These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Jacob Michigan Indiana Cycling
2 David Neis Team Dayton Bicycling
3 Spencer Petrov Masters Cycling Systems LLC.
4 Matt Bole Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Thomas Revard Michigan Indiana Cycling
6 Sam Winters Celerity Cycling
7 Scott Miller Team Dayton Bicycling
8 Zachary Lewis 11elevencycling p/b MadTree Brewing
9 Andy Prickett Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Colin Keane Spin/Litzler Automation
11 Ruben Bacon Papa John's Racing Team
12 Ryan Mcloughlin Kreitler Racing Team
13 Abraham Mcnutt Team Dayton Bicycling
14 Aaron Daniels Paradise Garage Racing
15 Taylor Kruse Paradise Garage Racing
16 Bradley Cramer Spin/Litzler Automation
17 Edward Fritzinger Papa Johns
18 Patrick Quinn Cincinnati Velo Club Inc
19 Andrzej Banaszkiewicz Zipp Master Team
20 Jake Parker 11elevencycling p/b MadTree Brewing
21 Jedidiah Fritzinger Papa Johns
22 Jeremy Paul Spin/Litzler Automation
23 Ryan Good 11elevencycling p/b MadTree Brewing
24 Greg Tombragel Queen City Wheels
25 Seth Worthington ROLLFAST
26 Joseph Holmes Wooster Bikewerks/Wootown Bagels
27 Andrew Boneff
DNF Noah Kinney Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Thomas Lane 859 Cycling
DNF Matthew Lester Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Ben Schmutte Zone-6 Cycling
DNF Robert Sherman Team Dayton Bicycling

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Russell Paradise Garage Racing
2 Zachary Young Cincinnati Cyclocross
3 Justin Bird Papa John's Racing Team
4 Travis Iles Audi
5 Tommy Graul Team Dayton Bicycling
6 William Bobrow Papa Johns Racing Team
7 Shawn Aker Veloscience Cycling Team
8 Thomas Svenstrup Zone-6 / Motion Cycling
9 Trevor Miller Veloscience Cycling Team
10 Goeric Daeninck Paradise Garage Racing
11 Charles Fletcher Paradise Garage Racing
12 Luke Manning Kreitler Racing Team
13 Richie Minner Zephyr Wheel Sports
14 Michael Linse Audi
15 Ben Souders Mercy Kuat
16 Ken Buddell Audi
17 Chauncey Joyce University of Cincinnati
18 Peter Benkowski Audi
19 Marc Jurewicz Zephyr Wheel Sports
20 Chad Mangeot Team Dayton Bicycling
21 Rhys Edwards Team Upland Brewing
22 Tom Burridge Scheller's Racing Team
23 Dylan Hayda Veloscience Cycling Team
24 David Ferguson
25 Matt Matthews Team Ghisallo
26 Jonathan Wood Veloscience Cycling Team
27 Terry Griffith Trek Store Columbus / Echelon Cycling Team
28 Doug Carraway Veloscience Cycling Team
29 Rob Bruyer
30 John Maguire Red Bike
31 Peter Post Audi
32 Rodney Roof ZWS/Popsicle
33 Cameron Schmidt Ride On Wooster
34 Braden Matt Radfahren
35 Alex Hackney Team Dayton Bicycling
36 Joel Fischer
37 Spencer Hackett Brioso Cycling
DNF Sergejs Bowers Audi
DNF Nelson Gaker
DNF Callum Ingram
DNF Sean Davidson Zephyr Wheel Sports
DNF Max Savage Cincinnati Cyclocross
DNF Mark Danniballe Trek Store of Columbus
DNF Thomas Francisco Papa John's Racing Team
DNF Charles Dell Team Upland Brewing
DNF Andrew Truemper Team Upland Brewing

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Bozue
2 Will Murray Kreitler Racing Team
3 Thomas Moran The Hub of Detroit Racing
4 Sean Hurley Scholars Inn Bakehouse
5 Brian Worley
6 Levi Gaswint Red Bike
7 Peter Weiss Team Ghisallo
8 Jason Tellez Team Dayton Bicycling
9 Mike Chandler Red Bike
10 Lavelle Hatcher Kreitler Racing Team
11 Jacob Kastens University of Cincinnati
DNF Sam Ransohoff-englert
DNF Michael Emerson
DNF Greg Blanton Team Ghisallo

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Garde
2 Brandon Wright Audi
3 David Rummell Wooster Bikewerks/Wootown Bagels
4 Stephen Herman Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Steve Quelette Headwind Cycling
6 Jarrod Wilder Radfahren
7 Kyle Kelly Bishop Bicycles
8 Michael Woode Ride On Wooster
9 Sokha Bun Healthy and Happy Racing
10 Conor Swan Midwest Development Cycling Inc.
11 David Adams Headwind Cycling
12 Jake Hreha Midwest Devo
13 Todd Rudisell Queen City Wheels
14 Dale Craft Lost Weekend Records
15 Maxx Bowman ProChain Junior Development
16 Robbie Seal
17 Nathan Doyon VO2
18 Owen Busch ProChain Junior Development
19 Ishema Umuhoza TEAM LOGIK (
20 Michael Cauely
21 Rick Voithofer Team Six One Four
22 Sean Martin
23 Sam Ransohoff-englert
24 Neil Wengerd Headwind Cycling
25 Travis Riste Bishop Bicycles
26 Zachary Ross ProChain Junior Development
27 Kyle Zander Kryki Sports
28 Levi Limburg Scarlet Fire Racing
29 Charles Barilleaux Darkhorse Racing
30 Jim Oelgoetz Team Dayton Bicycling
31 Michael Emerson
32 Danny Alarcon Audi
33 Neal Schmitt Team Six One Four
34 Dan Rapp Headwind Cycling
35 Andrew Zakel Team Louisville
36 Mark Gilmore Team Dayton Bicycling
37 Maciej Kawalkowski Queen City Wheels
DNF Michael Buckner Headwind Cycling
DNF Adam Burns
DNF Ean Hammond
DNF Jason Tellez Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Peter Weiss Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
DNF Charles Price Queen City Wheels

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Larry Lenne Team Heroes
2 Justin Kellermeier
3 Brett Saultz Kreitler Racing Team
4 Joseph Lawhorn Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Daniel Lehtonen Team Dayton Bicycling
6 Rick Hancock Radfahren
7 Ben Jones Champion City Cycling
8 Patrick Parker Champion City Cycling
8 Jon Whittelsey Roadfish Racing
9 Anthony Dobbels Champion City
9 James Weaver
10 Ben Chamberlain TEAM LOGIK (
11 Nathan Damm
12 Peter Ashmore
13 Jon Conte
14 Glenn Smith Champion City Cycling
15 Matt Caylor Roadfish Racing
16 Tim Burns
17 Matthew Ashmore
18 Derek Fischer Team Dayton Bicycling
19 Micah Jenkins Team Six One Four
DNF Robert Blue Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Charles Digiovanna
DNF Ben Seela

Men Junior 11-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ahmir Ayala H & H Racing
2 Christian Dershem OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors

Men Junior 13-14

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Noah Demuth Revolution Devo Cycling

Men Junior 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lucas Stierwalt ProChain Junior Development
2 Garrett Mcnear Papa John's Racing Team
3 Bartek Kawalkowski ProChain Junior Development
4 Vince Obermeyer
5 Joshua Gilmore Team Dayton Bicycling
6 Nicholas Petrov ProChain Junior Development
7 Bryan Ream
8 Jacob Shofner Queen City Wheels
9 Aaron Banks Midwest Development Cycling Inc.

Men Junior 9-10

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Patrick Urichich Team Six One Four

Men Master 35-39 Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Kirk Phoenix Fitness and Training
2 Josh Ginsburg Phoenix Fitness and Training
3 Richard Toler
4 Renato Sosa Team Logic

Men Master 45-54 Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andy Bracke Queen City Wheels
2 Dan Payton Champion City Cycling
3 James Halpin Queen City Wheels
4 James Pappalardo Darkhorse Racing
5 Philippe Ayala Veloscience Cycling Team
6 David Cox Team Dayton Bicycling
7 David Stanley Darkhorse Racing
8 Douglas Masraum Queen City Wheels
9 Aric Dershem OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors
10 David Steward Queen City Wheels
11 Perry Parr Bishop Bicycles
12 Greg Bamford
13 W. Davis griffin Queen City Wheels
14 Scott Goertemiller
15 Arthur Smith Team Athens
16 Patrick Bendel Queen City Wheels
17 Steve Fine Queen City Wheels
18 Paul Neff Queen City Wheels
19 Mark Dinkins TEAM LOGIK (
20 Craig Scarberry Roadfish Racing
21 Daniel Mccarty Champion City Cycling
22 David Savage Zephyr Wheel Sports
23 James Naber Roadfish Racing
24 David Thole Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Alan Willey Queen City Wheels

Men Master 55-59 Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daid Hart ZWS Popsicle
2 Joseph Ipacs Team Athens Cycling
3 Mark Jones Spin City Racing
4 Robert Westendorf Queen City Wheels
5 Doug Mcconaha Veloscience Cycling Team
6 David Linden Team Dayton Bicycling
7 Jay Hissett Radfahren
8 Scott Young
9 William Ralph ZWS Popsicle
10 Scott Billman Audi
11 Bruce Skillings Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Thomas Broderick Radfahren
DNF Christopher Grisvard Audi

Women Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rachel Metherd Zone-6 Cycling
2 Marie Dershem OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors
3 Elli Sigmond Team Dayton Bicycling
4 Krystal Mcnutt Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Lori Nedescu VO2
6 Jen Schmidt Mafia Racing
7 Emily Payonk Ft. Wayne Outfitters
8 Noelle Snyder bartholdi Lady Gnar Shredders
9 Catierowan Thompson Team Athens
10 Mary Wienholts Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Joann Cranson OAM NOW/Athletic Mentors
DNF Stephanie Breslin de sosa TEAM LOGIK

Women Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michelle Kitze Team Dayton Bicycling
2 Leigh Dukeman Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga
3 Emily Dreyer Lady Gnar Shredders
4 Lily Peck ProChain Junior Development
5 Pei-i Wu Lady Gnar Shredders
6 Savannah Doliboa
7 Marie Grassi ProChain Junior Development
8 Kristine Hofstra Team Dayton Bicycling
9 Karilyn Cox Team Dayton Bicycling
10 Karen Lehtonen Team Dayton Bicycling
11 Rosalyn Willey ProChain Junior Development
12 Lauren Maier ProChain Junior Development
13 Stephanie Hyatt Team Dayton Bicycling
14 Jane Haberlandt Team Dayton Bicycling
15 Mary Adamo price
16 Rebekka Westrick
17 Meagn Gehrke Lady Gnar Shredders
18 Wendy Gilmore Team Dayton Bicycling
19 Heidi Riffle Team Dayton Bicycling
20 Mitzi Silber Team Dayton Bicycling
21 Susan Sagan Team Dayton Bicycling
22 Amanda Butler Lady Gnar Shredders

Women Junior 11-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alexa Stierwalt ProChain Junior Development

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