These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Villaflor-drumwright District Taco Elite Cycling
2 Dimitri Lemus PTS Racing
3 Clint Dager PTS Racing
4 Guy Tawney
5 Ranjodh Gill US Military Endurance Sports
6 Christopher Rabadi BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
7 Eric Voigt NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
8 Aaron Hotaling District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
9 Richard Furchtgott BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
10 Alex Winnicki Cyclus Sports
11 Zachary Whitlock BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
12 Philip Sousa PTS Racing
13 Frank Cundiff
14 Nathan Graham PTS Racing
15 Michael Russo BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
16 Bruno Neto Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor
17 Mark Lewis Ocean Velo Club
18 Andrew Friend District Taco Elite Cycling
19 Benjamin Harris Rock Creek Velo
20 Geoffrey Tiblin SEAVS/Haymarket
21 Pierce Schmerge Team Bike Doctor
22 Anthony Abate District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
23 Dillan Juul PTS Racing
24 Brian Frazier
25 Patrick Jarenwattananon District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
26 Michael Tabasko Team Bike Doctor
27 Andrew Shelby Team Bike Doctor
28 Jacob Miller The Electric Banana Cycling Project p/b FSC Racing
30 Samuel Yarashus NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
30 Ralph Pahlmeyer e2Value

Men Master 35+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Crater
2 Sean Barrie BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
3 Anthony Barsi
4 David Fuentes Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
5 James Studebaker Team Bike Doctor
6 Mark Austin Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
7 David Gates NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
8 Nathan Coleman HydroMonkies NSMI Cycling Team
9 Lucas Mccollum Team Bike Doctor
10 Sam Guzman PTS Racing
11 Stephen Robinson BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
12 Douglas Philippone Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
13 Jeff Chun Team Bike Doctor
14 Jose Escobar BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
15 Michael Kirby VeloWorks-Spokes Etc
16 Jason Levitt Squadra Coppi
17 Jose Nunez Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
18 Jon Balatbat Whole Wheel Velo Club
19 Dan Underwood Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
20 Unknown Rider
21 David Bender District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
22 Sean Chisham VeloWorks-Spokes Etc
23 Robert Steele US Military Endurance Sports
24 Edward Patrick Whole Wheel Velo Club

Men Master 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nima Ebrahimnejad Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
2 Ramon Benitez HydroMonkies NSMI Cycling Team
3 Darren Jiron Team Beyer Auto
4 Mario Zometa Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
5 David Osborne Artemis Racing
6 Peter Warner Team Bike Doctor
7 Dean Pierson Ocean Velo Club
8 Geraldo Peralta Whole Wheel Velo Club
9 Marc Klein NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
10 Alessandro Matteucci Healthy and Happy Racing
11 Shaun Abell Battley Harley-Davidson
12 Erik Engle HydroMonkies NSMI Cycling Team
13 Shawn Fenty Team Beyer Auto
14 Ken Calender Don Chapin Monterey Bay Racing Team
15 Matthew Albanese Team Bike Doctor
16 William Luecke NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
17 Bill Gros PTS Racing
18 Michael Stearns Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster
19 Eric Sorensen VeloWorks-Spokes Etc
20 David Kay Team Beyer Auto
21 Luther Swift NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
22 Scot Jaworski NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
23 Peter Lindeman NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
24 John Sylvester NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
25 James Lees ABRT (Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team)
26 Marc Frazer Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
27 Stokely Samuel Artemis Racing

Men Master 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Sommers Team Beyer Auto
2 Curtis Southern NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
3 James Schaefer Peaks Coaching Group Racing Team
4 Victor Siegfried Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster

Men Prt Pro/Cat 1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ty Magner UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
2 Carlos Alzate escobar UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
3 Ryan Aitcheson Astellas Cycling Team*
4 Brad White UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
5 Jake Sitler Astellas Cycling Team*
6 Bobby Lea
7 Orlando Garibay Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale*
8 Brandon Feehery Astellas Cycling Team*
9 Andres Diaz corrales Cylance-Incycle p/b Cannondale*
10 Winston David Lupus Racing Team*
11 Stephen Hall
12 Andrew Seitz Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite*
13 Kevin Gottlieb DC Velo Limited
14 Luke Keough UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
15 Donald Brew Team Beyer Auto
16 Ben Frederick beyondCX
17 Michael Stoop Support Clean Sport / Sea Sucker / Guttenplan Coaching *
18 Stefan Mastaller
19 Greg Wittwer PTS Racing
20 Ian Keough-14 Astellas Cycling Team*
21 Adam Myerson Astellas Cycling Team*
22 Nicolae Tanovitchii
23 Eran Preble PTS Racing
24 Glenn Ferreira Team Metra / Xrcel / Cycles 54
25 Ryan Dewald Team Skyline
26 Andrew Giniat EGO p/b Sammys Bikes
27 Wesley Kline UCI CT: Airgas Cycling
28 Zack Kratche Pioneer Mortgage pb
29 Patrick Raines UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis
30 Thomas Humphreys BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
31 Sean Barrie BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
32 Mattison Brady District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
33 Peter Custer Haymarket/Starlight Custom Apparel
34 Adrian Hegyvary UCI PCT: UnitedHealthcare
35 Peter Foerster
36 Quinten Kirby
37 Taylor Pearman Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite
38 Matt Mcloone BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
39 Corey Davis Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching
40 William Cooper QCW p.b. Felt Bicycles-JLVelo
41 Jonah Meadvancort
42 Chris Jones
43 Paul Mica
44 Ryan Mckinney
45 Jared Nieters
46 Greg Capelle
47 Stalin Quiterio cuello
48 Jason Saltzman
49 Mark Hyatt
50 Axel Voitik
51 Bill Mulligan
52 Paul Lengermann
53 Trevor Rolette
54 Samuel Boardman
55 Griffin Easter
56 Jd Bergmann TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
57 Kip Spaude
58 Garrett Olsen
59 Lucas Livermon
60 Nick Frey

Women Prt Pro/Cat 1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Coryn Rivera UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
2 Kendall Ryan Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank*
3 Jo Kiesanowski Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank*
4 Kimberley Wells Colavita/Bianchi*
5 Lauren Hall Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank*
6 Laura Van gilder Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers
7 Julie Kuliecza Hagens Berman | Supermint Pro Cycling Team*
8 Jessica Mundy Fearless Femme Racing*
9 Nicole Mertz Hollander Cycling p/b ISCorp
10 Lindsay Bayer Hagens Berman | Supermint Pro Cycling Team*
11 Liza Rachetto Hagens Berman | Supermint Pro Cycling Team*
12 Tiffany Pezzulo Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling*
13 Lauretta Hanson Colavita/Bianchi*
14 Brianna Walle Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank*
15 Lauren Tamayo UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling*
16 Debbie Milne Stradalli Cycles/Papa John's
17 Ainhoa Perez-diez ABRT (Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team)
18 Diana Penuela Dallas Racing
19 Whitney Allison Colavita/Bianchi Racing
20 Arden Stelly OrthoCarolina Winston Women’s Cycling
21 Kate Kirkpatrick
22 Mary Breed NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
23 Jessica Cutler Colavita/Bianchi Racing
24 Madison Kelly Stradalli Cycles/Papa John's
25 Vanessa Botero
26 Cynthia Frazier Velo Classic Cycling p/b Stan's NoTubes
27 Annie Foreman-mackey
28 Shannon Malseed
29 Jamie Gilgen
30 Sara Tussey UCI WPT: Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling
31 Elizabeth Newell
32 Dori Buckethal ABRT (Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team)

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