These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mike Robson Ten Speed Hero
2 Brian Falkowski Northwest Tri and Bike
3 Brian Hitchcock Metier Racing
4 Jeffrey Reed SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
5 Michael Baldus Metier Racing
6 Josh Crow SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
7 Zach Goodin CycleU/Apex
8 Andrew Martin Ten Speed Hero
9 David Chipchase SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
10 David Richter Metier Racing
11 Jed Stremel Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
12 John Wolters Ten Speed Hero
13 Mitchell Thornton Dyna Racing
14 Unknown Rider CycleU
15 Sean Mcgraw Tenspeed Hero
16 Martin Vaneycke Tacoma Bike Shop
17 Daniel Olsen Apex Racing Team
18 Rick Wiedmann Automattic/
19 Joe Skokan Automattic/
20 Tim Farrell SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
21 Ryan Bibko Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
21 Robert Velez Tete De Course
21 Steve Sonheim SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
21 Jim Englert CycleU/Apex
21 Scott Villalon SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
21 Michael Spring Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
21 Jesse Nofziger SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
21 Andrew Austin Therapeutic Assoc Cycling
21 Jordon Bressler CBC Racing
21 Aaron Griffith SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
21 Brian Babbitt
21 Alfredo Ramirez Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
21 Zachary Jones Ten Speed Hero
21 James Whitesides Tenspeed Hero
21 Angelo Marfa XTACLES
21 Theodore Schwartz Metier Racing
21 Jordan Jackson Metier Racing
21 Christopher Kaiser PC4Men
21 Craig Hammond Automattic/
21 Eamon Rutledge Metier Racing

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Siarhei Bondar Kryki Sports
2 Josh Adams PC4Men
3 Sean Bunce Metier Racing
4 Joshua Simmons PC4Men
5 Stewart Bowerman RCR
6 Lucas Beatty
7 Jason Costanza Egencia
8 Matt Dente Spin To Win
9 Phil Conlan Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
10 Brenden Ritzman Gig Harbor Velo
11 Garrett George SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
12 Rian Rustvold HagenBerman/Society Consulting
13 Devin Fife PC4Men
14 Julian Soh Kryki Sports
15 Mark Watson Dyna Racing
16 Brennan Hodgins Cycle U / Apex Racing
17 Mark Mcfadyen
18 Stephane Crepin Taco Time NW
19 James Bishop CycleU/Apex Racing
20 Nick Johnson PC4Men
21 Dejan Nikic Egencia
21 David Friedt Taco Time NW
21 Alexander Perry Metier Racing
21 George Frasier
21 Stewart Johnston
21 Savio Tsui HagenBerman/Society Consulting
21 Changren Yong Audi
21 Jordan Lucke Egencia
21 Kenneth Ramirez Machete Squad
21 Glenn Brihagen CycleU/Apex Racing
21 Alexander Bennett Cycle U
21 Justin Heinen Taco Time NW
21 Alexander Perezpaz Apex Racing Team
21 Andrew Morrison SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
21 John Mcconnell Tacoma Bike Racing Team
21 Tri Tran Egencia
21 Bruce Dejong
21 Trey Trefry RAD Racing
21 Scott Stout Hagens Berman-Society Consulting
21 Michael Mullen Taco Time NW
21 William Cucco Tacoma Bike Racing Team
21 Jesse Maris Tacoma Bike Racing
21 Jeremy Cucco Tacoma Bike Racing
21 Robert Falkowski
21 Brett Robertson Taco Time NW
21 Christopher Langford Bike Masters
21 Christopher Soelling Taco Time NW
21 Brandon Harrington
21 Adam Loving Taco Time NW
21 Thomas Catalina
21 Brendan Lanctot Hagens Berman-Society Consulting
21 Randy Schultz
21 Todd Corbin CBC Racing
21 Peter Sechler Cycle U / Apex Racing
21 Reid Hellekson Apex Racing Team
21 Hugh Barrington Audi/Kryki Sports Racing
21 Scott Latimer Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
21 Miles Farrow johnson CycleU/Apex Racing
21 Alex Aguinaldo Team Mang
21 Jim Wallingford CycleU/Apex Racing
21 Drew Healey Nemis

Men Masters Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nikos Mills Garage Racing
2 Chris Adolf Fell Swoop
3 Aaron Levin Monster Media
4 Sean Phillips Garage Racing
5 Mark Meuleman Garage Racing
6 Jeffery Nettles Fell Swoop
7 Brian Guthrie Narrows Velo Cycling
8 Rick Roof Old Town BicycleRoad Team
9 Emil Hillding
10 Richie Strong SCCA/Starbucks Cycling
11 Tom Hackleman Old Town BicycleRoad Team
12 Scott Monett Tacoma Bike
13 Paul Dinger Taco Time NW
14 Aaron Lavin Garage Racing
15 Erik Olson Taco Time NW
16 Josh Gerak Avanti Racing Club
17 David Hecht Garage Racing
18 Bart Heer SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
19 Jonathan Kamke Avanti Racing Club
20 Todd Herriott Metier Racing
21 Frank Colich Fell Swoop
21 Michael Pruitt
21 Ed Ewing Cascade/Maja Taylor
21 Jon Ryan
21 Travis Dougan SCCA/Starbucks Cycling Team
21 Joel Jones Old Town BicycleRoad Team
21 Bill Zimmerman Taco Time NW
21 Zqwan Peterson Fell Swoop
21 Dale Harless CycleU/Apex Racing
21 John Rodgers Misfitz
21 Stuart Anderson
21 Dee Patterson
21 Robbin Goldfoos Taco Time NW
21 Dennis Thornton-wiatt Taco Time NW
21 Gregory Luniewski Automattic/
21 Kyle Broderson Excel
21 Chris Mahan Taco Time NW
21 Timothy Purcell Dyna Racing
21 Michael Gallagher
21 Mark Caviness
21 James Shimada Spin To Win
21 Kerry Farrell
21 Alex Rosenast Garage Racing

Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
21 Lisa Steppe
21 Nicole Weiss

Women Masters Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
21 Hillary King Garage Racing

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