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2009 Tour Of Colts Neck

Colts Neck, NJ

Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009 Tour Of Colts Neck Presented by Atlantic Bicycle Club Colts Neck, NJ Sunday, May 03, 2009
These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Tour of Colts Neck, Sunday, May 3, 2009, Colts Neck, NJ

Cat 3
Place     First Name      Last Name          Team Name
1         Kevin           Brubaker           CRCA/Hincapie
2         Greg            Visicaro           Van Dessel
3         Stefan          Kusurelis          Cadence Cycling
4         Ryan            Parker             Van Dessel
5         William         O'Donnell          Westwood Velo
6         Neal            Stoeckel           Guardian Coaching
7         Jeffrey         Johnson            Guardian Coaching
8         Gene            Victori            Skylands Cycling
9         Don             Clapp              Liberty Cycle
10        Luis            Funez              Van Dessel
11        Tim             Orr                Rocket Racing/YSG
12        Steven          Persak             Liberty Cycle
13        Nick            Iacovelli          Colavita
14        Anthony         Diaz               Liberty Cycle
15        Thomas          Shebell            Rocket Racing
16        John            Bertolini          Liberty Cycle
17        Eric            Fredericks         Mazur Coaching-Bikyle
18        Anthony         O'Malley           CRCA/Diehard-Think Racing

Cat 4
1         David           Junius             Westwood Velo
2         Dan             Lanino             CRC of A
3         Michael         Firth              Pro Pedals
4         Ryan            Phelan             Jimenez Velo Sport
5         Geraldo         Rivera             3D
6         Richard         Weinstock          Colavita
7         Frank           Been               JIMENEZ Velo Sport
8         Mark            Curran             Pure Energy Cycling
9         Marc            Innella            Westwood Velo
10        Roy             Vaccaro            Jimenez Velo Sport
11        Adam            Rosenthal          CRCA/Kingpin Racing-HJD
12        Mike            Degeorge           Skylands
13        David           Hussey             Cycles 54
14        George          Vlahogiannis       JIMENEZ VELO SPORT
15        Thomas          Treptow            Team somerset
16        Jared           Mazu               Monmouth University
17        Ralph           Smith              Team Norwood Agency-The Peddler
18        Jerry           Ascolese           YSG Racing
19        Robert          Tarr               Pure Energy Racing ProAir HFA

Cat 5
1         Ray             Villa              Rocket Racing
2         Troy            Barrett            Norwood
3         Anthony         Loden
4         James           Mahlmann
5         Darren          Isaacs             Makosi
6         Bart            Sullivan           3D Racing Team
7         Todd            Clayton            Somerset
8         Patrick         Ruane              3D Racing
9         Michael         Furey              GS Retro Velo
10        Paul            Daniels
11        Andrew          Slowey
12        John            McLeod
13        Sean            Dorgan             Rocket Racing
14        William         Cline              Summit
15        Michael         Genauer            Sotheby's/Strictly Bicycles
16        Oguz            Orkan
17        Jason           Petrisko           3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
18        Ruben           Rivera             Pro Pedals/Team Express
19        Russ            Green              3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery

Master 45-99
1         Rich            Ross               MAMBO
2         Anthony         Maisto             Deno's Wonder Wheel
3         John            Bertolini          Liberty Cycle
4         Rick            Anderson           Somerset Wheelmen
5         Dave            Hudson             MAMBO
6         Charles         Crocco Jr          Team Somerset
7         Wayne           Lumkong            Skylands Cycling
8         Joseph          Zuppa Jr.          Colavita Racing
9         John            Raheb              Signature Cycles
10        Stephen         Stacy              Liberty Cycle
11        Andy            Kessler            CRC of A
12        Jamie           Troy               Liberty Cycle
13        David           Hunt               Team Somerset
14        Victor          Rallo              Rocket Racing/YSG
15        Dominick        Marino             YSG
16        Scott           Hodder             DKNY-Signature Cycles
17        Brian           Gristick           Skylands Cycling/A.C.T.
18        John            Conway             Rocket Racing/YSG
19        Vladimir        Borokov            CRCA
20        Ed              Troianello         Watchung Wheelmen

Master 55-99
1         Don             Clapp              Liberty Cycle
2         Pat             Kennedy            Liberty Cycle
3         Chip            Berezny            Bike Line/LWA.
4         John            Autore             Montclair Cyclists
5         Michael         Maclaga            Colavita Racing
6         Michael         Shapanka           Watchung Wheelmen
7         Donald          Hard               Summit Cyling Club
8         Dan             Kiningham          Lehigh
9         Joe             Skorupa            Skylands Cycling
10        Neal            Grobman            Summit
11        Joe             Belecki            Montclair Cyclists
12        Carmen          Gaita              Team Bikery
13        Robert          Malovany           GS Retro
14        William         Cline              Summit
15        Jim             Kaeli              Colavita Racing Inc
16        Joe             Saling             Team Somerset Van Dessel
17        Eddie           Mack               Atlantic
18        Brian           Murphy             Summit
19        Barry           Nasiah             Montclair Cyclists
20        Gerry           Ryerson            Skylands Cycling

Junior 10-14
1         Stephen         Spiller            Colavita Racing
2         Justin          Terek              3D Racing Team
3         Lewis           Gaskin             Colavita Racing Team
4         Ian             Anderson           Team Somerset
5         Brian           Merritt            Colavita Racing

Junior 15-18
1         Dag             Anderson           Team Somerset
2         Andrew          Celin              Atlantic Bicycle Club
3         James           Geddis             3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
4         Samuel          Hornberger         Togo Bikes
5         Max             Kaplan             Colavita Racing
6         Zach            Bender             GS Park Ridge-Team Cyclesport
7         David           Stires             Century Road Club of America
8         Noah            Granigan           Team Somerset
9         Thomas          Barnett            YSG Racing / Cycles 54
10        Jared           Calimano           Colavita Racing
11        Teddy           Kozlowski          Vortex Cycling

Cat 1/2/3 Women
1         Caryl           Gale               Deno's Wonder Wheel
2         Anne            Racioppi           EPS/CSS
3         Deb             Killmon            Team Signature Cycles
4         Sarah           Chubb Sauvayre     CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes
5         Elizabeth       Tyrell             Team Somerset
6         Peta            Takai              CRCA / Teany Cycling
7         Elaine          Molinaro           Montclair
8         Stephanie       Busloff            CRCA / Teany Cycling
9         Jennifer        Rossano            YSG/Rocket Racing
10        Erica           Adelberg           CRCA/Radical Media
11        Katherine       Russell            Somerset
12        Lenore          Imhof              Riptider

Cat 4 Women
1         Fabienne        Gerard             CRCA / Teany Cycling
2         Gabrielle       Fisher             CRCA
3         Annemarie       Donovan            CRCA
4         Kristin         Lotito             CRCA 3rd Nature
5         Colleen         Conway             CRCA / Teany Cycling
6         Jan             Curran             Team EPS/CSS p/b Brielle Cyclery
7         Stacey          Barbossa           Montclair Cyclists
8         Lisa            Maxted             Rocket Racing
9         Lauren          Zucker             CRCA / Teany Cycling
10        Nicole          Feddersen          Rocket Racing/YSG
11        Susan           Seyboldt           Team EPS/CSS p/b Brielle Cyclery
12        Marylynne       Wrye               CRCA

Junior Women 10-14
1         Ariana          Cruz               Colavita Racing
2         Johanna         Cordasco           Liberty Cycle

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