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Michelob Ultra Downtown Erie Criterium

Erie, PA

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Michelob Ultra Downtown Erie Criterium Presented by Competitive Gear, Penn Shore Winery, Mazza Vineyards, Kenda and Erie Chautauqua Bicyclist Coali Erie, PA Saturday, June 12, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Masters 45+
Place  Last                First         Team
1      Riccardi            Chris         Lake Effect Cycling Team
2      Gottlieb            Robert        Amstel rc-13
3      Aufdencamp          Jeff          moro cyling/ohio orthopedic
4      Nivens              Craig         John Adams Cyclery, Inc./ PICC
5      Mesi                Frank         French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar
6      Huff                Jeffery       ACA Sette Nove
7      Thornton            David
8      Grzybowski          Jeff          Summit Freewheelers
9      Lombardo            Joseph        Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling Team pb Felt Bicycles
10     Pandy               Larry         MVC
11     Mrozowsksi          Christopher   Lake Country Bike
12     Desiderio           Dominick
13     Meekins             Kris          Hollyloft
14     Rosenberg           Ronald        Hollyloft Cycling Team
15     Doncevic            John
16     Bowen               James         Lake Country Bike
17     Breedlove           Daryl         CRC
18     Maring              Michael       Wellness Extension

Men'S Cat 3/5
Place  Last                First         Team
1      Bercaw              Drew          Project Velo/ One Call Now
2      Brungard            Matthew       MVC
3      Wells               Steven        Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
4      Sandetre            Brett         Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling Team pb Felt Bicycles
5      Knowles             Corey         Team ROG
6      Cruikshank          Aaron         Summit Freewheelers
7      Heffner             John          Iron City Bikes
8      Aufdencamp          Jeff          moro cyling/ohio orthopedic
9      McKay               Brett         Hollyloft
10     Krall               Ed            Indiana Regional Medical Center
11     Rose                Andrew        CLARKS/EU CYCLE IMPORTS
12     Justi               Jason         Beaver Valley Vello
13     Hower               Keith         DPS Penn Cycling
14     Berardinelli        Jason         DPS Penn
15     Newport             Christopher   Philadelphia Ciclismo
16     Willis              Benjamin      Pearl Street Cycling Team
17     Dahl                Bob           Team Hollyloft
18     Burkett Iii         Gerald        Eastern Mobile Cycling Team
19     Hay                 Ben           Team Hungry
20     Bailor              Brett         Competitive Gear / 53x11
21     Wehler              Dustin        Steel City Endurance
22     Esherick            Andrew        The Bicycle Shop Inc.
23     Zotter              Danny         Team ROG
24     Dinoto              Aaron         Team ROG
25     Hubstenberger Iii   Ej            Steel City Endurance
26     Splitstone          Donald        DPS Penn Cycling
27     McHugh              Samson        Team Sexy Guys p/b BikeTek
28     Gilmore             Jim           Team Lake Effect Cycling
29     Hunt                Scott         Handlebars
30     Flink               Carl          UPMC cycling performance
31     Cooke               Joseph        French Meadow Bakery / Fortistar
32     Riccardi            Chris         Lake Effect Cycling Team
33     Lombardo            Joseph
34     Yundt               Jacob
35     Carlson             Paul
36     King Smith          Edward
37     Hatcher             William       Amp't-Racing, Inc

Men'S Cat 4/5
Place  Last                First         Team
1      Conley              Aaron         53x11 Competitive Gear
2      Hay                 Ben           Team Hungry
3      Brewer, Jr.         Steven        Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystems
4      Fenoff              Michael       Eddys Bike Shop Willoughby Hills
5      Carroll             Michael       Iron City Bikes
6      King-Smith          Edward        Iron City Bikes
7      Wentling            Parke         Wellnes Extension
8      Zonna               Craig         53X11 Competitive Gear
9      Valone              Sam           Lake Country Bike
10     Farnham             Jay           Team 53x11
11     Hatcher             William       Amp't-Racing, Inc
12     Moore               Kyle          Hollyloft
13     Rzepecki            Ripper        53x11 /comp. gear
14     Dunlavey            Mike          US ARMY
15     Baldauf             Jim           53x11
16     McBurney            Seth          53x11 Competitive Gear
17     Yundt               Jacob         Iron City Bikes
18     Krumpholz           Max           Snake Bite Racing
19     Lindsey             Scott         Lake Country Bike
20     Wehler              Dustin        Steel City Endurance
21     Strang              Frank
22     Royek               Alan          Hollyloft
23     Mergler             Edward
24     Williamson          Reid          Ride Tall
25     Silvis              Ross
26     Dannug              James
27     McClellan           Mathew        53x11
28     Morris              Dylan
29     Appel               Michael
30     Berardinelli        Jason         DPS Penn
31     Thornton            David         53x11 Competitive Gear
32     Pfeiffer            Geoffery      Venture Lighting
33     Imler               Dick
34     Kern                Dan
35     More                Kyle
36     Royek               Alan
37     Parnell             Shawn
38     Merybe              Edward

Men'S Pro/1/2
Place  Last                First         Team
1      Martin              Paul          Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
2      Clarke              Andrew        Panther pb Competitive Cyclist
3      Weeks               Matthew       Carbon Racing
4      Przepierski         Eric          Wellness Extension/
5      Mele                Ryan
6      Kanter              Justin        Pittsburgh Elite Velo/CAT Racing
7      Greene              Dan
8      Nye                 Ryan          MVP Health Care Cycling
9      Lifson              Jake          Indiana Regional Medical Center
10     Hoffman             Brian         Pgh Elite Velo/CAT Racing
11     Cioccio             Chris         Indiana Regional Medical Center
12     Jernigan            Michael       CAT Racing / Pittsburgh Elite Velo
13     Kadar               Stefan        Cleveland Clinic/RGF
14     Gamm                Ryan          Kenda p/b Geargrinder
15     Huang               Ray           Carbon Racing
16     Mazza               Mario         Kenda p/b Geargrinder
17     Batke               Brian         Carbon Racing
18     Matson              James         National Engineering
19     Gottlieb            Robert        Amstel rc-13
20     Bedilion            Steve         Pgh Elite Velo/CAT Racing
21     Eberlein            Thomas        Unattached
22     Merritts            Craig         Pittsburgh Elite Velo/Cat Racing
23     West                Weldon
24     Fernandez           Polo          Cleveland Clinic Sports Health - RGF Cycling Team pb Felt Bicycles
DNF    Halvax              Josh          Carbon Racing.

Women 2/3/4
Place  Last                First         Team
1      Quinlan             Erin          Carbon Racing
2      Martin              Jennifer      53x11 Competitive Gear
3      Eaglen              Heather       53x11 / Competitive Gear
4      George              Patricia      Steel City Endurance
5      Donnelle            Super
6      McKay               Jackie        53x11 / Competitive Gear
7      Strang              Kellie
8      Davis               Gwen          Lake Effect Racing
9      Senkevich           Lauren        Team 53X11 Competitive Gear
10     Pontzer             Jennifer      53x11
11     Lindsey             Janice