These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Johnson E3 Endurance/Herbalife24
2 Matt Sloyer Boone Area Cyclists
3 Taylor Burks JMU Cycling
4 Robert Webb
5 Paul Gates Red Kite Bicycle Studio
6 Eric Terlizzi Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
7 Jason Epstein Berger Hardware Bikes
8 Will Barnes Berger Hardware Bikes
9 Ryan Edwards Unattached
10 Brad Tripp Berger Hardware Bikes
11 Alejandro Schnakofsky TeamCBC
12 Greg Rogers Catup Coaching
13 Geoffrey Siepker Cycle-smart Grassroots Team
14 Dwayne Patterson Revolution Cycle Sports p/b Lonerider
15 John Soemer
16 Robert Bonham
17 Christopher Dougherty Wattage Cottage Racing
18 Andrew Kenny Richmond Bicycle Studio
19 Robert Peters Team CBC
20 Mark Zhu Rogues Racing
21 Miles Camp Berger Hardware Bikes
22 Brandon Squizzato Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
23 Rod Stanton TeamCBC
24 David Rieder CatUp Coaching
25 Willem Martins
26 Alan Sanfilippo Triangle Velo
27 Andy Sherman The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing
28 Larz Robison
29 Gustavo Marin Constellation Cycling
30 Ziyu Jin catUP Coaching Services
31 Sean Noonan Southeast Velo Racing
32 Gorret Thompson
33 James Price Tri-Cyclists BRC
34 John Paul amalong Constellation Inland Construction
35 Cody Buford
36 Aliou Sylla
37 David Kim
38 Philip Gura
39 Marvin Shawn perkins Revolution Cycle Sports
40 Jacob Eisner Inland Construction/ C2
DNF Steven Andreaus Constellation Cycling
DNF Ajay Jackson US Military Endurance Sports
DNF Paul Middleton
DNF Jeff Sturn
DNF Brent Dittenber Irish - Carolina Precision
DNF Javier Zamarripa Team Spoke Cycles
DNF Michael Roberts Hawleys Bicycle World Race Team
DNF Matt Tubertini Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
DNF Scott Patterson
DNF R Manson Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
DNF Jonathan Dubel Wattage Cottage Racing
DNF Eric Domonell Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
DNF Andy Wren
DNF Greg Hohn Triangle Velo
DNF Keith Sockman
DNF Alexander Granick
DNF Peter Howarth Team CBC
DNF Michael Hufham revolting cogs
DNF Gregg Rosenthal Electric Banana Cycling Project
DNF Jeff Safrit Southeast Velo Racing

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Miles Hubbard High Country Development p/b Pactimo
2 Justin Evans High Country Development
3 Blane Maddox Blue Ridge Development
4 Richard Obriant NCSU
5 Ryan Mcgiboney Viirginia Polytechnic Institute and State Universi
6 Lewis Gaffney NCSU
7 Ty Mechling US Naval Academy
8 Jacob Miller The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC
9 Brian Hardy United States Naval Academy
10 Chas Mcfarland West Virginia University
11 Adam Pressel
12 Jeffrey Farner budarz Duke University
13 Daniel Desouza US Naval Academy
14 Gavin Kline Virginia Polytechnic University
15 Richard Wheeler US Naval Academy
16 Zachary Jackson Blue Ridge Development
17 Christopher Guepe George Mason University
18 Ryan Collins University of Maryland
19 Evan Phillips US Naval Academy
20 Zachary Felpel Battley Ducati/Spokes Bike Shop
21 Zach Lyons Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
22 Ana Novo
23 Joshua Spokes
24 Marcus Canady North Carolina State University at Raleigh
25 Scott Frederick Duke University
26 Charles Ramsbotham
27 Kaleb Naegeli Duke University
28 Hoel Wiesner Duke University
29 Patrick Franz Virginia Tech Cycling
DNF Luke Woodard Hometown Mfg
DNF Eric Link University of Maryland
DNF Matthew Adams West Virginia University Cycling

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Vrouwenvelder UNC - Chapel Hill
2 Richard Kirby
3 Stephon Beaufort
4 Adam Oster
5 Taylor Adams Navy
6 Scott Wisseman Longwood University
7 Matthew Rhodes University of Virginia
8 Everett Hamilton USNA
9 Chandler King
10 Logan Everts
11 Ethan Krohn Liberty University
12 William Johnson App State
13 Hao Sun NC State Cycling Club
14 Alexander Gilliam William and Mary Cycling
15 Alex Mahlandt University of Maryland
16 Ben Hostetler
17 David Jones NCSU Cyling
18 Ryker Andrews North Carolina State University at Raleigh
DNF Harris Bassett North Carolina State University
DNF Sean Malloy
DNF Matt Sloyer High Country Development

Men C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Martin UNC
2 Brian Burlingame navy
3 Thomas Poole Wake Forest University
4 George Tolly Navy
5 Perry Ferrell
6 Ethan Ley NCSU Cycling Club
7 William Hart William & Mary Cycling Club
8 David Fouse Liberty University
9 Alex Bartz Liberty University
10 Andrew Wisegarver Naval Academy Cycling
11 Brendan Jordan rowell Wake Forest University
12 Eric Sasse
13 Kevin Mcneela US Naval Academy
14 Lucian Rombado Navy
15 Linus Ndumia NCSU
16 Eric Carlson Rogues Racing
17 Thomas Marlowe William and Mary
18 Zachary Cammer
19 Bryan Ratliff Liberty University Cycling Team
20 Christian Schick Liberty University
21 Daniel Osborne BAC Racing Team
22 Daniel Webb
23 Khoi Tran
24 Austin Sheffer Virginia Tech Cycling
DNF Christopher Hohman West Virginia University Cycling
DNF Jeremy Mcgale
DNF Tirone Johnson University of Maryland Cycling Club
DNF Roderick Bowlby Johns Hopkins University
DNF Jesse Bennett NC State Cycling Club
DNF Christopher Keosian University of Maryland
DNF Dan Zendejas

Men D

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Russell Boone NC State Cycling Club
2 Jacob Korn UNC Chapel Hill
3 Matthew Ferry
4 Quinn Morrow Cycling Club at Virginia Commonwealth University
5 Spencer Morgan UNC Cycling
6 Matthew Smith University of Maryland
7 Alex Casper Constellation Cycling
8 Michael Salazar Virginia Tech
9 David Burstein Appalachian State University
10 Brandon Gehinscott NCSU
11 Joshua Eisner Constellation Cycling
12 Gowtham Ashok University of Maryland Cycling Team
13 Joseph Cinderella University of Maryland
14 William Woodruff University of Maryland Cycling
DNF David Schmitt WVU cycling
DNF Jonathan Holt
DNF Michael Stangler NC State Psi-K-Ling

Men P/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Brown Cyclus Sports
2 Rich Harper Kens Bike Shop
3 Michael Mulvihill Duke University
4 Carlos Zamarripa Team Spoke Cycles
5 Corey Fisher Happy Tooth Racing
6 Colin Cavaliere Cyclus Sports
7 Keith Gerarden Happy Tooth Racing
8 Seth Ray Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
9 Alex Winnicki Cyclus Sports
10 Ryan Joyce Cyclus Sports
11 Phillip Short Nine Lives Carbon Repair
12 Timothy Mccollum Revolve Residential p/b
13 Robert O'gorman jr Happy Tooth Racing
14 Nate Berry Happy Tooth Racing
15 Clark Stout RockNRoll Lubrication
16 David Walls High Country Devolopment
17 Lang Reynolds Revolve Residential
18 Parker Mcconville Happy Tooth Racing
19 Ian Baum Cyclus Sports
20 William De boer Cyclus Sports
21 Mark Wartski FSC:The Electric Banana
22 Alastair Pounder Dornier Racing
23 Jordan Villella Cyclus Sports
24 Richard Creed Revolution Cycle Sports p/b LoneRider Brewery
25 Thomas Ziermann Fuegue Racing
26 Kirk Port Constellation Cycling p/b Inland Construction
27 Ian Broadhead
28 Brad Reed
29 Lucas Livermon Cyclus Sports
30 David Flynn Kens Bike Shop
31 Todd Hancock Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
32 Chris Zieman Electric Banana pb FSC
33 Luis Luis flores Happy Tooth Racing
34 Eric Serantoni Low Country Racing
35 Adam Perez Happy Tooth Racing
36 Kevin Sigrist Gulf Coast Velo
37 Randy Parker Herbalife p/b MarcPro-Strava
38 Jerry Gala Happy Tooth Racing
39 Jamie Kovalaske Revolution Cycle Sports
40 Patrick Raines Kens Bike Shop
41 Jeff Murray Revolution Cycle Sports
42 Marc Buxbaum Team Spoke Cycles pb Carolina Ale House
43 Rick Williams Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
44 Hugo Schreur Dornier Racing
45 Brian Frazier Moores Plumbing
46 Todd Stout RockNRoll Lubrication
47 Travis Fender Revolve Residential p/b Pre-Reg
48 Christopher Blake Happy Tooth Racing
49 Sean Herring Trek Greensboro Generals
50 Keith Johnson Atlantic Velo/RockNRoll Lubrication
51 Jennifer Campbell T & J Racing
DNF Michael Vandenheuvel Team Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina Ale House
DNF Brandon Davis Wattage Cottage Racing Team p/b Ride Fast Gear
DNF Michael Ventola
DNF Ted Hopkins Team Spoke Cycles
DNF Curtis Staples Team Spoke Cycling/Carolina Ale house
DNF Josh Doorly SEAVS/Haymarket p/b Van Dessel
DNF Peter Kreuser Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
DNF Carter Harris High Country Development Team
DNF Van Morales Cyclus Sports
DNF Alvin Frias CatUp Coaching
DNF Ross Bowden Oak City Cycling Project Race Team
DNF Merwin Davis Cyclus Sports

Men Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Hannah Hayes US Naval Academy
2 Kathleen Oneil Virginia Polytechnic University
3 Emily Shields OrthoCarolina Winston Womens Cycling
4 Erin Thamm Navy
5 Katherine Inge US Naval Academy
6 Gina Turrini Duke University
7 Chelsea Richwine Duke University
DNF Gabriella Gonzalez Navy

Men Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Annie Pharr Appalachian State University
2 Natalia Shymanska NCSU Cycling
3 Madisen Grinnell Navy
4 Rachel Parker
5 Ginny Crothers Duke University Cycling
6 Laurel Wheeler Duke Cycling
7 Jill Caputi SpokesWomen Syndicate/UNC Cycling
DNF Willa Nagel

Men Women C

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Caroline Conrad UNC Chapel Hill

Men Women1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danielle Baker
2 Karen Muehl Uptown Cycles
3 Sarah Guilbert Uptown Cycles
4 Allie Wetzel SpokesWomen Syndicate
5 Kristin Villopoto SpokesWomen Syndcate
6 Tanya Harris Cycletherapy/Ride Fast Gear
7 Aryn Leach