These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Micah Engle Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock 0:53:33
2 Manuel Caliz Shirks Racing Presented by Trek
3 Patrick Gellineau Team Squiggle
4 Mitchell Jacaruso CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
5 Timothy Manzella Drexel University
6 Wei Chen CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
7 Anthony Baldo Upstate Velo
8 Bryan Fried CRCA / Teany Cycling
9 Hammean Walker Major Taylor Iron Racing Racing Te
10 Teddy Kozlowski Liberty Cycle
11 Michael Coyle
12 Dan Lavelle Philadelphia Ciclismo
13 Greg Horrocks Campanohvac/
14 David Anthony CRCA/BH Garneau
15 Jonathan Glick Shirk's Racing presented by Trek B
16 Steve Hylton Century Road Club Association
17 Drew Karlberg World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team
18 Taylor Lantz Shirk's Racing Presented by Trek
19 Chris Peris Thru It All Body Shop
20 Erik Mitchell Philadelphia Ciclismo
21 Ryan Shank QCW/

Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rob Price 0:51:49
2 Jarrod Wysock
3 Jeff Godfrey Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
4 Josh Case
5 Connor Campbell
6 Alec White -IFRACTAL
7 Kevin Deibert UpstateVelo
8 Leroy Hayes
9 Chris Peris Thru It All Body Shop
10 Brian Hazenski Upstate Velo
11 Josh Carter Philadelphia Ciclismo
12 Dakota Schaeffer Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock
13 Daniel Wood
14 Tyler Mower Young Medalists / Team Rothrock
15 Samuel Cowans
16 Nick Puza
17 Stuart Witkowski Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock
18 Sheldon Mckinley UNH
19 Eric Andreus Chester County Cycling Foundation
20 Mark Dennis Blue Mountain Velo
21 Brian Tino
22 Harry Chen Colavita Racing Inc.
23 Erik Rauterkus Team Citius
24 Michael Bowman Blue Mountain Velo
25 Marcello Cesario Young Medalists / Team ROTHROCK
26 Karl Schipul Cycle Fitness

Cat 5/Citizen

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Stoslich 0:22:26
2 Nick Puza
3 Karl Schipul Cycle Fitness
4 Dennis Puza
5 Chuck Berneski
6 Chris Arnone
7 Phil Boyle
8 Richard Rock
9 Jake Schell
10 Peter paul Ferro
11 Richard Moor

Junior Boys 15-16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Greg Ratzell Young Medalists / Team Rothrock 0:35:02
2 Teddy Kozlowski Liberty Cycle
3 Zachary Houlik Young Medalists/Team Rothrock
4 Luke Bateman Young Medalists/Team Rothrock
5 Jeremy Boyle Young Medalist / Team Rothrock

Junior Boys 17-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
2 Luke Lukas upstate velo
3 Erik Danielewicz Bike King Racing
4 Brandon Niskala

Junior Girls 15-16

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nadia Latzgo Young Medalists/Team Rothrock

Master 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 John Spittal Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc 0:45:16
2 Robert Grimwood PA Masters RC
3 Ken Wareham Thru It All Body Shop
4 Martin Mrugal PA Masters RC
5 Nao Yamashita Cycledrome
6 Joe Hamilton PA Masters RC
7 Michael Csuy PA Masters RC
8 Art Miller Thru-It-All Body Shop
9 Brad Ober Thru-It-All Body Shop Inc
10 Patrick Kennedy Liberty Cycle
11 Tom Ratzell GS Simmeria
12 Jesse Gydosh Upstate Velo
13 Joseph Piscitello Pa Masters rc.
14 Joseph Kenas Guys Racing Club
15 Michael Fink Morgan Stanley/ Smith Barney/ Mark
16 Darin Benson Thru It All Body Shop Inc
17 Greg Danielewicz Bike King Racing
18 Paul Gross Bike King Racing

Pro 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Shebelsky Team Alliance Environmental 1:14:57
2 Iggy Silva Wonderful Pistachios
3 David Novak Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club
4 Geron Williams Continental Cycle Club
5 Barry Miller Glacial Energy / Pista Elite
6 Mark Light Liberty Cycle
7 Wesley Kline Project U23 Bike Loft East
8 Jamie Clinton Team Alliance Enviromental
9 Thomas Schubert Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's Racing Te
10 Brett Kielick
11 Eric Salzer Chester County Velo
12 Wei Chen CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing
13 Teddy Kozlowski Liberty Cycle
14 Michael Miller Team Alliance Environmental
15 Erik Mitchell Philly Ciclismo

Womens Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jessica Chong Morgan Stanley Cycling Team 0:47:32
2 Dana Walton Chester County Cycling Foundation
3 Jacqueline Paull Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cycler
4 Lindsey Toman - IFRACTAL
5 Jennifer Bollinger Chester County Cycling Foundation
6 Andrea Luebbe Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
7 Anne Racioppi Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell
8 Julia Lonchar Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
9 Kelly Desharnais Bucknell Cycling
10 Jacqueline Mcclure
11 Kelley Bethoney PAthene Women's Cycling Team
12 Elizabeth Tyrell Team Somerset
13 Pamela Schmaldinst Team Vortex
14 Rebekah Morris
15 Kerry Potter-gydosh Upstate Velo
16 Antonina Esposto Young Medalists/Team Rothrock
17 Jory Wamsley Team Alliance Environmental
18 Dana Cuomo Thru-It-All Cycling Team
19 Patricia Marzi Chester County Cycling Foundation
20 Valerie Gould Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell