These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Open Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 James Joseph 54:28
2 Manuel Frias South Shore Bicycle & Fitness s.t.
3 Jonathan Monserrate s.t.
4 Kenrick Caesar s.t.
5 Aliaksandr Kochatau Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
6 Eversley Corbin jr Major Taylor Development Team s.t.
7 Frank Arroyo Brauer - Mick Management s.t.
8 Nathaniel Ruhlman Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
9 Johan Abreu CRCA/E2value s.t.
10 Rameshwar Ramkissoon Cure8 Group p/b Roy's Sheepshea s.t.
11 Liam Richard s.t.
12 Stanislaw Arciszewski s.t.
13 Mihael Ginghina CRCA/Houlihan Lokey s.t.
14 Vincent Cintron TOGA/GOTHAM BIKES s.t.
15 Hernan Lucero Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
16 John Arias Cuevas Cycling Development s.t.
17 Andre Abdool s.t.
18 Aaron Temple Major Taylor Development Team s.t.
19 Nicholas Colon Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
20 Walton Francis Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
21 Benjamin Chertoff Major Taylor Development Team s.t.
22 Michael Pelletier Lokotrack NYC s.t.
23 Brett Halpern CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
24 Palo Samko s.t.
25 Stephen Rousseau CRCA/ KH-Pactimo p/b Century 5
26 Marco Quezada Century Road Club Assoc s.t.
27 Jackson Vogel 7
28 Michael Pokrovskiy s.t.
29 Wouter Hoogenboom CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
30 Juan Barraza Century Road Club Assoc s.t.
31 Eric Petersen Kind Human - Pactimo 8
32 Unknown Rider Rockstar Games 10
33 Cody Corona CRCA/Rockstar Games 11
34 Matthew Slossberg Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
35 Wilis Johnson 23
36 Derrick Mahler s.t.
37 Thomas Discepola Wafels & Dinges Racing 1:04
38 Bobby Lin Fulton Bikes Race Team 2:12
39 Alexis Herrera South Shore Bicycle & Fitness s.t.
40 Jose Daniel diaz Cuevas cycling development s.t.
41 Luigi Luciano Healthy and Happy Racing s.t.

Men Open Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Angelo Lemi KH-Pactimo NYC p/b Century 27:09
2 Oren Mizrahi Duke University Cycling s.t.
3 Erwin Kersten s.t.
4 Teoboro Pabello s.t.
5 Giona Fabbri s.t.
6 Jack Miroslaw s.t.
7 Daniel Corless Century Road Club Assoc s.t.
8 Lawrence De leon s.t.
9 David Harrell Healthy and Happy Racing s.t.
10 Rory Chea Healthy and Happy Racing s.t.
11 Keith Morrison 5
12 Samuel Oreilly King Kog s.t.
13 Eduardo Cristi South Shore Bicycle & Fitness s.t.
14 Jerry Arocho s.t.
15 Carlos Mendoza s.t.
16 Horace Kalphat Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
17 Peye Wong Healthy and Happy Racing 13
18 Mike Kalphat s.t.
19 Daniel Diaz Cuevas Cycling Development s.t.

Men Open Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anthony Jesus 1:03:48
2 Michael Stromberg Fulton Bikes Race Team s.t.
3 Rafael Villalva 2
4 Bill Ash QCW p.b. Fel s.t.
5 Christopher Shaw CRCA/Rockstar Games 9
6 Ismael Collado acosta 23
7 Jermaine Burrowes s.t.
8 Matt Schaupp Echelon-Storck Development Team s.t.
9 Scott Savory Lupus Racing Team 32
10 Edwin Morel s.t.
11 Erlin Garcia Century Road Club Assoc s.t.
12 Stalin Quiterio cuello CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
13 Juan Suarez s.t.
14 Higinio Rodrguez s.t.
15 Josh Rovner Van Dessel Factory Team s.t.
16 Alexi Berroa cycles-brooklyn s.t.
17 Carlos Tejada s.t.
18 Samuel Martinez TEAM SOUTH SHORE s.t.
19 Joseph Orgera south shore bicycle & fitness s.t.
20 Andy Newsom CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
21 Jeremy Borden s.t.
22 Boguslaw Wielgos s.t.
23 Jacek Boral Healthy and Happy Racing s.t.
24 Chris Pino The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
25 Parker Chea Healthy and Happy Racing s.t.
26 Malcolm Mitchell s.t.
27 Jesus Martinez e2Value s.t.
28 Ronald Restivo Team Veselka s.t.
29 Jun Sugai Chari & Co. s.t.
30 Angelo Calilap The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
31 Jose Cruz HG Bike Shop s.t.
32 Daniel Schmalz CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
33 James Mahlmann CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
34 David Hall The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
35 Aaron Katin CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
36 Erik Lavoie Rockstar Games s.t.
37 Vlad Preoteasa Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
38 Val Petrov Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
39 Pedro Arias Echelon Cycles 40
40 Michael Beckerman CRCA / Team VESELKA 41
42 Eric Ragot Bicycle Habitat Verge Sport 50
43 Robert Mecea Brauer/Mick Management 1:00
44 Paul Burrowes 1:30
45 Horace Burrowes We Stand United (W.S.) s.t.
46 Jason Guzman Dave Jordan Racing

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