These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Allan Rego Lupus Racing Team 58:16.7
2 Scott Savory CRCA/Lupus Racing Team 3.9
3 Cesar Marte s.t.
4 Stalin Quiterio cuello CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
5 Ismael Collado acosta s.t.
6 Jermaine Burrowes s.t.
7 Stefan Singer s.t.
8 Michael Perlberg Bicycle Habitat Verge Sport s.t.
9 Erlin Garcia Century Road Club Assoc s.t.
10 Carlos Tejada s.t.
11 Josh Rovner Van Dessel Factory Team s.t.
12 Mathew Street CRCA/Team Health Warrior s.t.
13 Gerald Adasavage The Weather Channel Giant Cycli s.t.
14 Unknown Rider The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
15 George Romonoyske EECT/Green Arm Bandits s.t.
16 Moshe Bressler Kosher Cyclists s.t.
17 Jun Sugai Chari & Co. s.t.
18 Etsu Taniguchi CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
19 Thomas Trevisani s.t.
20 Alexi Berroa cycles-brooklyn s.t.
21 Kensaun Vadnais BOLD Racing / enduranceWERX s.t.
22 Tom Rodarie CRCA/Wafels & Dinges s.t.
23 Joseph Orgera south shore bicycle & fitness s.t.
24 Masha Schneider CRCA /e2Value s.t.
25 Quinten Winkle s.t.
26 Daniel Schmalz CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
27 Robert l Brown jr M. Taylor Racing Team N.Y. s.t.
28 Karl michael Rahn The Weather Channel Giant Cycli s.t.
29 Vlad Preoteasa Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
30 Aaron Katin CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
31 Paul Carbonara CRCA/AXIS s.t.
32 Jason Guzman Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
33 Erik Lavoie Rockstar Games s.t.
34 Edekson Pena s.t.
35 Robert Mecea Brauer/Mick Management s.t.
36 Phil Penman The Weather Channel Giant Cycli s.t.
37 Jeancarlos Fernandez s.t.
38 Jonas Gustafsson Rockstar Games s.t.
39 Felix Cruz 14.2
40 Michael Margarite The Weather Channel Giant Cycli s.t.
41 Anthony Taylor CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 15.7
42 Stephen Alexander s.t.
43 Stephen Jamison Lupus Racing Team s.t.
44 Samuel Martinez TEAM SOUTH SHORE s.t.
45 Unknown Rider CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
46 Anthony Lowe We Stand United (W.S.) s.t.
47 Allen Carr e2Value 22.4
48 Dominic Caiazzo CRCA/Lupus Racing Team s.t.
49 James Stevens The Weather Channel Giant Cycli 29.8
50 Ross Baldwin Lupus Racing Team 33.5
51 Chris Young CRCA / E2Value 1:07.8
52 Robert Lattanzi CRCA/Lupus Racing Team 1:19.1

Men Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Joseph 54:09.0
2 Mihael Ginghina CRCA/Houlihan Lokey s.t.
3 Keith Ryan CRCA/AXIS s.t.
4 Eamonn Schnell CRCA Development Foundation s.t.
5 Anthony Baugh BOLD Racing / enduranceWERX s.t.
6 Hernan Lucero Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
7 Paul Coluccio CRCA/Team Houlihan Lokey s.t.
8 Brett Halpern CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
9 Wouter Hoogenboom CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
10 Reginald Rasch Team Veselka s.t.
11 Stanislaw Arciszewski s.t.
12 ? N/a Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
13 Andrew Babaian CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
14 Harry Zernike 9W Magazine s.t.
15 Seth Holmes s.t.
16 Nicholas Turner Pearland Cycling Race Team s.t.
17 Aaron Temple Major Taylor Development Team s.t.
18 Jon paul Rorech Deno's Wonder Wheel s.t.
19 James Giorgio s.t.
20 Michael Pokrovskiy GS Talent Cycles s.t.
21 George Charalambides WYLD STALLYNS s.t.
22 Ronald Restivo CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
23 Alexis Herrera South Shore Bicycle & Fitness s.t.
24 Phillip Maronilla Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
25 Julien Azimzadeh s.t.
26 Philip Castaldi Lucarelli & Castaldi s.t.
27 Alexis Kraft CRCA/WYLD STALLYNS s.t.
28 Rameshwar Ramkissoon Cure8 Group p/b Roy's Sheepshea s.t.
29 Julius Erwin quito Century Road Club Assoc 9.5
30 Danny Inoa Axis Theatre 33.4
31 Cody Corona CRCA/Rockstar Games 46.4
32 Manuel Frias South Shore Bicycle & Fitness 52.3
33 Ryan Enschede Team NYC Velo s.t.
34 Eric Petersen Kind Human - Pactimo 1:19.8

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Erwin Kersten 28:20.0
2 Ben Murray CRCA s.t.
3 Paul Tarter Adventures for the Cure 2.7
4 Patrick Schnell 28.3
5 Derek Hong Healthy and Happy Racing 1:15.3
6 Michael Steele 1:16.6
7 Efrain Ramos Triangle cyclists s.t.
8 Jack Miroslaw s.t.
9 Scott Kuhlke Kissena Cycling Club 2:29.2
10 Horace Kalphat Kissena Cycling Club @1Lap
11 Mike Kalphat @1Lap
12 Casey Gonzalez @1Lap
13 Josenauld Apollon @1Lap