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Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, August 15, 2009

BLISTERED BUTT ROAD RACE Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, August 15, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Pro-1-2-3  (44 Miles)
1   Melito        Heredia            Innovation
2   Adam          Alexander          Foundation
3   Luis          Perez Fernandes    Mauricio Baez
4   Joshua        Alexander          Team Foundation
5   Jermaine      Burrowes           WS United/Sheepshead
6   Filip         Capala             Capala Bros/Polska
7   Stephen       Dioslaki           Team Metro
8   Curt          Davis              FIORDIFRUTTA
9   Miguelangel   Blanco
10  Franklin      Burgos             Western Union
11  Thomas        Bencivengo         Sommerville Sport
12  Tadeusz       Marszalek          Sommerville
13  Leigh         Sorrells           FIORDIFRUTTA
14  Wilson        Vasquez            Champion Systems
15  Anthony       Lowe               United

Masters  (34 Miles)
1   Kevin         McNeill            Major Taylor Iron Riders
2   Marc          Cesare             Deno�s Wonder Wheel
3   Hammean       Walker             Major Taylor Iron Riders
4   Alessandro    Matteucci          BVF
5   Gerry         Martinez           Global Locate
6   Jan           Miko               GBSC
7   Tim           Spence             CRCA - Axis
8   Peter         Biamonte           BVF
9   Juan          Pimentel           Global Locate
10  Frank         Arroyo             CRCA Pacifico

WOMEN (37 Miles)
1   Donna         McMahon            Radical Media

Category 4  (27 Miles)
1   Jason         Voight             unattached
2   Sean          Barry              unattached
3   Scott         Savory             unattached
4   Christian     Venegas            unattached
5   Christian     Samuels            No Mountain
6   paul          Daniels            NYAC
7   Robert        Lombardi           BVF
8   Jorge         Orrego             Strictly Bicycles
9   Carl          Nelson             M.K.
10  Juan          Nunez    

Category 5  (17 Miles)
1   Aivel         Gorda
2   kevin         Rooney             CRCA
3   Elezar        Torres             Chelsea
4   Misha         Chiporukha
5   Jorge         Torres             Chelsea
6   Joseph        Meyer-Fuchs        Bahati Racing
7   Andrew        Lawson             Laurel Bicycle Club
8   Anthony       Freeman
9   Juan          Orrego             Strictly Bicycles
10  Nick          Carnevale          CRCA

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