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Hyde Park Blast Criterium

Cincinnati, OH

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hyde Park Blast Criterium Cincinnati, OH Saturday, June 26, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 3
1    peter         BAUGHMAN                                                 kent                 OH  200
2    Ian           NEWCOMB                                                  Kettering            OH  170
3    Nick          BEVAN                                                    Lebanon              OH  150
4    Ryan          WILLIAMS                                                 Bay Village          OH  140
5    Michael       SCHROEDER                                                Bloomington          IN  130
6    Eric          BARNETT                                                  Lexington            KY  120
7    Andrew        SUCHOCKI                                                 Cincinnati           OH  110
8    cody          HARDLEY                                                  Columbia City        IN  100
9    Scott         SPEES                                                    Kettering            OH  90
10   Baxter        BURNWORTH                                                Leesburg             IN  80
11   Andrew        FREY                                                     Cincinnati           OH  75
12   Peter         HILLS                                                    Loveland             OH  70
13   Wes           Rhoads           Lees-McRae                              HUNTINGTON           WV  65
14   Dustin        JONES                                                    Indianapolis         IN  60
15   Greg          BORTZ                                                    Ridgefield           CT  55
16   carl          FLINK                                                    Pittsburgh           PA  50
17   Dean          AKERS JR                                                 Midway               KY  45
18   Ben           GRIER                                                    Greenville           SC  40
19   Noah          KINNEY                                                   Huntington           WV  35
20   Matt          BOLE                                                     Loveland             OH  30
21   Rick          PARR                                                     Uniontown            OH  25
22   cory          SWIHART                                                  Indianapolis         IN  20
23   Gary          BURKHOLDER                                               PARMA                OH  15
24   Paul          BORDEN                                                   Westland             MI  10
25   John          LOWRY                                                    North Canton         OH  5
26   michael       CHEWNING                                                 Cincinnati           OH
28   John          BODELL                                                   Rocky River          OH
29   Joe           NIETO                                                    Columbia Station     OH
30   nick          TINSLER                                                  Cincinnati           OH
31   Gregory       CHARKOUDIAN                                              Lexington            KY
32   Mark          HOOTON                                                   Cincinnati           OH
33   Brian         WALBURN                                                  Issaquah             WA
34   Charlie       RABINOWITZ                                                Wyoming             OH
35   Tracy         SEGAR                                                    Cincinnati           OH
36   Bo            SHERMAN                                                  Cincinnati           OH
37   Jim           PAPPALARDO                                               Loveland             OH
38   Steve         FINE                                                     Ft. Mitchell         KY
39   Russell       REED                                                     Greenwood            IN
40   Andy          PERRINO                                                  Cincinnati           OH
41   Patrick       MALARKEY                                                 Winston-Salem        NC
42   Nick          HAYES                                                    Louisville           KY
43   tim           COLLINS                                                  cincinnati           OH
44   Douglas       ANSEL                                                    South Bend           IN
45   Brendan       KIEFER                                                   Nashville            TN
46   Aaron         CRUIKSHANK                                               Stow                 OH
47   David         Stewart          Huntington Bank                         MILFORD              OH
48   Nathan        GRUBBS                                                   Cincinnati           OH
49   Samuel        HARTMAN                                                  Louisville           KY
50   Spencer       DELL                                                     Columbus             IN
53   Andrew        BOYD                                                     Louisville           KY
54   Douglas       MOODY                                                    Cincinnati           OH
55   Jim           GILMORE                                                  CUYAHOGA FALLS       OH
56   Mike          RENNEBOOG                                                Brantford            ON
57   Ian           BLACKWELL                                                Fishers              IN
58   Martin        BEARDEN                                                  Louisville           KY
59   James         TURNER                                                   Dayton               OH
60   john          RYAN                                                     Winona Lake          IN
61   Steve         ELLIS                                                    Indianapolis         IN
62    SAM          MURDOCK          UNATTACHED
Jefff         AUFDENCAMP                                               columbus             OH
joern         BROCKHAUS                                                West Chester         OH
Jacob         MEYER                                                    Sidney               OH
Adam          WILLIAMS                                                 Pickerington         OH
Aaron         HOFFMAN                                                  CINCINNATI           OH
Stan          HUFFMAN                                                  Kettering            OH
Todd          FRYE                                                     Fairfield            OH
Naveen        JOHN                                                     West Lafayette       IN
Doug          GREEN                                                    Dublin               OH
Doug          MCCONAHA                                                 Galena               OH
Michael       SAVORY                                                   Miamisburg           OH
Keith         HOWER                                                    washington           PA
Joshua        LUSTER                                                   Saint Paris          OH
Daniel        LOESCHER                                                 Louisville           KY
Brian         HAHN                                                     Toledo               OH
jared         DURIEUX                                                  stow                 OH
Brett         BREVOORT                                                 Cincinnati           OH
BILL          TIMBERMAN                                                URBANA               OH
andrew        HAGUE                                                    Columbus             OH
dick          CHARTIER                                                 haimiton             OH
Chris         Pfeiffer         SUSTAINABLE CYCLING                     INDIANAPOLIS         IN

Cat 4/5
1    Lewis         JACKSON                                                  Lexington            KY  200
2    Jason         RESER                                                    NEWPORT              KY  170
3    Tony          VITON                                                    Bexley               OH  150
4    Robin         ZUEND                                                    Cincinnati           OH  140
5    Davis         GRIFFIN                                                  Cincinnati           OH  130
6    Brendan       CANTY                                                    Lexington            KY  120
7    Ryan          PRESKE                                                   Bloomington          IN  110
8    nathan        MIRUS                                                    Cincinnati           OH  100
9    Greg          TOMBRAGEL                                                Cincinnati           OH  90
10   Edward        WIMMER                                                   Lakeside Park        KY  80
11   David         SHULEY                                                   Ft Thomas            KY  75
12   richard       STUART                                                   Indianapolis         IN  70
13   Patrick       Bendel           Queen City Wheels                       LEBANON              OH  65
14   Grant         INGLIS                                                   Cincinnati           OH  60
15   Larry         PETHICK                                                  LOUISVILLE           KY  55
16   Bradley       SHERIDAN                                                 Indianapolis         IN  50
17   Dave          MINNER                                                   lebanon              OH  45
18   Chauncey      JOYCE                                                    Cincinnati           OH  40
19   Michael       STARR                                                    Cincinnati           OH  35
20   Christian     AMBJORN                                                  COVINGTON            KY  30
21   Daniel        DALY                                                     Cinicinnati          OH  25
22   Nathan        DUGAN                                                    Warren               OH  20
23   Renato        SOSA                                                     Centerville          OH  15
24   Jason         MOTT                                                     Cincinnati           OH  10
25   Nicolas       TRUJILLO                                                 Cincinnati           OH  5
26   Nate          HARNER                                                   Gahanna              OH
27   jared         PRESTON                                                  dublin               OH
28   Jake          BUCKWALTER                                               Wooster              OH
30   Jake          TUDORICA                                                 Bloomington          IN
31   James         DAVIS                                                    W Lafayette          IN
32   Charlie       EHRENFRIED                                               Cincinnati           OH
33   Ryan          FOGLE                                                    Carlisle             OH
34   Sven          GARTNER                                                  Park Ridge           IL
35   Darryn        FESSEL                                                   Cincinnati           OH
36   Mike          ABNEY                                                    Cincinnati           OH
37   David         DUERK                                                    Defiance             OH
38   David         ROSE                                                     Madisonville         KY
39   Blake         WEHLAGE                                                  COLUMBUS             OH
40   Scott         LYLE                                                     Cincinnati           OH
41   David         SCHINDLEY                                                Huron                OH
42   Dewane        JUBARA                                                   CANAL FULTON         OH
43   Brian         HALL                                                     Wooster              OH
44   David         CORNETT                                                  Wheeling             WV
45   Scott         LANZER                                                   Anna                 OH
46   Rick          HINZE                                                    Louisville           KY
47   Josue         FLORES RIVERA                                            Liberty Township     OH
48   Benjamin      SEPPALA                                                  Cincinnati           OH
49   Gavin         SHIPLEY                                                  West Lafayette       IN
50   Andrew        SMITH                                                    MONROE               MI
51   Christopher   POPTIC                                                   CINCINNATI           OH
52   Louis         PAUMIER                                                  Wooster              OH
53   Don           MCKENZIE                                                 Hebron               KY
54   Craig         SILBER                                                   Dayton               OH
55   Dave          MCCLUNG                                                  Aston                PA
56   rj            GEYMAN                                                   Chicago              IL
57   William       FEGENBUSH                                                LOUISVILLE           KY
58   Marshall      LEININGER                                                Canton               OH
Matt          BOLE                                                     Loveland             OH
John          DAVIS                                                    CINCINNATI           OH
Gary          FOLK                                                     Cincinnati           OH
Joe           NIETO                                                    Columbia Station     OH
Chuck         STACKLIN                                                 Hebron               KY
Brad          WYMORE                                                   Cincinnati           OH
Mark          CORROTO                                                  Delaware             OH
Thomas        ANDERSON                                                 Cincinnati           OH
Chad          LOCKARD                                                  Cincinnati           OH
Damon         DAVIS                                                    cincinnati           OH
Brandon       TULEY                                                    Fort Thomas          KY
Michael       SZYMANSKI                                                Hebron               KY
Justin        KEENE                                                    Bloomington          IN
David         STEWARD                                                  Cinti                OH
Doug          MASRAUM                                                  Cincinnati           OH
Kevin         WELLENDORF                                               Pickerington         OH
Brian         DIERINGER                                                Wooster              OH
Jeff          SMITH                                                    Norwalk              OH
nick          BOHLER                                                   poseyville           IN
David         MARSHALL                                                 Lexington            KY
Darlene       PAGE                                                     Cincinnati           OH
adam          STEVENS                                                  Amelia               OH
John          BODELL                                                   Rocky River          OH
Rob           GRISSOM                                                  Waddy                KY
Eric          PURYEAR                                                  Cincinnati           OH
james         O'LUGHLIN                                                cincinnati           OH
Joe           SITZLER                                                  Louisville           KY
bill          BEGG                                                     cincinnati           OH
Larry         LONG                                                     Southgate            KY
Todd          ALT                                                      Columbus             OH
Brett         MILLER                                                   BOWLING GREEN        KY
mark          DAMSCHRODER                                              miamisburg           OH
Matt          HARBAUGH                                                 Cincinnati           OH
max           LUNDBECK                                                 cincinnati           OH
Timothy       KNEALE                                                   Florence             KY
Adam          BIRKAN                                                   Cincinnati           OH
Andrew        MELCHIORRE                                               Cincinnati           OH
Doug          CARRAWAY                                                 Columbus             OH
Chad          CLEMONS                                                  Mason                OH
Jack          MCMAHON                                                  Cincinnati           OH
Paul          COLAVINCENZO                                             Kettering            OH
Alex          HASSE                                                    Cincinnati           OH
James         SINGLETON                                                Mason                OH
Kenton        MACDOWELL                                                Columbus             OH
David         BUTTERFIELD                                              Dayton               OH

Junior 10-12
1    Spencer       PETROV                                                   Mason                OH  200
2    James         FRANCISCO                                                LOUISVILLE           KY  170
3    Cate          MCSHANE                                                  Louisville           KY  150
4    Frances       HALEY                                                    Louisville           KY  140
5    Jackson       MCNEAR                                                   Louisville           KY  130
6    Graham        Weaver                                                                            120
7    Darik         PAGE                                                     Cincinnati           OH  110
8    Ian           BODELL                                                   Rocky River          OH  100

Junior 13-14
1    Ian           MCSHANE                                                  Louisville           KY  200
2    Ben           GLOVER                                                   Louisville           KY  170
3    Gavin         HALEY                                                    Louisville           KY  150
4    Katherine     SANTOS                                                   Louisville           KY  140
5    Teddy         ETHERIDGE                                                Louisville           KY  130
6    Andrew        RADEMACHER                                               Loveland             OH  120
7    Mackenzie     GREEN                                                    Mason                OH  110
8    Rachel        DOBROZSI                                                 Loveland             OH  100
9    Riley         KNEALE                                                   Florence             KY  90

Junior 15-18
1    Graham        DEWART                                                   Indianapolis         IN  200
2    Jack          MCCANN                                                   Cincinnati           OH  170
3    Brian         LARK                                                     New Albany           IN  150
4    John          FRANCISCO                                                LOUISVILLE           KY  140
5    Johnathan     FRETER                                                   Columbus             OH  130
6    Samuel        DOBROZSI                                                 Loveland             OH  120
7    Benjamin      BACHMAN                                                  Westerville          OH  110
8    Luke          HALEY                                                    Louisville           KY  100
9    Kipp          SILBER                                                   Dayton               OH  90
10   Charlie       RABINOWITZ                                                Wyoming             OH  80
11   Ian           MCSHANE                                                  Louisville           KY  75
12   johnny        HOFFMAN                                                  berlin heights       OH  70
13   Nick          YATES                                                    Newburgh             IN  65
14   Brent         BACHMAN                                                  Westerville          OH  60
15   Jarrett       FRAUHIGER                                                Lebanon              OH  55
16   Logan         PITCHER                                                   Newark,             OH  50
17   Daniel        SANTOS                                                   Louisville           KY  45
18   Nolan         MCQUEEN                                                  Louisville           KY  40
19   Huston        ward             Red Zone Cycling                                                 35
20   Nathan        DENTON                                                   Centerville          OH  30
21   Ben           GLOVER                                                   Louisville           KY  25
22   Daniel        Bush             Texas Roadhouse                                                  20
23   Tyler         Trame            Monster Energy Cycling                  CENTERVILLE          OH  15

1    Juan Pablo    DOTTI                                                    Lawrenceville        GA  200
2    Clayton       BARROWS                                                  STATE COLLEGE        PA  170
3    Christopher   UBERTI                                                   Northville           MI  150
4    Andrew        CRATER                                                   Neenah               WI  140
5    Paul          MARTIN                                                   North Royalton       OH  130
6    Eric          Young            NUVO Cultural Trail                     BLOOMINGTON          IN  120
7    Nicholas      BENNETTE                                                 METUCHEN             NJ  110
8    Gavriel       EPSTEIN                                                  Englewood            NJ  100
9    Neil          BEZDEK                                                   Brooklyn             NY  90
10   diego         GARAVITO                                                 charlotte            NC  80
11   Brian         TOONE                                                    Birmingham           AL  75
12   John          GRANT                                                    Louisville           KY  70
13   Mark          HEKMAN                                                   Rural Hall           NC  65
14   Erik          HAMILTON                                                 Bloomington          IN  60
15   David         GUTTENPLAN                                               GAINESVILLE          FL  55
16   Andrew        SEITZ                                                    Pittsburgh           PA  50
17   Jacob         RYTLEWSKI                                                Brownsburg           IN  45
18   Andy          MOSKAL                                                   Brecksville          OH  40
19   Alan          ANTONUK                                                  Ann Arbor            MI  35
20   Curtis        WINSOR                                                   Harrisonburg         VA  30
21   Dan           CAMPBELL                                                 CENTERVILLE          OH  25
22   Noah          SINGER                                                   Little Rock          AR  20
23   Adam          LEIBOVITZ                                                Indianapolis         IN  15
24   Ryan          GOOD                                                     Ft. Thomas           KY  10
25   Mike          STUBNA                                                   Philadelphia         PA  5
26   Austin        ROACH                                                    Princeton            NJ
27   Isaac         HOWE                                                     BURLINGTON           VT
28   Andrew        CLARKE                                                   Medina               OH
29   Johnathan     FRETER                                                   Columbus             OH
30   Rich          HARPER                                                   Raleigh              NC
31   J Gabriel     LLOYD                                                    BREINIGSVILLLE       PA
32   Daniel        QUINLAN                                                  Salem                OH
33   Thomas        BROWN                                                    Decatur              GA
34   Ryan          KNAPP                                                    Bloomington          IN
35   Kirk          ALBERS                                                   UPPER ARLINGTON      OH
36   Ryan          DEWALD                                                   READING              PA
37   Tim           HALL                                                     NASHVILLE            TN
38   eric          KNIGHT                                                   cincinnati           OH
39   Adam          MYERSON                                                  Dorchester           ME
40   John          MINTURN                                                  Philadelphia         PA
41   Jeremy        GRIMM                                                    Orrville             OH
42   Ryan          GAMM                                                     Grandview Heights    OH
43   David         CHERNOSKY                                                Rocky River          OH
44   Matthew       Weeks                                                    MENTOR               OH
45   alexander     BREMER                                                   BROOKLYN             NY
46   Brian         LARK                                                     New Albany           IN
47   Matthew       Howe             HTR Inside Out Sports                   RALEIGH              NC
48   Christopher   BOGEDIN                                                  Rochester            MI
49   John          CROW                                                     Charlotte            NC
50   Erik          LESCO                                                    Massillon            OH
51   Chad          SALLA                                                    Indianapolis         IN
52   Chris         NEVITT                                                   Louisville           KY
53   Andrew        OLSON                                                    Blacksburg           VA
54   mitchell      KERSTING                                                 louisville           KY
55   lee           HAUBER                                                   clarksville          IN
56   Brent         MARTIN                                                   Stow                 OH
58   chris         CHARTIER                                                 hamilton             OH
59   Burgess       GOW                                                      Dayton               OH
60   Robert        MARTIN                                                   Sagamore Hills       OH
Christopher   MYERS                                                    APO                  AE
Vince         ROBERGE                                                  Redford              MI
Wade          WOLFENBARGER                                             LITTLE ROCK          AR
Chad          BURDZILAUSKAS                                            Indianapolis         IN
Marco         ALEDIA                                                   Worthington          OH
Ryan          FLEMING                                                  EXETER               NH
Chris         CIOCCIO                                                  Erie                 PA
Jason         KAREW                                                    Batavia              OH
Micheal       JERNIGAN                                                 PITTSBURGH           PA
Joe           BOSEMER                                                  Louisville           KY
Lisban        QUINTERO                                                 maspesth             NY
Alejandro     GUZMAN                                                   new york             NY
Emile         ABRAHAM                                                  Atlanta              GA
Emilio        ASCONEGUY                                                lawrenceville        GA
Frank         ROWLEY                                                   Channahon            IL
Aaron         HUBBELL                                                  Indianapolis         IN
Brian         HOFFMAN                                                  Pittsburgh           PA
Noah          METZLER                                                  columbus             OH
Jared         BABIK                                                    Pittsburgh           PA
dan           GREENE                                                   pittsburgh           PA
John          ROWLEY                                                   Pittsburgh           PA
Vince         DE JONG                                                  Brantford            ON
Craig         MERRITTS                                                 Pittsburgh           PA
Jeff          MCLANE                                                   Cincinnati           OH
Andy          PRICKETT                                                 Pleasant Hill        OH
Justin        KANTER                                                   Moon Twp             PA
Brett         STEWART                                                  Indianapolis         IN
Alexander     PRATT                                                    Columbus             OH
Michael       CHAUNER                                                  Columbus             OH
Elliot        GAUNT                                                    Columbus             OH
Natan         KUPPERSTOCK                                              Columbus             OH
Adam          KAHLER                                                   Columbus             OH
Matthew       MILLER                                                   Athens               GA
skiles        KEITH                                                    prospect             AL
andrew        ARMSTRONG                                                Dallas               TX
Brett         BEDDOW                                                   Grosse Pointe        MI
Ryan          CROSS                                                    Kalamazooo           MI
Brent         MAHAN                                                    Hendersonville       TN
Michael       KENNEDY                                                  LOUISVILLE           KY
Mario         MEDINA                                                   Concinnati           OH
Brian         BAKER                                                    Louisville           KY
Gregory       STROCK                                                   Martinsville         IN
Cory          St Clair         CCSH - Felt pb RGF & PVR Bike U23       CINCINNATI           OH
Graham        DEWART           TEAM TURNER                             Indianapolis         IN
Joey          Iuliano          ReCycling                               LAFAYETTE            IN
Felipe        Cardenas         MOB Squad                               INDIANAPOLIS         IN
Richard       Dufour           NUVO Cultural Trail                     INDIANAPOLIS         IN
Franklin      Burgos           CRCA/Foundation                         BRONX                NY
James         Baldesare        KENDA Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER       KENT                 OH
Zach          McBride          Priority Health Cycling Team            KALAMAZOO            MI

Women 1/2/3/4
1    Jennifer      RASMUSSON                                                Ashburn              VA  200
2    Sally         Price            Team SummaCare                          CUYAHOGA FALLS       OH  170
3    Jane          EVELY                                                    Kent                 OH  150
4    Erin          SILLIMAN                                                 Washington           DC  140
5    Bri           KOVAC                                                    Carmel               IN  130
6    Samantha      BRODE                                                    Akron                OH  120
7    Erin          HETZEL                                                   Indianapolis         IN  110
8    Patty         BUERKLE                                                  Pittsburgh           PA  100
9    Pam           LOEBIG                                                   Bloomington          IN  90
10   Robin         BAUER                                                    Lafayetee            IN  80
11   Rita          KLOFTA                                                   Cincinnati           OH  75
12   Cora          OLSON                                                    Blacksburg           VA  70
13   TERRA         KIER                                                     DAYTON               OH  65
14   Jennifer      Cvar             Team Nebo Ridge                         INDIANAPOLIS         IN  60
15   Jane          WEAKLEY                                                  South Hadley         mA  55
16   Krystal       MCNUTT                                                   Germantown           OH  50
17   Emily         Walling          Alderfer Bergen                         BEAVERCREEK          OH  45
18   Erin          QUINLAN                                                  Salem                OH  40
19   Mary          PENTA                                                    Louisville           KY  35
20   Sarah         DEMERLY                                                  Southgate            MI  30
21   Sara          HARPER                                                   Strongsville         OH  25
22   laura         BOHLER                                                   poseyville           IN  20
23   joan          HANSCOM                                                  Losuiville           KY  15
Martha        MILLER                                                   Loveland             OH
Kristi        HEWITT                                                   Ann Arbor            MI
Rebecca       SORBER                                                   RUSHVILLE            IN
Christy       BLAKELY                                                  Charlotte            NC
Chelsea       MERTA                                                    Chandler             IN
AnnaJean      DALLAIRE                                                 Louisville           KY

Women 4
1    Elaine        SCHAAF                                                   Fairborn             OH  200
2    Natalie       SMITH                                                    Hollister            CA  170
3    Carrie        COCHRAN                                                  Ludlow               KY  150
4    Karin         Reed             Michelob Ultra Cycling                  CINCINNATI           OH  140
5    lindsay       MARKWART                                                 mason                OH  130