VCU Collegiate Cyclocross

Richmond, VA

Saturday, November 5, 2011

VCU Collegiate Cyclocross Presented by The Cycling Club at Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA Saturday, November 05, 2011

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Place  First Name    Last Name      Team Name
A Men
1      Thomas        Mackay         UMBC
2      Andrey        Doroshenko     BCD
3      Matt          Bruner         NCSU
4      Chris         Carraway       GTOWN
5      Stephen       Smith          NCSU
DNF    Matt          Kuhn           VCU

B Men
1      Will          Massey         VT
2      Luca          Terziotti      VCU
3      Thomas        Pofahl         NCSU
4      Jacob         Aber           VT
5      Stephen       Wagstaff       NCSU
6      Mike          Breitenbach    VT
7      Garrett       Warren         NCSU
8      Harris        Bassett        NCSU
9      Forrest       Raynor         NCSU

C Men
1      Eric          Fischer        W&M
2      john          emanuel        VCU
3      Robbie        Wannenburg     VT
4      Andrew        Moore          W&M
5      Tyler         Tupper         VCU
6      Sami          Talibi         VCU
7      Jonathan      Roth           W&M
8      Oliver        Donkervoet     VT

Cat 1/2 Men
1      Walker        Owen           Richmond Cycling Corps
2      Robert        Suydam         Carytown Bicycle Company
3      Wilson        Hale           JRVS/American Pride Auto

Cat 3 Men
1      Dave          Chamblin
2      Michael       Hines          Richmond Velo Sport
3      Landall       Proctor        VeloWorks-Spokes, Etc.
4      Robert        Anderson       Plum Grove Cyclery
5      Ethan         Lindbloom      Carytown Bicycle Company
6      Frank         Smith          Rostello p/b Fiorruci
7      Tim           Powell         Team Type 1
8      Eric          Puffenbarger   GS GamJams
9      Shawn         Tunstall       Absolute Art cycling/3
10     Mike          Yengling
12     Bob           Carrico        Altius
13     John          Messersmith    Altius
14     Peter         Henry          Altius
15     Tim           Lamb
16     Sean          Yeager         Altius
Craig         Guensch        Evolution Cycling Club p/b
DNF    Johnny        Phan           Richmond Velo Sport
William       Schieken       Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
DNF    Joe           Notaralico     Carytown Bicycle Company

Cat 4 Men
1      Will          Massey         VT
2      Jacob         Aber           CVRD/U-NeakDesigns
3      Mike          Breitenbach    CVRD/U-NeakDesigns
4      Mark          Junkerman
5      Hunter        Pinnel
6      Chris         Koehler        CVRD/U-NeakDesigns
7      Christian     Sheridan       CRC
8      Larry         Miller         Capital
9      Mike          Shaw           CVRD/U-NeakDesigns
10     Carlton       Stadler        Richmond Velo Sport
11     Joe           Coppola        CVRD/U-NeakDesigns
12     Samuel        Kennedy        Hilton Cycling Club
13     Tom           Brookfield     Richmond Velo Sport
14     Jim           Temple         Altius
15     Charles       Peterson
16     Brantley      Tyndall        RideRichmond
17     Travis        Shaw           Altius

Cat 4 Women
1      Alena         Pugacheva      VCU
2      Caroline      Carr           Altius
3      Ann           Burns
4      Monica        Glava          Team Marshal

B Women
1      Emily         Anthony        W&M
2      Megan         Morse          PSU
3      Alyssa        Beda           W&M

A Women
1      Liz           So             Georgetown U.
2      Julie         Hunter         VCU

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