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San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic

Bonsall, CA

Sunday, May 5, 2002

San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic
Bonsall, CA
May 5, 2002

Schroeder Iron Team Dominates

By Doug McWhinney

The Schroeder Iron Team took the win and four of the top five spots in the seven lap,
81-mile Men's Pro/1/2 category at the 15th Annual San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic.
Ryan Barrett (Shroeder Iron) took the win easily from Ryan Lane (Zombies) in a two-up
sprint after a long day in the saddle. The race featured a large field of over 80 riders
including U.S. Postal Service Euro-Dog Floyd Landis (in Southern California for some
TdF preparation and Cinco de Mayo), Jamie Paolinetti (Schroeder Iron), Chris Walker
(Zombies) and Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific).

This Cinco de Mayo (May 5th for non-Spanish speakers) was a great day for a road race
with cool, overcast conditions in the morning and bright sun with a cool breeze for the
afternoon racing. The hilly 11.6-mile course starts and finishes at Sullivan Middle School
in Bonsall (near San Diego) and features several short steep hills, a 1.5-mile climb near
the finish and some narrow rural roads just like the European Classics.  A total of 527
riders participated in this year's 'Classic', filling several of the race's 15 categories.

The day's racing produced many strong performances including a long breakaway and
solo victory by Tony Page (Canyon Velo) in the Masters 40+ race, a sprint win by World
Champion Susan Shoock against a tough Women's 40+ field that included a motivated
Julie Lowery (Celo Pacific), strong riding by Jimena Florit (RLX Polo Sport) in the Men's
Cat. 3 race, and an impressive effort by the Labor Power team in the Master's 35+ race
that netted them 3 of the top 4 spots and a massive solo win by Louie Amelburer (Labor

The 'Classic' is organized each year by the Celo Pacific Racing Club and was lead to
success again this year by Race Director Don Elling. Don said the "'Classic' was a great
success" due to the efforts of Sullivan Middle School and their Parent Teachers Student
Association (parking and facilities), the Fallbrook Sheriff Explorers (traffic control), the
Fallbrook Firemen Explorers (parking set up), the North San Diego County Chapter of
the Honda Gold Wing Road Riders Association (lead and follow motorcycles), American
Cycles (staging), Clif Bar (free product including gel handouts at the start line), the
dedicated team of USAC officials and the many club volunteers (registration, clean-up,

Celo Pacific is also organizing a cyclocross race series for the upcoming 2002-2003
season, so check and your favorite race schedule soon for details.


Men 1/2/Pro
1  Ryan Barrett (Schroeder Iron)
2  Ryan Lane (Zombies)
3  Jamie Paolinetti (Schroeder Iron)
4  Dillon Clark (Schroeder Iron)
5  Jason Bausch (Schroeder Iron)
6  Chris Walker (Zombies)
7  Brent Dawson (Jelly Belly)
8  Karl Bordine (Excel Sports)
9  Pete Knudsen (Schroeder Iron)
10  Michael Ankes (KB Homes/ I Martin)
11  Daryl Rouse (JAX/TREK/VW)
12  Michael Johnson (Schroeder Iron)
13  Christian Cuesta Navarrete (Speed Bike)
14  Kent Wheeler (SBS/B&L)
15  Jon Davis (DARE)
16  Andrew Padillz (Cyclery USA/TrekVW)
17  Jason Harmon (Meins)
18  Brent Prenzlow (Celo Pacific Racing Club)
19 Timothy Neal (Labor Power)
20 Victor Ayala (Schroeder Iron)

Women 1/2/3
1  Erika Schwartz (Red 5 Racing)
2  Carla Koehler (Minute Maid/La Grange)
3  Jennifer Stevens (Minute Maid/Dasani)
4  April Henderson (Helens/VW/Trek)
5  Dane Rogers (Team Helen)
6  Colleen Kelly (Red R Racing)
7  Susan Coope (B & L)
8  Tamara House (Harbor Lights)
9  Debbie Durand (Helens/VW/Trek)
10  Erika Coble (Minutemaid/Dasani/LaGrange)
11  Kattie Safford (Minute Maid/Dasani)
12  Lynn Albrow (B & L)
13  Colleen Friis (Velo Allegra/UPS)
14  Laurie Furman (Harbor Lights)
15  Leah Heimbach (Red R Racing)
16  Desire Utzig (Minute Maid/Dasani)

Master Men 40+
1 Tony Page (Canyon Velo)
2 Benny Parks (Swami's)
3 David Worthington (Labor Power)
4 Roger Worthington (Labor Power)
5 Mark Fennell (Echelon Santa Barabara)
6 Larry Shannon (Excel Sports)
7 Joe Wenninger (Paramount)
8 James Helms (Radsport)
9 Mark Sauer (Radsport)
10 Dean Hough (Cycles Veloce)
11 Jimmy Corcoran (SDBC)
12 Bradley Jones (Taylor Made)
13 Randy Martin (Simple Green/Mazda)
14 James Edwards (Simple Green/Mazda)
15 Michael Carro (Labor Power)
16 Jay Wolkoff (Simple Green/Mazda)
17 Anthony Johnson (Canyon Velo)
18 Curt Johnson (Simply Fit)
19 Curt Van Laudingham (Tangelo Velo)
20 Lou DeBlasio (San Diego Bicycle Club)

Master Men 50+
1 Clive Dawson (Minute Maid)
2 Rodolfo Vitela (Squadra Carrera/CarreraPromo)
3 Kenny Fuller (Simply Fit)
4 John Howard (US Postal Service)
5 Mike Crystal (Simply Fit)
6 Howard Miller (Paramount Racing)
7 Bill Tippets (San Diego Bicycle Club)
8 Carl Recine (Labor Power)
9 John Rubcic (SBS/B&L)
10 Gregg Stern (Team Helens)
11 Richard (Stahlberg)
12 Antonio Vale (Rosadero Athletic Assoc)
13 Steven Bernede (Simple Green/Mazda/24hr Fitness)
14 Fernando Lozano (Simple Green/Mazda/24hr Fitness)
15 Kirk Spindleman (Celo Pacific Racing Club)
16 Howard Kinney (Mazda/Simple Green)

Master Women 40+
1 Sue Shoock (Harbor Lights)
2 Kim Stinton (Natural Solutions)
3 Julie Lowery (Celo Pacific Racing Club)
4 Cerol Ruckle (Citrus Valley)
5 Sue Buck (Paramount Racing)
6 Bernnie Brake (Paramount Racing)
7 Carla Seegraves (Radsport)
8 Stacy Melcher (Citrus Valley)

Master Women 50+
1 Cindy Morgan (Harbour Lights/Velo Motion)
2 Adrienne Brian (San Diego Cycle Vets)
3 Allyson Maurer (Triathlon Club of San Diego)

Women 3/4
1 Carol Neal (Simple Green Mazda/Cycles Veloce)
2 Jennifer Franklin (Velo Allegro)
3 Michelle Webster (Red 5 Racing)
4 Lynn Albrow (B & L)
5 Alexandra Tabata (Team Velocity)
6 Liz Kurtz (Velo Allegro)
7 Hannah Knight (Team Redlands)
8 Kristen Over (Team Zombies)
9 Deborah Haley (Minute Maid/Dasani)
10 Rebeca Monreal (Harbor Lights)
11 Felicia Bochicchio
12 Betsy Bloom (Paramount)
13  ?
14 Laura Regan (UCSD)
15 Donna Johnson Flores (Harbor Lights)
16 Kim Kemp (Zombies)
17 Linda Berry
18 Linda Schroder (SoCal Velo)
19 Lisa Malizia (Team Redlands)
20 Toni Zukowski (Team Redlands)

Men Cat 4
1 Todd Horton San (Clemente Velo)
2 Casper (Casparian)
3 Christopher Jones (San Diego Bicycle Club)
4 Michael Williams (Ranchos Racing)
5 Stephan Krutzik (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
6 Michael Hines (Ranchos Cycling)
7 Bradley Guindo (Team Adelante)
8 Chris Trembly (Citrus Valley Velo)
9 Patrick Sutton (La Grange)
10 Ryan Gibson (Team Pro Cyclery)
11 John Devine
12 Michael Burba (Anthony Cyclery)
13 Ralph Coolman (Cycles Veloce)
14 Kenneth Strickland (Velo Allegro)
15 Alexander Childe (Simply Fit)
16 Steven Stein (Radsport)
17 Scott Wingo (Spin City)
18 Ali Camara (Major Motion)
19 Andy Bestwick (Vegas Velo)
20 Eric Reiser (Jelly Belly)

Master Men 55+
1 Jim Miller (PAA)
2 Pete Penseyres (Cyclo Vets)
3 Robert Barney (B&L)
4 Norm Kibble (Strad Giant Domenics)
5 Hylton Murphy (SBS/B&L)
6 Gary DeVoss (San Diego Cycle Vets)
7 Dave Ward (PAA)
8 Gary Westerfield (Simply Fit)
9 Fritz Tomasello (Simple Green)
10 Edwin Webb (Team RPM)
11 Frank Yancey (San Diego Bicycle Club)
12 Don Kimper (San Diego Bicycle Club)
13 Jim Penseyres
14 Terry Vincent (Mazda/Simple Green)
15 Michael Jenkins (San Diego Bicycle Club)
16 Dominick Forte (PAA)
17 Frank Ridgeway (NCCC)
18 Russ Smith (San Diego Cycle Vets)
19 Richard Cassers (San Diego Cycle Vets)
20 Lee Driver (San Diego Bicycle Club)

Master Men 60+
1 Daniel Wulbert (B&L)
2 Jim Mellard (Unattached)
3 Don Peters (San Diego Cyclo Vets)
4 Rann Millar (Team Velocity)
5 Dr Deichman (Saguaro Velo)
6 James Fitzgerald (PAA)
7 John Rahn (Abici-Natural Solutions)
8 Jim Roebuck (Pacific Sunset Velo)
9 Robert Paganini (PAA)
10 William Barnes
11 Leroy Bloom (M&M)
12 Donald Elling (Celo Pacific Racing Club)
13 Jerry Tetreault (PAA)

Men Cat 5 "A"
1 Craig DeBellefeuille (Paramount Racing)
2 Miguel Sutter (PAA)
3 Michael Wang (South West Alliance)
4 Oliver Egeler
5 Alan Sabino
6 Henry Hung (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
7 Dave Gonyer
8 Jeff Nichols
9 Greg Wootton (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
10 Gary D. Wall (Cycles Veloce)
11 David Silter
12 Brent Smith
13 Ron Zambrano
14 Glenn Masuda
15 Patrick Phillips (San Diego Bicycle Club)
16 Timothy Royer (San Diego Bicycle Club)
17 Gregory Townsend (Team Adelante)
18 Alex Bidaki (Jelly Belly's)
19 Orba Hall (San Diego Bike Club)
20 Kevin Holldber

Men Cat 5 "B"
1 Dennis Dresler (Tri Power)
2 Jason First (Simply Fit)
3 Adrian Olson (Jelly Belly)
4 Tony DelMonte
5 Chuck Fry (Cycles Veloce Simple Green/Mazda)
6 Christopher Keys (Cycles Veloce)
7 Abimael Mendez (Big Creek)
8 Karl Gierach (Paramount)
9 Tim Marshal (So Cal Velo)
10 Matt Hahn (Ranchos)
11 Paul Hamel (Celo Pacific Racing Club)
12 Wayne Branat (Crown City)
13 Dan DeTienne (Back Alley Mountain Bikes)
14 Edward Gonzalez (Fixed Gear)
15 Aaron Tuchfeld (Team Hollywood)
16 Tom Van Dallen (Ranchos)
17 Michael Edmonds (San Diego Bike Club)
18 Fred Lieder (San Diego Cyclo-Vets)
19 Phil Ochua (Big Gear)
20 Robert Oldfield (Celo Pacific Racing Club)

Master Men 45+
1 Michael Mueller (B&L)
2 Mark Sierski (Labor Power)
3 Scott McPherson
4 Paul Wolfe (Strada Racing)
5 Malcolm Hill (Mercury)
6 JM Martin (Simple Green)
7 Tony Pratt (Pasadena Atheletic Assoc.)
8 Arnie Baker (San Diego Cyclo Vets)
9 Kal Skalak (Simple Green/Mazda/24hr Fitness)
10 Jerry Logan (B&L)
11 Mark Huffman (B&L)
12 David Shackle (Zombies)
13 Nicolas Coe (Pasadena Atheletic Assoc.)
14 Jeff Hager (Zombies)
15 Steven Zomaras (Jelly Belly)
16 Robert Willcox (B&L)
17 Rick Swanson (Radsport)
18 John Wagenaar (B&L)
19 Chuck MacDonald (Swamis)
20 Gabriel DeLeon (Labor Power)

Master Men 35+
1 Louie Amelburer (Labor Power)
2 Chris Hahn (Labor Power)
3 Ronnie Jordan (Cozmics)
4 Mike Morrill
5 Douglas Donovan (Mercury)
6 Richard Simpson (Simple Green/Mazda)
7 Mike Wracher (Simply Fit)
8 Michael Anderson (Labor Power)
9 Allen Richburg (Taylor Made)
10 Paul Kokinakes (Camarillo Ravens)
11 Joe Dagostino (SDBC)
12 Todd Parks (Excel Sports)
13 Keith Kettener (Camarillo Ravens)
14 Thomas Dahill (Ranchos CC)
15 Lawrence Shannon (Excel Sports)
16 John Rodriguez (Simply Fit)
17 Steve Hegg (Taylor Made)
18 Tony Olsen (Sparkletts)
19 Joe Davis (Zombies)
20 Eric Parks (Simply Fit)

Men Cat 3
1 Karl Holst (Zombies)
2 Bryan Peterson (Canyon Velo)
3 Larry Hasbrouck (Team Adelante)
4 Robert Graham (Canyon Velo)
5 Scott Frea  (Major Motion)
6 Eric Fraer (Team Adelante Cycling Club)
7 Philip Coats (San Diego Cyclo Vets)
8 Andy Brown (Viejas)
9 Joseph Salsa (Minute Maid/Dasani/LaGrange)
10 Marco Fantone (Minute Maid/Dasani/La Grange)
11 Craig Webb (Schroeder Iron/Incycle)
12 Bob Krauth (South Bay Wheelmen)
13 Anthony Galvan (Incycle)
14 Patrick Zahn (Anthonys)
15 Paul Hewes (Southern California Velo)
16 Martin Bjel (Comerica Bank)
17 Geoffrey Rapoport (UCSD Cycling)
18 James Chang (Big Gear)
19 Thomas Farley (Imperial Bank)
20 Jeffrey Galland (Cyclery USA/Trek-Volkswagen)