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2010 Bethel Spring Series - Bethel CDP Gold Race

Carpe Diem Racing, LL

Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Bethel Spring Series - Bethel CDP Gold Race Presented by Carpe Diem Racing, LLC & Expo Wheelmen Bethel, CT Sunday, March 28, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 5 Race 1
Place  Name                               Team
1      Sam           Rosenholtz           Green Line Velo
2      Jefferson     Lima                 Navone Studios
3      michael       pugrab               pedal power
4      Lorenzo       Grippo               Tarmac Cycling
5      Blaine        Hurty
6      Hank          Osborn               Tarmac Cycling
7      Thomas        Biederer
8      Sean          Smith                Champion Systems
9      Jim           Klewicki
10     Jake          Colvin               North Haven Bike
11     Daniel        Caridi
12     Jacinto       Pereira
13     Glenn         Hoffman
14     Robert        Jacobson             Unattached
15     Craig         Thaler               Tarmac Cycling
16     Paul          Lapin                Unattached
17     Antonio       Diaz                 Cheshire Cycling Racing
18     Gary          Quinlin              Unattached
19     David         Englert              Bethel Cycle Sport Club
20     Steve         Burrows              Unattached

Cat 5 Race 2
Place  Name                               Team
1      Edinilson     Da Silva             Navone Studios
2      Christopher   DeLuco               Tarmac Cycling
3      Gercy         Barboza De Morass    Navone Studios
4      Andrew        Payne                Bethel Cycle
5      John          Kladis               Tarmac Cycling
6      myles         partellow            tarmac cycling
7      Rob           Haberbusch           Tarmac Cycling
8      James         Kelly
9      Peter         Kuhn                 Unattached
10     Steve         Taggart              Bicycle Doctor
11     Patrick       Murray               Unattached
12     Alexander     Granick              Bethel Cycle Sport Club
13     Steve         Arket                Pawling Cycle Club
14     michael       ruiz                 targetraining
15     Kurt          Anderson             Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump
16     Andre         Cullen               Unattached
17     Eric          Eckley               Team
18     Nicolas       Catlin               Team Danbury Audi/Pedal and Pump
19     Erik          Brown                Unattached
20     jeffrey       lesser               targetraining tri and cycle

Cat 4
Place  Name                               Team
1      Paul          LeStage              Taramac Cycling
2      Allan         Rego
3      Denis         Adiletti             Bethel Cycle Sport Club
4      Justin        Harris               Bikeway
5      John          DeBitetto            Tarmac Cycling
6      Brian         Kelley               Pawling Cycle and Sport
7      Erik          Baker                Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez
8      Jefferey      McKay                Zama Racing
9      Eduardo       Atehortua            Cafeteros Cycling Club
10     Reid          Evans                Pawling Cycle and Sport
11     Roger         Billharz             Pawling Cycle and Sport
12     steven        levine               Tarmac Cycling
13     Bill          Muzzio               Bethel Cycle
14     Kazuto        Tanahashi            GS Parkridge
15     Todd          Mickel               Connecticut Coast Cycling
16     Thomas        Mikolinski           NYVelociy
17     Justin        Tyberg               Bethel Cycle Sport Club
18     Trevor        MacLean              Target Training
19     Robert        Bonelli              DC Racing / Sebago
20     Harry         Zernike              Unattached

Place  Name                               Team
1      Brian         Suto                 Bethel Cycle

Place  Name                               Team
1      Ann           Miller               CRCA/ Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez
2      Carnie        Kornely              CRCA/Comedy Central - Sids Bikes
3      Beth          Saman                Williams Cycling
4      Stacey        Jensen               Kissena
5      Amanda        Braverman            Team Stage1 FusionTHINK
6      Siri          Hildonen             Stage 1 / fusionThink Cycling
7      Katie         Mullaly              CVC/Subaru of New England
8      Audrey        Scott                Team
9      Pascale       Butcher              TrekTrifitness
10     Laura         Mullaly              CVC/Subaru of New England
11     Colleen       Conway               CRCA/Fuoriclasse Racing/Discover Chiropractic
12     Rebecca       Hussey               Bethel Cycle Sport Club
13     Nancy         Ford                 The Simple Principles
14     Megan         Kelley               Target Training
15     Megan         Searfoss             Bethel Cycle Sport
16     joanne        Ross                 Stage 1 / fusionTHINK
17     Bridget       Petillo              CVC/Subaru of New England
18     Allie         Lawler               Target Training
19     Lyn           McCabe               Bethel Cycle Sport Club
20     Kelsea        Mullaly              CVC/Subaru of New England

Masters 45+
Place  Name                               Team
1      Joseph        Regan       Bicycle/Best Cleaners
2      stephen       gray        Bicycle/Best Cleaners
3      John          Funk                 Cycle Fitness
4      Jim           Escobar              The Simple Principles
5      John          Raheb                Blue Ribbon-Translations
6      Greg          Pelican              Bethel Cycle Sport
7      John          DeBitetto            Tarmac Cycling
8      Rick          Spear                Target Trainging
9      Turget        Balikci              Cranford Bike Team/CTS
10     Douglas       Crane                Cafeteros
11     David         Bailey               Team Hammer Nutrition
12     Matt          Armstrong            Cafeteros Cycling Club
13     Christopher   DiMattio             Bethel Cycle Sport Club
14     Patrick       Lynch                Zephyr Cycling Team
15     John          Morgan               Clinton Cycling Club
16     Wesley        Beeman               Laurel Bicycle Club
17     Morgan        Stebbins             Bethel Cycle Sport Club
18     Richard       Broderick            Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix
19     Steven        Suto                 Bethel Cycle
20     Rich          Foley                BETHEL CYCLE SPORT

Cat 3/4
Place  Name                               Team
1      Akira         Sato                 EXPO/Superior Energy
2      Bryan         Haas                 IRSMedic/Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners
3      Andrew        Nasca                Team
4      Chad          Dalles               IRSMedic/Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners
5      stephen       gray                 IRSMedic/Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners
6      Scott         Neyer                Unattached
7      seamus        powell
8      John          Morales              Cafeteros cycling
9      Benjamn       George               Capital Velo Culb
10     Willie        Payton               We Stand United W.S.
11     #N/A          #N/A                 #N/A
12     Brian         Wolf                 Team Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles
13     Zachary       Staszak              Pawling Cycle& Sport
14     jeffrey       weaver               The Devils Gear/ New Haven Bike Club
15     Rick          Magee                Bethel Cycle
16     Jim           Escobar              The Simple Principles
17     John          Raheb                Blue Ribbon-Translations
18     Trevor        MacLean              Target Training
19     James         Washburn             Unattached
20     Charles       Leach                Williams Cycling

Place  Name                               Team
1      Connor        Sallee               Echappe Equipment/ CRCA
2      Anthony       Alessio              Stage 1/Fusion Think
3      Christopher   Fisher               Priority Health Cycling Team
4      Jacob         Hacker               Unattached
5      Gregory       Olsen                Jonathan Adler Racing
6      Michael       McGinley             Central CT Cycling Club
7      Joshua        Gewirtz              Capital Velo Club
8      Matt          Muney                Young Medalists/ Team Dual Temp
9      Bryan         Borgia               Rapha Racing
10     Chad          Butts                Champion System Racing
11     Stephan       Badger               TARGETRAINING
12     Kevin         Yarde                IRSMedic/Berlin Bicycle/Best Cleaners
13     Peter         Hurst                CRCA/ Empire Cycling
14     Marc          Risigo               Stage 1/Fusion Think
15     Igor          Volshteyn            Champion System Racing
16     Zachary       Staszak              Pawling Cycle& Sport
17     Rick          Beasley              Cycle Fitness Cycling Club
18     Kyle          Wolfe                Finkraft Endurance Sports Coaching
19     #N/A          #N/A                 #N/A
20     Bryan         Haas                 CCC