These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Hayden Godfrey BikeNZ
2 ? John Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita
3 Rodney Santiago Champion System Racing
4 Ryan Shebelsky Team Alliance Environmental
5 Cameron Karwowski BikeNZ
6 Steven Wells Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
7 Kyle Wagner Chester County Velo - Smedley/Iron Hill
8 Brett Kielick QCW Cycling/
9 S Charles zamastil QCW Cycling/
10 Joseph Whitman AXA Equitable Cycling Team/CRCA
11 Rod Myers Liberty Cycle
12 Richard Straub Pabst Blue Ribbon / Talksoft Racing
13 Russell Blake Mason Dixon Velo/Team Cycle Works
14 Laura Van gilder Mellow Mushroom
15 Chad Adair BikeNZ
16 John Hunter Pabst Blue Ribbon p/b Talksoft Racing
17 A.t. Stamp Subaru/Gary Fisher Road Team
18 Jorge Romero Champion System Racing
19 Meurig James QCW Cycling
20 Roberto Torres-aguiar Champion System Racing
21 Richard Ball WW/High Gear

Men 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kenneth Wareham Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc.
2 Meurig James QCW cycling/
3 Calvin Hoops Guy's Racing Club
4 John Spittal Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
5 Charles Hanlon Guy's Racing Club
6 Nick Rogers QCW Cycling/
7 Arnaud Borner Penn State Cycling
8 Kevin Mcguire ACT
9 Robert Grimwood Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
10 Joseph Pigga Chester County Velo- Smedley/Iron Hill
11 Craig Alabovitz Unattached
12 Kevin Rooney CRCA/Houlihan-Lokey Sanchez
13 Brenton Swartz QCW Cycling/
14 Noah Zitzer Chester County Velo- Smedley/Iron Hill
16 Erik Mitchell Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
17 Chris Esposito Unattached
18 Cam Mancuso DeathRow Velo

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eric Gregoire Unattached
2 Emmanual Gagne Espoirs de Laval
3 Eric Korolewski Unattached
4 Andy Mount National Capital Velo Club/Spokes Etc.
5 Darren Hartman Unattached
6 Jeffrey Toth Unattached
7 Max Thilen Unattached
8 John Novak Upstate Velo
9 Daniel Fuehrer Unattached
10 David Hansen Big Horn Velo of Elmira NY
11 Steven Weaber ERA Cycling
12 Mariano Garay Unattached
13 Greg Horrocks QCW Cycling
14 Eric Fischer Yale University
15 Lee Sobotkin Tri State Velo
16 Lawrence Senese Tri State Velo
17 Brendan Newman Unattached
18 Timothy Kauffman International Christian Cycling Club

Men Junior 15-16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Zachary Houlik Bikeline/LWA
2 Emmanuel Gange
3 Greg Ratzell Bikeline / LWA
4 Jonathan Bright Team Vortex
5 Kaitlyn Lawrence TEAM VORTEX
6 Max Thilen Megacycle Santos pb Anything on Wheels
7 Nadia Latzgo Bikeline/LWA
8 Nathanial Dietrila
9 Luke Lukas Upstate Velo

Men Junior 17-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Mcguire ACT
2 Cam Mancuso DeathRow Velo
3 Patrick Bastianelli Unattached
4 Brandon Niskala
5 Rachel Sladovnik Vortex

Men Masters 45-49

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Spittal Thru-It-All Body Shop inc.
2 Bruce Rohdenburg Corning R Team
3 Jeffrey Appeltans MAMBO Kings/D&Q-GoCycling
4 Martin Mrugal PA Masters RC
5 Patrick Gellineau Team Squiggle
6 Kevin Saint clair Main Line Cycling - Bikyle/Mazur coaching
7 Paul Pearson Tru-Brew/BCRC
8 Aubrey Gordon liberty cycle
9 Brad Ober Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
10 Thomas Ratzell Bikeline / LWA
11 John Hamilton Main Line Cycling-BiKyle/Mazur Coaching


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lauren Ellis BikeNZ
2 Kaytee Boyd BikeNZ
3 Jaime Nielson BikeNZ
4 Gemma Dudley BikeNZ
5 Colleen Gulick Team Kenda
6 Dana Walton Team Alliance Environmental
7 Stacey Jensen CRCA/Radical Media
8 Cassandra King Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri-State Velo
9 Alaina Gurski CAWES Powered By Specialized
10 Andrea Luebbe Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
11 Patricia Marzi Salamander
12 Dana Cuomo Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
13 Elspeth Huyett Verducci/ Breakaway Racing
14 Kaitlyn Lawrence TEAM VORTEX
15 Jennifer Bollinger Chester County Cycling Foundation