These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eric Schildge Dartmouth College
2 Joshua Lipka University of New Hampshire
3 Anthony Hall Columbia University
4 Christopher Worden University of Vermont
5 Gregory Battista Ocean County College
6 William Goodfellow McGill University
7 Dan Cassidy University of Vermont
8 Derek Merkler US Military Academy
9 Erik Wilburn US Military Academy
10 Nicholas Bennette Princeton University
11 Scott Dolmat-connell University of Vermont
12 Patrick Bradley Rutgers University
13 Peter Heinz Connecticut College
14 Alex Cox University of Vermont
15 Mathieu Boudier McGill University
16 Alexander Bremer Columbia University
17 Ross Saxton University of Vermont
18 Vincent Scalia University of Vermont
19 Jeffrey Salvitti Bucknell University
20 Steven Pingree US Military Academy
21 Christopher Redmond Rutgers University
22 Aaron Meyers Bucknell University
23 Timothy Manzella Drexel University
24 Jeremy Durrin University of Massachusetts
25 John Hunter Temple University
26 Christopher Hair Boston University
27 Dan Lavelle Drexel University
28 Stefan Grecu Kutztown University
29 Brian Roberts Boston University
30 David Gruger McGill University
31 Austin Roach Princeton University
32 David Wiswell Columbia University
33 Nick Frey Princeton University
DNF Evan Cooper Tufts University
DNF Glenn Ferreira Tufts University
DNF William Cukierski Rutgers University
DNF Graham Anderson Brown University
DNF S Charles zamastil Temple University
DNF Chris Hamlin University of Vermont
DNF Colin Jaskiewicz University of Vermont
DNF Derek Harnden University of Vermont
DNF Ben Carbonetti University of Connecticut
DNF Tim Humpton Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
DNF Noah Zitzer Kutztown University
DNF Kyle Helder Kutztown University
DNF A.j. Moran Wentworth Institute of Technology
DNF Chris Stern Kutztown University
DNF Nathan Kupperstock Boston University
DNF Robert Stumpf University of Pittsburgh
DNF Tyler Bauer Temple University
DNF Martin Kell Penn State University
DNF Dante Pryor Columbia University
DNF Peter Chiu Columbia University
DNF Alexander Graybeal Columbia University
DNF Kyle Gheres Penn State University
DNF Steven Hopengarten Union College
DNF Justin Brown Penn State University
DNF Brian Kall Drexel University

Men B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jose Soltren Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
2 Marshall Ambros University of Vermont
3 Lee Peters University of Vermont
4 Ian Sullivan University of Vermont
5 Jesse Chebot University of Vermont
6 Jeffrey Boehmer Bucknell University
7 Nicolas Ammerlaam University of Montreal
8 Andrew Wheeler US Military Academy
9 Matthew Gross Penn State University
10 Alan Fischer US Military Academy
11 Owen Pope University of Vermont
12 Chris Rodgers Penn State University
13 Matthew Buckley University of Vermont
14 Mike Mccafferty Penn State University
15 Don Yungher Rutgers University
16 Mark Theeman Northeastern University
17 Weston Wheeler University of Vermont
18 John Rhoden Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
19 James Miceli Villanova University
20 Andrew Webster Millersville University
21 William Kistler University of Delaware
22 Radu Jianu Brown University
23 Daniel Bensen University of Vermont
24 Kyle Reed University of Delaware
25 Christian Rose Columbia University
26 Corbin Mills Villanova University
27 Ben Blake McGill University
28 Matthew Schoman Drexel University
29 Alexander Krienke US Military Academy
30 David Kim Rutgers University
31 Guo-liang Chew Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
32 Ivan Temnykh Penn State University
33 Adam Leman Drexel University
34 Matthew Holub University of New Hampshire
35 Benjamin Cheetham Cornell University
36 Leonard Klipper University of Pennsylvania
37 Bladi Duran Brown University
38 Daniel Fuehrer Kutztown University
39 Steven Mcfarland Columbia University
40 John Garrett Middlebury College
41 Karl Scherrer University of Vermont
42 Peter Abdu University of New Hampshire
DNF Mark Vareschi Rutgers University
DNF Matt Cocola Bucknell University
DNF Ben Liang Middlebury College
DNF Ashley S doane Drexel University
DNF Arnaud Borner Penn State University
DNF Corey Williams Columbia University
DNF Joseph Bylund Columbia University
DNF Brian Burdick Ocean County College
DNF Ross Marklein University of Pennsylvania
DNF Russ Ericksen Columbia University
DNF Luis Suarez Princeton University

Men C1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sean Whiteman University of Pennsylvania
2 Justin Bosley University of Pennsylvania
3 Joseph Gilch Rutgers University
4 Matthew Furlow University of Pennsylvania
5 Max Korus University of Pennsylvania
6 John Gurcsik iii Temple University
7 Charles Thompson Rutgers University
8 Matthew Bathe Rutgers University
9 Charles Florek Rutgers University
10 Drew Tyger Penn State University
11 Brent Doscher University of New Hampshire
12 Michael Honsberger McGill University
13 Kyle Bruley Boston University
14 Ray Dodd Rutgers University
15 Corey Kropp University of Delaware
16 Steve Lachance Northeastern University
17 Daniel Hale University of Vermont
18 Kyle Carroll Rutgers University
19 Ben Emmert-aronson Boston University
20 Thomas Sorbara McGill University
21 Scott Loong McGill University
22 Andy Glaser Rutgers University
23 Jacob Sisson Cornell University
24 Michael Dunstan University of New Hampshire
25 James Rose University of New Hampshire
26 Tom Samph Boston University
27 Thomas Moroney Rutgers University
28 Oliver Lutz Cornell University
29 Nicolas Chin-yee McGill University
30 Steven Reinhart Harvard University
31 Andrew Mina Penn State University
32 David Rowinski Cornell University
33 Adam Siebert University of Pennsylvania
34 Nicolas Bastien lepine McGill University
35 Alexander Soloway McGill University
36 Kevin Emr Cornell University
37 Andrew Lloyd Penn State University
38 Michael Longeri University of New Hampshire
39 Uri Halevi University of Massachusetts
40 Anthony Esposito Rutgers University
41 Philippe Belzile McGill University
DNF Max Knee Temple University
DNF Jeffrey Lukach University of New Hampshire
DNF Zachary Zerby University of Pittsburgh
DNF Andrew Seitz University of Pittsburgh
DNF Peter Jarnebrant Columbia University
DNF Keith Groshans Penn State University
DNF Sebastien Labrecque sauve University of Montreal
DNF Jonathan Villemaire-krajden McGill University
DNF Jason Loiseau McGill University
DNF Noah Schwartz Rutgers University

Men C2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Aaron Horvath Princeton University
2 Trevor Eide Dartmouth College
3 Daniel Wood Bucknell University
4 Jonathan Marshall Shippensburg University
5 David Kahn Yale University
6 Jonathan Dreher Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
7 Blake Hawthorne US Military Academy
8 Benjamin Stephens Carnegie Mellon University
9 Joseph Glaser-reich Brown University
10 Daniel Homeier Colby College
11 Douglass Endrizzi Yale University
12 J taylor Marble Wentworth Institute of Technology
13 Charles Cavness Middlebury College
14 Karl Honerlaw Boston College
15 Rocco Repetski Princeton University
16 Isaac Bleicher Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
17 Alex Abarbanel-grossman Middlebury College
18 Brooks Ward Bard College
19 Josh Many Villanova University
20 Alexander Chaleff New England Conservatory
21 David Casale Drexel University
22 David Singerman Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
23 Bobby Thorborg Bucknell University
24 Matthew Appleby Colby College
25 Matthew Means Bucknell University
26 Patrick Ryan US Military Academy
27 Joseph Perez US Military Academy
28 Anastacio Perez Stevens Institute of Technology
29 Derek Sakamoto Middlebury College
30 Christopher Ritacco Yale University
31 Jesse Steiner Rochester Institute of Technology
32 Donald Zimmanck Dartmouth College
33 Jan Wolfe Boston College
34 Gregory Wesolowich Millersville University
DNF Edward Rice Brown University
DNF Brian Tino Bucknell University
DNF Jeremy May US Military Academy
DNF William Sutherland US Military Academy
DNF Joshua Grossman Carnegie Mellon University
DNF Isaiah Berg Dartmouth College
DNF Patrick Barter Dartmouth College
DNF Zachary Labry Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
DNF Brian Disalle Princeton University
DNF Jeremy Furchtgott Princeton University
DNF Bilesh Ladva Princeton University

Men D1

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Carbonell Columbia University
2 Matthew Griswold Boston University
3 Matt Sack New York University
4 Joseph Clemenzi University of Massachusetts
5 Steven Derkits Penn State University
6 Charles Veronneau University of Vermont
7 Jared Mazur Monmouth University
8 Patrick Galvin University of New Hampshire
9 Jacob Bobrow University of Vermont
10 Michael Desmarais University of Vermont
11 Gregg Izzo Northeastern University
12 Craig Keasler Boston University
13 Thomas Mele University of Delaware
14 Scott Igo University of Vermont
15 Douglas Duquette Harvard University
16 Nevin Rallis University of Vermont
17 Chad Husko Columbia University
18 Nathan Oriol University of New Hampshire
19 Matthew Lewis Columbia University
20 Sean Montgomery Penn State University
21 Ian Schon Boston University
22 Sean Whitehurst Cornell University
23 Garrick Dixon Northeastern University
24 Nicholas Pacchioli Syracuse University
25 Ricardo Collado Rutgers University
26 Benjamin Hickory University of Vermont
27 Spencer Gilbert New York University
28 Jerome Sanders University of Connecticut
29 Eric Rundstrom Rutgers University
30 Will Cox University of Vermont
31 Nathaniel Coghlan University of New Hampshire
32 Ethan Suttner Cornell University
33 Will Quinn University of Pennsylvania
34 Neal Martorelli University of Vermont
35 Todd Woodlan New York University
36 James Bolognani University of New Hampshire
37 Christian Adams Rutgers University
38 Nick Rogers Temple University
39 Brad Gulick University of Pennsylvania
40 Arthur Wicks University of Delaware
41 Andrew Esherick Penn State University
42 Curt Ganeles Cornell University
43 Jingyuan Ma University of Pennsylvania
44 Sterling Waite Columbia University
45 Michael Shulman Columbia University
46 Pierre Saddi Columbia University
47 Gregory Smaldone Cornell University
48 Javier Garcia Temple University
49 Joshua Grolman University of Massachusetts
50 David Shin Columbia University
DNF Ryan Kelley University of Vermont
DNF Brian Devaney University of Vermont
DNF Jake Rozin Northeastern University
DNF Zenon Halatyn Rutgers University
DNF Brian Wilson Penn State University
DNF Christopher Comer University of Pittsburgh
DNF Christopher Sulmone University of Pennsylvania
DNF Stephen Poirier Syracuse University
DNF Rishi Madhok Columbia University
DNF Dennis Hall Columbia University
DNF David Almeida Northeastern University

Men D2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ian Rousseau Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
2 Richard Harrold Yale University
3 Stephen Thomasch Franklin and Marshall College
4 Michael Mchugh Kutztown University
5 Alan Fody Drexel University
6 Max Grant Princeton University
7 Kenneth Cheung Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
8 Jacob Yundt Rochester Institute of Technology
9 Michael Maret Millersville University
10 Will Pisarello Rochester Institute of Technology
11 Garrett Olsen Villanova University
12 Eric Gauthier Princeton University
13 Nick Garcia US Military Academy
14 Matthew Ciccocioppo Shippensburg University
15 Jared Pomerance Middlebury College
16 James Thornton US Military Academy
17 Christopher Chrisman Yale University
18 Jason Herrling Rochester Institute of Technology
19 Brian Tsien US Military Academy
20 David Quinn Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
21 Nicholas Huang Princeton University
22 Brandon Sullivan Lehigh University
23 Erik Dill Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
24 Gregory Keith US Military Academy
25 Peter Spencer US Merchant Marine Academy
26 Eric Moon Millersville University
27 William Blakeley Dartmouth College
28 Ryan Morcrette Drexel University
29 Joseph Augenbraun Williams College
30 Armando Peralta US Military Academy
31 Zachary Ybarra Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
32 Donald Leclerc Rochester Institute of Technology
33 Isaac Spingarn Stevens Institute of Technology
34 Alejandro Hidalgo Tufts University
35 Brent Heverly Drexel University
36 Chris Buehler Carnegie Mellon University
37 Andrew St louis Williams College
38 Matt Erle Tufts University
39 Leo Barber Rochester Institute of Technology
40 Joseph Bacinski Shippensburg University
41 Jacob Gerber Millersville University
42 Alexandre Dudreuil University of Montreal
43 Rashid Sadki Rochester Institute of Technology
44 Kyung soo Lee Stevens Institute of Technology
45 Arjun Sudhir Boston College
46 Cody Wertz Shippensburg University
47 Kevin Cullen US Merchant Marine Academy
48 Gregory Foti Wentworth Institute of Technology
49 David Laidig Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
50 Zachary Ellwood DeSales University
51 Carlos Nunez Stevens Institute of Technology
DNF Rock Hwang Tufts University
DNF David Wagner Yale University
DNF Raymond Junkins Stevens Institute of Technology
DNF Aaron Charniak Brown University
DNF Brenden Siekman US Military Academy
DNF Benjamin Jones Dartmouth College
DNF Collin Hair Drexel University
DNF David Hilbert University of Pennsylvania
DNF Charles Salzer Franklin and Marshall College
DNF Jocelyn Berteaud McGill University
DNF David Searle McGill University
DNF Juan Giha McGill University
DNF Mike Driscoll Bucknell University

Men Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nicholas Walulik Stevens Institute of Technology
2 Joshua Parker Brown University
3 Andrew Mitstifer Franklin and Marshall College
4 Zachary Browning Rochester Institute of Technology
5 Michael Gaskin Middlebury College
6 Spencer Schaber Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
7 Travis Wolfe Carnegie Mellon University
8 Eric Mayer Temple University
9 Clint Dager University of Delaware
10 Cornelius Rand Wentworth Institute of Technology
11 Douglas Park Rutgers University
12 John Danby McGill University
13 Christopher Cohen Brown University
14 Joshua Brande Boston University
15 David Garguilo Boston University
16 Zhiguang Ng New York University
17 Adam Cohen University of Pittsburgh
18 Yao Luo Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
19 David Rossi Franklin and Marshall College
20 Samuel Johnson Tufts University
21 Taylor James Yale University
22 Steven Karaszkiewicz University of Pittsburgh
23 Mark Pfeiffer University of Pittsburgh
24 Eric Adams University of Delaware
25 Nicholas Apostolopoulos Rutgers University
26 Joshua Luria New York University
27 Philip Gasparovic University of Delaware
28 Matthew Blackburn Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
29 Marcos Picchio Rutgers University
30 Orlando Martinez Stevens Institute of Technology
31 William Larose University of Delaware
32 Edan Golomb Stevens Institute of Technology
33 Ryan Mccaskill Wentworth Institute of Technology
34 Stefan Czerniecki McGill University
35 Max Dubin Northeastern University
36 Kehvon Thomas Boston University
37 Aaron Merriam Rutgers University
38 Robert Winnett Boston University
39 Lucas Nathan New York University
40 Robert Schwartz Cornell University
41 Adric Quackenbush Franklin and Marshall College
42 John Logan Boston College
43 Tahir Qadeer Villanova University

Women A

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anna Mcloon Harvard University
2 Kimberly Geist DeSales University
3 Mary Costelloe Kutztown University
4 Eve Mcneill Dartmouth College
5 Courtney Rehwoldt US Military Academy
6 Emma Bast Mount Holyoke College
7 Yuri Matsumoto Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
8 Rose Long University of Vermont
9 Zuzana Trnovcova Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
10 Kerry Litka University of New Hampshire
11 Morgan Farnsworth Penn State University
12 Lauren Shirock Penn State University
13 Frances Morrison Mount Holyoke College
14 Priscilla Mok Brown University
15 Victoria Bain McGill University
DNF Marie-eve Mercier McGill University
DNF Ariane Patenaude University of Montreal

Women B

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laura Ralston Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
2 Kristin Gavin Temple University
3 Cecilia Davis-hayes Williams College
4 Jessica Kutz Penn State University
5 Anna Olivier Yale University
6 Dana Tower Middlebury College
7 Emily Gassman University of Vermont
8 Andrea Notopoulos Colby College
9 Shane Ferro Columbia University
10 Nadine Chalmers McGill University
11 Anne Washburn Harvard University
12 Stephanie White University of New Hampshire
13 Erin Redl McGill University
14 Stephanie Stambaugh University of Pittsburgh
15 Caroline Savage Columbia University
16 Rebecca Levin Princeton University
17 Tara Walhart University of Pennsylvania
18 Nicole Seekely Columbia University
19 Janis Sandlin Yale University
20 Melissa Gymrek Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
21 Rebekah Morris Bucknell University
22 Maggie Sullivan Northeastern University
23 Delia Massey Colby College
24 Nicole Hilaire US Military Academy
25 Daria Van tyne Harvard University
26 Lauren Tracy Colby College
27 Kelsey Hassin US Military Academy
28 Dana Prey Boston College
29 Alynn Kakuk University of Vermont
30 Jessica Davis US Military Academy
31 Sarah Bowman Yale University
32 Allison Gehnrich University of New Hampshire
33 Jaclyn Dalessandro Northeastern University
34 Emily Daniels Bucknell University
35 Stacie Burak US Military Academy
36 Casey Williams Cornell University
37 Alisha Raehl Yale University
38 Jaime Lawlor Boston College
39 Shauna Henley University of Vermont
40 Susannah Hufstader Colby College
41 Lindsey Holland Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
42 Andrea Ward Brown University
43 Elizabeth Marcello Columbia University
DNF Chelsea Amengual Boston College
DNF Amanda Feirstein Boston College
DNF Margaret Hartman Bucknell University
DNF Lauren Andrews New York University
DNF Aimee Layton Columbia University
DNF Leah Oppenheimer University of Connecticut

Women Intro

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Karina Demair Rutgers University
2 Elizabeth Gregory University of Vermont
3 Ali Flis Drexel University
4 Rachel Bainbridge Massachusetts Institute of Technolog
5 Sarah Grogan Drexel University
6 Anna Eisenstein Boston University
7 Victoria Hanks Drexel University
8 Amy Schwarzenberg University of New Hampshire
9 Isabella Oleksy University of New Hampshire
10 Eun young Choi Harvard University
11 Katie Steere Northeastern University
12 Taylor Rojek DeSales University
13 Shreya Mehta University of Pittsburgh
14 Mary Higgins Tufts University
15 Kimberly Zubris Boston University
16 Samantha Schneider Franklin and Marshall College
17 Tricia Barstow University of New Hampshire
18 Karen Bodie McGill University
19 Cassandra Mooshian University of New Hampshire
20 Katrina Tomecek Boston University
21 Nicki Devanny University of Vermont
22 Lisa Harvey University of New Hampshire
23 Caitlin Mcardle US Military Academy
24 Megan Carlberg University of Delaware
25 Rachel Meyer University of Vermont
26 Erin Rice Tufts University
27 Amy Gassman University of Vermont
28 Veronica Wheeler McGill University
29 Caroline Handschuh Yale University
30 Leah Ross University of New Hampshire
31 Melina Ward Middlebury College
32 Ashley Nichols University of Vermont
33 Allison Seger Carnegie Mellon University
34 Jennifer Leavitt New York University
35 Katherine Ridge Temple University
36 Marie Weber Mount Holyoke College
37 Laura Amweg University of Pittsburgh
38 Allison Grover McGill University
39 Laura Allison Kutztown University
40 Ryan Hays Stevens
41 Eric Marchese Northeastern
42 Sky O'mara Northeastern
43 Carlos Nunez Stevens
44 Alejandro Hidalgo Tufts
45 Gregory Foti Wentworth
46 Jake Rozin Northeastern
47 Bryan Ramos Boston C
48 Marc Gravel Wentworth
DNF Kyung soo Lee Stevens
DNF Phillip Barr Penn State