These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Porterfield
2 Ian Clennan
3 Jose Ketterhagen
4 Faith Dasso
5 Milla Ruthven
6 Clare Anne dasso
7 Yazzen Turk
8 Emily Moyers
9 Emma Porterfield

Men 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonah Boatman
2 Zach Stein
3 Andy Jobin
4 Luke Gentry
5 Travis Turner
6 Billy Flores
8 Gabriel Porterfield
9 Jonah Norton
10 Christian Newton
11 Robert Mcdonald
14 Samir Shingala
15 Nathan Sykora
16 Ivan Castillo
18 Brandon Amaral
19 Drew Wiechnicki
20 Alan Guo

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonah Boatman
2 Nathan Sykora
3 Brian Barrow
4 Nicolas Fuentes
5 John Ketterhagen
6 Jonah Norton
7 Jonathan Neve
8 Colton Mallett
9 Samir Shingala
10 Geronimo Leonardi
DNF Quincy Padron
DNF Vito Pascolla
DNF Todd Musick
DNF Danny Nixon
DNF Paul Porterfield
DNF Eric Quiat
DNF Nic Perez
DNF Matthew Platt
DNF Geoffrey Lisch
DNF Justin Maxwell Violet Crown
DNF Dennis Lastochkin
DNF Timothy Lawrence
DNF Ray Monroy
DNF Chris Mountain
DNF Andy Mcclintic
DNF Brandon Mckinney
DNF Pat Tobin
DNF Chris Toriggino
DNF Alan Smith
DNF Steve Sprinkle
DNF Ben Weatherly
DNF Alec Zogas
DNF William Trang
DNF Darrick Walls
DNF Gary Rothera
DNF Jeremy Roussel
DNF Lee Robinson
DNF Dominic Rosato
DNF Jack Senese
DNF Tim Sharp
DNF Ralph Rust
DNF Clint Schneider
DNF Pj Kaminer
DNF Russell Broussard
DNF Stephen Brown
DNF Corey Bounds
DNF Kevin Brodwick
DNF Paul Carson
DNF Gerardo Castillo
DNF Davey Bush
DNF David Callahan
DNF Tyler Arnold
DNF Jon Ayers
DNF George Amen
DNF Aaron Amin
DNF Collin Bland
DNF Jeff Boatman
DNF Bryce Billing
DNF Chris Black
DNF John Hammond
DNF Kyle Heck
DNF Max Granat
DNF Saul Gutierrez
DNF Michael Hopkins
DNF Chris Kaiser
DNF Paulo Hernandez
DNF Nicolas Hima
DNF Joey Danahy
DNF Adir Doliner
DNF Robert Castor
DNF Blake Cutherell
DNF Ray Frias
DNF Jordan Gomez
DNF Bennett Fallow
DNF Paul Forderhase

Men Masters 35+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 P.j. Rabice
2 James Murff
3 Michael Morgovnik
4 Brant Speed
5 Christopher Lutz
6 Christian Gunther
7 Joel Rierson
8 Andrew Willis
9 David Richardson
10 Alex Rodriguez
13 Gregg Ueckert
14 John Taylor
15 Brian Leib
16 Eric Quiat
17 Russell Broussard
18 Brian Niederhaus
19 Joseph laochaloenvanich River city market racing
20 Eben Kellogg
21 Christopher Trickey
22 Brian Jackson
23 Tim Sharp
24 David Callahan

Men Pro 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gabriel Baca
2 Kevin Fish
3 Dan Ajer
4 Kent Myers
5 Jeff Henry
6 Joaquin Najar
7 Michael Reyna
8 Zach Hostetler
9 Alex Rodriguez
10 Cj Hebert
12 Mark Trimarchi
13 Jake Lanoux
15 John Taylor
16 Eric Attayi
17 Scott Veggeberg
19 Tice Porterfield
DNF Ivan Castillo
20 Zach Stein
DNF Grace Chappell
22 Justin Paschall
DNF Paul Carty
DNF Colin Bromley
23 Jordan Parker
DNF Devin Carroll
DNF Marc Coppedge
DNF Matt Demartino
DNF Oktay Demirdal
DNF Carolyn Defoore
DNF Eardie Curry
DNF Lou D'amico
DNF Ryan Weeks
DNF Drew Wiechnicki
DNF Aaron Wade
DNF Gregg Ueckert
DNF Craig Virr
DNF Erique Williams
DNF Jason Baker
DNF Robert Biard
DNF Brandon Amaral
DNF Andrew Willis
DNF Noah Wright
DNF Billy Flores
DNF Joshua Hines
DNF Eli Husted
DNF Michael Hinds
DNF Chad Hardt
DNF Meredith Miller
DNF Logan Hutchings
DNF Eben Kellogg
DNF John Korioth
DNF Leila Kasprzyk
DNF Andy Jobin
DNF Katie Kantzes
DNF Kevin Girkins
DNF Isaac Goodwin
DNF Luke Gentry
DNF James Fowler
DNF Leigh Ganzar
DNF Loren Graham
DNF Patrick Hallett
DNF Ali Hamze
DNF Maximilian Hall
DNF Bryan Mcvey
DNF William Greenwood
DNF Travis Turner
DNF Jason Newman
DNF Christian Newton
DNF Felipe Nava
DNF Michael Mull
DNF James Murff
DNF Brian Niederhaus
DNF Gabriel Porterfield
DNF Isaac Porterfield
DNF Alexander Parmiter
DNF Josh Oxendine
DNF Devin Parker
DNF Robert Mcdonald
DNF Robert Mcghee
DNF Geoffrey Maguire
DNF Joseph Lafico
DNF Christopher Lutz
DNF Justin Mcquerry
DNF Matt Moore
DNF Michael Morgovnik
DNF Nathan Miller
DNF Ronald Medlock
DNF Jimmy Miller
DNF Mason Quintana
DNF Justin Stanley
DNF Tyler stewart Dallas bike works
DNF Brant Speed
DNF Suzy Snell
DNF Ali Sobhani
DNF Marc Strong
DNF John Trujillo
DNF Gideon Tsang
DNF Christopher Trickey
DNF Angie Toriggino
DNF Christie Tracy
DNF Austin Robertson
DNF Will Ross
DNF Joel Rierson
DNF P.j. Rabice
DNF David Richardson
DNF Stefan Rothe
DNF Connor simmons ?
DNF Andrew smith Southwest cyclesport / dimensional
DNF Kate Sherwin
DNF Kevin Schaefer
DNF Nathan Sheetz

Women 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Monica Merced
2 Caitlin Friesen
3 Rhonda Mckinney
4 Shelby Bean
5 Haley Weaver
6 Nadia Barrera
7 Cinthia Pedraza
8 Pamela Ferguson
9 Celina Richardson
10 Lori Bergeron
11 Yen Nguyen
12 Rebecca Cohen
13 Angie Toriggino
14 Chrissie Smolders gomez
15 Ariana Khu
16 Estefy Gonzalez
17 Katherine Pierce
18 Shannon Bryant
19 Laura Carbonneau
20 Samantha Wipff
21 Sonya Manson
22 Elizabeth Reiter
23 Jessica Miller
24 Lora Popolizio

Women Pro 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kate Sherwin
2 Carolyn Defoore
3 Leigh Ganzar
4 Christie Tracy
5 Caitlin Friesen
6 Pamela Ferguson
7 Leila Kasprzyk
8 Allison Atkinson

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