These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

senior Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brendan Pearce Century Road Club Assoc
2 Juan Pineda Montclair Bikery Racing
3 Juan Suarez 0
4 Edward Sirya 0
5 Erlin Garcia Century Road Club Assoc
6 Alejandro Guzman Century Road Club Assoc
7 Juan Pimentel jr. 0
8 Matthew Jogodnik Montclair Bikery Racing
9 Roman Onosovski Century Road Club Assoc
10 Gabriel Tonin Cuevas Cycling Development
11 William Brunner Montclair Bikery Racing
12 Didier Forero #N/A
13 Evan Fineman Century Road Club Assoc
14 Charlie Rey 0
15 John Wain 0
16 Richard Gonzalez Mid Atl Masters Bicycle Org
17 Raul Galliano DeathRow Velo
19 Malcolm Mitchell EDGE Racing
20 Daghan Perker Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Mark Alden Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Ken Plundeke Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Gerardo Martinez Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Jeffrey Garcia 0
DNF Jackson Vogel 0
DNF David Adornato Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Martinez Ramon #N/A
DNF Acosta Ismael #N/A
DNF Roger Aspholm Finkraft
DNF Marc Gagliano Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Haluk Sarci Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Ramon Melian Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Uber Uribe Montclair Bikery Racing
DNF Romel Campbell Westwood Velo
DNF Andrew Petti Century Road Club Assoc
DNF Didier Forero #N/A
DNF Richard Scudney Century Road Club Assoc

senior Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anthony Santana
2 Henry Bostian
3 Christopher Forenbaher
4 Noah Altman
5 Mario Irvin crespo
6 Darrell Tucker
7 Emmett Gross
8 Juan Henriquez
9 Christopher Cheetham
10 Jason Bell
11 Christopher Dudko Rivertowns Racing
12 Sung Pak
14 Eversley Corbin jr
15 Mauricio Mino
16 Kamil Kurylo
17 Jon Tze
18 Glenn Pernick
DNF Serguei Tiourine
19 Nicholas Bevilacqua
DNF Federico Melo
DNF Noel Johnson
DNF Robert Marcus
DNF Geoffrey Landman
DNF Akin Dorsett
DNF Joseph Bachana
DNF Wendy Palacio
DNF Andrew Leone
DNF Efrain Molina
DNF Johnie Way
DNF Michael Elias
DNF Rodrigo Garcia
DNF Roger Billharz
DNF Julian Banks
DNF Joseph Meyerfuchs
DNF Jose Medina
DNF Wojtek Komsta
DNF Julius Erwin quito
DNF Brett Halpern
DNF Dan Goldberg
DNF Rich Rosado
DNF Matthew Rosenberg
DNF Julian Fernandez
DNF Daniel Goldsmith
DNF Khrystopher Murrell
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