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Race For The Wine

Brooklyn (Floyd Bennett Field), NY

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Race For The Wine Presented by Cycles Gladiator Wine and the Kissena Cycling Club Brooklyn (Floyd Bennett Field), NY Sunday, July 18, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Pro/1-2 and Category 3 Handicap
50 miles
51 starters

1. Anthony Lowe (CRCA/Die Hard-Think Racing)
2. Paul Burrowes (WS United)
3. Daniel Zmolik (CRCA/AXA)
4. Alexander Barouh (Kissena)
5. Tom Bencivengo (Champion System Racing / Cycles Gladiator Wine)
6. Allessandro Matteucci (BVF)
7. Horrace Burrowes (WS United)
8. Igor Volshytn (Champion System Racing / Cycles Gladiator Wine)
9. Kevin Rooney (CRCA/Houlihan-Lokey Sanchez)
10. John Loehner (CRCA/AXA)

Brief Race Report: The Floyd Bennett Field course once again served up pure suffering as the sweltering
heat took its' toll on the riders over the 50 mile race. The Cat 3's started with a 3 minute lead and
were only losing 10-15 seconds per lap early on until a few riders touched wheels and the resulting crash
split the Cat 3 field and disrupted their paceline. Back in the Cat 1-2 field, Champion System and AXA were
driving the group and in the process splintering the Cat 1-2 field. With 12 laps to go (28 miles) a select
group of Cat 1-2 riders caught what was left of the Cat 3 field and a lead group of 16 riders formed. With
all the local powerhouse teams in the break the Cat 1-2 field quickly lost time to the front group which
contained a mix of Cat 1-2 and Cat 3 riders. With 10 laps to go John Loehner attacked and quickly opend a
lead. Champion System and WS United gave chase and Loehner was caught with 7 to go. A series of counter-attacks
occured and when the smoke cleared a lead goup of 5 emerged: Anthony Lowe, Paul Burrowes, Daniel Zmolik,
Alexander Barouh and Tom Bencivengo. They quickly opened a large lead but with 5 to go they became a bit
disorganized and Barouh attached and tried to go it alone solo. He was caught with 3 to go and the counter-attack
gave way to a 3 rider break of Lowe, Burrowes and Zmolik as they enetered the final lap. When these 3 riders
started watching each on on the fnal lap, Baraouh and Bencinego rejoined but in the end Lowe outpowered them
all in the final sprint to claim 1st place and a case of Cycles Gladiator wine.

Category 4
27 miles
36 starters

1. Nathan Archibald (BVF)
2. James Mahlman (BVF)
3. Celestino Hernandez (Mexico-NYC Cycling Team)
4. Dan Reiners (Kissena)
5. Leonard Galati (CRCA/

Brief race report: Non-stop attacking was the order of the day with a group of 4 riders attcking late and
holding off the field. BVF made it a 1-2 finish with Nathan Archibald attacking his breakaway companions
to take the win ahead of his breakaway teammate James Mahlman, Celestino Hernandez and Dan Reiners.
Leonard Galati won the fieldsprint to take 5th place. In a generous post-race gesture, race winner Nathan
Archibald gave each of his breakaway companions a bottle of Cycles Gladiator wine from the case he won.

Category 5
12 miles
21 starters

1. Kevin Schmitt (Peak Bikes)
2. Adel Sarhan (CRCA)
3. Alfonso Torres (Mexico-NYC Cycling Team)
4. Norman Swyger (Kissena)
5. Scott Wells (CRCA/

Brief Race Report: The Category 5 race stayed together with Kevin Schmitt taking the win.

25 miles
6 starters

1. Valerie Hopkins (CT Coast)
2. Tracy Wargo (CRCA/Chomper Body)
3. Ann Marie Donovan (Kissena)
4. Leah Oppenheimer (Colavita)
5. Lisa Mazzola (CRCA/Chomper Body)
6. Helene Roth (Kissena)