These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Jungenblut
2 Jafet Torres
3 Matt Holt LifeLine Racing Team
4 Brian Bauer
5 Kevin Ramos santillan South Chicago Wheelmen
6 Jon Smail Psimet Racing
7 Gabriel Kroll Lifeline Racing
8 Kevin Corcoran XXX Racing-Athletico
9 Jared Verbeke xXx Racing - Athletico
10 Sam Lefebre XXX Racing-Athletico
11 Matthew Talbert
12 Stuart Nelsen Team UPB /
13 Marc Royster
14 Marty Merritt Bonkers Cycling
15 Brandon Conine UPB Cycling
16 Joe Sullivan Higher Gear
17 Michael Patton Roll: Racing
18 Terry O'grady Roll: Racing
19 Zernyu Chou Bonkers Cycling
20 Michael Nix
21 Bobby Atkins xXx Racing
22 Nick Standiford
23 Solomon Treister XXX Racing
24 Eric Stuck Roll: Racing
25 Patrick Mclarty Roll: Racing
26 Benjamin Siver Bonkers
27 Matt Murphy INTENT
28 Bradley Wong Roll: Racing
29 William Lue
30 Paul Struebing
31 Jeff Moscinski
32 David Villegas
33 Brian Marquis Roll
34 Kyle Millns
35 Brad Seavoy
36 Edward Gross SRAM
DNF Johan Konter Union Cycling

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Jungenblut
2 Ryan Connor
3 Dominic Lopez
4 Johan Konter Union Cycling Team
5 Conrad Akier
6 Jason Little
7 Brent Baumann
8 Drew Priest-grochowski Cut Cats Courier
9 Andrzej Brzoznowski Half Acre Cycling
10 Jeremy Kaufman xXx Racing - Athletico
11 Arturo Garza-gongora
12 Jeff Sanner Half Acre Cycling
13 Bobby Atkins xXx Racing
14 Roland Varriale Ten27
15 John Cooper
16 Dan Palmerin
17 Jeff Moscinski
18 Dan Chiaravalli Half Acre Cycling
19 Nick Standiford
20 Jason Ward
21 Adam Overberg
22 Daniel Torres
23 Enaungksah Obannon Major Taylor Chicago Cycling Club
24 Paul Struebing
25 Brad Seavoy
26 Peter Alford
27 Jon Aguilar
DNF Kyle Looft

Women Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kelsey Phillips Chicago Cuttin' Crew
2 Erin Obradovich BFF Bikes
3 Elizabeth Mckinley BFF Bikes
4 Michelle Moore Spidermonkey
5 Lauren Wiscomb Bonkers Cycling
6 Kelsey Campbell-dollaghan BFF Bikes
7 Annicka Campbelldollaghan BFF Bikes
8 Lauren Conroy BFF Bikes
9 Jacqueline Godbe
10 Gina Heiss BFF Bikes
11 Tiffany Schallau BFF Bikes
12 Trisha Mccullough xxx racing- Athletico
13 Monika Kowalska xXx Racing - Athletico
14 Jaimielee Velasquez
15 Lisa Lim BFF Bikes
16 Anna Affias
17 Crystal Costello BFF Bikes
18 Melissa Kelly xXx Racing-Athletico
19 Sara Laurino BFF Bikes
20 Vincci Fung Roll: Racing
21 Amy Dykema Half Acre Cycling
22 Trisha Kurtz

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