These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Molloy CRCA/The Weather Channel Giant 53:55:00
2 Jeffrey Miesemer MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q s.t.
3 Michael Novemsky DNK Cycling 8
4 Ramon Benitez 15
5 Eric Anderson Team Somerset s.t.
6 Jon Yu Trianglecyclist s.t.
7 David Grant ActiveYards s.t.
8 Greg Cordasco Liberty Cycle s.t.
9 Glenroy Griffith NYC Fire Dept s.t.
10 Tim Borsetti Cycles 54/XRCEL s.t.
11 Peter Fickinger ActiveYards s.t.
12 Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA - Diehard s.t.
13 Mark Light Cycle Solutions s.t.
14 Carlos Rogers Hush 22
15 Kurt Dodds CS Velo s.t.
16 Bob Reuther ActiveYards 26
17 Andrew Singson MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q 29
18 Wasyel Danysh US Military Endurance Sports 31
19 John Olsen Deno's Wonder Wheel 32
20 Rui Ponte Team Beyer 36
21 Scott Gamble ActiveYards 37
22 Jeffrey Appeltans MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q s.t.
23 John Fee MAMBO Kings 40
24 Mark Gorman Bike Line Lehigh Wheelmen Bike 46
25 Greg Ferguson The Performance Lab/Caffeinated 58
26 Warren Holzman Team 1:04
27 Frederick Billet Tri State Velo/Amoroso s.t.
28 Joseph Orgera south shore bicycle & fitness 1:07
29 Marcello Rodio DNK cycling s.t.
30 Gregory Danielewicz Guy's Racing Club 1:20
31 Kevin Saint clair Team SKYLINE 1:49
32 Juan Pimentel sr. Purium Health Products Cycling 2:09
33 James Joseph WSU s.t.

Men Open Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Derrick Butler next-bmb 55:12:00
2 Daniel Mullen QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes 1
3 Justin Dipalma The Performance Lab p/b Caffein 45
4 Woody Baum CRCA/Foundation 51
5 Andy Newsom CRCA / Team VESELKA 52
6 Christopher Chong-tenn CRCA - Diehard s.t.
7 Justin Thompson Tri-State Velo s.t.
8 Cesar Gallego Kindhuman-Pactimo NYC s.t.
9 Justin Butsavage T-Town Elite s.t.
10 Wanya Cave Tri-State Velo / Amoroso's Raci s.t.
11 Adriano Hauck Riders of Rohan s.t.
12 Kevin Bernstein Pennsylvania State University s.t.
13 Nate Cornman CS Velo s.t.
14 Andrew Da silva Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
15 Sean Gaughan Tuckahoe bike shop s.t.
16 Gregory Sherrick Blue Bell Private Wealth Manage s.t.
17 Daniel Langlois Arrow Racing s.t.
18 Daniel Hauber MAMBO Kings Racing s.t.
19 Greg Armstrong QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes s.t.
20 Timothy Berg CS Velo s.t.
21 Weldon Hill Delta Racing/Raising Canes Raci s.t.
22 August Myers Miller School of Albemarle s.t.
23 Sam Riegel Caffeinated Cyclists s.t.
24 Chris Burati CRCA/ KH-Pactimo p/b Century s.t.
25 Michael Green Arrow Racing s.t.
26 Otto Sanchez PSRacing/BTB s.t.
27 Dan Lichtenberger Team FEC p/b Trek Bikes s.t.
28 Michael Henasey PSRacing/BTB s.t.
29 Andres Jimenez DNK Racing s.t.
30 Brendan Mcgrath Arrow Racing s.t.
31 Mark Steffen King Kog s.t.
32 Michael Miller Arrow Racing s.t.
33 Eric Noonan Team Marty's s.t.
34 Blake Rubin Arrow Racing s.t.
35 Philip Bennett daniels Dangerous Creatures s.t.
36 Paul De santis BMoreHumane p/b GVC 1:02
37 Brad Green Vortex Cycling Club 1:04
38 Eric Greenberg Arrow Racing 1:05
39 Jay Ferguson CS Velo Racing 1:48

Men Open Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Geron Williams CRCA/Foundation 1:11:23
2 Carlos Andres brenes mata Team Somerville Bicycle Shop s.t.
3 Luke Mudgway Cycling CHB s.t.
4 Noah Granigan CCB s.t.
5 Thomas Detwiler PA Masters RC p/b Piscitello La s.t.
6 Craig Nichols CS Velo s.t.
7 Michael Margarite CRCA/The Weather Channel Giant s.t.
8 Broderick Hartley Puhsworks Racing pb Van Dessel s.t.
9 John Durso High Gear/Trek/WW s.t.
10 Alan Royek Pushworks Racing pb Van Dessel s.t.
11 Nick Iacovelli High Gear/Trek/WW s.t.
12 Michael Goret High Gear/Trek/WW 7
13 Michael Chauner PA Lightning 48
14 Ryan Shebelsky Team Wheelhouse 56
15 Adam Alexander CRCA/Foundation 58
16 Guillaume Nelessen Pushworks Racing pb Van Dessel s.t.
17 Tyler Nothstein PA Lightning s.t.
18 Karl michael Rahn CRCA/The Weather Channel Giant s.t.
19 Elvi Rodriguez garcia Team Somerville Bicycle Shop s.t.
20 Colin Sandberg Team GPOA s.t.
21 Alex Abarbanel-grossman High Gear/Trek/WW s.t.
22 Gerald Adasavage CRCA/The Weather Channel Giant s.t.
23 Ian Whaley Pushworks Racing pb Van Dessel s.t.
24 Jason Wood Tri State Velo s.t.
25 Konrad Ratzmann Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport 1:03
26 Louis Schimmel DNK Cycling s.t.
27 William Elliston Pushworks Racing pb Van Dessel 1:31

Women Open Pro/Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Colleen Gulick Cercacor p/b Podium Sports 45:01:00
2 Deborah Leedalebrown Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Sheb s.t.
3 Lauren Perry Launceston City s.t.
4 Emily Underwood Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Sheb s.t.
5 Lauren Dagostino H+H Racing s.t.
6 Lori Romero High Gear Cyclery-Trek-WW s.t.
7 Dori Buckethal ABRT s.t.
8 Arley Kemmerer Pepper Palace Pro Cycling 3
9 Rachel Rubino Level Eleven Racing p/b PB2 s.t.
10 Shaina Kravitz Kelpius Cycling s.t.
11 Madison Farrant s.t.
12 Sarah Iepson Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Sheb 8
13 Meredith Ehn Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Sheb 49
14 Taryn Mudge Lasercats
15 Emily Smith Kelpius Cycling
16 Allison Mccabe Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Sheb
17 Emily Chan CRCA/ Houlihan Lokey
18 Annette Weaver MAMBO Kings Racing / D&Q
19 Taylor Armstrong QCW Cycling p.b. Breakawaybikes
20 Kelli Wright Guy's Racing Club
21 Valerie Gould Guy's Racing Club
22 Sara Ferrara
23 Elizabeth Tyrell Team Somerset
24 Stephanie Chinn Phi Mu Cycling - Indiana Univer
DNF Jacqueline Paull Team ProPower Coaching
DNF Jennifer Rhodes Team Skyline

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