
2 Brady Brady Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
3 Jimmy Udall Veloshop
4 Per Bjesse Bike Central
5 Mike Mcmanus
6 Andreas Gute Beaverton Bicycle Club
7 Jake Rosenfeld
8 Ben Johnson
9 Jon Hernandez Fresh Air Sports
10 Greg Adams
11 Jasonn Potter Echelon Gran Fondo/ZteaM
12 Seth Patla United Finance
13 Tj Paskewich Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
14 Phil De la motte Team Oregon/River City Bicycles
15 Jeff Shipley
16 T. Kenji sugahara Bike Peddler
17 Jason Hight Team Bike Tires Direct
18 Mike Mcgee
19 Joe Hennessey Team Bike Tires Direct
20 Kevin Larsen
21 Elias Whetsell
22 Doug Brecht Cedar Mill Velo
23 Andrew Czajkowski University of Oregon Cycling Club
24 Jeff Schuler Hutch's Bend
25 Brent Matteson OSU Cycling Club
26 John Spurgeon
27 Blaine Dickason
28 David Stoops
29 Matt Willhite Scott's Cycle and Sports
30 Eric Youngson
31 Don Bailey
32 Eric Taylor University of Oregon Cycling Club
33 Rick Gray
34 Montgomery Hill
35 Dean Duitsman Cedar Mill Velo
36 Kenny Prowse Bike Peddler
37 Nathan Agalzoff
DNF Stephen Sessions University of Oregon Cycling Club
DNF James Bender Beaverton Bicycle Club
DNF Juan Cagampang
DNF Clint Ebert
DNF Kevin Hedahl
DNF Scott Steinman Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care Racing Team
DNF Aaron Stensvad GSC United
DNF Mark Everett Olson's Bicycles
DNF Brian Gordon Wheelworks
DNF Devin Kelly

Senior Men Pro/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Bourcier Hutch's-Eugene
2 John Browning Half Fast Velo
3 Seth Hosmer CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
4 Andrew Fischer Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
5 Yann Blindert The Bike Gallery
6 Doug Beardsley Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
7 Mikkel Bossen CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
8 David Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
9 Steven R holland United Finance
10 Sam Johnson Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
11 Shannon Skerritt The Bike Gallery
12 Duncan Oliphant Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
13 Mark Steger CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
14 Nick Skenzick Hutch's-Eugene
15 Chris Myers GSC United
16 Dan Watson Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
17 Nathan Hobson Half Fast Velo
18 John Mitchem Casa Bruno
19 Peter Drake Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
20 Jesse Sampson Veloce Racing
21 Bruce Connelly The Bike Gallery
22 Steve Schwaeber Veloce Racing
23 Cliff Thompson Beaverton Bicycle Club
24 Harry Phinney CCCP
25 Alex Newport-berra Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
26 Billy Truelove Hutch's-Eugene
27 Dan Vrijmoet Hutch's-Eugene
28 Rick Hammel Hutch's-Eugene
29 Ryan Weaver River City Bicycles
30 Corey Stayton The Bike Gallery
31 Michael Rosenberg Hutch's-Eugene
32 Aaron Sander Half Fast Velo
33 Timmy Evans Rebound Sports Performance Lab
34 Carl Hoefer Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found
35 Damian Schmitt Therapeutic Associates Cycling/GENR8
36 Jay Freyensee Sugar CRM-Easton-Specialized
37 Daniel Quirk Veloce Racing
38 David Garcia The Bike Gallery
39 Nathan Coffey CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
40 Sam Richardson Gentle Lovers
41 Chad Swanson Team S+M
42 Joseph King Hagens-Berman LLP Cycling
43 Jonathan Myers Team S+M
44 Brant Buchholz
45 Douglas Shanks Half Fast Velo
DNF Jason Chapman
DNF Jamie Mikami Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found

Senior Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrea Fisk CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage
2 Kori Kunz Poplollies
3 Laurel Gitlen Gentle Lovers
4 Alalia Berry Sorella Forte
5 Susan Ashlock Byrne Specialty Gases/Starbucks Doubleshot
6 Shari White Half Fast Velo
7 Erin Luckhardt Poplollies
8 Heather Vanvalkenburg Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found
9 Georgann Shinn Specialized River City Bicycles
10 Allison Schaub Sorella Forte
11 Brigette Brown River City Bicycles
12 Meagan Bozeman Fred Meyer/Lakeside Cycling Team
13 Jan Moss Team Group Health
14 Darien Curl Rubicon-ORBEA Benefiting the Lance Armstrong Found

Senior Women 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Emily Charbonneau
2 Julie Forrest EWEB Windpower
3 Amelia Bjesse-puffin Bike Central
4 Kathleen Kolman EWEB Windpower
5 Angela Gardner
6 Michelle Mills Bike Peddler
7 Tessa Sugahara
8 Beth Whittaker Specialized River City Bicycles
9 Andrea Jones Forza Jet Velo
10 Melissa Lynett Sorella Forte
11 Michelle Savoie Veloshop
11 Denise Livingston Team Bike Tires Direct
12 Monica Freeman
13 Kerri Vanden berg Poplollies
14 Sarah Tisdale Sorella Forte
15 Alison Dauble
16 Julie Leasure
18 Rachelle Hobson Forza Jet Velo
DNF Debra Windus
DNF Cary Steinman