These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeremy Grigg
2 John Fratinardo Dogfish/Team Noah
3 Brian Grace Big Tree Cycling
4 Jaime Cancel
5 Nick Hogan
6 Toby Dogwiler Springfield Brewing Company
7 Eric Belk
8 Austin Hess SBS-PDG
9 Daniel Cicha Lindenwood University
10 Zach Hatcher
11 Michael link Big tree cycling
12 Michael Levitsky
13 Wesley Wright BRC
14 Shawn Hayden Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
15 Alan Rosen
16 Rich Wu BPC Cycling
17 Fred Brand SBC Cycling
18 Jeremy Canady SBC Cycling
19 Jared Meyer
20 Erin Dolan SBC Cycling
21 Isaac Vanderhoff
22 Jeff Albright SBS-PDG
23 Paul Campo
24 Stuart Johnson
25 Dwayne Accardo BPC Cycling
26 Matt Harrison SBS-PDG
27 Dave Schweitzer Ozark Cycling Club
28 Jay Enge
29 Jared Blackburn Quantum Solutions Intelligentsia
30 Brett Link
31 Neil Chanter SBC Cycling
32 Andrew Dettmer Springfield Brewing Company
33 Sean Heaton
34 Chris Miller
35 Ken Starnes Springfield Brewing Company
36 Zekiel Vanderhoff
37 John Long
38 Joe Gregg
39 Russell Ussery SBC Cycling
40 Jonathan Traughber Springfield Brewing Company
41 Deckard Wesley
42 Joe Presley
43 Caleb Davis SBS-PDG
44 Don Buttram
45 Michael Jager
46 Tyler Ussery
47 James Lee SBC Cycling
48 Tyler Batton
49 Jeff Hughey BPC Cycling
50 Peter Hill
51 Brad Heath
52 Patrick Lee
53 Brandon Blake
54 Steven Belcher
55 Dave Smay SBC Cycling
56 Todd Gammon

Men Masters 40+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ben Beger Momentum Racing LLC - MO
2 Dathan Atchison SBC Cycling
3 Jason Evans Walmart/GPP Cycling Team
4 Bill Sowers Walmart/GPP Cycling Team
5 Randy Mcintosh
6 Ben Stringer
7 Mike Ivancic US Military Endurance Sports
8 Ken Starnes Springfield Brewing Company
9 Kenneth Holland SBC Cycling
DNF Joseph Rapp Momentum Racing LLC - MO

Men Masters 50+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bernd Faust
2 Joe Engel Walmart/GPP Cycling Team
3 John Jones Kuat Team Racing
4 Francisco Bugarin
5 Juan Ramirez Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Team
6 Thomas Bendson Borah Factory Racing
7 Greg Bennett
8 Robert Ellis Ozark Cycling Club
9 Peter Van rhein SBC Cycling
10 Vince Deblasi Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Team
11 Tom Reinbold
12 Michael Hendrickson
DNF Don Buttram

Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Derek Cote Team ERRACE
2 Jonah Meadvancort UCI CT: CCB Velotooler
3 Keaton Hanson
4 Andrew Lister The Cyclery Racing Team
5 Jason Colestock NorthStar Development Cycling
6 Lane Johnson Move Up Development
7 Andrew Lang
8 Trevor Lister The Cyclery Racing Team
9 Luke Pearse The Cyclery Racing Team
10 Zachary Scharnhorst Momentum Racing LLC - MO
11 Michael Bruzina Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
12 Mark Hitzhusen Momentum Racing LLC - MO
13 Jerred Brackett
14 Jim Farasy
15 Gary Dyer
16 Cale Mcaninch
17 Anthony Dust The Cyclery Racing Team
18 Paul Erickson
19 Jim Coker
DNF Chase Blackburn Quantum Solutions Intelligentsia
DNF JP Brocket Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
DNF Peter Krause Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
DNF Derek Bass
DNF Brian Bradley Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
DNF Adam Lang

Women Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danielle Bradley SBC Cycling
2 Missy Belk
3 Ellie Morgenthaler Naked Women's
4 Cynthia Bradley
5 Sanya Lenahan
6 Keziah Vanderhoff
7 Alia Vanderhoff
8 Patti Vanderhoff
9 Tina Latham
10 Taryn Belcher Springfield Brewing Company
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