These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jordan Marhanka Marian University
2 Ian Mcshane Marian University
3 Zach Nehr Marian University
4 Nathan Labecki Marian University
5 Kent Ross Marian University
6 Joe Ipacs Ohio State University
7 Justin Miller Purdue University
8 Frankie Gonzalez Ohio State University
9 Anthony Pratt University of Notre Dame
10 Brett Beddow Wayne State University
11 Jason Blodgett Marian University
12 Max Staran Michigan State University
13 Brian Poel Michigan State University
14 Michael Linse Miami University-Oxford
15 Daniel Soltan University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
16 Ryan Mcloughlin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
17 Jim Maddock Northwestern University
18 Evan Blankenship Lindenwood University
19 Samuel Wright Miami University-Oxford
20 Vance Fletcher Marian University
21 Jos Chalmers Marian University
22 Sam Winters Marian University
23 Craig Kielbasa Purdue University
24 Andrew Dillman Marian University
25 James Pratt University of Notre Dame
26 Dillon Chang University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
27 Ryan Hospelhorn Lindenwood University
28 Kyle Kato Marian University
29 Chazmichael Morales Marian University
30 Harvey Elliott University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Harvey Lewallen iv Lindenwood University
2 Adam Johnston Case Western Reserve University
3 David Mckenna University of Notre Dame
4 Jacob Shupe Purdue University
5 James Anders Marquette University
6 Stefan Cerbin Michigan State University
7 Conor Klupar Marian University
8 Jasper Stallings Case Western Reserve University
9 Kyle Bohnsack Lindenwood University
10 James Grove Marquette University
11 Zach Deitch Marian University
12 Juan Esteban tapiero bernal Marquette University
13 Sam Gaylin Case Western Reserve University
14 Henry Bermet Case Western Reserve University
15 Mark Keena Lindenwood University
16 Stephen Hickner Wayne State University
17 Matthew Swartwout Case Western Reserve University
DNF Tyler Roberts Marian University

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Chinchen University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
2 Lars Petter nilsson University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
3 Alex Renny Michigan State University
4 Sam Goblirsch University of Wisconsin-Madison
5 Charles Hall University of Notre Dame
6 Robert Munro Michigan State University
7 Brandon Goocher Michigan State University
8 Stephen Mcmurtry DePauw University
9 Abner Miralda University of Louisville
10 Eliot Toumey Purdue University
11 Daniel Nesbitt Marian University
12 Jeanhyuk Park Case Western Reserve University
13 Jason Keena Lindenwood University
14 Nicholas Merchant wells Case Western Reserve University
15 Ian Connick Michigan Technological University
16 Kevin Sairafian Case Western Reserve University
17 Aaron Litoff Northwestern University
18 Anthony Hall University of Notre Dame
19 Benjamin Fox-shapiro Oberlin College
20 Avery Cross Case Western Reserve University
21 Kwangsoo Hong Case Western Reserve University
22 Jared Salinger University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Men D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Slade Marquette University
2 Tom Madden Marquette University
3 Conrad Keglowitsch Marian University
4 Eric Robertson University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
5 Eric Isaacs Michigan Technological University
6 Michael Wright University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
7 Jordan Reynolds Ohio State University
8 David Levine University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
9 Samuel Decker Ohio State University
10 Steven Parker Miami University-Oxford
11 Doug Simpson Ohio State University
12 Martin Harris University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
13 Dakota Hewlett Michigan State University
14 Scott Hencye Ohio State University
15 Guy Smith Michigan Technological University
16 Brett Howland Michigan Technological University
17 Thomas Carter Lindenwood University
18 Nicolas Lara Oberlin College
19 Ryan Green University of Notre Dame
20 Charles Ryan Oberlin College
21 Gregory Lewis University of Louisville
22 Aeneas Koosis Michigan State University
23 Morihisa Nagai Case Western Reserve University
24 Michael Mcpherson Mount Vernon Nazarene University
25 Ben Miron University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
26 Mitch Huffman Purdue University
27 Kyle Pyeatt Michigan State University
28 Kellen Carey Marquette University
29 Seth Jaffe Case Western Reserve University
30 Cole Carnesecca University of Notre Dame
31 William Fuh University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
DNF Christopher Trevorrow Ohio State University
DNF Owen Hayes Marian University
DNF Jack Babet Mount Vernon Nazarene University
DNF Charles Ryan Oberlin College
DNF Andrew Click Mount Vernon Nazarene University
DNF Nick Reader University of Louisville

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laurel Rathbun Marian University
2 Cj Karas Marian University
3 Ashley Weaver Lindenwood University
4 Emily Elbers Marian University
5 Katherine Santos Marian University
6 Riley Missel Marian University
7 Danielle Mullis University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
8 Gabriella Arnold Marian University
9 Mallory Miller Case Western Reserve University
10 Daniela Mehech Case Western Reserve University
11 Sarah Cullen University of Notre Dame
12 Shiqi Fu University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
13 Zoe Frazier Marian University
14 Tate Devlin Miami University-Oxford
15 Emma Swartz Marian University
16 Jen Malik Ohio State University
17 Catherine Culkin University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
18 Mackenzie Green Marian University

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paige Handy University of Notre Dame
2 Britton Park Purdue University
3 Emily Dreyer Ohio State University
4 Andrea Nguyen Marian University
5 Hannah Mcdade Marian University
6 Ximena Guzman University of Wisconsin-Madison
7 Selin Merdan University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
8 Catherine Hollibaugh Marian University
9 Elaine Sheikh Michigan State University
10 Laura Mcmillion University of Notre Dame
11 Kathleen Ropella University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
12 Ellie Morgenthaler Lindenwood University
13 Olivia Cope University of Wisconsin-Madison
14 Marissa Lovell Marquette University
15 Allison Kelsey Mount Vernon Nazarene University
16 Rachael Mcminimy Oberlin College
17 Elizabeth Molnar Case Western Reserve University
18 Corrine Gardner University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
19 Julia Peterson Oberlin College
20 Corrine Gardner University of Michigan-Ann Arbor