These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Dentel Bicycles Plus Racing Team 2:45:13
2 Maurizio Topini The Woodlands Cycling Club 2:45:47
3 Tomer Tzafrir 2:55:23
4 Scott Boldt Team Elevate Racing s.t.
5 Brian Mcandrews Thirsty Bear Cycling s.t.
6 David Kim Bike Lab Racing Team 3:30:03
DNF Nathan Wainwright Cadence Cyclery DNF
DNF Angelo Delgado Cadence cyclery DNF
DNF Craig Miller Audi Reno-Tahoe Cycling DNF
DNF Jason Ross Rockwall Racing DNF

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jason Perkins 2:45:13
2 Michael Anderson Bay Area Cycling s.t.
3 Taylor Pruet Shama Cycles 2:45:18
4 Will Sharp Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc. 2:47:03
5 Richard Hellberg Dallas Bike Works 2:47:09
6 John Ketterhagen Super Squadra pb Eliel Cycling s.t.
7 Juan Restrepo silcarbon s.t.
8 Rod Colletti Bay Area Cycling Race s.t.
9 Brandon Copley Violet Crown s.t.
11 James Kennedy Playtri Race Team s.t.
12 Timothy Palyukh Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
13 Max Tucker s.t.
14 Lawrence Gibson Rockwall Racing s.t.
15 Cody Melton Rock Riders Cycling s.t.
16 Bryce Billing Violet Crown 2:47:18
17 Michael Morriss 360 Racing s.t.
18 Brett Ross Rockwall Racing 2:47:20
19 Patrick Breen Dallas Bike Works 2:47:23
20 Jeff Makohon Rockwall Racing 2:47:40
21 Shawn Bentley Bicycles Plus Racing 2:48:09
22 Tony Hopkins Team Elevate Racing 2:50:32
23 Brandon Mckinney VooDoo Racing 2:55:12
24 Brian Moynihan Tilt Racing Pb Velofix 3:02:01
25 Bernave Velasquez RABPERZ+ s.t.
26 Zack Gonzales 3:05:18
DNF Gabriel Ortiz Bicycles Plus Racing DNF
DNF Alex Greenwald PHENOM p/b Phobio DNF
DNF Rodolfo Arredondo DNF
DNF Gregory Lastrapes Cantu Cycling Wheels DNF
DNF Pieter Verhoeven Bay Area Cycling DNF

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brent Hartsell Bicycles Plus Racing 1:50:13
2 Jonathan Browning Fresh Racing s.t.
3 Brian Luciano NorthWest Cycling Club s.t.
4 Andrew Thomson Violet Crown s.t.
5 Nicholas Petrov Cadence Cyclery pb Audi of McKinney s.t.
6 Jason Rose Northwest Cycling Club s.t.
7 Bryan Haring Rockwall Racing s.t.
8 Max Duran Elevate-KHS s.t.
9 Swoad Rahman Mad Duck Cyclery s.t.
10 David Sandvig Violet Crown s.t.
11 Keith Bartholomew Team Bicycles Inc s.t.
12 Ben Weatherly s.t.
13 Seth Inurrigarro Rockwall Racing s.t.
14 Jack Makohon Rockwall Racing s.t.
15 Kolbe Surran Jesuit Dallas s.t.
16 Casey Lee Bicycles Plus Racing 1:50:18
17 Peter Murray s.t.
18 Jeffrey Mayhall 1:50:49
19 Jay Mccullough Violet Crown Racing 1:54:18
20 Jose Ketterhagen 787 Racing 1:56:24
21 Paul Porterfield Weaver Technologies Racing 2:07:03
22 Evan Roberts 2:09:17
23 Alexander Bartz NWCC 2:11:14
24 Steven Clarke PHENOM p/b Phobio 2:20:04
DNF Eric Quiat Violet Crown DNF
DNF Iszac Rose Northwest Cycling Club DNF
DNF Joseph Fadhil Matrix/RBM DNF

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Mccormick MBBC Racing 0:55:53
2 James Ruedlinger jr. s.t.
3 Chase Hawkins McKinney Velo s.t.
4 Alex Bowman s.t.
5 Ben Owens Matrix/RBM s.t.
6 Glenn Tang Violet Crown s.t.
7 Daniel Barski Midwestern State University s.t.
8 Wil Mercado 0:56:01
9 Scott Ferguson Texas Tech Cycling Club 0:56:04
10 Morgan Ballesteros Midwestern State University 0:56:08
11 James Struble ViM Racing 0:56:51
12 Hayden Hyde Rogue/Righteous Foods s.t.
13 Steve Conry Bicycles Plus 0:59:51
14 Dylan Hebert Bicycle Sport Shop 0:59:57
15 Aaron Benton Midwestern State University 1:00:46
16 Robert Ludwick USMES 1:12:33
17 Eric Hightower 1:23:54
DNF Randal Morgan VIM Racing DNF
DNF Roger Johnson Staplegun Racing DNF

Men Junior 10-18 Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christian Deschamps NWCC 1:04:09
2 Matthew Kirtman Violet Crown 1:04:56
3 Buck Popolo Jesuit Dallas s.t.
4 Saul Cano Jesuit Dallas s.t.
5 Noah Holben Jesuit Dallas 1:05:03
6 Donoven Francis Jesuit Dallas 1:05:15
7 Cristobal De oyarzabal barba Jesuit Dallas 1:06:28
8 Ethan Benedict Jesuit Dallas 1:06:31
9 Aven Hurwich 1:06:33
10 Maximiliano Alvarez Dallas Racing 1:07:42
11 Jack Perdue Jesuit Dallas 1:08:43
12 Ethan Gan-dy Jesuit Dallas 1:19:36
13 Lucas Rose Northwest Cycling Club 1:25:38

Men Master 35+ Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joseph Burda McKinney Velo Club 1:52:02
2 Clint Westhoff s.t.
3 Jesse Danner Hilltop Bicycle Center 1:53:13
4 Russell Carawan Mirage s.t.
5 Matt Borowski Team Bicycles Plus s.t.
6 Paul Waller Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
7 Jason Bradberry Mirage Cycling s.t.
8 Philip Butler Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
9 Gerry Douglas PACC Racing s.t.
10 Steve Chisholm PACC s.t.
11 Greg Gibbs Crest RBM Racing 1:53:17
12 Pat Luciano Northwest Cycling Club s.t.
13 Jeff Delavega Hilltop Racing 1:54:11
14 Bryan Oyler 1:54:18
15 Hector Mendoza jr McKinney Velo 1:54:30
16 John Mann Frisco Cycling-Crest/RBM Racing 1:54:35
17 Michael baker Tbi - dedicated race team McKinney Velo 1:55:00
18 Daniel Gaspard NWCC 1:55:29
19 Guillermo Ordenana CREST/RBM CYCLING 1:55:34
20 Albert Sweany MBBC Racing 1:55:51
21 Jon Ayers Blur Racing p/b Blur Cycleworks 1:55:54
22 Kevin Duncan Northwest Cycling Club s.t.
23 Joel Shewry Mckinney Velo 1:56:04
24 Steven Chow Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
25 Vincenzo Peccarino Hilltop Racing 1:56:18
26 Francois Leroux USCBB Cyclisme s.t.
27 Andy Boedeker Crest/RBM 1:59:13
28 Ryan Lindberg Hilltop Racing 1:59:40
29 Paul Konrad Crest / RBM Racing 1:59:59
30 Brett Platt Mckinney Velo Club 2:02:44
31 Mike Mckee Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
DNF Daniel Neice PACC Racing DNF
DNF Mark Barnett Southwest Cycling Club DNF

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jordan Ransom GS Tenzing 2:41:55
2 Joel Hawks Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
3 John Chu Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
4 Luis E rosero Team Cadence Cyclery 2:41:58
5 Jason Lewiss ATC Racing s.t.
6 Douglas Pedersen Team Cadence Cyclery 2:42:06
7 Steve Dodge PACC Racing 2:42:15
8 John Sommer PACC 2:42:34
9 Paul Bonds DNA Racing 2:43:28
10 Sam Findlater Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
11 Gary Derheim Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
12 Mark Weir GS Tenzing s.t.
13 Stephen Borski PACC Racing s.t.
14 Michael Lewis Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 2:43:33
15 Jeff Kohn Northwest Cycling Club Race Team s.t.
16 Jesus Chaparro Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycle Plus 2:46:20
17 Bradley Herle Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 2:55:12
18 Ramon Galindo 2:55:17
19 Eric Warnsman Blur Racing p/b Blur Cycleworks 3:08:46
20 Goran Petrovski Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 3:11:22
DNF Michael Wert GS Tenzing DNF
DNF Willem Van der gryp Crest/RBM Cycling DNF

Men Master 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jeffry Fene McKinney Velo 2:49:50
2 Darrell Hull A' Bloc s.t.
3 Michael Ereli A' Bloc s.t.
4 Lin Waters PACC s.t.
5 Mike Reade McKinney Velo s.t.
6 Michael Steeves PACC 2:50:11
7 Geoffrey Maguire A' Bloc 3:01:44
8 Rich Dotson Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 3:04:55
9 Sheldon Plahn 3:14:42
10 Oren Tucker 3:18:16
11 Joseph Nguyen Geri Atrix s.t.
DNF Jorge Merle Merritt Hawkins AMN / Sun & Ski DNF
DNF Anthony Marlar Team Elevate Racing DNF
DNF Scott Munroe A' Bloc DNF
DNF John Mansell Rallysport DNF
DNF Michael Gacki Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus DNF
DNF Gerardo Chaparro Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus DNF
DNF Emiliano Herran Nashville local Cycling DNF
DNF Mike Faber A Bloc DNF
DNF Rick Francis B&B Trek Racing DNF
DNF Todd Lafleur Windsor Door p/b Bicycles Plus DNF
DNF Mark Brandt United Cycling Team DNF
DNF Russell Wiseman Team Heroes/Motion Cycling DNF
24 Jimmy Olsen Merritt Hawkins Healthcare /Sun & Ski Sports DSQ

Men Master 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tom Harrison McKinney Velo 2:49:53
2 George Heagerty Geri Atrix 2:50:11
3 Charlie Johnson Southwest Cycling Club Racing 3:04:55
4 Val Lincecum Spirit of the Pack 3:16:38
5 Gary Todd Team LaS'port 3:18:15
DNF Doug Schwegel A'Bloc DNF
DNF Whitney Fanning Geri Atrix DNF

Men P/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Nick Torraca Elevate-KHS 3:19:57
2 David Gaona 3:20:08
3 Grayson Keppler Giant_Lakeside Audi McKinney p.b. ROKA 3:21:10
4 Kyle anderson Park place dealerships Team CCR Roofing s.t.
5 Preston Glace Super Squadra pb Eliel Cycling s.t.
6 Chris Carlson Matrix/RBM s.t.
7 Patton Sims Palmer Cycling s.t.
8 Zach Stein Team CCR Roofing s.t.
9 Brady Reed Strike Cycling s.t.
10 Justin Stanley ELBOWZ Racing s.t.
11 Patrick Mannon Strike Cycling 3:21:13
12 Fred Vincent Palmer Cycling 3:21:18
13 Tyrel Fuchs Elevate-KHS s.t.
14 Bret Crosby 3:21:42
15 Beau Edwards Team CCR Roofing 3:21:49
16 Stefan Rothe ELBOWZ Racing 3:22:11
17 Emiliano Morales Team CCR Roofing 3:23:02
18 Mark Niiro Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka 3:23:41
19 Michael J. smith Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka s.t.
20 Shane Poncik Strike Cycling 3:24:17
21 Kyle Swanson ELBOWZ Racing 3:26:37
22 Justin Mcquerry Giant Lakeside - Audi McKinney p/b ROKA 3:27:31
23 John Ryan Matrix/RBM 3:28:12
24 Michael Pincus Team CCR Roofing s.t.
25 Randy Lee Bicycles Plus Racing 3:28:43
26 Eames Bennett Blue Agave Racing s.t.
27 Michael Vitale Bicycles Plus Racing 3:31:33
28 Alistair Sponsel Red Kite Bicycle Studio s.t.
DNF Charles Krouse Ride Away Cycling Club DNF
DNF Joshua Buchel Strike Cycling DNF
DNF Joseph Emmons Matrix/RBM DNF
DNF Mario Arroyave Elevate/KHS DNF
DNF Adam Biwan Bicycles Plus Racing DNF
DNF Riley Walberg GS Tenzing DNF
DNF Andy Heuser Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka DNF
DNF Taylor Hanegan LaS'port Elite DNF
DNF Christopher Hanson Giant_Lakeside Audi McKinney pb ROKA DNF
DNF Chris Tolley ELBOWZ Racing DNF
DNF Jakub Valigura Full Cycle MTB Team DNF
DNF Jonathan Spangle Strike Cycling DNF

Women Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Carolyn Defoore Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads 3:10:54
2 Leigh Ganzar Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads s.t.
3 Christie Tracy ATC Racing s.t.
4 Sheri Rothe Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads 3:11:13
5 Monica Merced PHENOM p/b Phobio 3:24:53
6 Maddie Woolley Mad Duck Cyclery s.t.
7 Amanda Eid Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads s.t.
8 Samantha Goldenstein Bicycle Heaven s.t.
9 Emily Beaudoin PHENOM p/b Phobio s.t.
10 Nikki Ulug PHENOM p/b Phobio s.t.
11 Solymar Rivera Merritt Hawkins AMN / Sun & Ski s.t.
12 Amy Floyd Midwestern State University s.t.
13 Chelsea Smith ATC Racing s.t.
14 Grace Chappell Wolfpack p/b Hyperthreads 3:24:56
15 Christina Rigsby s.t.
16 Kellie Nelson Matrix/RBM 3:24:58
17 Sheree Tomba Matrix/RBM 3:25:07
18 Samantha Wipff PHENOM p/b Phobio 3:25:14
19 Angela Man Shama Cycles 3:25:38
20 Elizabeth Korinek Matrix/RBM 3:28:44
21 Noni Bertagnoli Merritt Hawkins AMN / Sun & Ski 3:34:14
22 Flora Lang PHENOM p/b Phobio 3:34:16
DNF Neidi Miller Matrix/RBM DNF

Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Gossett Bicycles Plus Racing 1:04:35
2 Melanie Clancy October Three Racing s.t.
3 Susan Seaborne Gold Dust s.t.
4 Jacqueline Howard Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
5 Emily Trahan Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
6 Irene Benavides perez NWCC 1:05:17
7 Lauren Koon Cadence Cyclery 1:05:23
8 Emily Slack Bicycles Plus Racing 1:05:25
9 Christina James Team Bicycles Plus 1:05:41
10 Giana Bertagnoli Merritt Hawkins AMN/Sun & Ski 1:07:14
11 Kaylee Garvey Fresh Race Team 1:07:37
12 Mya Duncan Northwest Cycling Club 1:09:06
13 Jessica Alexander Ruckus Racing Project 1:09:08
14 Yen Nguyen Violet Crown Sport Association 1:14:10
15 Rola Daaboul Violet Crown Sports Association 1:15:07
16 Deborah Thorn 1:26:17
17 Kelci Molina Crest-RBM Cycling 1:29:46
18 Kristin Blaise Fresh Race Team 1:39:18
DNF Kate Thomson Violet Crown DNF
DNF Elaine Roberts Crest RBM Racing DNF
DNF Meredith Rawls Hilltop Racing DNF
DNF Kayla Bass Fresh DNF

Women Junior 10-18 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time

Women Master 40+ Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kim Murphy FCS|DNA Cycling Regional Team p/b JobDox 1:04:36
2 Sonya Manson Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
3 Kim Chance Matrix/RBM s.t.
4 Christy Richbourg FRESH s.t.
5 April Mcclure Violet Crown Sports Association s.t.
6 Tamra Roberts Violet Crown Sports Assoc 1:04:41
7 Kerilyn Scoville NWCC 1:05:22
8 Melissa Rodriguez Cadence Cyclery 1:06:17
9 Rhonda Green MBBC Racing 1:08:08
10 Kathy Garrett Northwest Cycling Club Racing 1:15:08
11 Ashley Lesniewski Shama Cycles 1:26:22
DNF Jen Baron Hilltop Racing DNF
DNF Tory Wilgar Violet Crown DNF