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Men 35+ Masters 1/2/3 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Holsen Lakes Area Physical Therapy
2 Chris Halverson Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
3 Scott Pearson Club Bicicletta
4 Gene Tolli CZ Velo
5 Paul Swinand Comcast
6 David Supple Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
7 John Van susteren LAPT CC
8 Joe Holmes Hagens Berman Cycling
9 John Balmer Century Road Club Of America
10 John Fleckenstein Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
11 Jeffrey Miller Planet Bike
12 Dale Humphrey Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
13 Andrew Rizzo Comcast
14 Michael Martens Badger Velo Club
15 Randy Warren xXx Racing
16 Christando Lombardo Verdigris Cycling
17 Robert Downs Planet Bike
18 Jeff Hansen PYOC
19 John Huenink Badger Velo Club
20 Phillip Godkin Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
21 Samuel Tobias Team Chiropractic Partners
22 Brian Grant
23 Aaron Schindler Team Chiropractic Partners
24 Chris Black Morgan Stanley/Team Spine/Specialized
25 Scott Arrigoni Verdigris Cycling
26 Dave Eckel Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
27 Brian Haas Alberto's Sport
28 David Ryther 5Nines Cycling
29 Jim Winter Lakes Area Physical Therapy
30 Mike Buechel Cafe Hollander RDC
DNF Brent Emery Unattached
DNF Jay Woller MBRC/Flanders
DNF Tood Hancock ISCorp-Endeavour
DNF Billy Jones Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
DNF Tracy Thompson Bikes To You / World of Bikes
DNF Michael Williams CA Pools Racing
DNF Richard Payne CA Pools Racing
DNF John Peret Team Chiropractic Partners
DNF Kevin Schlueter Comcast
DNF John Kane Unattached
DNF Thomas Kalstrup PYOC
DNF Daniel Truesdale Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD

Men Oct-99 Pro/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Matthew Busche ISCorp Cycling Team
2 Cheyne Hoag Kelly Benefit Strategies
3 Andrew Bajadali Kelly Benefit Strategies
4 Frank Pipp Bissell Pro Cycling
5 Guy East Trek-Livestrong U23
6 Nicholas Clayville Hagens Berman Cycling
7 Stephen Tilford Trek
8 Lang Reynolds Hagens Berman Cycling
9 Ryan Bauman Trek-Livestrong U23
10 James Stemper Team Geargrinder
11 Vincent Roberge Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles
12 Will Nowak
13 Gregory Christian Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles
14 Sheldon Deeny Bissell Pro Cycling
15 Brett Stewart
16 Steve Scholzen Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
17 Frank Dierking Unattached
18 Marc Moeller Duplicraft / Main Street Bicycles
19 Ryan Freund ABD Cycling Team
20 Thacker Reeves Matrix/RBM
21 Tim Farnham Bissell Pro Cycling
22 Chris Hurst Team Wheel & Sprocket
23 Kevin Berger Team Wheel & Sprocket
24 Tristin Bentzler Spring Street Sports
25 Maxwell Anderson Colavita Racing Inc.
26 Walid Abu ghazaleh Van Wagner
27 Kip Spaude Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
DNF Bryan Mcvey Vision Quest
DNF Dallas Fowler Unattached
DNF Brian Kaker Team Beans & Barley
DNF Erik Loberg Team Beans & Barley
DNF Benjamin Stern Team Roaring Mouse
DNF Seth Eckert Great Dane Velo Club
DNF Chad Hartley Team Geargrinder
DNF Allen Krughoff Team Rio Grande
DNF Phillip Snodgrass FCS Cycling Club
DNF William Snodgrass Infinity Cycling Club
DNF Scott Wenzel Team Rio Grande
DNF Robert White Team Geargrinder
DNF Ryan White Team Geargrinder
DNF Thomson Remo Baraboo Sharks
DNF Adam Bergman Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
DNF Ryan Dewald Battley Harley-Davidson
DNF Braden Bingham Team Rio Grande
DNF Logan Garey Team Rio Grande
DNF Cole House BMC Racing Team-USAC
DNF Pat Lemieux Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
DNF Corey Carlson Team Rio Grande Mountain Bike
DNF Nicholas Chevalley Mesa Cycles Racing Team
DNF Gregg Brandt Bianchi/GP
DNF Dan Ajer Unattached
DNF Chris Uberti Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles
DNF Ross White Colavita Racing
DNF Isaac Neff Alderfer Bergen
DNF Andy Moskal Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles
DNF Luca Lenzi Alderfer Bergen
DNF Derek Laan Panther/RGF Cycling p/b Felt Bicycles
DNF Sam Johnson Hagens Berman Cycling
DNF Aaron Johnson Hagens Berman Cycling
DNF Brian Hertzberg 5Nines Cycling
DNF Nick Frey ciclismo racing
DNF Matthew Brandt Mesa Cycles Racing Team
DNF Jacob Keough
DNF Aldo Ilesic Team Type 1
DNF Dan Holt Team Type 1
DNF Timothy Hargrave Team Type 1

Men Oct-99 Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Paquette Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
2 Jacques Cartier xXx Racing
3 Julio Padilla Sideporte
4 Curtis Bice ABD Cycling Team
5 Waylon Janowiak WDT International Cycling Team
6 Alexander Urbanski Chicago Cuttin Crew
7 Mike Gratz CA Pools Racing
8 Jonathan Cook Team Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
9 Darrell Kohli UP Ophthalmology
10 Chad Bishop Harper's Cycling & Fitness
11 Garrett Mcallister Wheaton Franciscan Health Care
12 Marc Howe Team Geargrinder
13 William Champion South Chicago Wheelmen
14 David Moyer
15 James Pradun Great Dane Velo Club
16 Henry Loud Team Pegasus
17 Nicholas Frye Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
18 Justin Dyszelski ISCorp Cycling Team
19 Daniel Penner
20 Chris Arndt Team Wheel & Sprocket
21 Doug Bailey Unattached
22 Nathan Longley Team Beans & Barley
23 Eric Dobberfuhl Team Geargrinder
24 John Danzer 5Nines Cycling
25 Scott Rosenfield Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
26 Andy Powell Project 5 Racing
27 Uwe Krueger Team Get A Grip Cycles
28 Jonathan Tenney L'equipe Bouledogue Tout Noir
DNF Gunnar Madden UP Ophthalmology
DNF David Moxness River Valley Cycling Club- RVCC
DNF Garrett Ping Unattached
DNF James Bird ISCorp Cycling Team
DNF Michael Jenich Team Beans & Barley
DNF John Reynders Team Beans & Barley
DNF Adam Mcclurg Lakes Area Physical Therapy
DNF David Klumpp CZ Velo
DNF Aspen Gorry Team Get A Grip Cycles
DNF Joseph Tortorelli Verizon Wireless Racing

Men Oct-99 Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeff Curtes Unattached
2 David Ziehr University of Wisconsin-Madison
3 Jacob Teitelbaum Spidermonkey Cycling
4 Mark Norton Unattached
5 Ric Damm Ripon College
6 Travis Heller Team Extreme
7 Adam Clark Chicago Cuttin Crew
8 William Butcher Unattached
9 Jim Pingel Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
10 Michael Curtes Unattached
11 Anthony Phillips Unattached
12 Joe Greatens
13 John Horrell
14 Ralph Heath La Crosse Velo Club
15 Avi Neurohr Chicago Cuttin Crew
16 David Neidhart Brazen Dropouts/Cronometro
17 Paul Sueppel Unattached
18 David Studner Brazen Dropouts
19 Mike Morell Chicago Cuttin Crew
20 Nathaniel Czarniecki Team Magnus
21 Xin Zhang Unattached
22 Pete Davis Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
23 Mark Cigich UW Cycling
24 Jay Herman
25 Andrew Tegge Unattached
26 Rob Martin Unattached
DNF Doug Bottorff Unattached
DNF Frank Chemotti Unattached
DNF Elmer Colyer Free Flight Bike & Ski
DNF Bryan Garfoot Michigan Technological University
DNF Billy Graef Unattached
DNF Jake Jendusa Unattached
DNF Keith Watkins Mad City Velo
DNF Richard Alderman Unattached
DNF Scott Kohls Unattached
DNF Chazz Martin Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
DNF Jesse Collins-davies Magnus
DNF Benjamin Hobson University of Arizona
DNF Gustaf Juffer Unattached
DNF Kyle Hagerman Team Pegasus
DNF Tyler Avery Team Pegasus

Men Oct-99 Women Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
DNF Toni Bradwshaw Team Lipsmacker
4 Jessie Maclean
DNF Davina Summers
6 Jeannie Kuhajek
7 Rebecca Domange CBD/Degani/Chatermason
9 Theresa Cliff-ryan Verducci Breakaway

Women Oct-99 Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Amanda Miller Team Lip Smacker
2 Devon Haskell BH USA
3 Sarah Maguire Priority Health Cycling Team
5 Kristin Wentworth Team Kenda
8 Jessica Prinner ABD Cycling Team
10 Kristen Meshberg BH USA
11 Monica Mcdonaldhearn Team Chiropractic Partners
12 Jennifer Perricone ISCorp Cycling Team
13 Rebecca Finley Vanderkitten
14 Krystal Mcnutt Team Kenda
15 Kate Ross Lip Smacker
DNF Madeleine Puissant BH USA
16 Whitney Gaggioli Unattached
DNF Kaitlin Antonneau Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
17 Meredith Peterson ISCorp Cycling Team
18 Jennifer Greenberg Vanderkitten Racing
DNF Jacqueline Kurth Team Kenda
19 Patricia Black Morgan Stanley/Team Spine/Specialized
20 Francine Haas Alberto's Sport
DNF Julie Foertsch Planet Bike
21 Tamara Fraser xXx Racing
DNF Christi An hansley TriStar Cycling Team
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