Fitness Concepts Capital 'Cross Classic

Reston, VA

Sunday, December 5, 2004

Fitness Concepts Capital 'Cross Classic
Verge Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-cross Championship Series Final
Presented by
EMI Racing - Potomac Velo Club
Reston, VA

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lozano and Storm Score Big at Fitness Concepts Capital Cross Classic

The Verge Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-Cross Championship Series made its final stop of the 2004 season in Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, Virginia.� Warm temperatures and a beautiful blue sky made it difficult for riders to believe that it was the first weekend in December.�

At the start of the Elite Women�s race, everyone was talking about the impending battle between current series leader, Betsy Schauer (Fort/GPOA) and Amber Itle (Yellow Breeches Racing).� Itle started the race only four points behind Schauer in the series� ranking and had a good shot at claiming her first Verge title.� While everyone was expecting a Schauer/Itle showdown other riders had their own ideas of how the race should play out.� On the first lap, a lead group of five formed that contained Itle, Schauer, Kami Tremblay (LSV), Georgia Gould (Alan Mid-Atlantic) and Mandy Lozano (Easton/Kona/CCA).�� As the race progressed, Tremblay was the first to lose contact.� Lozano and Gould then started to pull away from Schauer and Itle.� Itle, who appeared to be riding stronger than Schauer early on, started to struggle to hold contact with Schauer and eventually popped off.� With Schauer now riding solo, Lozano and Gould continued to pick up time as the laps counted down.� As the lead duo hit the barriers for the final time, Lozano was first back on the bike and threw down an attack heading out to the back part of the course.� Gould could not match the effort and Lozano held onto a sixteen-second lead to pick up her first Verge Mid-Atlantic win.� Gould rolled in for second and Schauer hung tough to pick up third.� Itle finished fourth and Tremblay rounded out the top five.� Schauer�s finish in front of Itle, even though it was only one spot higher, allowed her to claim her second consecutive Verge Mid-Atlantic Series title.

In a scenario similar to that of the Elite Women�s field, two riders came into the final race of the Elite Men�s class in a nail biting battle for the Verge series title.� Ryan Leech (Fort/GPOA) had the lead coming into Reston but Greg Marini ( was sitting right behind him.� Although Marini was sitting in second, there were actually several other riders in the field that mathematically had a chance to wrestle the title away from both Leech and Marini.� Lap one saw the formation of an early lead group that contained Leech, Marini, Jon Hamblen (Fior di Frutta), Ben Turner (TIAA-Cref/Clif Bar), Charlie Storm (Fuji/BTD) and Gunnar Shogren (Fort/GPOA).� With Hamblen and Turner driving the group, Leech appeared quite comfortable and had his man Marini marked when all of a sudden Leech had a mechanical. A problem with his chain forced Leech off the bike and as he struggled to fix it, the rest of the group took off.� Leech�s teammate Shogren immediately went to the front, trying to limit Leech�s damage but Turner was having none of that.� Turner attacked and blew the group apart.� The only rider able to go with him was Storm.� Behind Turner and Storm, Marini and Hamblen were together and Shogren was alone.� Shogren, realizing his teammate Leech was behind him and that a Verge title was on the line, decided to give his all to help Leech regain contact with the leaders.� With Leech attached to his wheel, Shogren buried himself to close the gap to Marini.� Two laps to go saw Turner and Storm still together and the duo of Hamblen and Marini still together.� Shogren had wasted himself helping Leech and now Leech was left riding solo in fifth.� Shogren had dropped off to sixth.� As the leaders got the bell, Storm attacked Turner and got a small gap which he held going into the last set of barriers.� As soon as he hit the road, he attacked again and got the gap for good.� Storm scored the win and Turner, who animated much of the race, picked up second.� Marini and Hamblen crossed the line in a vicious sprint that was won by Hamblen for third.� Marini was fourth and Leech finished fifth.� Quick calculations by those on the sidelines indicated that Leech had held onto his lead and had wrapped up the Verge Mid-Atlantic Elite series title.� Greg Wittwer ( finished in eight place as the top placed U23 rider.

Other winners of the day include Patrick Ryland (Rad Racing) in the Junior class, Nick Bax (Artemis)� in the Junior 10-16 class, Ransom Weaver (Guys Bicycles)� in the Masters 35+ class, Randall Root (Snow Valley) in the Masters 45+ class, Eric Roman (Independent Fabrications) in the Men�s B field, Heidi Von Teitenberg (Alan Mid-Atlantic) in the Women�s B field, Kateland Schlemm (unattached) in the Junior Women�s field and Robert Campbell (NCVC/Edge) in the Men�s C class.

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These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. Elite Men Pos Name Team Time 1 Charlie STORM Fuji/BTD 0:57:39 2 Ben TURNER TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR 0:58:03 3 Jon HAMBLEN Fior di Frutta 0:58:51 4 Greg MARINI COFFEEPLUSINC.COM 0:58:51 5 Ryan LEECH FORT-GPOA 1:00:05 6 Gunnar SHOGREN FORT-GPOA ! 1:00:54 7 Nathan CHOWN St.Catharines C.C./Fuji Canada 1:01:10 8 Greg WITTWER 1:01:54 U23 9 Mike YOZELL fort-gpoa ! 1:02:19 10 Andrew WULFKUHLE Alan Mid-Atlantic 1:02:19 11 Nathan DEIBERT Evolution Racing 1:02:19 12 Jacob STECHMANN Subway-Express 1:03:33 13 Joseph PICCILLO Evolution Racing 1:03:52 14 Joe REYNOLDS Wissahickon 1:04:20 15 Weston SCHEMPF FORT-GPOA! 1:04:34 16 Jon HANSEN Richmond Ciclismo/Embestida! -1 17 Michael MAGUR -1 DNF Leslie LEACH Wissahickon Elite Women Pos Name Team Time 1 Mandy LOZANO Easton/Kona/CCA 42:57 2 Georgia GOULD Alan Mid-atlantic 43:13 3 Betsy SCHAUER FORT-GPOA! 43:51 4 Amber ITLE Yellow Breeches Racing 44:20 5 Kami TREMBLAY LSV 44:42 6 Melissa MAURER Evolution Racing 44:55 7 Melanie SWARTZ Squadra Coppi / IM Saab 45:54 8 Lisa MOST Wissahickon 47:08 9 Megan CLARK Cycle-Smart 48:39 10 Lynda MALDONADO Amoroso's/Victory Brewing/Tri State Vel49:23 11 Lesley HONSBERGER St.Catharines C.C. 50:33 12 Tammy EBERSOLE Evolution Racing 51:58 UCI Juniors Pos Name Team Time 1 patrick RYLAND rad racing 42:21 2 paul DAVIS tripower 50:07 3 jason VANTINE trail's end -1 4 Nick DIVITO trail's end -1 5 Jordan RICE Trails End -2 Juniors 10-16 Place Rider Team Time 1 Nick Bax artemis 26:04 2 Michael Garretson Yellow Breeches Racing 26:21 3 Morgan GERLAK LSV/Kelly 27:54 4 Zach ADAMS Yellow Breeches Racing 29:13 5 James WITTWER Charlottesville Racing Club 29:33 6 Brad Quinnan Evolution Cycling Club 30:23 7 Robby McElfresh Yellow Breeches Racing 32:18 8 Justin MAUCH -1 dns Jesse SALDANA Evolution Cycling Club Masters Place 45+ Rider Team Time 1 Ransom WEAVER Guys Bicycles 40:51 2 1 Randall ROOT Team Snow Valley / SIBEX 40:55 3 Kirk REISINGER Club Wissahickon 41:25 4 Martin Jones somerset wheelmen 42:00 5 Mike HEBE FORT-GPOA! 42:17 6 2 Fred WITTWER Charlottesville racing club 42:21 7 John LUX First Capital velo 43:06 8 Roger MASSE All American Bicycles 43:20 9 Stephen CAFFREY First State Velo Sport 43:33 10 3 Rob FREDERICK Evolution Racing 43:46 11 4 Jim BRONSON LSV/Kelly Racing Team 42:55 12 Sean MCCORMICK Colonels Army 43:58 13 Marc GWADZ City Bikes 44:20 14 Mark LASER Yellow Breeches Racing 44:24 15 Chris HUHN Evolution Cycling 44:25 16 Mike BUCHNESS Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo 44:40 17 John MILLER Guys Bicycles 44:44 18 Albert GREENE Yellow Breeches Racing st 19 5 Kevin BRECKENMAKER Team Harrisburg 44:45 20 Bob PIACINE Guys Bicycles st 21 6 Karl KENSINGER ALAN Mid-Atlantic 45:57 22 7 Mike CONNAIR First State Velo Sport 46:13 23 Brian POOCHIGIAN City Bikes 46:36 24 8 Scott REYNOLDS Tailwind 47:27 25 Henry TREMPER First State Velo Sport 47:54 26 Tony THOMPSON Whole Wheel Velo Club 47:58 27 Rolf WINDH Guy's Racing 48:05 28 9 Brad LANG Team Cobblestone 48:27 29 Guy Perotti Snow Valley 48:34 30 10 Richard BAUCH Colavita-Bolla Racing 48:36 31 John McGill ncvc st 32 11 Cary HUNTER PVC/A-1 49:26 33 12 Donald MORRISON Wissahickon 50:09 34 Kelly CLINE Wissahickon 50:29 35 Paolo Torchio Mirage -1 36 13 Gary Kelly Yellow Breeches Racing -1 37 14 Nunzio DIBIASI Team Harrisburg -1 38 Mike Jinks Essex Co Vello -1 39 Brian DAVENPORT Atlantic Cycling -1 dnf Harry sherrill Mt Nittany wheelworks dnf Jay Downs FORT-GPOA! Men B Place Rider Team Time 1 eric roman IF 39:16 2 James W. WAGNER No Club 39:25 3 Patrick CUSACK Rockville Harley-Davidson/Bicycle Pro S39:59 4 Chris MAYHEW FORT-GPOA ! 40:26 5 Brent Biddle FSVS 40:44 6 Evan ELLICOTT City Bikes 40:49 7 Adam SZCZEPANSKI Yellow Breeches Racing 41:13 8 Eric RAGOT Kissena Cycling Club 41:23 9 Girts Gibietis 41:24 10 Todd PITTMAN unattached 41:37 11 Andres Wright AABC 41:39 12 brad kirley speedgoat 41:53 13 Chip HOOVER NCVC/Edge Technologies 41:54 14 elliot mcAllister Ardmore Bike Line 41:55 15 John McKenna 42:02 16 Chris NYSTROM LSV/Kelly 42:27 17 John HOSTETTER III ALAN Mid-Atlantic ST 18 Christopher JOHNSON Nittany Velo Club 43:03 19 wade hess team beacon 43:35 20 Hawker DAWES Mapei-Team Diabetic 43:39 21 Sean PFAFF LSV/Kelly ST 22 James REVERE Team Cobblestone 43:45 23 David LOWE Ardmore Bike Line 43:50 24 Dusty LABARR The Elephants Perch, Hammer Gel 44:04 25 steve fife Route 1 Velo 44:28 26 jeff guy FORT-GPOA ! 45:12 27 Marco FANARI 45:21 28 Eric MORGAN Wissahickon 45:30 29 Gregory Thomas Bicycle Pro Shop 45:38 30 Nate SEYMOUR PVC/A-1 45:39 31 Michael HICKS University of Delaware Cycling Team 45:40 32 Chris EVANS Wissahickon 46:04 33 matt michael squincher 46:07 34 Rob Campbell NCVC/Edge Technologies 46:08 35 John Linvill Main Line CC 46:19 36 Jay Downs FORT-GPOA ! 46:34 37 Darren CRUPI Heart Of New England/Peerless 46:43 38 Michael hosany tripower 46:50 39 Chris CUSACK M Street Racing 46:57 40 kevin McCarthy 47:30 41 George MILINKOVIC 48:11 42 Greg troyer north hills velo 48:46 43 Michael Babcock Yellow Breeches Racing 48:47 44 Chris HARSHMAN LSV/Kelly 49:14 45 kevin horvath tripower -1 46 Ray IGNOSH Gotham Cyclists -1 47 Ed FISHER ShoreVelocity -1 48 Brad Quinnan evolution -1 49 Abby RAYMOND Route 1 Velo -1 Alvaro Arnal Ardmore Bike Line Brad DEVRIES Squadra Coppi/IM Saab Geoff Beaty WWVC Women B/Junior Place Jr. Rider Team Time 1 Heidi VON TEITENBERG Alan/MidAtlantic 29:01 2 Marilyn Galegher first capital velo 29:49 3 Tracy Lea fuji 31:15 4 Karen TOURIAN Club Wissahickon 31:15 5 Pamela ZIMMERMAN James River Velo Sport 32:34 6 1 Kateland Schlemm 32:46 7 Susan Revere cobblestone 33:10 8 2 Nina SANTIAGO Liberty Cycle 35:02 9 Marisa Peacock PVC 36:09 10 3 Amber Bobb yellow breeches -1 11 Beatrice Newbury more -1 Men C Place Rider Team Time 1 Robert campbell ncvc/edge 25:39 2 Steven DONTIGNY Evolution Cycling/Pedal N Spoke 26:01 3 Marco FANARI 26:58 4 Scott THOMPSON Squadra Coppi/IM Saab 27:04 5 Bernard MCDONALD LSV/Kelly 27:36 6 Seth Turn lantern Rouge 27:39 7 Mark KERLIN evolution 27:40 8 Moonyong PARK Charlottesville Racing Club ST 9 Joe FOLEY City Bikes 27:55 10 Kevin Dillon ncvc/edge ST 11 Larry VON MOSS 28:05 12 Syd Lea Fuji Racing T.E.A.M. 28:14 13 Mark Drajem 28:17 14 Bernard Harmon ST 15 Joseph Pelz andante bikes 28:40 16 Jamie DEBUQUE Evolution Racing 28:41 17 Art MITCHELL Squadra Coppi 28:42 18 Thor Engblom 28:47 19 Roderick Schlemm 28:48 20 Geoff Beaty wwvc 28:50 21 Rob Lea Fuji Racing T.E.A.M. 28:54 22 Ron HERMANN Lateral Stress Velo 28:56 23 Yoav GERY 29:09 24 Andrew Satinsky Organ Donors 29:38 25 Ronne IRVINE Fuji Racing T.E.A.M. 29:49 26 Larry MAUCH 30:07 27 Emerson Loustav Organ Donors 30:12 28 Thom Moore 30:13 29 Michael Schneider? 30:24 30 Todd Chewning LSV/Kelly 30:33 31 David Jones ncvc/edge 30:34 32 Abby RAYMOND Route 1 Velo 30:49 33 John NUSBAUM 31:23 34 Paul DEPENNING CSH Racing 31:46 35 Eric CICCORETTI 31:54 36 Patrick PHILLIPS 32:15 37 Carlos CASTRO 32:32 38 Rodges ANKRAH Route 1 Velo 32:41 39 Dave HERRING 33:07 40 Cesar PICCO Route 1 Velo 33:29 41 Mike WHITMAN TEAM Fuji 35:10 42 Brian Goldsten Bike Lane 36:28 43 David GIVENS 38:40 44 Jim Dowell -1 45 Daniel Bissel -1 Richard BILSON Benjamin WEINER Team Santa Cruz Wm Cusmano squadra coppi