Dave Panella Memorial Cyclocross Race

Binghamton, NY

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dave Panella Memorial Cyclocross Race Presented by Brewery Ommegang, Road ID, RawRev, Outlaw Earth, Soul Cycles, Nezuntoz, & Peranich Painting Ely Park Golf Course- Binghamton, NY Sunday, November 15, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Masters Women.
Place    Name                            Team
1        Lilynn Graves                   Velo Bela
2        Karla Eisch                     TVC

Open Women:
Place    Name                            Team
1        Ruth Sherman                    Corning Race Team
2        Vanessa McCaffey                Mission in Motion/ TVC
3        DeLana Spaulding                Mission in Motion/ TVC
4        Marsha Kapinus                  Mission in Motion/ TVC
5        Dana Cooreman                   MVBC
6        Robina Moyer                    Bing MTB
7        Heather Ludwig                  Mission in Motion/ TVC
8        Ellen Kessell                   Artemis
9        Jackie Hendrickson              Mission in Motion/ TVC

Juniors Women
Place    Name                            Team
1        Julie Erickson                  FLCC

Juniors Men
Place    Name                            Team
1        Eli Robinson                    FLCC

Open Men:
Place    Name                            Team
1        Ramon MiradeOnda
2        Josh �West Coast� Miner         Chenango Point Cycles
3        Felix Naschold                  FLCC
4         Benjamin Kraft                 FLCC
5        Mike �Huggies� Kumiega          Team Ommegang
6        Fred Harle
7        Chris Jones                     RUUD Racing- TVC
8        Gordon Stevens
9        Eli Robenson (Jr)               FLCC
10       Robert Hanlon                   SpokePost.com
11       David Ferrett
12       Peter Blenkiron                 FLCC
13       Doug Trojan                     Syracuse
14       Ernie  � I can do them all�BayleChris Cookies, FLCC
15       William Morgan                  TVC
16       Wesley Hadzor
17       John Hendrickson                RUUD Racing- TVC
18       Christopher Galli
19       Daniel Ohart
20       Cory Peranich                   Team Ommegang
21       Norbert Higgins                 Bing MTB
22       Elliot Wagner                   Chenango Point Cycles
23       Brian Reynolds

Masters Men:
Place    Name                            Team
1        Gregg Drum                      Team Ommegang
2        Glenn Swan                      Chris Cookies/ FLCC
3        Ernie �Again� Bayles            Chris Cookies/ FLCC
4        AJ Finkelstein                  Chenango Point Cycles
5         Andrew Rost
6        Karl � The King� Faruzel        Team Ommegang
7        Ad Stabel
8         Bill Erickson                  FLCC
9         Paul Speranza                  Beans
10       Pat Kapinus                     RUUD Racing / TVC
11        Mark Williams                  MVBC
12       Mark Shenstone                  FLCC
13       Steve Burdette
14       Tim �Alien Invader � Leonard    MVBC
15       Daniel Defrees
16       David Frostchap
17       Bob Nunnink                     Corning Race Team
18       Jack Roeckheim -1               FLCC
19       David Prugh -1
20       Jeff Moyer -1                   Bing MTB
21       Mike Morgan -1                  RUUD Racing / TVC
22       Elliot  �Single Speed� Wagner-1 Chenango Point Cycles
23       Eric Ruehlman -1                Bing MTB
24       Ed Burns -1                     TVC
25       Thomas Kanyak -1                TVC
26       Dan �Pops� OBrien -1            TVC
27        George Elmy -1                 RUUD Racing / TVC
28       Mike Peter -1
29       Brian Reynolds -1

Sorry for any spelling errors. Thanks to all that participated. The King

Team Relay Event-13 teams
Top 4
Place    Name
1        Dave Yacobelli / Farl Faruzel
2        Josh Miner / Ruth Sherman
3        Time Leonard/ Andrew Ross
4        Delana Spaulding / Glenn Swan

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